The Sandman Saga Part 4

An erection makes Riddler laugh all day

After cleaning up his cum with his ripped briefs, Dick bolted for the shower. He felt so dirty and yet so good at the same time. His mind was in a constant state of confusion as the young man hurried to clean himself. More specs of purple dust were mixed in with the shower water and before he knew it, Dick was rock hard again.

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his throbbing erection and for the first time in his life, he started to jerk himself off. Leaning against the tiled wall of the shower, Dick moaned as he was quickly overcome by the pleasures of the flesh. Even though it felt so fantastic, the boy felt pangs of guilt as if he was doing something wrong. Closing his eyes, he began to imagine that it was Bruce who had a firm hold on his cock. His stomach boiled with so many emotions and desires that he never felt before.

A knock on the shower door and Dick popped open his eyes in shock. Alfred stood right outside staring at his nude body. The young man quickly tried to cover up his raging hard one. “Master Bruce wants to know how long you will take to clean yourself?”

His face turning red with humiliation, Dick felt like on the verge of tears. He felt so exposed and violated at the faithful butler stared at his nude body. His mouth opened up to speak, but no words came out. The horror of being caught touching himself completely overwhelmed him.

Alfred rolled his eyes as he opened the shower door. He pulled out a long rubber cleaning glove and pulled it up his arm. With one hand pressed against the young man’s chest, the butler pressed Dick against the shower wall and grabbed his cock with the other.

Dick moaned as his cock was manipulated by another man in the space of an hour. He opened his mouth to protest, but a stern look from the older man made him shut it closed again. The hero bucked and moaned as he was manipulated by an expert. It didn’t take long for him to explode with his second orgasm of his life. Since it was so soon after his hand job from Bruce, his orgasm by Alfred was rather pathetic. Some of his spunk landed on the glove, but most of it dripped on to the shower floor.

With a look of disgust on his face, Alfred took off the rubber glove and held it as far away as possible. “Now that is finished, young sir. Master Bruce requires your presence right away.”

As the butler walked away, Dick sank on his knees with water dripping through his hair. What was becoming of him? He thought in despair as he clutched himself. Ever since he woke up this morning, he had felt like he was a different person. His body was out of control and despite his humiliation and revulsion, the hero knew that he loved every second of it.

Bruce poked his head into the bathroom. “Come on, Dick,” He said impatiently. “Batman and Robin are needed.”

Pushing his conflicting thoughts out of his mind, Dick jumped out of the shower and quickly dried himself off. Without thinking, he ran through the halls of Wayne Manor completely naked. The hidden entrance to the Batcave was already open with the bookcase pushed to one side. Dick jumped on the pole and slid down with little bits of leftover cum sticking to the pole like slime of a snail.

At the bottom of the pole, Robin ran towards the Batmobile ready for action. Batman was already in the driver’s side and the car was turned on. “What’s going on, Batman?” Robin asked enthusiastically as he pounded his fist into his hand.

“Riddler has struck the First National Bank,” Batman explained as they drove off to downtown Gotham.

“Holy Petty Robbery, Batman!” The Boy Wonder exclaimed. He was ready to put his personal problems aside and beat Riddler down.

As they pulled up to the bank, Batman hopped out of the Batmobile with his young partner following behind. The Caped Crusader dashed into an alleyway to keep from being seen by the public. “This is what I want you to do,” Batman explained quietly. “You distract Riddler and his men and I will come in from the roof to surprise them. We can stop them from escaping this way,”

Robin nodded ready for action. He started to dash away when Batman called him back. His partner in crime fighting took out a bit of purple dust and blew it right into the young hero’s face. The Boy Wonder felt dizzy as he breathed in the dust. “Holy Dizzy Mizzy, Batman.” He exclaimed. “What was that?”

Batman gravely squeezed his shoulder. “It will protect you from Riddler’s knockout spray.” He explained.

Nodding, the hero dashed from the alley and burst right into the front doors of the bank. The Riddler turned with his men and laughed when they saw The Boy Wonder. Robin pounded his fist into his hand ready to take them all down. His body felt so alive and full of energy like it had never had before. It was like a sort of electricity was arcing all over his body.

“Give yourself up, Riddler!” Robin ordered as he stood defiantly before the mastermind criminal and his gang.

The Boy Wonder blushed slightly as the criminals all started to point and laughed at him. He never had anyone react like that towards him before. Riddler actually hooted and cackled as he danced around with glee.

“I’m warning you, Riddler,” Robin said again trying to take control of the situation. “Give yourself up before you get hurt.”

The mad man’s laughter only grew louder as he doubled over almost in tears. His goons were laughing just as hard as they pointed and mocked the young hero. What was going on? Robin thought in confusion.

“How are you going to stop me?” Riddler taunted as he laughed. “Are you going to poke me with that little rod of yours?”

Little rod? Robin thought in confusion. He looked down and his face turned bright red. All he had on were his little green briefs with no signs of his tights. On top of that, the briefs were tented with a rock hard erection. There he was standing in his most heroic pose with a boner in clear view. No wonder they were laughing at him.

Riddler snapped his fingers and his goons started to slowly approached the confused Boy Wonder. Realizing that there was no way he could fight this way, the hero turned to flee from the bank. He slipped on the tiled floor and fell right on his costumed ass. Each of his arms was grabbed as Riddler’s men dragged him across the floor.

Oh god, this is bad, Robin thought. He wanted to fight back but the strength of his erection made it impossible for him to move. Dragged to his feet in front of Riddler, The Boy Wonder was actually shaking in fear before the villain. It was as if all of his training and fighting skills didn’t exist. He never felt so helpless or powerless in his entire life. His only hope was if Batman would arrive to rescue him.

“Is that a pencil in your tights or are you just happy to see me?” Riddler laughed as he bent down to flick the protruding member of the hero’s green briefs. Robin stared in horror as a wet spot began to form.

“You won’t get away with this, you fiend?” Robin declared as he finally found the willpower to struggle.

Riddler giggled as he ruffled the helpless boy’s brown hair. “I must admit, you look the part, but I’m afraid that you just don’t fool me.” The Boy Wonder was completely confused as the men tossed him through the air towards the door. “Get lost boy,” The villain commanded as he turned back to his bank robbery.

How could he be tossed aside like he was a nobody? He was Robin, The Boy Wonder. He had fought against Riddler and the other criminals of Gotham with his partner Batman. Ignoring that fact that he had an erection that would not go down, the hero decided to show Riddler the error of his ways.

Reaching into his utility belt, Robin reached in and threw two batarangs towards the Riddler’s men. He stared in horror as two condoms flew out of his hands instead of hitting them on his back. Riddler rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to the vault. “If you want to play with him, boys, be my guest.”

As the men slowly approached him, Robin searched for anything in his utility belt for something that would help him. A couple of dildos fell out and hit the floor. Bottles of lube, more condoms, and other sexual aides lined the pouches of his utility belt. None of the gadgets that were usually there were present. What was going on?

With no gadgets to help him, The Boy Wonder decided to fight his way out of this instead. With his fists raised up in the air, he pushed himself forward.


His fist only met open air as he swung with the none of the precision and skill that Batman had taught him. One of the thugs pushed at the young man until he flew into the arms of another goon. Robin cried out in both pleasure and agony as the man grabbed his tented erection tugging on it hard.

“You’re out of your league here, Boy Boner!” He whispered in the freaked out hero before pushing him towards another of the Riddler’s goons.

Robin tried to fight back.



None of his punches even got close to landing. Instead, he was pushed by Riddler goon to goon as they formed a circle around him taunting him to the verge of tears. Not only that but they grabbed his erection, slapped his ass, and even pinched his nipples. One thug even forced the Boy Wonder on his knees and forced his face into his crotch.

“Oh yes, smell what a real man smells like.”

Robin tried to move his face, but all it did was rub that crotch all over his smooth cheeks. Despite his initial disgust, he began to feel the feelings of pleasure. The musky smell was so heavenly and the degradation of his face being smashed into that groin only added to his pleasure.

The other man all wanted their turns with Robin’s face in their crotch. They forced him to crawl on his hands and knees with his costumed ass high up in the air. The Boy Wonder was so turned on at this point that he became the willing participant. His green briefs were no wet with his desire as he crawled around like a little whore pressing his face into the crotches of low life criminals.

Riddler finally had enough as he grabbed his bags of cash. “That’s enough fun boy,” He ordered. “Take out the trash and let’s go before the real Caped Crusaders decided to show up.”

Robin cried out as he was picked up and carried out of the bank. What did he mean real Caped Crusaders? He was Robin, The Boy Wonder part of the Dynamic Duo who fought crime in Gotham. Yet here he was being carried away by common thugs who he had just faced fucked their crotches like he was some kind of whore. His own briefs were tented with his desire even after suffering so much humiliation.

A dumpster was opened up and without ceremony, Robin was tossed inside like he was garbage. As he felt himself sink in the filth, the Boy Wonder grabbed his cock through his briefs and started jerking off like his life depended on it. He quickly creamed his tights before passing out with a silly smile of satisfaction on his face.

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