The Rise of The Black Fox Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Superboy flew through the air on his way to the Young Justice cave near New York City. The week was finally over and he can hang out with his friends in his group of superhero allies. There he could just be himself without having to hide his powers as Conner.

There was a freedom to flying that is indescribable. The young hero felt the winds streaking through his hair and hooted with joy. No more being some nerd afraid of his own shadow. Villains beware because the teen of steel is ready to take you down!

As he landed to the secret entrance of their headquarters, Superboy hit the hidden switch that opened up the cave. As he stepped inside, the cave entrance quickly closed. He went down the darkened entryway to the main chamber where they held their meetings.

Superboy felt a sudden draft hit him as a streak of red and yellow rushed past him.
Impulse, the speedster from the 25th century had arrived.

“Hey SB! How’s it hanging?”

Superboy gave his friend a high five and laughed. “Hanging pretty cool from where I’m standing!” He walked over to the conference table sitting and swinging the chair around so he could rest his boots on the table.

“I see that I didn’t arrive first as usual” Wondergirl grinned ruefully. Arrowette was walking next to her. “I swear you guys must skip school to get here so quickly.”

Superboy threw his most irresistible smile at her causing her to blush slightly quickly looking away. Wondergirl had a huge crush on him, something that he has used to advantage. Arrowette rolled her eyes and laid her bow on the table. He wished that bow slinging young woman was as easy as Wondergirl. “I only arrived here just a few seconds ago, Cassie.” He directed to Wondergirl.

“He’s telling the truth, Wondergirl.”

All of them turned around where Robin, the boy wonder, came out of the shadows to reveal himself. He always has to make an entrance like that, Superboy thought to himself.

Although Robin didn’t have any powers, he was highly trained by Batman in martial arts plus he clearly was the smartest out of all of them in both book pure intelligence and strategy. It was these qualities that made the boy wonder their leader. Superboy sometimes wished that he could be their leader, but he was no match when it came to intelligence. Despite their differences in powers, physique, and personality, he and Robin were very close. He couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

“I see that Secret is not here yet. She must be with Red Tornado.” Robin said quietly. “Let’s go ahead and start without them, we have a lot to do this weekend.”

Superboy shook his head as the rest of the team took their seats. Robin was definitely business first and play later. Still it was great to be back with his Young Justice pals. This weekend was going to be a blast.

Todd watched as Superboy made the rock face open into a cave. He sat on the tree branch in the form of a hawk. Using his magic to change form, he followed Conner from Smallville to this strange place. He had invited the young man to his home to hang out after school, but the invitation was turned down. Curious on what was so important that Conner would turn him down, he transformed himself into a hawk and followed him back to the Kent Farm. It was to his amazement when Conner came out of the house wearing his Superboy costume and shot up into the air.

This must be why the young man did not die when he used his magic to restore his youth. In all his years of living, he never shed so many years off when taking a man. This Superboy was supposed to be a clone of the mighty Superman, who was an alien from the dead planet of Krypton. This Kryptonian life force must more potent than humans.

Todd wondered what was going on as two girls entered the cave both dressed in superhero costumes. Normally he did not follow what societies were doing. All he cared about was finding men whom he could drain. Most of the time, he worked his magic far from any civilization. It was only recently that he came out into the world to find a new sacrifice. He knew about the major heroes like Superman, but these kids were unknown to him.

Todd did know one thing, if taking Superboy was this much potent than normal humans, Superman must have an even stronger potency. The thought of having such a powerful being in his control sent a thrill through out him. With Superman as his slave, he would never have to worry about find new sacrifices. He would be truly immortal and powerful enough to challenge the gods themselves.

He flew off the branch that he had settled on and went back in the direction of Smallville. He would have to plan carefully. The risk was great but the potential power was too tempting to pass up.

Wonder Woman landed on the beach of Themyscira the place where she was raised and still calls home. Gentle waves hit the sands of the beach that was the sanctuary of the Amazons. In the world of men, she was a hero who fought for peace, but here she was a princess. It had been some time since she had visited her home and she was glad to be back. However a cryptic message was sent to her by her mother, Queen Hippolyta.

In the distance she could see the marble spires of the city where the Amazons made their home. Normally she would have met her mother in the palace where she grew up but the message wanted her to meet her mother on the beach instead.

“It is good to see you again, my daughter.” Queen Hippolyta said as she embraced her.

Wonder Woman hugged her mother tightly. It had been too long since she come to visit. “Mother,” she said warmly. “It has been too long.”

The queen stepped back as she faced her daughter. Wonder Woman could see the love in her eyes. “I wish this could be in better circumstances, Diana. Athena wanted to see you.”

Wonder Woman blinked in surprise. It was rare that the gods would request an audience. Even though her powers come from the gods, they rarely communicated with her. Before she could say anything a white glow shimmered between them and transformed into a hazy vision of the goddess of wisdom.

“Diana, I am glad that you have come.” Athena said in a voice that sounded like bells ringing. “A grave evil has returned to your realm. Mavros Alepou is the threat that you must face. He was once a respected sorcerer in ancient Greece. He used his powers to suck the life force from the greatest of warriors to extend his own life. Many of my champions have fallen to his magic. Now after several centuries, he has returned to find new victims. Mavros is close to unlocking powers that will make him stronger than the gods. You must track him down and stop him before this happens. He is a foe unlike any you have face before, Diana. Be very careful when confronting him or you will be his next victim. The power of the gods dwells in you, amazon princess. Use them to bring this evil man to justice.”

Diana fell to one knee and bowed her head. “I will not fail.”

Athena nodded as she faded back to the realm of the gods. Diana stood up and looked at her mother. Hippolyta’s face was pale and she trembled.

“You must take great care when hunting this sorcerer down, my daughter. The gods have sent many to hunt him down over the centuries and everyone of them had failed.”

Diana embraced her mother. “I will be careful, mother. I promise.”

The queen nodded as she wiped the tears coming from her eyes. “I know you will but I still worry. Be safe, Diana and return to us when this task is done.”

Wonder Woman kissed her mother on the cheek and floated in the air. She had her task and she would stop at nothing from bringing this madman to justice.

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