The Rise of the Black Fox


Lighting flashed in the sky above the sacred temple of Apollo, the god of music and enlightenment. The temple has been abandoned for years and even in the darkness it could be seen that the once gleaming marble was falling apart. Thunder quickly followed its partner of storms that filled the air with a foreboding rumbling that even made the earth quake in fear. Half a dozen Greek hoplites slowly advanced to the temple cloaked by the shadow of darkness. Like the temple, the countryside seemed to be slowly dying as the hoplites softly waded through the sickly grass. They traveled from the city of Athens to Corinth to fight a fearsome enemy. The elite of the hoplite army, they were chosen by Athena herself to battle an ancient sorcerer and bring justice to his long list of crimes.

Alexandros motioned for his men to stop as the finally reached the front of the temple. They had arrived in Corinth much earlier when the sun shone on the land. After talking with the citizens of one of Greece’s great city-states, they had decided to bring their fight to the sorcerer in the cloak of darkness. The temple looked completely deserted with no signs of life inside of it.  “We must be careful.” He whispered to his men. “Mavros possesses powerful magic. We must catch him by surprise if we are to have a chance to destroy his evil magic.”

The other warriors nodded silently as they crept into the temple. Legends say that Mavros Alepou has been responsible for the disappearance of many fine warriors. Most of the population thought it was only wild stories. They have seen black magic before but the gods always protected them. In the stories, no one knows what happens to his victims just that they were never seen again. It was when the Greek Prince, Erasmus vanished that they began to believe in the legends of Mavros Alepou. The King consulted with the Oracle and found that his son had become the sorcerer’s latest victim. After pleaded with their Goddess Athena to aid them in their revenge, Alexandros and his men were chosen by the goddess herself to finally defeat the ancient evil of Mavros.

The temple was completely ransacked as they crept inside. They years of abandonment had brought the lowest of scum to loot the temple. It was hard to believe that a powerful sorcerer made this temple his home. The darkness inside threatened to overtake them as they fanned out to explore the fallen place of worship. They did not dare light any torches as they could not risk any sign of discovery. This is why they traveled in the darkest of the night so they would not lose their element of surprise.

Alexandros slowly crept through the darkened hallway towards the main chamber of worship. The normal reassurance of being in the place of the gods was missing and it filled his heart with a void that led him to despair. The hoplite warrior could feel that evil that had taken over this place. He quietly shook off that feeling of helplessness as resolve filled his soul. He would slay the monster that took his prince. He had made that vow to Athena herself and he would not fail.

As the hoplite made his low and quiet advance, he noticed that the chill of the night seemed to fade away as a flush filled his body. Alexandros told himself that this was just the anticipation of battle that caused the gradual warmth of his body. For anticipation had indeed sent his senses reeling and his heart pounding in his chest. His whole body tingled with the desire to drive his sword through the evil sorcerer’s heart. A bead of sweat trickled down his cheek as he slowly made his way towards the center of the temple to  battle the evil monster that kidnapped and killed his prince.

When he finally reached the door to the main temple, Alexandros was tingling with anticipation of battle. His breath quickened as he gathered his resolve to enter this fight. His senses seemed more alive than usual as he slowly opened the door. The main hall of the temple was brightly lit with torches of dancing flames lined every wall. It was bright as day in this sacred room dedicated to worshiping the god, Apollo. Alexandros was blinded as he stepped from almost absolute darkness into what seemed to be day light. How could they not see these lights from the outside of the temple?

As his eyes slowly adjusted, he saw that this room was not in disarray like the rest of the temple. The marble of the walls and pillars gleamed as they were just cleaned and polished. This looked like the throne room of an emperor and not at all like an abandoned temple. The hoplite drew his sword and cautiously looked around. There were no shadows to hide in and his planned element of surprise vanished like the darkness of night. Alexandros would have to be careful to not get ensnared in the Mavros’ magic.

As Alexandros walked to the center of the room, he could feel the tingling in his body go from a trickle to a flood. His senses seemed to explode in a sensitivity that he never experienced. There was warmth in the room that seemed to invade every part of his body. A gentle breeze wrapped around him and caressed him like an old lover.

“Welcome to my home, young man,” a deep voice said to the hoplite as he turned to face the back of the room. The voice was the most beautiful sound Alexandros ever heard and he felt his heart start to race as he nervously faced the master of this temple.

“Mavros Alepou!” Alexandros said defiantly. “I have come from the orders of Athena to bring the god’s justice to your black soul.” He had to use all his willpower even to utter those words as he felt his resolve falter. Everything in his body wanted to just enjoy the bombardment of sensations that have begun to hit his body.

“I see,” that beautiful deep voice said with mirth. “Did she choose you herself? If so I must thank her for such a lovely gift.”

The hoplite took a step back as the man he was hunting stepped into the light. A man of middle years and medium height stood before him. He was dressed in a simple red and black robe that showed his lean muscles in all the right places. His deep black hair was cut short with a streak of white at each of his temples. Mavros’ piercing emerald green eyes seemed to see into his soul.

Alexandros gasped as he dropped his sword and took a step back. His eyes could not move as he drank in the beauty and sexiness of the sorcerer before him. He never found any man attractive before in his life, but looking at the sorcerer that he had pledged to kill he could not help but to feel a strong attraction to his sworn enemy. He knew he did not stand a chance against his foe and hoped with all his soul that his men would find him before his will crumbled before this evil man.

Mavros took a step towards him and motioned for the hoplite to come to him. Although his mind screamed to run away, he slowly walked over to the man he was supposed to kill. His body refused to listen to his mind’s protests. Like a puppet on strings, Alexandros obeyed the commands of the foul but incredibly sexy sorcerer.

“Let’s see what kind of gift Athena has brought me this time.” The sorcerer said softly as he gently lifted the helmet off the warrior’s head.

Alexandros softly moaned as the touch of this intoxicating man sent waves of pleasure through his body. To his horror, his cock seemed to come alive and began to thicken between his muscled legs.

Mavros lifted his chin up and he began to lose himself staring into those beautiful eyes of his enemy. His shoulder length light brown hair had tumbled out of his now discarded helmet and the sorcerer can see his full face.

“Athena has chosen her champion well. You are definitely up to my standards.”

The hoplite shuddered as he felt the evil man admire him as he would a new lover. He was helpless to move as he felt his armor and clothes slowly taken off his body. The small part of his mind that was still his screamed in revulsion as the rest of his body drank in the pleasure of being touched and stripped by the sorcerer.

Soon he was completely naked and his muscular body was totally exposed to his enemy. Mavros slowly circled around him taking a slow inspection of his body. Years of training in the army had sculpted his body full of thick muscles and incredible strength. His strength meant nothing as he could not move a muscle to strike at the evil man who easily captured him. His only hope is that some of his hoplites will find them soon.

Even more fearsome of being totally naked and helpless before the man he was supposed to kill was that his cock was rock hard and seemed to salute his enemy. He had been admired by many men in his few years in the army, but it never bothered him. Many men in the army felt attraction to other men and this was normal throughout the city of Athens. While he himself never felt a sexual attraction to other man, he took it as a compliment when any man admired him. He had no idea why his cock betrayed him now, but as waves of pleasure soared through his body he felt himself awash with sexual desire.

Mavros stood before him once again and softly kissed him on the lips. “You should feel honored boy that you are up to my standards. Few get a chance to serve me as you soon will.”

Alexandros moaned as he yearned to be kissed by this gorgeous man. The sorcerer smiled as he granted the hoplites wish and kissed him again. The evil man broke the kiss off and took a step back and let his robe drop to reveal his naked body. Although he was not as muscled, his body was a covered with a leaner muscle that the hoplite could not help but to admire. He felt that he could cum right then and there, as the pleasure he felt intensified up to a level that he never thought possible. All thoughts of escape and rescue fled from his mind as he yearned to make love to the man he once thought as his enemy.

Mavros pulled him tight against his body as he kissed him even more passionately than before. Alexandros wanted to ravish the sorcerer but his body stubbornly refused to listen to his desires. As the evil man broke off the kiss, he trailed slowly down the righteous hoplite’s body exploring every part of this chest and stomach.

As the sorcerer reached his painfully hard and dripping cock, Alexandros cried out as he felt the man’s warm mouth start to suck on it. Unable to move, his body shook as the most incredible sensation that he ever felt slammed into him like a sledgehammer. Mavros’ mouth explored every inch of his cock as it sucked his cock with skill that compared to nothing a  woman had done to him before before.

Alexandros screamed as his balls began to build pleasure signaling that he was about to shoot his seed. As he came into his enemy’s mouth, he continued to scream as the pleasure he felt threatened to tear apart his body. His orgasm seemed to last for an eternity as his cock shot his seed into Marvros’ mouth and throat.

As the last of his orgasm fades, the hoplite stumbled back and collapsed on the floor. Every part of his body felt numb as the afterglow of the most incredible orgasm in his life filled his body with euphoria. All his other sexual escapades seemed horrible compared to the feelings of pleasure that invaded his body tonight.

He stared up as the ceiling as he basked in the glorious pleasure of afterglow. His vision was suddenly obscured as Mavros leaned over him. Alexandros gasped at what he saw. The sorcerer seemed to be 10 years younger. His black hair was completely without any white hairs and all his wrinkle seemed to retreat. The muscles of his body seemed to tighten up as it quickly resembled a man in the prime of his life instead of the mature man who seduced him.

“Thank you for your generous gift, my boy. I haven’t had a meal like this in years. Send my regards to Athena when you see her.”

Alexandros could not move as the sorcerer went from his line of sight. His afterglow faded after a time and he felt his breathing becoming shallower. The lightheartedness of what he thought was a result of his orgasm stayed with him as he felt the brightness of the room slowly began to fade. As the darkness slowly consumed him, his last thought as a wish that Athena would not hate him for failing in his mission.


The hoplite warriors burst into the center of the temple ready to meet the evil sorcerer in combat. However the almost pitch black room was as completely silent as the rest of the temple. Mavros must not have been here, they reasoned as they searched the deserted remains of the room. This room looked as disrepair as the rest of the temple. When they reached the center of the room, they gasped as they found the body of what was left of their leader. His dead eyes stared vacantly at the ceiling as his naked body was cold with the touch of death. As his men dressed their leader back into his armor, they solemnly carried him back to their native city of Athens. Their mission had failed and they lost their best warrior. Mavros Alepou was still at large and their efforts have been wasted



Chapter One

Conner Kent scowled as he left the school bus to walk up the long rock driveway of the Kent Farm. He hated living here so much. A few months ago, he lived in Hawaii but after a few embarrassing incidents, Superman forced him to move to Smallville and live with the Kent family. Conner was in a way related to earth’s greatest hero as he had been cloned to take the place of the man of steel when the hero died stopping a monster called Doomsday. When Superman came back from death itself to keep protecting his adopted planet, Conner took up the name of Superboy and fought villains in Hawaii. Now he only fought crime on the weekends since he came to live in Superman’s home town.

The thing that bugged him the most was that no one knew who he was except for Jonathan and Martha Kent. Having a secret identity was something that he never had before. He had no idea how Superman does it. Normally he would refuse to hide his identity from anyone, but it wasn’t just him who would be affected if his cover was blown. Superman had powerful enemies and if they knew that he was Clark Kent, then everyone important to him would be in danger. Conner could not let that happen. Clark trusted him with his most important secret and he would show that he was a hero in his own right.

It just was so frustrating especially when it came to going to school and pretending to be something he was not. His tactile telekinesis could wow all of his classmates, but he had to hide his powers. Conner kicked a rock as he sighed. He would just have to endure pretending to be normal. His only outlet was on the weekends when he left behind his boring life and joined his friends at the Young Justice Headquarters. Comprised of Robin, the boy Wonder, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, and himself, they fought criminals across the world. The Justice League appointed Red Tornado to be their mentor, but even the android could not stop them from having fun. When he was Superboy, he felt more alive than anything that Smallville had to offer. He looked forward to the weekends where he could ditch this place and finally be himself.

As Conner went into the weathered farm house where Superman grew up, he threw his backpack on the floor and went into the kitchen. He was absolutely famished. His adopted mother, Martha, was there preparing dinner for the family. Even though she was a complete bore, Martha was sweet and caring. It was a new experience for him. As a clone, he never had a mother and it was an adjustment to get used to being loved.

“Oh, hello, Conner,” Martha said cheerfully. “How was school today?”

“It was fine.” He replied quickly as he looked in the fridge for something to eat. He learned quickly that complaining about being stuck here was a great way to earn chores. Even with his powers, his adopted parents were good at finding tedious chores for him to do.

“Don’t eat too much, dear. Dinner is going to be in a couple of hours and I don’t want you spoiling your appetite.”

Conner sighed as he grabbed an apple. He grabbed his bag and ran up the stairs to his bedroom. This must be what it’s like to be normal, he thought glumly. He pulled out his books and started on his homework as he devoured his apple. He wanted to get his homework over with so there would be no reason to get lectured. If he had to sit through Jonathan’s lectures one more time, he would scream.

As he worked on his studies, he wished his best friend, Robin was here. Although he hated to admit it, the boy wonder was so much smarter than he was. Robin had no superpowers, but his gadgets and intelligence made him as much as hero as anyone else on the team. Robin lived in Gotham under the guidance of Batman. Gotham was far away from the remote town that he lived in. Although he could easily fly there within an hour, his parents would be upset if he left unannounced. They seemed to not like him using his powers at all unless it was an emergency. Up until he moved here, his powers defined who he was, but now the Kents were trying to shape him into something besides being a hero. He personally hated it, but these were the same people who raised Superman and his ultimate dream was to one day replace the Man of Steel.

Conner was still engrossed in his homework when he heard Martha calling him down to dinner. Startled he looked at the clock and saw that two hours had passed. His stomach growled as he went down stairs and was hit with the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. Martha was a wonderful cook and one thing he did look forward to was eating even if it was at the dining room table.

As he sat, he waited for Jonathan to give thanks for the meal. After the ‘amen’ was sounded, he greedily filled his plate with roast beef, potatoes, and carrots. The apple he had earlier didn’t put a dent into his hunger and he dove into the food like it was his last meal.

“I ran into Todd Black today.” Jonathan said as he ate his dinner.

“Oh,” Martha said as he brought in more food. “How is the dear man?”

“His workers quit apparently. He has no one to do the work on his farm. He is in the process of hiring more hands, but it will take at least a week.”

“I always wondered why a man of his years would still try to run a farm.”

“A man had his pride. I would like to think that when I get to be his age that we will still be here on our farm.” Jonathan looked at Conner. “Son, if you don’t mind, I told Mr. Black that you could help him out tomorrow after school.”

Conner grimaced as his adopted father raised an eyebrow. He quickly hid his feelings as he faced Jonathan’s stern look. “No problem.” He said as he went back to cleaning his plate. Arguing wouldn’t get him out of it. He’s not going to look forward to working for that old geezer, but he would do it. He had no choice. If he fought doing it, he would get more work piled on him and would have to listen to another lecture. Sometimes he wished that he could go back to his old life in Hawaii.

Conner was in a bad mood when he reached Mr. Black’s farm the next day. The last thing he wanted was to do manual labor for some old geezer. He only agreed to do this job so he could avoid an argument from Jonathan.

As he walked up the rocky driveway, he could not help but sigh. The farm looked like any other farm in Smallville. The house was old but still solid and crops were neatly planted in uniform rows. You would think that someone around here would think outside the box and do something original, Conner thought glumly.

When he got to the front door of the house, a man was waiting on the porch. Conner tried to hide a grimace and tried to smile. If he was unpleasant word would get back to the Kents and the last thing he wanted was to get into trouble. The man was stooped over and had to use a cane to keep himself up. His face was filled with so many wrinkles that he looked like a raisin. The most startling feature was his emerald green eyes that seemed youthful despite the advanced age of the man.

“Are you the Kent boy?” Todd Black said softly his voice barely audible.

Conner nodded not trusting himself to speak. He had never seen anyone that looked as old as this man. His stare seemed to penetrate his every thought and he felt he could hide nothing from this very old man.

“Good”, Mr. Black said with a slight smile. “I have lots of work for you to do. The first thing I need is for you to follow me to the back yard.”

Conner followed his employer to the back yard. It seemed to take forever because the man could not walk very fast. He sighed to himself. This was going to take forever at this rate. The eventually reached the back of the house and Mr. Black pointed at a section of crops that was choked in weeds.

“I want you to weed this part of the garden for me, young man.” The old geezer said softly.

Conner nodded and went to get started.

“Wait,” Mr. Black said. “Let me take your coat. It’s too hot for you to be wearing that while working.

He took off his coat and handed it to the old man. He felt a small tingle shoot through his body. Sighing he turned to get to work. The faster he gets this done, the sooner that he can get out of here.

Mr. Black turned and walked back to the house carrying his coat. Conner didn’t waste time watching him and started to clear the weeds in the garden. He could have used his tactile telekinesis to get the work done faster, but he could not risk revealing his powers. He lost himself in his work telling himself that when he was done, he could be free of these boring chores.

“Here is something for you to drink, young Kent.” Mr. Black said softly.

Conner was startled as he did not even hear the old man approaching. He must have been zoning out to not to notice. At first he didn’t want to accept the drink, but as soon as the old man mentioned something to drink, he found himself to be extremely thirsty. He gratefully took the cup and drained the glass.

“When you are finished come inside and I will fix you something to eat. I’ve already talked to Martha and she says it’s okay if you stay for dinner.”

Conner wanted to decline, but for some reason he just nodded and turned back to his work. The sun was setting when he finally finished. His shirt clung to his body as sweat ran down his back and chest. For some reason, he was tired. He warily walked back to the house and the old man was waiting for him on the back porch.

“You have perfect timing, young man. I just finished making something to eat. Come inside.”

No sooner than Mr. Black mentioned food, Conner found himself to be famished. He followed the old man his mouth actually watering as the smells of food hit him. He gratefully sat at the table and started eating not even noticing Mr. Black staring at him intently. As Conner finished his last bite, he sighed contently. That was one of the best meals that he ever ate in his life.

As Mr. Black cleared the dishes, he spoke to him. “I want to thank you for helping me today. It’s been very lonely for me since my workers quit. I would appreciate it if you came back tomorrow to do some more work. I will pay you for your services of course.”

Without even thinking, Conner smiled. “I would be happy to help you Mr. Black.”

The old man smiled and gave the young man his coat. Conner slipped into it and went to the front door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Conner.” Mr. Black said patting his shoulder.

Conner walked down the driveway to get back home. He didn’t even notice the wave of pleasure that hit him from the brief touch of the old man.



Chapter Two

The next day, Conner felt great. It seemed everything was going his way today. During lunch, one of the jocks who were one of the biggest jerks in the entire school was harassing some poor nerd and suddenly fell flat on his ass. It was something that he wanted to do to the arrogant bastard for some time, but knew that if he did that he would be in hot water. His entire day was filled with great things happening to him. It was almost like he was in a dream. His luck was just that good.

Conner was going to call his friend Cassie when he remembered that he promised to help Mr. Black again. Normally he would be dreading going to that old geezer’s farm for more work, but this time he felt kind of excited. He felt the same satisfaction for working for Mr. Black as he did beating up villains with his pals in Young Justice.

As he went to let Martha know where he was going, he noticed that no one was home. She must be shopping, he thought. He wrote a quick note so that she would not worry and left the house.

Riding his bicycle, his anticipation slowly started to grow. He hoped that he would be able to stay for dinner like he did last time. Martha is a wonderful cook, but there was something about Mr. Black’s cooking that made him wanting more.

He rode up the rocky driveway and carefully leaned his bike against the tree in the front year. He ran his fingers through his black hair to make sure it looked good. He did not want to disappoint Mr. Black.

The old man opened the door as Conner was about to knock on the door. “Oh, it’s you, young Kent. I guess you didn’t get my message. I hired some hands today so I don’t need your help on the farm anymore.”

Conner felt his heart drop. He was so looking forward to working here today. “Since I’m here, is there anything I can help with, sir?”

Mr. Black looked thoughtfully into space for a few moments. “Well you did make this trip out here, so I am sure that I can find something for you to do today. Your dedication speaks highly of you, young Kent.”

Those words alone caused Conner to go from despair to joy. There was something about the old man that made it impossible not to like him. He kinda wished that he was staying here with him instead of the Kents.

“Take your shoes off in the house, boy.”

Conner pulled of his shoes and placed them on the hardwood floor near the door.

“I have some things that you can do around the house. Follow me.”

The young man obediently followed smiling that he would be able to help out this dear old man. He couldn’t remember that last time he felt so great.

Mr. Black led him into a room that looked like an office. It was filled with old books and assorted pages. “I need you to organize these books. Stack them all neatly on the desk. I will go through them later.”

Conner happily started his task. He took the closest pile of books and began to stack them all neatly on the antique wood desk. As he moved through the room, he noticed that he felt a bit sleepy. His mind felt sluggish and he just wanted to curl up and take a nap. As he placed more books on the desk, he suddenly felt himself drawn into one of the books. The book that caught his attention was in a red leather cover that had strange letters that he didn’t understand.
Almost in a trance, he picked up the book and slowly opened the cover. A bright white light seemed to leap from the pages and blinding him.

“I may not have enough power to take you myself, but luckily I know certain tricks that let me store spells in books.”

Connor tried to move but found himself frozen like a statue. All he could see was the white light but he could hear Mr. Black talking to him. He tried to speak but found like the rest of his body it was frozen in place.

“So young and full of life, boy,” The floating voice of the old man seemed to caress his ears.
“Not only do you have the looks that I like in my boys, but I sense a power inside you that I haven’t felt in years.”

Conner didn’t understand what was happening. His mind was still in a thick fog and his powers might have never existed. He struggled with all his might to break himself free from this strange power that held him.

“Still trying to fight your fate, boy? Don’t worry; your death will come at great pleasure. You will die a happy boy.”

Conner wanted to cry out as his felt hands on his body. The touch was soft and sent waves of pleasure through his body. What was happening to him? He thought in panic. His fight against whatever magic held him failed. As he felt his shirt being taken off his body, he shivered as he felt more exposed than before. The most alarming fact was that his cock was betraying him and hardened in his pants.

Oh god! Conner thought in panic. Why did he like this? He shivered as more waves of pleasure hit him making it harder for him to fight against this. It just felt so good. He felt his pants being unbuttoned and slipped down his legs. Clad now only in his boxers, there was almost nothing to hide his modesty.

“Boxers, boy?” The floating voice whispered in his ear. “Only bad boys wear boxers!”

Conner jerked as his ass was slapped. He would have cried out but his voice still would not work. The boxers were grabbed by unseen hands and were ripped from his quivering body. Now he was completely naked and helpless against this unseen assailant. The feeling of helplessness mixed in with humiliation caused his eyes to tear up. Even with the rising pleasure that wracked his body, he could not believe that he was being sexually assaulted.

A third party observer would have thought that this was consensual since the young man’s cock was hard and a line of precum leaked from it almost hitting the floor. However the fear and panic in the hero’s mind mixed with the pleasure brought both a sensual and frightened look on Conner’s face.

“Now to take what is rightfully mine!” The voice whispered in his ear.

Conner’s body jerked as a soundless gasp escaped from his lips. He felt something hot swallow his cock. He could not see anything but the white light, but the pleasure he felt threatened to tear him apart. He never felt anything as good as this before. His panic was set aside as he felt his cock being sucked. It took no time at all for him to feel the pressure building in his balls.

His hard cock gave a slight quiver as it shot it’s seed into whatever held it in that hot place. Conner wanted to scream as his first orgasm shot from his formerly virgin cock and spread like a wild fire to the rest of his body. He felt himself being flung back as an unseen force hit him. Still blinded from the light, he felt himself hitting something hard as he crumpled to the ground. An afterglow of satisfaction filled his soul as the powerful orgasm faded. Despite being molested by some strange force, a smile formed on his lips as he passed out.

Todd Black slowly opened his eyes as he shook off the force of digesting young Kent’s cock. Capturing the boy had been too easy. For centuries he has used his magic to capture many men just like him. Never before did he pass out after draining his victim of his seed. He shook the webs of fatigue from his mind as he slowly got to his feet. It had been over a century since he found a young man like this.

He looked down at his hands and gasped in shock. They were smooth and unwrinkled. He rushed to the mirror in the room and looked in the mirror. He was young again. His hair was jet black and there was not a blemish on his face. He looked like he was eighteen again. It had been so long since he looked this young, that he spent several minutes just admiring his self. He was gorgeous again. Laughing he ran his hands over his now young body.

Regretfully he pulled himself away from his reflection. He had to get rid of the body. An unfortunate side effect from his magic is that his victims were always killed from the process. Personally he would have loved to keep them as devoted slaves, but he needed them to maintain his youth.

Todd walked over to wear his latest victim lay on the floor. Kent was such a sexy boy. He wished he could have played with him a bit more, but now that he was so young again, he would be able to ensnare any man he wanted. He reached down and touched his victim’s body and jerked back his hand hissing.

Connor was still alive. How was this possible? His magic should have drained his life force dry. Frowning, Todd had to think fast. He had no idea how long Kent would still be unconscious. The simplest thing would be to erase his memories of what happened and return him back to the Kent Farm. There would be time enough to find out how this is possible.

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