The Sandman Saga Part 1

The Sandman Makes Batman and Robin Gay

It was quite at Wayne Manor tonight. Alfred was in the kitchen baking a turkey dinner. In the living room, Aunt Harriet was sitting on the love seat knitting while Bruce and Dick were playing chess.

“I think I am going to win this time, Bruce,” Dick said gleefully as he moved his rook.

Bruce smiled at the enthusiasm for his youthful ward. They had played chess like this frequently and in all this time Dick had yet to beat him. The young man wasn’t stupid by any means, but his enthusiasm often clouded his judgment.

Alfred stepped into the living room and gave his employer a pointed look. “I hate to interrupt, sir, but there is a phone call from the phone in your study.”

Aunt Harriet looked up from her knitting with a concerned look on her face. “Who would be calling at this time of night?”

Bruce smiled towards his elderly aunt. “I’m sure it’s something to do with The Wayne Foundation. Do I have enough time take the call before dinner, Alfred?”

“Of course, sir.”

Dick jumped up to his feet smacking his fist into the other hand as he followed Bruce into the study. PIcking up the phone, Bruce used his Batman’s voice. “What is going on Commissioner Gordon?”

“I have a situation that I need to bring to your attention, Batman,” The Commissioner said on the other side of the line. “It would be best if you left Robin behind and come alone.”

Come alone? Bruce thought to himself. That was a first. He trusted the Police Commissioner completely. “I’ll be right there.”

Dick grinned as his mentor hung up the phone. He clearly was excited to be going on this mission. Bruce put a hand on his shoulder with a solemn look. “I’m afraid that I need to go alone, old chum.”

“Holy Left Behind!” The young man exclaimed. “What’s going on?”

“I can’t tell you yet,” Bruce responded. “Stay here and keep Aunt Harriet company. I’ll call if I need you.”

Dick’s shoulders slumped in disappointment, but he did as he was told. Bruce felt bad for leaving him behind, but there really was no choice in the matter. If Commissioner Gordon needed him to come alone he would comply.

Bruce walked over to the bust of Shakespeare and pushed back it’s head to reveal a bright red button. Once it was pressed, the bookshelf in the study slid across the wall revealing two batpoles one with a sign that said ‘Bruce’ and the other ‘Dick’. Running towards his pole, he slid down, hitting a switch half way down.

When he landed, Bruce had transformed into Batman. Hopping into the Batmobile, He turned it on with the flames coming to life in the back. He drove out of the Batcave and towards the heart of Gotham City where Commissioner Gordon waited.

“Oh thank God you are here, Batman” Commissioner Gordon exclaimed as the Caped Crusader

“What’s the matter?” The hero asked. “You look pale.”

“We received a film to the police station. I’m glad that the note instructed that I should watch it alone. The contents are so ghastly that I would have died if anyone had seen it.”

“What kind of film?”

“I think you should watch it yourself. Just let me make sure that the door is locked and the windows are covered. I am sure that you will agree with me that the less that people see, the better.”

Batman had never seen the Commissioner so rattled before. Normally Chief O’Hara was at his side, but the Irish police officer was nowhere in sight.  As soon as the door was locked and the curtains covered the windows, Gordon turned off the lights and started the movie projector.”


The Caped Crusader’s eyes widened as the movie started and the theme song played.


Was that really what he had heard. He turned to look at the Police Commissioner who sat at his desk with his face in his palms.

Fagman! Fagman! Fagman!

The scene took place in a warehouse and it looked like Batman and Robin had burst through the doors. Their costumes looked like an identical match as the one he wore now. The only difference was the emblem that had a picture of a dildo instead of a bat. Robin’s emblem was not an ‘R’ but a ‘T’ and it was designed to look like an erect penis and testicles. The hero felt his stomach start to churn.

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da


With their fists raised up in the air, the imposters in the movie were quickly surrounded by a dozen men wearing nothing but skimpy briefs. It was indecent to see them with so little clothes. What made it worse was that the imposter’s bulges started to expand.

“Holy Bulging Biceps, Fagman” The fake Robin exclaimed as he brazenly groped himself. “What are we going to do?”

The imposter Boy Wonder sounded like the real Robin. If Batman wasn’t so sure of himself, he would have sworn that was really him and his partner there in that movie.

“Don’t worry, Throbin,” Fagman assured. “We’ll get out of this dastardly trap. I have a plan.”

“Hurry Fagman, I feel so horny!” Throbin groaned as he reached into his green briefs to tug on his cock.

The imposter reached in his utility belt and pulled two condoms. “Remember Throbin, safety first.”

Not able to take it anymore, Throbin hurled himself at the nearest man and ripped off his briefs. A hungry look came over his young face as the man’s hard cock bobbed up and down and hit him in the face. With a satisfied sigh, the imposter took in the full length of the cock slobbering all over it like a dog with a bone.

Fagman reached for the hidden zipper in his trunks setting free his own throbbing erection. With a single flourish, the condom was on his impressive nine inches of hardness. He pulled out his batrope and hurled it towards the nearest man. Pulling the startled stud towards him, Fagman ripped off the briefs before turning him around and bending him over. With a mighty thrust, the fake hero plunged his thick cock into the man’s ass.

The other men wanted in on the action. One of them went over to where Fagman was fucking the rope tied man and found the hidden zipper on the other end of his briefs exposing the hero’s muscled ass. Soon Fagman was sandwiched between the two men being fucked while he was fucking.

The others went to Throbin and pulled out their cocks. The fake boy wonder took turns slobbering over their dicks with a silly smile on his face. “Holy Dozen of Cocks, Fagman!” He proclaimed as he sucked and sucked. “This is heaven!”

While the young man was sucking on his cocks, another man picked him up and slammed his tight little ass on his erection. Those perk ass cheeks slid on that pole so smoothly without Throbin taking the cock out of his mouth.

As Batman watched, he never felt so sick and disgusted in his life. He was glad he left Robin at him because it would have been very uncomfortable for a virgin boy like him to watch filth like this. The Commissioner refused to look up as the movie played. The hero wanted to stop the film right then and there, but he made himself watch every second of it. As the movie continued, he felt it very difficult to turn his head away. It was as if his body had turned into a statue and it even felt impossible for him to close his eyes.

The men in the film took turns fucking Fagman and Throbin. They took turns by plugging their cocks in their mouths and asses. At one point of the movie, the men and Fagman surrounded Throbin with their cocks almost covering his body. There was a cock in his mouth, ass, and both of his hands. Some of the men even humped his arms and legs spreading their precum all over his costume.

The final scene had Fagman and Throbin staked out on the ground with their hands and feet spread out forming an ‘X’. The men stood over them stroking their cocks until each and every one of them started to orgasm. Their cocks were aimed at the imposters so that their white seed hit from the top of their heads down to their boots. The fake heroes in bondage also orgasmed covering themselves with their own spunk and a satisfied look on their faces.

“Will Fagman and Thorbin be able to escape this dastardly trap?” A deep voice said from behind the camera. “Tune in tonight at midnight to find out! Don’t be late or the next part of the episode will be taped and this time it won’t just go to the Commissioner.”

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da


The movie ended and Batman exhaled. It felt like he was holding his breath. Commissioner Gordon got up and turned on the lights. “We need to stop this Batman. We can have decent people seeing this garbage. If this got out, it would not only ruin you and Robin, but the police would be a laughing stock.”

“You’re right, Commissioner.” Batman agreed. “I think I found a clue. There was a poster for Diazepam in the background. This is an experimental drug that can be used to help patients sleep. I bet that whoever is behind this is working in the packing warehouse in Gotham.”

“I think you just might be right, Batman. You should have no problem with disrupting their filming.”

“I need a favor before I go,” The Caped Crusader said. “Use the Batphone and call Robin. Have him work on another case tonight. I don’t want him involved in this at all. He is far too young to deal with this kind of depravity.”

Commissioner Gordon nodded. “There is evidence that the Riddler has been causing a ruckus in the Diamond District. I’ll have him investigate this tonight.”

Batman nodded as he grabbed his cape and ran out of the Police Station. Leaping into his car, he started up the Batmobile and sped off into the night. The mastermind behind this plot will have to deal with the real Batman tonight.

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