The Deadly Pendant Chapter 8

Chapter 8

As Superboy rushed to dry himself, he heard someone entering his room. Thinking that it was his master, he threw his wet towel aside and rushed into his quarters. The hero stopped in his tracks when he saw who it was. Jeremy, the actor who portrayed him on television, stood in the middle of the room.

Mortified that the good looking actor was looking at him, the hero quickly covered his crotch with his hands. “What are you doing here?” He asked as he looked around. There was no one else in the room.

Jeremy glared at Superboy as he sat down on the cage in the center of the room. “Surprised to see me Superboy?” He said coldly.

The boy of steel nodded numbly as he expected his master to appear at any moment.

“That fat pig has been obsessed with you for a very long time, Superboy,” Jeremy explained as he stood to his feet. He started to slowly circle around the naked and confused hero. “It’s the reason why he decided to produce the show. It is the reason why he cast me as the part.”

Superboy felt sick as the depth of his captor’s plot was revealed to him. He could hear the anger in the actor’s voice as the stud circled around him.

“It was only a matter of time before he was able to have his way with me.” Jeremy snarled. “And it is all thanks to you.”

The hero blinked as those stunning words hit him hard. “What do you mean?”

The actor laughed bitterly as he stopped circling and stared straight into the confused hero’s eyes. “You think that you were the only one to be fucked by the monster? Oh no. You have only gotten a taste of the sick fuck’s perversions! While you were out saving the world, I was here at the fat motherfucker’s whims!”

Superboy stumbled back at the fierce intensity of his words. He wanted to desperately to help this angry young man yet his word still bound him as his master’s slave. “I’m sorry.” He whispered as he hung his head in shame. “I wish I could help you.”

Jeremy raised an eyebrow as he stared hatefully at the cowering hero. “He’s broken you.” He said softly. “The fat fuck actually broke Superboy. I didn’t believe Jack when he said it, but there can be no explanation. The great and powerful hero is just a sex toy for a fucking pervert.”

His face reddened as those words cut very deep inside him. The boy of steel could feel his eyes whelming up as his shame overwhelmed him.

“I guess there is only one thing to do now,” Jeremy said as he reached into his pocket.

Superboy flinched back in fear as he said a golden glow in the fist of the good looking actor. Reeling back, he cried out as his hands tried to shield himself from the effects of the gold kryptonite. “NO!”

“There only way for me to be free of you, Superboy, is to destroy you completely.” The stud said viciously.

The hero turned to flee as his body started to react to the rays of the deadly mineral. A great warmth started to form in the middle of his chest and slowly spread to the rest of his body. Superboy raced to the window and tried to break through. It was too late as his body bounced off the wall and he landed pitifully on the ground.

Jeremy stood over him holding the golden rock very close to the cringing hero. “How does it feel Superboy?” He mocked as he traced the kryptonite against the boy’s cheek. “Now you get to be like everyone else. I wonder if the fat fuck will even want you now.”

A tear of sorrow fell down the former hero’s cheek as the last of his powers started to vanish. He could feel the cool air against his skin and for the first time in his life, Superboy shivered from being cold.

The actor laughed as he grabbed Superboy by his hair and dragged him to his feet. The former boy of steel cried out at the first feeling of pain. Superboy grunted as he was slammed against the wall. Jeremy smirked as he slapped Superboy in the face.

“Not so tough now!” He snarled.

Superboy brought his hand to his sore face as he tried to shake the stars from his vision. “Please,” He whimpered as he cowered before the now stronger man.

“You don’t get any mercy from me, boy!” Jeremy almost screamed. “I’m going to reclaim back my life and I am going to start with you!”

The actor punched the helpless boy of tissue in his gut causing him to double over in pain. As his head went down, the stud’s knee slammed into his unprotected face. Superboy reeled back as he slammed his back into the wall. Even in his toughest fights, he never experienced pain like this before. His now powerless body was unprepared for this onslaught of pain.

Jeremy threw the defenseless boy on top of his cage and smiled as he stared at the spasming former hero. “It’s time to put you in your place once and for all!” He said as he slapped his victim’s muscled ass.

Superboy barely had the strength to move as he moaned pathetically on top of the cage. He looked behind him and his eyes grew wide as he saw the actor pull down his pants and underwear to reveal his hard cock. “Oh no!” He moaned as he was helpless to stop his impending rape.

“You had this coming, boy!” the stud snarled as he spits on his cock to lube it.

The former hero screamed as his ass was invaded for the first time in his life. Pain exploded everywhere as he felt strong arms around his waist pulling his hips up off the rough bars of the cage.

Jeremy laughed as he started to fuck the poor defenseless boy. “Oh, yea! Not so super anymore!”

Superboy wanted to struggle but something strange started to occur. The pain started to melt away and was replaced by a pleasure that quickly overwhelmed his body. His cock started to come alive and soon he was rock hard. Could he actually enjoy being dominated like this?

It didn’t matter to the vengeful actor as he took out all his suppressed frustration and anger on the once undefiled ass of the former hero. “Fuck yeah!” He moaned with pleasure. “I’m the fucking alpha now!”

In his heart, Superboy knew this to be true. He moaned like a bitch in heat as he started to move his ass so it would be fucked more. This feeling of pleasure awakened a part of him that he never knew existed. Perhaps the loss of his powers added to this overwhelming pleasure, but Superboy knew one thing. He now lived to submit to a stronger man.

It didn’t take long for Jeremy to lose control of himself and start to cum inside the former hero’s ass. With a bellowing cry of triumph, he buried his rod as deep as he could just as his cock exploded with his seed.

Superboy moaned as he felt each volley of cum hitting his vulnerable prostate. His own cock started to throb as he grew harder than he ever thought possible. With no one even touching his engorged tool, Superboy exploded with a powerful orgasm.

His vision dimmed as the intense feeling flooded his body and soul. There was nothing like this in the entire world and from that moment on, Superboy knew that he would only be complete with a dick in his ass.

The feeling seemed to last forever and the former hero was jolted back to reality as he felt his rapist withdraw from his battered ass. Superboy collapsed on top of the cage as he moaned in frustration. He wanted more. He needed to be dominated and fucked.

Jeremy looked down at his conquest and smiled. “Well, this was unexpected.” He said softly as he pulled up his pants.

The door to the room slammed opened and Mr. Arbuckle stormed into the room. “What is the meaning of this?” He demanded.

The actor glared at the fat prick who ruined his life. “It’s over!” He snarled as he walked towards the door.

Mr. Arbuckle stared at shock at the defiled hero before he turned to the pretty boy that he controlled for many months. “Get back here and explain yourself!”

Jeremy turned and shook his head. “You don’t control me anymore, you fat piece of shit! Release the pictures and videos, I don’t care anymore.”

The door slammed behind him as Superboy attempted to get up. There was no strength in his limbs and he just ended up slumping back down on the rough bars of the cage.

“What the hell happened?” His master whispered as he helped the former hero to his feet.

“He used the gold kryptonite on me, master,” Superboy whispered as he leaned on the producer for support.

He caught his reflection in the mirror and stared in horror. Superboy could barely recognize himself. Gone were his muscles from his body as the boy who stared back was now razor thin. How was this even possible? Superboy’s body had gone through some kind of transformation during his rape.

His cock which had gone back to being erect because of his master’s presence once was easily 9 inches but now looked barely to be 3 inches. His powerful arms, massive chest, and tree trunk legs all shriveled down to a thin layer of muscle to cover his bones.

“Is there any way to reverse this boy?” His master demanded as he stared in horror.

Superboy shook his head as he bowed his head. Gone forever were his amazing powers. He was now just like any human. Yet there was a need within him that was getting stronger and stronger. He needed to be fucked.

Mr. Arbuckle sighed as he let go of his slave and let him drop to the ground in exhaustion. “Pity,” He murmured as he walked towards the door. “Jack, show this boy out. I have no interest in him anymore.”

The former hero gasped as he realized that he was being thrown away like a broken toy. He managed to gather enough strength to crawl over to his master and cling to his leg. “Please master!” He pleaded. “Let me serve you!”

The producer turned his icy gaze to the powerless twink. He bent down and ripped the pendant from around his neck before forcing his leg free from the frightened boy. Without a word, he walked away.

Superboy crumbled down and started weeping. He had been completely and utterly destroyed. He continued to cry as Jack dragged him to his feet and took him to the gate of the manor. Flashes of light flooded him as the media descended on him like an angry swarm of bees.

Thousands of questions were hurled at him as he tried to make his way through the crowd of reporters while covering up as much of his naked body as possible with his hands. With no way to get back home to Metropolis, the former hero wondered what would become of him.


A mysterious figure stood on the rooftops and watched as the destroyed hero was mobbed by the reporters. He had come to save the poor boy from his fate, but it seems like he was too late.  He pulled his cape around him as a mystical portal opened up behind him and he stepped through it.

“It seems I was too late in this world as well.” He said almost to himself.

“What will you do now?” a voice said in his ear.

“I need to stop the imp before he destroys any more Supermen.” The dark figure said. “If this continues then none of us will be safe from the reproductions.”