The Deadly Pendant Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Superboy’s post-orgasmic bliss was shattered as his mind furiously tried to fight against the deadly magic of the red pendant around his throat. He couldn’t reveal this to his master. With kryptonite in his hands, he would be able to destroy and kill him without a single thought. His only saving grace through this ordeal was that his powers and invulnerability was intact.

Determined to keep this information to himself, the boy of steel looked up into the piggy eyes of the older man who controlled him. “Yes, master.” He whispered softly as his mind screamed in horror.

“Where is it?”

Once again Superboy was powerless to resist. “I keep them in my Fortress of Solitude, master.”

Mr. Arbuckle smiled as he pushed the frightened hero to the floor. Superboy fell on his bare ass as his cum drenched loincloth hit his stomach revealing his still hard and slick cock. The older man walked over to the window and opened it up.

“Listen to me very carefully, Superboy. I want to you to go to your fortress and retrieve every sample of kryptonite that you have stored there. I don’t want any side trips. Just go get what I want and nothing else. Come straight back here. If you are not back in 5 minutes, I will severely punish you!”

Superboy scrambled up to his feet as he looked down at his almost naked body. “You want me to go outside looking like this?” He gawked as his face reddened.

The producer looked at his watch and raised an eyebrow. “You have 4 minutes and 45 seconds left, Superboy.”

The hero gasped as he used his super speed to jump out the window and launch up in the air. He could see the lights of countless reporters that were camped out at the front gate trying desperately to get more information on the Boy of Steel’s strange behaviors.

Flying at top speed, he tried to fly fast enough that no one would notice him in this state. Within seconds, he was floating in space as he breathed a sigh of relief. With no time to spare, the hero dove back down to earth and raced to his Fortress.

It took a minute and a half for the young hero to make it to his home away from home. His hands actually were trembling as he went to his vault and retrieved several cases that contained the only mineral in the universe that could affect him. His short time limit was on his mind and gave him no time to think of a way out of this mess.

With a rush of air, he left his fortress and flew back to California. As he approached, Superboy realized that he only had a few seconds to spare so he had to fly right past the reporters who all tried to get footage of the fallen hero.

Landing through the window, he held the cases tight to his chest as he breathed heavily. Mr. Arbuckle smiled as he patted the terrified hero on his head like a good pet. He took the cases out of Superboy’s grasp and chuckled as the boy of steel looked white as a ghost.

Superboy was ordered to stand at attention as his master sat down with the cases on the table before him. His loincloth started to lift up as his cock hardened to full mast.

“Why don’t you educate me on these treasures, boy.” The fat producer said with an evil smile.

The hero flinched as he was forced to obey whatever the pervert commanded of him. He pointed on the table to the case that was on the far left. “This is green kryptonite, Master.” He said breathlessly. His heart was pounding in his chest as he trembled with fear. “This kind of kryptonite weakens me and will kill me with prolonged exposure.”

“How long does it take to kill you?”

“I don’t know, master,” Superboy said glumly fearing that his master was willing to try and figure it out. In reality, a quick death would have been a mercy for the boy in this situation, but his memory of the pain of exposure still haunted him to this day.

“The middle case contains red kryptonite, master.” Superboy continued. “The effects are random. Sometimes it turns me into a villain or alters my physical or mental traits. The last case contains gold kryptonite. T, th, the gold takes my powers away permanently.”  

The boy of steel flinched at the interested look on his master’s face when he learned about the gold. His greatest fear in the world was being stripped of his powers forever. If he had his way, no one would ever discover this variety of kryptonite and know the man who controlled his body, now had a way to take away all of his fantastic powers.

Mr. Arbuckle picked up the gold kryptonite container and got up to his feet. Superboy stumbled away in fear as he held out his hands to somehow protect himself. “Please, master!” He almost shrieked. “Don’t do this!”

The fat producer had an evil look on his face as he walked slowly to the cringing hero. This horror topped by all the other humiliation inflicted on him this day sent the once brave boy over the edge. His body shuddered as he started weeping heavily. His back hit the wall behind him and the pervert just continued to come at him with the case.

“Oh, Rao, no!” Superboy whimpered as he cried like a baby.

His master held the box close to his slave’s face and put his hand on the lid. Superboy groaned as he lost control of himself. His hard erect cock quivered before it started to shoot urine all over the place. The first stream hit the boy in the face as he trembled against the wall. Soon his chest and stomach were covered in his own piss as his bladder emptied.

Mr. Arbuckle easily stepped back from the urine spouting hero and giggled as he enjoyed turned the mightiest hero in the world into a quivering mess. “I’ll make you a deal, Superboy.” He said as he smiled at the weeping hero. “You stop trying to resist me. You will do your best to be the perfect slave and I will promise to never use the gold kryptonite.”

Superboy shuddered as he tried to regain control over himself. Standing in a puddle of his own urine, he stared dumbly at the horrible man. If he agreed then he would be bound by his word of honor to give up his freedom and will. Yet either way, he was still going to be bound to the pervert. His only hope for escape would be for him to retain his powers.

With no other choice, the boy of steel nodded slowly. “Yes, master. I promise to be the perfect slave.”

Those damning words had more effect on Superboy than his master could ever dream of. Now bound by his word, the hero would never again even think of escaping from this fate. Earlier today he was Superboy, the boy of steel, and mightiest hero alive. Now he was just a toy for a fat pervert robbed of his free will and freedom.

His master wrinkled his nose as the smell of Superboy’s piss drenched body reached his sense of smell. “Go back to your quarter’s boy and get yourself cleaned up. There is a bathroom with a shower connected to your room. After you get cleaned up, I want you to wait in your cage for me.”

“Yes, Master,” Superboy said as he bowed his head in submission.

As he walked out of the living room, he saw that Jack was waiting outside. The blond servant sneered at the stinky hero and rolled his eyes. Superboy blushed deeply as he hurried away ready to get away from those hateful eyes.

He was able to trace his steps back to the room that was prepared especially for him. The boy felt the slim light of hope darken when he realized that this was his new home. Even if the pendant was taken off and he was given back his free will, he had pledged himself to serve his master. That promise was stronger than any magic in the entire world.

Superboy looked down and was relieved that his cock had finally softened again. He was very uncomfortable walking around with a raging erection no matter how much pleasure it had given him.

His piss and cum stained loincloth fell to the floor as the hero disrobed completely. He walked into the joining bathroom and started the shower. With the hot water as hot as he could get it, Superboy stepped in and let the steamy water hit his invulnerable skin.

Taking the soap in his hands, the hero tried his hardest to wash clean of the many many sins that he had committed this evening. Though most of the debauchery that he was ordered to do repulsed him, it did result in the most wonderful feeling that he ever experienced.

Superboy absently started to touch himself as he remembers the wonderful feeling of pleasure that he got when he experienced his first orgasm. It was everything he imagined it would be and more. Soon his cock started to come alive and for the first time outside of the magic of the pendant, Superboy experienced his first erection.

His hand started to stroke his massive tool as he replayed his first orgasm over and over in his mind. Though he hated to admit it to himself, he liked how his master had touched him during that blissful moment.

“What do we have here?” A voice pulled him back into reality.

Superboy’s eye’s snapped open as he looked in horror at his master standing in the bathroom. “Master!” He cried out as he tried to cover his massive hard on with his hands.

Mr. Arbuckle frowned as he reached in the shower and touched Superboy on the lips. “I don’t recall giving you permission to pleasure yourself.”

The simple touch caused the boy to shudder with pleasure. “I’m sorry master!” He pleaded afraid that he accidently broke his promise.

“Should I go and get the gold kryptonite?”

“NO!” Superboy shouted as he jumped from the shower and wrapped his arms around his master’s legs. “Please don’t!”

Mr. Arbuckle smiled over his leverage he had over the once-proud and mighty hero. “Either way you deserve to be punished. Finish cleaning yourself! You have 30 seconds to meet me outside your room.”

Superboy burst into a frenzy of speed as he rushed to obey his master. His stomach fluttered at the thought of punishment and with the kryptonite in his master’s hands, he would be vulnerable to everything.


Jack waited until his master left the living room until he quickly hurried back to his own quarters. He was already sick of Superboy and wanted nothing more than to get rid of him forever. As he stepped into his room, he picked up his cell phone and dialed.

“Hey, it’s me. I just got a very interesting piece of information. The master got a hold of Superboy’s kryptonite stash. Do you know what this means? Alright. I will wait for you to come. Come after midnight and we can surprise the prick!”