Wildcat’s Wild Party

Wildcat slipped in through the broken window of an abandoned warehouse. The old salt grunted softly as he landed silently on the floor. People said he was too old for this superhero gig anymore. Every Time someone even suggested that he should retire, his stubbornness kicked in and he was ready to prove all of them wrong.

The warehouse was completely dark but that was hardly a problem. In all the years as a crime-fighting superhero, Wildcat made very little alterations to his costumes. Such alteration was allowing Batman to put in night vision lenses in his cat mask. It might have been pitch black in the abandoned building, but to him, it looked like it was bright as noon.

No one was around, but it looked like some kind of fight went on here. Wildcat carefully looked around for clues on what happened here. He wasn’t as great as a detective as Batman, but he was fairly competent. The hero gasped as he stopped right in his tracks. A torn piece of red cloth lay in the middle of crushed boxes. Wildcat picked it up and felt it in hand. This wasn’t a kind of normal material. In fact, if he didn’t know better, he would say that it was alien in origin.

The lights flickered on causing Wildcat to jump back and go right into fighting position. Only a fool would go head to head against this retired boxer. He looked around to see if this was an ambush, but there was no one around. What was the hell going on?

“I’m afraid that you are a little late to the party,” A voice echoed in the room.

Whirling around, the hero tried to find the source of the voice. “Show yourself!” He demanded with his fists clenched.

The lights started to flicker as Maxwell Lord stepped forward. “I don’t recall you being on the party list.” He said frowning. “I suppose that I should have expected a party crasher.”

“I should have guessed you were involved, Lord.” Wildcat sneered. “I can smell your foul stench.”

“Mind your manners,” The villain chided. “Just watch the light show and enjoy.”

The hero found himself drawn to the flickering lights of the warehouse. The colors changed every few seconds as they danced before his eyes. Wildcat grinned as he looked back at Maxwell Lord. “What is this? Some kind of attempt to hypnotize me? Sorry, but my mind is stronger than that.”

Maxwell raised an eyebrow as he stared down at the smirking hero. “A pity, I could have used another superhero slave. Oh well, Superman, why don’t you clean this mess up?”

Wildcat barely had time to brace himself as a rush of blue and red slammed into him. Rolling away, he dodged the Man of Steel’s fist as it tore through the wall behind him. “Snap out of his, Supes!”

His words fell on deaf ears as Superman continued to fight him. Wildcat might be a badass fighter, but his strength was as natural as a human could be. Even his peak condition could not stand up against a powerful alien like Superman. He needed back up and quickly. Reaching in a hidden compartment of his catsuit, Wildcat activated his JSA communicator. Hopefully, he could stay alive long enough.

Unfortunately, Superman was too fast for him and Wildcat found himself with a hand around his throat as he was lifted up in the air. The Man of Steel had no expression on his face as Maxwell Lord walked over to them.

“You, you won’t get away with this!” Wildcat gasped hoarsely.

“How are you going to stop me?” Maxwell mocked. “With Superman under my control, I can easily take over the world. He is quite the specimen.”

Wildcat watched in horror as Superman blushed at his master’s words. The Man of Steel’s red briefs started to expand until it was tented with his erection. This was far worse than he thought.

“I have big plans for my big blue boy scout.” The villain continued. “You can join his ranks. All you have to do is look at the pretty lights.”

He was tempted for a brief second. Superman’s steel grip around his throat was slowly cutting off his air supply. With a brief flex of his fingers, Wildcat would be dead. Yet the thought of becoming a brain-dead sex slave was repulsive to him. “Go. To. Hell.” He managed to croak out.

“Kill him.”

This was it. Wildcat always knew that he could die on the field in his quest to fight crime, but he never expected to go out like this. Superman’s tented briefs brushed against his dangling legs and he shivered with disgust over feeling his spandex covered erection. This was not the way that he expected to die.

The ceiling exploded as Hawkman burst into the room. With his Nth metal mace, he slammed into Superman causing the hypnotized hero to release the choking Wildcat. Rubbing his bruised throat, the hero leaped to his feet. His backup has arrived.

“It looks like we have another party crasher,” Maxwell mused. “It is nice to see you again Hawkman. Do you like my little light show?”

“NO!” Wildcat cried out, but it was too late.

Hawkman looked right into the lights and could not tear his eyes away. His mace dropped to the ground as the powerful hero fell into a hypnotic state. Wildcat cursed as he leaped on his teammates back to try and get him to look away. Hawkman didn’t even bat an eye as Superman grabbed Wildcat and threw him across the room. As Hawkman’s wings went limp, his exposed nipples hardened and his bulge started to expand. He had fallen right into Maxwell Lord’s trap.

Wildcat knew that he was in big big trouble. Maxwell Lord was well on his way to mind control not one, but two powerful superheroes. As much as it pained him, he knew that he had to escape. He leaped through the broken window and into the darkness of the night.  

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    Oh wow this is fantastic! If only it was a little longer!

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