Wonderboy: The Beginning of the End Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Wonderboy groaned softly as he felt the filth of the garbage caressing his body like a lover. His head still swam from that intense orgasm at the hands of his police ally, Lt. Monteg. He could feel the heat of his seed swimming in his star spangled briefs as a constant reminder of the depths of depravity that he had descended to.

The young hero had never felt anything like this before in his life. Even last night’s orgasm seemed like nothing compared to the torrent of pleasure that flooded his muscular body. He wanted to throw up from the smell of the garbage surrounding him, but his body refused to move from the shock of his powerful orgasm.

He had no idea how long he lay in the dumpster completely dazed from his experience. Even when the dumpster opened and fresh garbage was tossed on him. Hours later, Wonderboy finally got the strength to move again. The hero struggled to climb out of the dumpster as garbage clung to his body.

Eventually he finally got out of the dumpster as he tumbled on the cracked pavement behind the police station. The fresh air felt so good to him as he struggled up to his hands and knees. He was thankful for the darkness of the night that help conceal his embarrassing state, yet he could not help but wonder how long he lay in that dumpster dazed from his second orgasm.

Fear drove Wonderboy to totter on his feet and climb to the roof of the building next to the police station. It was slow going for him as he still felt dizzy from his sexual experience. The stink of garbage clung as close to his body as his cum stained briefs. It made him want to vomit as shame filled his soul.

For the first time in his life, the hero felt like his confidence had been shaken. How could he let Lt. Monteg molest him like that? The worst part of the situation was that he had let this happen to him. The police officer must think he was as perverted as he was. As he replayed the events in the office over and over in his mind, Wonderboy felt horror as his penis started to harden once again.

It was as if his body was betraying him in the worst way possible. Before last night, he was completely pure, waiting for the right woman to come along before he had his first sexual experience. Now he was being blackmailed into being another man’s sex toy. Wonderboy knew that he had to figure a way out of this mess before he was forced to sink even lower in sexual depravity.

The hero’s thoughts were interrupted as an alarm sounded off in the distance. His blue eyes narrowed as Wonderboy knew that he should be investigating the source of the disturbance. His resolve wavered as he caught a whiff of his garbage smelling body.

Leaping across the roof, the hero raced towards the source of the alarm. He got a great idea when he passed the city’s largest park. A medium sized lake sat in the center of the park and Wonderboy leaped right into the water.

He felt like he was being baptized in holy water as the bits of garbage and the smell seemed to melt away. Coming out of the water, the hero felt his briefs clinging tightly to his groin. His leather harness also seemed tighter and made his muscles bulge. Normally he would have been horrified to be seen in this way, but it was a vast improvement to his previous state.

Racing at top speed, Wonderboy made his way to the downtown district. His body heat took away most of the drops of water leaving him slightly damp. The source of the alarm turned out to be a broken window of the local drug store chain.

The hero looked around for any clues and blinked in surprise when he saw a dark figure sneaking into one of the alleys. Without a second thought, Wonderboy pursued the mysterious figure. He stopped in shock when he caught a better view of the suspicious man.

Dressed from head to toe in black, the man had the same look, size, and movement as the bank robber who managed to get away from him the other night. Perhaps this was the change of his fortune.

“Stop right there!” He said heroically with his hands placed on his waist.

The black clothed man turned and smiled when he saw Wonderboy standing at the mouth of the alley. “Well, look who we have here!”

Ready to capture the criminal that escaped from him, the hero lunged towards the mysterious man. He slammed his foe against the wall with his hands pinning the criminal. “You won’t escape from me this time!”

The mysterious man smiled as he leaned in and suddenly kissed him! Wonderboy gasped as he backed away in shock. What the heck? He thought.

The kiss seemed to wake up something deep inside him as a longing started to fill his young muscular body. It was the same feeling that caused him to touch himself last night and let a perverted police officer molest him earlier in the afternoon.

Wonderboy tried to suppress this intense longing, but unlike the other two times, this feeling seemed much more intense. It took all of his willpower not to touch himself and to keep his excitement from showing.

The mysterious man grinned as he pushed himself from the wall. His hand reached up and pulled off his black ski mask. Wonderboy was shocked in seeing the criminal’s face. His pretty baby face looked like it should be in school instead of robbing banks and stores.

“What’s wrong, Wonderboy?” He taunted as he sauntered over to the confused hero. “Something got you all hot and bothered?”

The hero shoved his lust and longing aside as he threw a punch at the smirking young criminal. He was shocked at how clumsy his attack was as it was easily dodged and Wonderboy stumbled forward from the momentum of his attack.

The baby faced criminal slapped the hero’s ass as he started to laugh. “Is that all you got?”

That slap caused his body to shudder with pleasure as his lust and longing started to intensify. The front of his briefs started to expand as his cock started to harden despite everything. Touching his ass cheek that was casually assualted, Wonderboy could still feel the heat of the touch. He should have been able to take down this young man quite easily, but the combination of his horniness was added to the fact that he felt a little weaker than usual.

Clenching his fists in anger, Wonderboy charged again. The criminal smirked as he tripped his foe and laughed when the hero fell flat on his face. He pressed his boot on the young man’s spandex covered ass grinding his half hard cock into the pavement.

The pressure was the final catalyst that made Wonderboy lose what little control that he had. His cock became rock hard from the pressure of the boot on his ass. His lust grew out of control as he felt himself being lifted up.

“Well, well, I know why they call you Wonderboy now!” The criminal smirked as he held the helpless hero by his raven locks. His other hand reached down and tugged on the hard cock that stretched his briefs from his arousal.

Wonderboy feebly tried to push the hand off his excited manhood. This only angered his assailant as he slammed the horny hero against the wall. To be easily manhandled by a common criminal humiliated the poor hero down to his soul.

The criminal grabbed the helpless Wonderboy by his throat as he leaned forward. “I’m going to utterly destroy you!” he whispered almost seductively in his ear.

Groaning in frustration, Wonderboy knew that he should be fighting against being manhandled like this. Yet as his cock throbbed in his star spangled briefs, he just didn’t have the strength to fight. It was as if all his willpower and powers had been transferred to his erection as his need to cum grew greater by the minute.

The young man in black smiled viciously as he suddenly smashed his knee against the unprotected groin of the lustful hero. Wonderboy shrieked in agony as his hands shot to his cock and balls as he fell to the pavement. Curled up in a tiny ball, he shuddered in pain as the criminal stood over him gloating.

“Not so tough anymore, are you Blunderboy!” He smirked. He kicked the hero on his back and started to press his boot up against the throbbing hard on of his victim.

Wonderboy squealed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Tears formed in his eyes as he tried to remove the boot from his groin. The pressure grew greater as the criminal started to put all his weight on his abused cock.

With a strangling cry, the hero felt himself lose control. For the second time today, he started to fill his briefs with his seed. The criminal laughed as he stepped off the spasming hero and watched his body shake with a powerful orgasm.

Everything around him faded away as his orgasm consumed him completely. He didn’t even struggle when he was picked up and milked by the baby faced criminal. His briefs were pulled out as his cum filled pouch was examined by his assailant.

“Is that all you got, Wonderboy?” He said with a touch of sarcasm. “I’ve gotten bigger loads in my sleep! How many times did you cum today?”

Humiliation stung the poor helpless hero as he leaned against the hulking muscular body of the young criminal. He shuddered as his briefs were ripped off his body leaving him naked from the waist down. The cool air seemed to caress his cum covered cock that caused him to harden slightly even after that powerful orgasm.

“I think I’ll keep this souvenir.” The criminal said mockingly as he pushed the half naked hero back to the ground. “If you want them back, you can come and get them.” He reached into his utility belt and pulled out a business card. Reaching down, he placed the card between the almost comatose hero’s ass cheeks.

Wonderboy tried to push himself off of the pavement but collapsed back down as he just didn’t have any strength left. The card between his cheeks was the final nail of this humiliating experience as the criminal strutted away.

Horrified that he not only had been beaten but sexually assaulted by a common criminal, Wonderboy started to cry. The last 24 hours have been the worst in his life and to add insult to injury, he enjoyed every second of it. The mystical belt around his waist glowed pink as the magical virus continued to do it’s work against the unsuspecting hero.

Whatever the reason for this nightmare, Wonderboy knew that he needed to get to the bottom of this mess. He struggled to his hands and knees and managed to grab the business card from his ass cheeks. There was an address on the card and the hero knew that this was going to be some kind of trap. He would have to use all of his powers and cunning to turn the tables and get back his dignity.

The small communicator in his ear suddenly turned on as the last person he wanted to hear from contacted him. “Come to my house, Wonderboy.” Lt. Monteg said almost purring. “I think we need to ‘talk’. You have 10 minutes to get here or I will go to the press.”

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  1. Reflex

    Whoa! This story is really hot! I love the predicaments in which Wonderboy finds himself. Hopefully, his downfall will be long and slow, an ever sticky-er mess of humiliating entrapment and frustrating titillation. Thanks for another great story, man!

    1. Todd

      I am glad you are enjoying the story! Thanks for reading!

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