The Sandman Saga Part 3

Batman teaches Robin a new way

Robin jumped off his motorcycle feeling great. He had spent most of the evening tracking down Riddler and was very close to finding his hideout. The young hero would have stayed out longer, but he had a strict curfew. What kind of role model would he be for kids around the world if he didn’t follow the rule?

As he strode through the Batcave, the Boy Wonder didn’t notice that there were secret video cameras following him. Unknown to him, Sandman infiltrated both Wayne Manor and The Batcave and installed the cameras to watch his every move.

Seeing that Batman wasn’t in the cave, Robin trotted over to the Batpoles and flipped the switch so that it would go back up to the manor. As the secret bookcase in Bruce Wayne’s study opened up, a fully dressed Dick Grayson hopped off the pole. Only a few people in the world knew that Dick was really Robin. It was hard to keep it a secret at times, but duty must take precedence over everything.

Bruce was sitting at his desk looking over some paperwork. As the secret bookcase closed behind the young man, the millionaire lifted his head and glanced at his ward. “Is that you Dick?” He said before turning his attention back to his paperwork.

“Yes, Bruce,” Dick said with a huge grin. He bubbled with excitement to tell his mentor what had happened with his investigation.

Before he could say more, Bruce raised his hand. “Why don’t you tell me in the morning, old chum?” He suggested. “We have a full day tomorrow and you are going to need your rest. Why don’t you take a shower and Alfred will get you something to eat?”

The young man nodded in agreement. “Sure thing, Bruce.” He said with a grin on his face.

Leaving the office, he walked past the living room and noticed that Aunt Harriet was not in her usual chair. She must have gone to bed early, he thought to himself. Dick considered going to the kitchen to get something to eat but remembered that Bruce told him to shower first. After an intense investigation, he was a bit smelly. The young man passed the kitchen and went to his own private bathroom.

Like the rest of the house, his bathroom had secret cameras installed. As Dick started to take off his clothes, it was recorded and transmitted back to Sandman. The villain stared at the young man’s tight muscular body with open lust. It would not be long until that body was his. He had big plans for the cocky boy, and by the time Robin discovered that something was wrong, it would be late.

Dick stepped into the shower not noticing that tiny specs of purple dust were mixed in the with water. The hot water felt great on his skin and he closed his eyes enjoying the shower. As he soaped himself up, Dick noticed that he was feeling a tingle in his penis. He looked down in horror as he realized that he was starting to get hard. Closing his eyes, the boy started his meditation exercises to calm his overexcited hormones.

Bruce had always taught him that masturbation was a sin against God. Despite what desires that he had, Dick needed to remain strong and pure. Unlike most young men his age, he did not engage in playing with himself. The hero never even had a wet dream before. Everytime that he felt an erection forming, he would do his meditation and everything would go back to normal.

This time, he was having a hard time in calming his excited cock down. As the water mixed with Sandman’s purple dust rained down on his naked body, the hero felt himself losing that battle against his body for the first time in his life. As he opened his eyes, Dick gasped when he was a throbbing hard erection pointing straight up at him.

Dick leaped from the shower and fell on his hands and knees. He wanted to touch himself so badly, and it took all of his willpower to stop his hand from gripping that thick long erection. Water dripped from his nude body as he closed his eyes to do anything to calm down his out of control hormones.

A knock on the door made the young hero gasp in fear. “Is everything alright, sir?” Alfred’s voice came from the other side.

“Y, yes,” DIck cried out as his voice momentarily broke into a high soprano. He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist as tightly as he could. If Alfred walked into the bathroom and caught him with a raging hardon, he would die from shame.

“As you say, sir,” Alfred said before his footsteps were heard walking away.

Turning the cold water on in the sink, he splashed it on his face hoping the shock of the coldness would help cure his throbbing erection. Closing his eyes, he breathed as deeply as he could push his sexual needs into the darkest shadows of his mind. After 20 minutes of meditation, his dick finally went soft.

Dick rushed to his bedroom hoping that no one would see him only in a towel. With the door firmly shut behind him, he went to his dresser to grab his boxers and pajamas. The young man frowned as he opened his underwear drawer and found it filled with white briefs. What was going on, he thought in confusion. Dick had stopped wearing briefs two years ago. Like many young men his age, he preferred boxers.

The young man walked over to the door and opened it a tiny crack. “Alfred,” He called hoping the Butler was nearby.

Alfred walked over to the door. “Yes, Master Dick?”

“What happened to all my boxers?”

“So sorry, sir, but I had to wash them all tonight. You still have your briefs, sir. That should suffice until I get all of your boxers cleaned.”

It was an inconvenience, but it was only for one night. Dick closed his bedroom door and walked back to his dresser. He pulled out the top pair of white briefs and pulled them up his legs. He must have grown in the last two years because it was a struggle to put them on. The cotton fabric molded itself to his groin and ass that was tighter than his Robin costume. The young man blushed slightly as he looked down at his huge bulge. It was obscene. He grabbed a pair of pajamas and quickly slipped them on.

When he was fully dressed, Dick noticed that it felt like the middle of summer in his room. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead and ran down his cheek. Dick left his room and walked over to the thermostat. No wonder he felt so hot, it was ninety degrees in his room.

Alfred seemingly appeared out of nowhere. “Is there a problem, sir?” He asked.

“It’s so hot in my room,” Dick explained. “Any chance that I can turn on the air conditioner.”

“I’m afraid that will not be possible,” the Butler explained. “The air conditioner is broken, Master Dick. I have already made an appointment for it to be fixed first thing in the morning. I am sure that you can endure one night.”

Not wanting to sound unreasonable, the young man readily agreed. “Sure, no problem.” He said with a weak smile.  His pajamas were already sticking to his body as well as his already too tight briefs. A warm tingle formed in his balls that made him rush back to his room.

It was only one night, he thought as he pulled back his covers and climbed into bed. The heat was so unbearable as he tossed and turned in his bed. Finally, Dick got out of his bed and took off his pajamas. Now wearing his sweat-stained briefs, he climbed back into bed and tried to fall asleep. He ended up flinging the covers off as he slowly drifted to sleep unaware of the danger that he was in.

An hour later, Alfred crept into the room and stared at the vulnerable young man. His body was drenched in sweat and underneath the wet thing cotton fabric of his briefs, a throbbing erection pulsed in its cage. It looks like the drug-soaked briefs were working just as Sandman said it would. The sweat from the boy’s body activated the drug causing him to become erect. The Butler wanted to touch, but his master, Sandman’s, orders were very explicit. He took out a pair of headphones and quietly placed it on Dick’s ears. It would play the same message all night preparing the hero for his new role as a porn star. Before the Butler left, he took out a handful of purple dust and blew it in Dick’s face. The trap was set and all he had to do has come in an hour before the young hero would awake and take the headphones away. Alfred crept back out of the room and headed to Master Bruce’s room. After seeing Dick in such a vulnerable position, he was horny as hell and wanted to fuck his new master’s ass.

The sun was peeking through the windows as Dick opened his eyes. He stretched his arms outward as he yawned. The young man had slept like a baby and he so refreshed and energized. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he felt so good.

A small shiver ran down his spine, as the young man realized that the air conditioning must have been fixed. He leaped out of bed and bent down to pick up his discarded pajamas. His eyes grew wide with horror as he noticed his tented briefs. Dick leaped back into his bed as a knock sounded on his bedroom door.

“Master Dick,” Alfred’s voiced called out. “Your breakfast is ready.”

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Dick called back as his voice broke into a soprano high once again.

Sitting in his bed, he closed his eyes and began his meditation. Clearing his mind, he pushed his lustful thoughts aside like he always had in the past. Minutes past, but his cock didn’t soften one bit. Holy Throbbing Erection! Dick thought as he stared down at his powerful erection in horror. It felt so good that his hands itched to touch himself. NO! He thought in panic. He needed to be strong and resist these urges.

Another knock at the door sounded and Dick pulled his covers up to his chin. “Master Dick? Your breakfast is getting cold.”

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Dick called out again. He needed to do something. The young man couldn’t risk anyone seeing him in this state. He would simply die from shame if that happened.

Closing his eyes once again, the hero tried his meditation exercises again. They were just as ineffective as the first attempt and nothing could bring his cock to softness. There was no hiding the fact that he was hard either. Even if he put on his pajamas and went to breakfast, his arousal would be noticed right away. All he could do was sit in bed trying to resist the need to touch himself.

“Dick?” Bruce’s voice called from the other side of the door. “What’s going on? Alfred called you to breakfast twice now!”

Oh no, the young man thought in horror. He was about to reassure his mentor that all was well when the door opened and the millionaire playboy walked into the room.

“What are you doing still in bed?” Bruce asked with a stern voice. “Come on, it’s time for you to get up.”

Dick held the covers up to his chin praying that his throbbing erection would soften. “Do you mind giving me a minute?” His voice asked cracking.

Bruce rolled his eyes. “I don’t have time for your games, boy. Now get your butt out of bed and march right into the dining room.”

An order from his mentor could never be ignored. Gulping, the young man slowly pulled back his covers and climbed out of bed. He felt like bursting into tears as he stood there in his sweat and precum soaked tiny briefs with the clear cotton fabric molding itself to his hard dick.

A smile came to Bruce’s face as he stared down at Dick’s shame. “Is that what got you acting all strange?” He said with a small laugh. “It’s only morning wood. Perfectly normal.”

Dick shook his head as his face turned beet red. “I tried the mediation that you taught me, but it won’t go down.”

“Those exercised were for boys so that they won’t be naughty,” Bruce explained patiently. “You are a man now and it is alright for a man to take care of himself.”

“Take, take care of myself? The young man asked as his voice trembled. He stared helplessly at his trapped hard on not knowing even where to being.

Bruce stepped forward and softly placed his hand on the boy’s throbbing bulge. “Here let me show you,” He said softly. The imposter turned his head and winked towards the closest camera. Sandman was going to make a ton of money off this video alone.

Dick gasped as he felt another man’s hand on his crotch for the first time. His knees knocked together with a pleasure that he never knew possible quickly overwhelmed him. “This feels weird, Bruce.” He whimpered. “I’m not sure if I should be doing this.”

“Stop being a baby,” Bruce snapped as he ripped the young man’s briefs right off his body.

The hero gasped as his now freed cock thumped against his stomach and quivered with delight. Dick stared at his erection like it was a snake as he fell right into his bed. Bruce took a firm grasp of his erection and started to slowly pump the throbbing tool.

“Ohhhh,” the young man groaned as he felt his muscles turn into jelly. Little did he know that he was being slowly conditioned by Sandman and that the villain had replaced his closest allies with imposters. “This feels funny,” He moaned pathetically, but he was unable to stop his mentor from touching him in this way.

“All you need to do is stroke just like this,” Bruce patiently instructed as he manipulated his ward’s love tool. “Up and down, starting slow like this and then picked up speed.”

The pleasure was too great as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Drops of precum were already falling on his exposed skin as his legs started to spread out on their own. Oh god, it felt so good but so bad at the same time. Dick felt dirty and humiliated, but his trust in Bruce was absolute.

“A bit of lubrication can also help to speed things up,” His mentor explained as he spits right on the young man’s cockhead.

Some drops of spit flew through the air and hit Dick right on the cheek. It only made him feel dirty like he was some kind of little whore. Oddly enough the very thought made him quiver with even more pleasure. The young man started to panic when he felt a surge start to form deep in his balls.

“I’m starting to feel kinda funny, Bruce.” He whimpered as the older man continued to manipulate his cock. The surge grew stronger and stronger until it felt like a dam that was ready to burst. “Oh god, please don’t do this to me.”

Even though this was the best feeling he ever felt in his life, deep down Dick knew that he was passing the point of no return. Somewhere deep in his psyche, he wanted to resist the brainwashing that Sandman was slowly inflicting on him. He simply thought that this was just his way of avoiding becoming a man. What he always believed should be sacred on his wedding night was turning into a disgusting pleasure fest with the man he trusted with his life taking away part of his virginity.

Dick tried to grab Bruce’s hand to take it off of his cock, but by then it was too late. The surge had burst and was quickly moving up the thick shaft of his cock. The young man thrashed around as his body quaked with so much pleasure. His eyes rolled back as the hero tried to prevent himself from losing his innocence.

“No, no, no, no,” The young man moaned as he tried to push back against the surge. All it accomplished was making his impending orgasm even more powerful as his lean muscular body was quickly overwhelmed by the wave of pleasure.

The surge finally reached the top of his mushroom head as Robin screamed in passion. Gripping his hands on his silk sheets, the young man bucked his hips forward as the first shot of cum leaped from his once virginal cock. A warm splat hit him right on the cheek as Dick felt his very mind shatter.

Despite the boy begging for Bruce to stop, the older man kept a firm grip on his cock and continued to pump. Dick thrashed around on his bed as cum flew everywhere hitting him on his chest and stomach. Years of pent-up boy juice made his first experience so incredible yet so humiliated at the same time.

As the last drop of cum was milked from his shriveling cockhead, Bruce finally let’s go and smiled at the young hero who still shivered from the power of his first orgasm. Dick felt like his entire skin was being filled with sand as he lay on his bed covered in his own spunk.

“Get yourself cleaned up and get your ass to breakfast,” Bruce ordered as he walked out of the room. He picked the ripped briefs and tossed them to the mind blown young man. “Use this, you disgusting little boy.”

As Dick lay there in his post-orgasmic bliss, he realized he was a disgusting little boy and he secretly loved every second of it.


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