The Sandman Saga Part 5

Dirty boys get fucked in many ways

As Robin opened his eyes, his nose wrinkled from the intense smell of garbage. It was pitch black and he could feel that he was surrounded by many things. The young hero tentatively felt around him and his hands found something cold and hard. He blindly explored the other side of him and found the same cold harness. His face paled when he realized that he was in some kind of steel box.

“I’ll meet you in a couple of minutes,” A muffled voice said in the distance. “I just want to throw away this pop bottle.”

A blinding light suddenly flooded the box as the lid was opened. Robin covered his eyes. It felt like he was staring right into the sun.

“Oh my god, there is a boy in here!” The voice gasped.

Robin felt a hand grab his arm as he was pulled out of the box. He stumbled to his knees. As his eyes started to focus, he saw a man probably in his mid-30s kneeling next to him.

“Are you alright? What were you doing in the dumpster?”

Dumpster? The Boy Wonder thought in confusion. He looked down at himself and saw that his costume was soiled with garbage.  Some poked out of his green briefs, pixie boots, and gloves, while other pieces stuck to his body. He looked an absolute mess.

“Wait, I know who you are.” The older man said with excitement. “You’re the kid in that dirty movie. Throbin!”

“No, I am Robin, The Boy Wonder,” The hero replied in confusion. Who was Throbin? A shiver ran down his spine.

“You can’t-fool me, kid. I’ve seen the movie. Your tiny green shorts, the cock on your emblem. You’re Throbin.”

The young man looked down at his chest and wiped away a candy bar wrapper from his chest. There is was in plain sight. Instead of his ‘R’ emblem, there was an erect cock. His face blushed furiously as he realized that he had been wearing this costume since he left the Batcave. In his excitement to take down the Riddler he never even noticed.

He looked back up at the older man and saw that lustful stare that sent shivers down his spine. Desperate to run away, he reached into his utility belt to grab his Batrope. Instead, he pulled out a bottle of lube. His face blushed as he stared at the lube. What kind of sick pervert filled his belt with this?

The man smiled as he unzipped his fly and fished out his already hard cock. ‘I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, Throbin.”

There was that name again. Each time he heard it, Robin felt himself shiver with pleasure. It was as if part of him secretly enjoyed being called by that name. Throbin, he thought to himself as another shiver ran down his spine. The hero was pulled from his thoughts when the older man’s cock brushed against his lips. His blue eyes looked cross-eyed as the invading member left a trail of precum across his lips.

“Open up, Boy Slut,” The man demanded softly.

Robin wanted to push the man back, but he could not take his eyes off the throbbing erection that pressed against his lips. His own dick was so hard and tenting his tiny green briefs in an alarming way. Almost as if he were in a trance, his lips slowly opened to admit the cock. A moan of pure pleasure escaped from him as if this was the moment that he always dreamed of.

“Oh yes,” The stranger moaned as his dick slid into the Boy Wonder’s mouth. To him, this was an up and coming porn star who craved nothing but a dick in his mouth and ass. If he realized that the real Robin was sucking his dick, he would have cum on the spot.

The hero’s instincts kicked in and his lips closed on that thick meat. Even though it was his first cock that he ever had in his mouth, his body took over and sucked on it like he was a pro. His hand crept down to his own crotch and he began to jerk himself off through his soiled briefs.

This was wrong, so very wrong. Every fiber of his being knew this fact, but there was also something deep in his mind that was loving every moment of this. The salty sweetness on his tongue gave him a blissful joy the confused him. Could he actually be enjoying sucking on this stranger’s cock?

The older man had enough of being sucked and lifted The Boy Wonder up by his armpits. He opened the lid of the dumpster with one hand before tossing the helpless hero over the edge. Robin gagged as his head was buried deep in the trash. His ass was high up in the air and his arms and legs flailed around helplessly.

With one tug on his green briefs, they were pulled down to his ankles. The young hero’s thick erect cock thudded against the steel wall of the dumpster as a trail of precum began to slide down towards the ground. Robin tried to pull himself back up, but he slipped further into the garbage as his assailant wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist. He shivered as he felt the man’s cock pressing against his virgin ass.

Robin tried to scream, but as soon as he opened his mouth it was filled with garbage. His ass was parted and soon his hole was filled. At first, there was a pain, but it was slowly replaced with a pressure of pleasure that blew his mind. His body quivered helplessly as the sexually naive hero experienced his first fucking. His dick throbbed with excitement as it grew longer and thicker. A steady flow of precum cascaded from his flared mushroom head creating a waterfall of boy fluid.

“Holy shit, this is tight!” The older man exclaimed as his cock filled the hero’s now defiled hole. “If I didn’t know better I would guess that you were a virgin.”

Tears welled up in his eyes as he wanted to scream that he was a virgin. His body and mind was a conflict of emotions and sensations as his tight ass was fucked for the first time. The smell and taste of garbage that covered his head and shoulders made him want to throw up anything that was left in his stomach. Yet his cock was so hard and his body trembled from this new pleasure that he never thought possible.

The worst part was the humiliation of this whole situation. Robin had been in many tight situations before. He had almost drowned in an hourglass, been a target for an archer, and even trussed and tied on a plastic horse like a sack of grain. Yet nothing was as bad as being bent over a dumpster and fucked in the ass. To this man, Robin was a porn star, a slut who got paid for being treated like a sex toy. He was a pawn in the older man’s fantasy and yet he was helpless to resist. No matter how much his mind screamed in defiance, his body lapped up every humiliation was a morsel of pleasure. Part of him wanted to be used and abused sexually and that scared him more than anything.

Robin gasped as he felt a hand wrap around his cock and start to tug on it. Despite being head deep in garbage, he could not help but moan with delight. Bruce was the only other man to touch him in this way and in many ways having a stranger touch his erection was so much more exciting. The combination of a cock in his ass and having his hard on tugged like a lever sent such a shocking wave of pleasure through his tight muscular body that his mind simply shut down. All that mattered was his need to cum. Robin knew that he would do anything and everything to achieve this.

“What’s going on here?” Another voice called from the street.

The Boy Wonder felt himself falling into the dumpster as the cock in his ass came sliding out with only his pixie boots and brief bunched up between his ankles kicking in the air.

“Hey Bob, get over here. You will never believe this.”

Robin gasped as he clawed his way back up above the garbage. His mask was stained with filth as it slid halfway down his face. He saw that the older man was no longer alone. The friend that had been waiting for him had finally found them.

“This is Throbin,” He said with a grin on his face.

Bob whistled as he stared at the hero with undisguised lust. “Holy shit, you’re right. You were actually fucking this little slut.”

The Boy Wonder had enough of their talking. His ass felt empty and the need to fill it was overwhelming. His hard cock didn’t soften at all as his need to cum was at its ultimate high. The hero climbed out of the dumpster falling in the process and tumbling on the pavement. He crawled on his hands and knees and started kissing the boots of the man who stole his virgin.

“Please, I need to be fucked. Oh god, I need you inside me so badly.” The hero moaned pathetically.

The older man smiled as he grabbed Robin by his soiled hair and threw him on his back. His pixie boots and briefs had been pulled off when he climbed out of the dumpster leaving him only wearing his green shirt and cock emblem vest. A pool of pre-cum had formed on the edge of his vest as his cock twitched like crazy.

The two men picked up the filthy garbage covered boy and tossed him on the lid of the dumpster. Robin felt himself being pulled to the edge as his legs were lifted high up in the air. A moan escaped his lips as his as was filled once again by the dick that robbed him of his innocence. Bob grinned as he pulled out his own cock and stepped forward before shoving into the hero’s gaping mouth. Now The Boy Wonder was being fucked in both the ass and his mouth and he was loving every second of it.

Robin grabbed his cock and started tugging on it like his life depended on it. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he transformed into the ultimate sex toy. His tight hole clung tightly to the invading cock as his tongue worked overtime to lick and suck the new cock in his mouth.

The overload of pleasure was too much for the sexually inexperienced boy. His muffled cries of pleasure only made the man he was sucking feel more turned on. As the first rope of cum leaped in the air from his red and throbbing cock, the two men groaned as their new toy started to cum.

Bob took out his cock from the hero’s mouth and pointed it straight at his face. Robin was still in a passion of ecstasy as the first blast of cum hit him right in between his eyes. The first man also went over the edge as he thrust himself as deep as he could in the battered ass that he had defiled. All three cried out as they experienced powerful orgasms.

When it was over, Robin lay on the lid of the dumpster with a silly grin on his face. His face was almost completely covered in cum to the point that the filth of his time in the garbage barely shown. His red vest was splattered with pools of cum from his own boy juice. His rapidly shriveling cock leaked the last vestige of his seed that fell to the pavement with the drops of cum that was leaking from his sore ass. The two men high fived each other as they put their cocks away and walked out of the alley leaving Robin in a state of bliss hovering between sleep and wakefulness.

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