The Deadly Pendant Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Jeremy screamed through the fat hand covering half of his face as his body shook with a powerful orgasm. His cum exploded from his hard cock and hit the oak wood desk. Mr. Arbuckle fucked his ass in a fast rhythm that seemed to defy the bulk over his body. Soon he couldn’t hold back anymore and he buried his cock deep in the actor’s ass as he filled his hole with cum.

The stud sighed with relief as the pleasure of his orgasm washed over his body. It had been two weeks since he had been caught in the web of blackmail from his boss. During that time, Mr. Arbuckle had called on him many times to fulfill his sexual needs.

Jeremy had been fuck in the ass and face so many times that he had lost count of the number of sexual assault that had been hammered on his sculpted body. His initial plan to figure out a way to escape from the perverted grasp of the producer melted away quickly as each sexual act had been recorded and stored away to keep him in check.

Resigned to his fate, the actor began to hate Superboy with a passion. Each time he was summoned to the fat man’s office or house, he was ordered to wear the hero’s costume and each perverted act forced on him made his hate grow more and more.

Mr. Arbuckle slapped him on his ass before dismissing him. The stud made sure to keep his anger and hatred bottled up as he thanked the older man and put in the butt plug that was given to him. The fucker got off knowing that his seed was deep in his violated ass. Pulling up his tights, he hurried to his dressing room.

Jeremy looked at himself in the mirror almost not recognizing the face that looked back. Everyone else thought that he looked the same as always, but there was a haunted look of a defeated soul. He glared at the red and blue costume that hugged tight to his body. Superboy was the reason that he had been turned into a gay sex toy. His hatred burned like a candle in the dead of night.

Pulling himself together, the stud put on a smile and walked towards the studio. No one must never know about his horrible secret.


Theo smiled as his newest boy left his office. That boy had such a sweet ass that he was tempted to call him back for another round. Jeremy easily rose the ranks to his favorite boy and he could feel himself getting hard just thinking about the Superboy actor.

“I must say that your boy is a dead ringer for Superboy,” a strange voice said behind him. “However I prefer the real thing!”

The fat producer cursed as he whirled around and found him face to face with a strange little floating imp. “Who the hell are you and why are you in my office.”

The imp chuckled as he danced in the air. “You can call me Txy and I am here to help you get Superboy!”

Theo blinked as he stared at the strange imp. Was this kind of joke? He had heard of mystical beings before in the news coverage of Superboy and had even had his writers put them in the shows, but coming face to face to one was alarming.

“What do you mean?”

Txy reached out and patted the fat cheek of the producer. “I want to take down Superboy and I think you are perfect for the job.”

The imp snapped his fingers and a glowing red pendant appeared out of thin air.

“This pendant will is magically attuned to you. Get Superboy to wear this willingly and he will become your puppet. He will be forced to obey your every command. Imagine all the fun that you will have had the real Superboy as your toy!”

Theo licked his lips as a thousand possibilities crossed his mind. Jeremy was great for fulfilling his Superboy fetish, but the thought of having the real Superboy at his command caused a tent to form in his pants.

“What’s the catch?” He asked as his hands itched to reach out and grab the pendant.

Txy smiled as he sat cross legged in the air. “The only thing I ask is that you completely break the boy of steel. Do that and Superboy will be yours forever.”

His greed overcame his suspicions and the producer grabbed the pendant. A tingle ran through his body as he felt the heavy gold in his hand and the red glow spread large enough to cover his body.

The imp grinned as he waved and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Theo didn’t even give his leaving as a second glance as he started at the amazing gift that was given to him.

Reaching for his phone, he started to make some phone calls. Proper plans had to be made, but soon the most powerful and good looking boy will be his slave.


The entire studio was a buzz of excitement was the news that the real Superboy would be the guest star of one of the new episodes. The cast and crew were in a sense of awe as they looked forward to meeting the gallant superhero face to face.

Everyone rushed to make sure that everything would be perfect for tonight’s shooting. The writers worked on the script towards perfection to make this the most popular episode yet. Security had been quadrupled to make sure nothing would go wrong with the filming.

Although the studio tried to keep it a secret that Superboy would be here tonight, the word did get out and there were hundreds of people lined up at the gate to catch of glimpse of their hero.

When the time had finally arrived. Someone cried out from the crowds outside the gate and pointed. Cheers erupted as a figure was seen flying in the sky.

Superboy smiled as he waved to his fans as his red cape billowed in the wind. He could see a small group waiting for him near the entrance towards the sound stage, but he wanted to make sure that he acknowledge the people who came to see him.   

Landing right in front of the gate, he gave one of his most dazzling smiles and waved. “Thank you for coming.” His baritone voice carried to the farthest point of the amassed people. “Be sure to watch The Adventures of Superboy. I love the show and never miss an episode if possible.”

With one final wave, the hero walked towards the studio where an enormously fat man stood flanked by people in suits. Superboy extended his hand towards the heavyset leader of the group and smiled. “You must be Theodore Arbuckle.” He said with a nod of his head.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you Superboy,” The executive producer said with a grin. “We are excited that you finally decided to guest star in our little show.”

“It is an honor. I am humbled that you produced a show honoring me. I think the show is a great role model for people everywhere to be heroes themselves.”

Theodore smiled as he turned to the door. The other executives hurried to open the door for them as the older man placed his arm around the young man’s shoulders. “I would love to give you a tour of the studio, but I know your time is precious. We can get you into makeup and film your scenes of the show so you can get back to fighting crime.”

Superboy readily agreed as he walked beside Theodore. “What is the story of the episode this week, Theo? You don’t mind if I call you Theo?”

“Most call me Mr. Arbuckle, but for you, an exception can be made.”

“Oh, I don’t want to offend, Mr. Arbuckle. Tonight I am working for you, so I should follow the proper protocol.”

A slight smile painted across the powerful producer’s face as they continued towards the makeup studio with the executives trailing behind.

“The show will feature a Superboy from another dimension that will be played by you. The monster Darkseid will be invading the alternate Superboy’s earth and he comes to our earth to ask for assistance.”

Superboy laughed as they walked. “Darkseid can be a handful even for me, Mr. Arbuckle. It sounds like a great premise for the show.”

They chit chatted the rest of the way to the makeup studio where Superboy was introduced to the studio’s best artist. Several people stopped by to talk with the famous hero and the young man took it all in stride.

When he was ready and read over his lines, Superboy met with the director on the set. As he shook his hand a loud rumbling started to sound and the boy of steel leaped in the air and caught a steel support that had just started to crash down.

“I am so sorry, Superboy.” The director said with a pale face. “I don’t know how it happened.”

The hero scanned the area with his x ray vision and found that the bolts holding the steel support had been taken off. This was definitely sabotaged.

“Don’t worry about it,” The boy of steel said with a reassuring smile. “I’ll keep an eye out for any other accidents ready to happen.”

The director was still pale when he tried to change the subject. “Superboy, this is our star, Jeremy Nathan Henderson.”

Superboy had a huge grin on his face as he shook the actor’s hand. “I am a huge fan!” He said enthusiastically. His smile wavered a little bit as he was taken back by the handsome young man. On the outside, Jeremy was all smiles but his eyes hinted at a hatred that even took the invincible hero back.

He had no time to think about it as the director started to explain to them what he wanted for the scene. As the actors took their place, she called for the crew to be prepared to shoot. “Let’s see if we can get this in one take, ladies and gentlemen.” She said with a smile. “I’m sure our guest has a lot to do tonight.”

The call for action was sounded and everyone’s attention was on the set.

Superboy jumped to the point where a portal would be created with CGI. The other boy of steel gasped as he rushed over to the kneeling hero. “Who are you?”

“I’m from an alternate earth,” he explained as he sounded off his line trying to give the best acting performance that he could. “Darkseid from my universe has invaded and is destroying everything. I can’t fight him alone and need your help!”

The scene progressed and everything went without a hassle. During the brief breaks, Superboy tried chatting with the actor who played him, but there was a distance that made him uneasy. From everything he had read, Jeremy always said he admired the boy of steel and was honored to portray him, but there was something cold about their interactions.

The next scene was in the Fortress of Solitude where the actor Superboy held up the red pendant. “This will protect you from Darkseid’s omega beams,” He said gravely.

The real Superboy reached out and felt a chill run through his body. Not knowing the terrible danger that he was in, he placed the pendant around his neck sealing his fate.