Wrestling Spider


It started as an undercover mission. There had been rumors of criminal activity in the local wrestling arena. Peter hadn’t been there since he first tested his powers almost nine months ago. Of course, he couldn’t wear the same makeshift Spider-Man costume that he did since his fame as a superhero exploded. So instead he went as himself. No mask, no costume, just plain old Peter Parker.

His first opponent was an attractive young man that looked a couple of years older than Peter. He was shirtless and wore black tight wrestling pants. A full beard covered his face making him look older than he really was. Peter suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. He was wearing a high school wrestling singlet that didn’t quite mold to his body like his Spider-Man costume did.

As he climbed into the ring, the crowd started to boo him. It was unsettling to hear so many people want him to lose. Of course, they had no idea that Peter was really Spider-Man, yet to him, it was as if every person in the arena was Jonah Jameson. The young bearded opponent shook his hand and suddenly Peter started to feel dizzy. His head felt like it was drowning as he tried to focus his blurred eyes. A small smile formed on his opponent’s face.

The bell rang and Peter was far from ready. He stood there like an idiot trying to shake off this sudden dizziness when the bearded young man slammed into him. The thud of their bodies hitting the mat caused the crowds to cheer enthusiastically. Peter tried to throw him off, but it felt like the wrestler weight a million tons. What was going on?

The powerless hero felt himself being helped to his feet. Before he knew it, he was flying through the air and his lean muscular body hit the ring’s ropes on the other side. With a groan, he fell to the mat trying to catch his breath.

The wrestler raised his arms encouraging the crowd to cheer for him. Peter weakly looked up and gasped. Every person in the crowd looked exactly like Jameson. What was the heck going on here? Now knowing that there was no way he could fight back, the only option Peter had was to flee. He dragged himself up the ropes and tried to leave the wrestling ring.

A heavy thud and Peter was flat on his stomach. His fingers clawed for the ropes as he felt himself being dragged back towards the center of the ring. Strong arms circled around his throat as the young hero was pulled up tight against the wrestler.

“Kingpin thought you might show up,” The bearded man whispered in his ear. “He gave me something to keep you from interfering.”

Holy shit, he had walked right into a trap. Here Peter was maskless and vulnerable. If he fell into Kingpins hands, his secret identity would be revealed. That kind of knowledge in the ruthless criminals hands would completely ruin him.

Before Peter could utter a word of denial, he found himself in a sleeper hold. Overpowered and still dizzy, he was unable to use his enhanced strength or agility to escape from the wrestler’s iron grip. The sound of tearing was barely heard over the screams of the crowd, and soon Peter’s singlet was torn off his body leaving him only in his white jock.

Normally Peter would have been mortified to be this undressed, but his almost nakedness was the least of his worries. He felt something being snapped around his bicep and looked to see a silver armband there. The dizziness grew in intensity as all of his powers felt like they were completely drained. How was this possible? He didn’t have any weaknesses. He wasn’t Superman.

The hero found himself unable to think clearly as he was tossed around the wrestling ring. His lean muscular body hit the ropes again before he collapsed on the mat. His blurred eyes could barely make out the looming figure of his opponent as the cheers of the crowd egged him on. Little did he know that the wrestler had climbed on the ring pole and was ready to leap on his defenseless body. The weight of the bigger man slammed on Peter as he felt like he was being flattened like a pancake.

“Shall we end this?” The bearded young man asked whispering in his ear. “Kingpin has many plans for you, little Spider.”

Peter’s mind screamed for him to escape, but his body stubbornly refused to listen. The wrestler picked him up and wrapped his large hands around the young hero’s throat. Peter felt the ropes of the ring wrap around his arms as he stood there in his jock in defeat before a crowd of Jonah Jamesons.

“This little boy is through!” The wrestler declared as he ripped off Peter’s jock leaving him completely naked.

The cheers turned to laughter as Peter’s soft cock was no exposed. No bully like Flash Thompson would ever replica this kind of humiliation on him.

“If anyone thinks that they can win against me, they are wrong!” The wrestler pointed towards the crowd while Peter was powerless in his iron grip around his throat. “Let’s end this!”

Peter cried out as he was lifted into the air and slammed down in the center of the ring. His leg was lifted up as the Ref started to count. “One, Two, Three!”

The match was over. Peter had lost. He felt his exhausted and bruised body being picked up. The wrestler carried him like a trophy as he climbed through the ropes and exited the wrestling ring to the cheers of the crowd. The next stop was Kingpin.

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    1. Todd

      Thanks for submitting the picture!

    1. Todd

      I am thinking about a new Spider-Man story where he is blackmailed to be a ‘personal assistant’ to one of his enemies. His secret identity is revealed and Aunt May is kidnapped. He has to submit if he wants his secret kept safe and his Aunt kept alive.

      1. Zio

        Sounds great, i have a pic in mind of a big guy (venom or other enemy) fucking a little dude (Peter) i will send the pic to your mail maybe will inspire you

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