The Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe Part 3: The Deadly Pendant Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Glasses clinked as an excited buzz emanated from around the ballroom. The newly premiered television show, The Adventures of Superboy, has been a huge success. Easily topping the ratings, the show has taken the world by storm and has been watched by millions of people.

Theodore Arbuckle sat at the bar sipping his champagne as he gazed at his happy people. He had been the primary backer and executive producer of the show and he was happy with the success. A man in his late forties, his body almost swallowed the bar stool that he sat on. Rolls of fat almost swallowed his face and made his dark eyes seem like tiny slits.

Of course no one here would ever comment on his gross weight problem. He held all the power concerning the show and even had cowed the station executives to do whatever he want. His reputation for only producing fantastic shows was legendary and only enhanced by the success of The Adventures of Superboy.

Sweat glistened on his face as he finished his glass and ordered two more glasses from the good looking bartender. His gaze crossed the expanse of the ballroom until he found his mark. The star of his show Jeremy Nathan Henderson stood surrounded by a crowd of people. Part of the success of the show was how much the actor looked so much like the real Superboy.

The young man looked amazing in his blue buttoned down shirt, black blazer and matching slacks. A thin red tie hung down his torso that only drew attention to the muscles that could be seen as the silk rested against them. Theo had to stop himself from staring as his softly licked his lips. He had been watching his star for quite sometime and from the moment he saw Jeremy audition for the part, he knew that he had to make the boy his.

Theo smiled at the bartender who handed him the champagne glasses and paused as he dropped a small tablet in one of the glasses. The tablet quickly dissolved showing no signs that there was anything in the glass but the bubbly alcohol beverage.

He grunted as his enormous body slid off the bar stool and started to waddle to the center of the room. The crowds of people  parted for him with dazzling smiles, all afraid to anger this powerful man.

Jeremy smiled as he saw Theo approaching. Like everyone else, the young man knew that his career was in his executive producer’s hands. Being this close to the good looking star made his senses go wild. It was only his iron control that stopped him from ravishing him in front of everyone.

“I know you don’t drink,” Theo said smiling at his star. “But tonight you will have to make an exception.”

The fat man thrust the glass into Jeremy’s hands and smiled when he did not put up a fight. He tapped on the expensive glass causing the room to quiet down and turn their attention on him.

“I would like to make a toast!” Theo exclaimed loudly so his voice would be heard across the room. “To the success of The Adventures of Superboy and all the hard work that our cast and crew has contributed to make our show number 1 in the world. I would also like to make a special toast to Jeremy who is the cornerstone of our success. Cheers!”

Raising his glass, he clinked it against the actor’s glass before drinking. The rest of the people in the room followed suit as they shouted, “Cheers”.

Theo watched with a small smile as Jeremy drank deeply from his glass unaware that his drink had been spiked. Now it was only a matter of time.

Waddling back to one of the empty tables, the producer sat down and sighed with relief. His legs were starting to get sore from so much movement tonight. As usual people joined him to make small talk, most of them anxious to keep in his good graces and kiss his ass.

Even though his attention was pulled in every way, his attention stayed on Jeremy. The drug was very slow acting which fit perfectly for his plans. After an hour, people started to notice that he was swaying and fanning himself. His blazer had been taken off and flung over a chair and his silk shirt was tight enough that he could see the hardened nipples through the thin material.

“Are you alright?” Beverly Anders, the director, said as concern painted her face.

Theo politely excused himself as he got up from his seat and quickly crossed the room. His quick movement belied the bulk of his frame, but everyone’s attention was on the swaying actor.

He placed his hand on the shoulder of the drugged stud and smiled to the small crowd gathering. “No need to panic.” He said soothingly. “I’ll take him back home. He just needs some rest is all.”

Wrapping his arm around the boy’s shoulder, he let him lean against his massive frame as Theo led him out of the ballroom. The valet attendant jumped up quickly and rushed to let his driver know that he was ready to leave.

“I’m so sorry!” Jeremy said giggling as he rested his head against the older man’s shoulder. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Theo was in heaven as he felt the muscled frame of the younger man leaning against him. He could feel the heat emanating from his body bringing waves of pleasure to his own.  “Don’t worry, Jeremy.” He almost cooed. “We’ll get you home.”

The limo pulled up and the producer helped the actor into the backseat before getting in himself. The stud sprawled out against the expensive leather with his legs spread out like a whore. His pants were tented in an alarming manner that would have had the press drooling over the potential media coverage.

Jeremy was completely oblivious as Theo instructed his driver to take him to his home instead of the actors’. The young man was trying to take his clothes off but was stopped when the producer slapped his hands away. There was a time and place and in order for his plan to succeed, he needed the boy to hold off.

To keep the actor distracted, he wrapped his huge arms around him and let his head rest against his chest. Jeremy’s raven locks looked a mess as he actually nuzzled against the older man. The drug running through his blood was one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world and the boy didn’t stand a chance against its effects.

The limo pulled through the gate of Theo’s sprawling mansion. The grounds were heavily guarded at all times to keep the producer in a bubble of privacy. The media has been hounding him for years to see the inside of his massive house, but he always politely refused for a very good reason.

The door opened as his driver had gotten out of the car and walked around to let his employer out. Theo half carried the horny boy in his arms as he slipped some cash to his driver to ensure that word did not get out.

Right when he got to the front door, it opened to reveal a very good looking blond dressed in a fancy tux. “Welcome home, master.” He said softly until his eyes saw Jeremy in his arms. Frowning, he stiffly let them inside before quickly shutting the door.

“Is the parlour in the west wing ready, Jack?” Theo asked anxious to get his hands on his newest catch.

“Yes, Master,” Jack replied submissively with his head bowed. There was a slight note of dissatisfaction in his voice.

“Good, we will not be needing you tonight.” The producer said dismissively as he carried his prey.

Jack looked on the verge of throwing a fit when he curtly turned and walked towards his rooms. Theo smiled as he watched with amusement. He had conditioned Jack to service him when he needed, and the young man never like competition.

When he first met Jack, he had been as straight as the actor in his arms. Through his manipulation, drugs, and sexual torture, Jack was transformed into the perfect slave. He promised himself to show his toy some special attention when he was done with Jeremy.

They went deep into the mansion taking an elevator down to the second basement. Theo had no problems supporting the horny actor as all signs of his overweight problem seemed to melt away. His waddling and huffing was an act mostly for those morons who expected him to be a fat slob. In reality, the producer’s bulk was more muscle than fat and his strength was in his deception.

Arriving in their destination, Theo was happy to see the video equipment was set up. Now ready to begin the process of possessing the pretty boy actor that he had drugged, he hurried to the bar to make him another drink.

Jeremy sat on the stool with a crazy smile on his face as his eyes glazed over. His hands kept wandering down to his tented pants, but stopped when Theo ordered him to. The last thing he needed was for the stud to cream himself prematurely.

Theo watched as his victim drank the drink handed to him without question not knowing that it was just as drugged as the drink he had earlier. When he was satisfied that the boy was ready, he left the bar and sat down in a huge leather chair that was specially designed for his bulk.

“Are you ready, Jeremy?” He asked as the actor slightly swayed before him.

“Oh yes,” He slurred softly as he smiled down at the older man.

“Why don’t you dance for me?” The producer suggested as he brought out a remote control from a compartment in the arm of his chair. Pressing a button, music started to play from the surround sound speakers.

Jeremy started to sway his hips as his body seemed to be taken over by the beat. All of his normal inhibitions had been buried in the effects of the drug racing through his veins. Theo smiled as he saw his prey enjoying himself.

“Why don’t you strip while you dance?”

“YESSSSS!” The stud agreed as his hands went immediately to his silk shift.

“Slowly now, Jeremy.” Theo gently commanded. “We want to see all of you.”

There was no resistance as the actor started to dance like a stripper as each button of his shirt was undone. His sculpted chest was slowly revealed as the shirt started open wider and wider. Jeremy’s chest was every bit as impressive as Theo had dreamed about. His two mounds of muscles were topped by nipples that were the size of quarters. The tips were hard by the cool air and the level of arousal that flooded through the boy’s body.

The shirt eventually become completely undone and started to fall off his shoulders revealing the broad muscles of his back as he continued to dance. The soft silk slipped down his well built arms until it fell to the ground completely forgotten.

Jeremy continued to gyrate his hips softly moaning as his hard cock rubbed against his underwear and pants. He moved close to where Theo sat actually encouraging the producer to put his hands on his bare torso. Placing his hands on the older man’s shoulders, he thrust his hips and tented crotch towards him like he was fucking.

The boy moaned with pleasure as the producer unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled it off from around his waist. With a devilish grin, Theo wrapped the belt around the actor’s thick neck and slid the end through the buckle until it formed a makeshift collar. Now with a leash he pulled in Jeremy closer and closer to the large bulk of his body.

Oblivious to anything but his need to cum, the young man continued his strip dance as his pants became unbuttoned to reveal the waistband of his Calvin Klein underwear. There was a hint of white underneath the waistband that send the producer’s cock into maximum hardness.

The dance continued and it caused the open pants to fall lower and lower from his waist down to his ankles. When the dress pants reached down to his thighs, Theo was delighted to see that the boy was wearing white briefs. It was very obvious now that Jeremy was completely hard as the rod was stretching the white fabric out several inches. A growing stain of precum had formed where the head was resting as the older man yearned to taste the boy’s juices.

The dress pants had fallen down to the ankles and had gotten tangled up as the boy moved his feet during his dance. Jeremy cried out as he fell backwards and landed on his ass with the belt slapping against his eight pack abdominals.

Theo laughed as he witnessed the silly smile on the young actor’s face as he struggled to get back up and failed. The producer stood up to his feet and pulled off the pants that had entangled the drugged boy. Although he thought Jeremy looked delicious in his tented briefs, he pulled the underwear off as well completely stripping him naked with the exception of the belt wrapped around his neck.

“Do you want to cum, boy?” The producer asked as he softly slapped the raging erection of his victim.


“Are you my little slut?”

“Oh yes!” Jeremy moaned as he lay sprawled on the carpet. “I am your little slut!”

Theo smiled as the effects of the drug made the usually prude stud putty in his hands. He went to his knees and wrapped his pudgy fingers around the boy’s pulsing cock. His stroking started slowly as he savored the touch of the hard boy meat in his hands.

“I’m a slut!” The actor moaned as the drug induced pleasure made him helpless to resist. Jeremy continued to chant that he was a slut as his voice became more and more shrill the closer he got to ograsming.

When the producer judged that his victim was on the urge of cumming, he stopped his stroking and grabbed one of the cameras. He zooming in close one the desperately twitching cock and he used his hand to casually flick the hard boy meat.

Jeremy cried out as his cock started to jettison thick ropes of cum all over his face and torso.  His body twitched as the sweet spot of ultimate pleasure coursed through his helpless body. When it was finished, streams of cum stained the pristine white flesh of the drugged actor.

Theo grabbed his victim’s chin as he reached down and brushed their lips together catching a taste of the seed of the georgous actor. He now had what he needed to make sure that Jeremy was his forever.

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