The Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe Part 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Superman took a deep, quavering breath as he tried to recover a little of his dignity. His master had left him alone in the locker room as his now super body absorbed the rays of the yellow sun, healing all of his bruises from the abuse that he endured.

As he wiped the dried tears and snot from his face, he looked at himself in the mirror and barely recognized himself. Deep dark circles were wrapped around his eyes and his submissive expression on his face looked very foreign to the once mighty superhero.

The Man of Steel drew himself up and took a deep breath. He was better than this! The hero had saved the world countless times and had gone head to head against the most powerful beings in the universe. Was he going to let some eighteen year old boy get the better of him?

With his resolve and courage coming back as fast as his powers, Superman decided that he was going to end this once and for all. He could have easily flown away and made his escape, but his pride needed him to put the boy in his place.

WIth his body rippling with new found power, the Man of Steel strode out of the locker room and back into the gym. His determination must have been written on his face because most of the students gasped or paled and scrambled to get out of his path.

Max watched the approaching hero with an amused look on his pretty face. It only angered the hero more as his determination to get back his pride grew stronger. When he got to the boy that humiliated him so much, he looked down at the skinny teen with as much menace as he could muster. His eyes glowed red from his blooming anger and it looked like he would blast the smirking boy with his heat vision.

“I don’t know what you did to me,” Superman said grimly. “But it ends now!”

His hands reached up and ripped off the leather collar from around his bull neck and tossed it to the ground. The hero could feel the fear of the other students who watched this confrontation in awe. Although he was still naked, there was no shame as his muscular body radiated from the powers the his kryptonian heritage gifted him.

The teenager clenched his fists and threw a punch, but Superman was ready for him. He easily caught the small fist in his his large palm. “I don’t want to hurt you, young man.” He said sternly.

The hero gasped as he felt a tug on his soft penis. A rush of pleasure filled his body and he stumbled back a few steps releasing Max’s fist. His face flashed with a streak of red when he realized that the boy had tugged on his exposed cock with his other hand. It might have been his imagination but for the brief second, he felt a wave of weakness as well as the flash of pleasure.

Superman quickly regained his composure and reassumed his aura of authority. Placing his hands on his hips, he looked sternly at the smirking young man. “I think it’s time that we visited your principal, young man. Now where did you put my uniform?”

Max threw his head back and started laughing. “Do you think you can order me around, slave? You are nothing but an alien pet to me!”

The other students gasped and watched the exchange as their eyes grew larger and larger. The hero was very aware of their presence and knew that he had to handle this situation very carefully. He had already suffered humiliation in front of them when he was forced to submit earlier. The damage to his pride and image had to be repaired starting here at all costs.

With a gust of wind, Superman used his superspeed and picked up the defiant teen by his shirt and lifted him up in the air. Max struggled helplessly in his gasp as he tried with all his might to pry the huge fist that had a steel grip on him. His legs kicked helplessly in the air trying to make contact with the naked hero.

“I’m only going to ask one more time, young man.” Superman said slowly. “Where did you put my costume?”

There was so much hatred in the boy’s eyes as he glared down at the superpowered hero. A small part of him wished he could do something to soothe the rage, but his dignity was so much more important at the moment. Max turned his eyes and looked in the direction of the locker room. His costume must be in there, Superman thought.

Lowering the teen back to the ground, the Man of Steel shook his finger at the boy who almost enslaved him. “You wait right here and I will be back.”

As he turned and walked towards the locker room, the hero felt like himself for the first time since this whole mess started. He would have to question the boy carefully to find out how he was able to control him before. That should lead to the real mastermind behind this situation so that he could deal with it.

Superman felt himself stumble as he felt a body slamming against him from behind and arms circling around his waist. At first he fully expected that his assailant would bounce harmlessly off his invulnerable body, but instead he felt a flash of weakness as his knees started to buckled.

Max had grabbed him around his waist and his small hands and snaked around and took a firm hold of his limp penis. That strange combination of pleasure and weakness flooded the unprepared hero once again as his powers started to drain from his naked muscular body.

He tried to force the teen to stop groping his private parts, but it was too late. Too much of his powers had been drained away that the boy was now stronger than him. His knees buckled and he fell to his knees as the weakness began to become all consuming. Superman gasped as he felt his cock start to harden in an alarming way.

“You’re my bitch, Superman!” Max snarled as he tugged on the half hard cock of the hero. “You’ll pay for defying me!”

Superman found himself flying in the air as he was flung back towards the shocked students who watched the unfolding scene in shock. His enormous body violently hit the wooden floor of the gym and it could barely contain the weight of the impact. Even in his weakened condition, there was no way that Max should have had the strength to throw him like that.

As the hero tried to shake off the daze and weakness that overwhelmed him, he saw through his blurred vision that Max was walking back towards him. Desperate to regain control of the situation, he willed his body to absorb more of the yellow rays of the sun to repower his weakened body.

Feeling his strength slowly returning to him, he managed to get back to his feet before the teen had made it back over to him. There was a large dip in the floor where he had fallen and the wood looked like it was about to break apart.

Feeling a bit better, the hero reached out and tried to pick up the teen before he did anymore harm. To his shock, his arm was batted aside easily and once again his cock was grabbed and tugged. Superman gasped as he fell back to his knees. Any strength that he had recovered in those few moments was leached from his body.

Max snarled as he pulled back his fist and slammed it in the middle of the bare, muscular peaks of Superman’s mighty chest. The impact of the blow should have broken the boy’s hand into little pieces, but instead it was the hero who flew backwards instead and crashed through the wall of the gym and into the hall.

The other students recovered from their shock of seeing the naked superhero being dominated by the twink of a teen and started to yell, “Fight! Fight!” Doors of the classrooms started to open as they were emptied by kids anxious to see what was going on.

Superman struggled to his feet and rubbed the bruise that had formed in the valley of his pecs. He felt like he had been exposed to kryptonite, but there was none of the pain or gut wrenching nausea that normally was associated with being exposed to the alien mineral.

The crowd was growing as the hero was painfully aware of his lack of clothing. His raised his arms in defence as Max stalked over to him with his fists clenched in anger. “Please, don’t make me hurt you!” He said in an effort to regain the upper hand.

Max laughed as he grabbed the half hard cock of the weakened hero. The Man of Steel felt that weakness and pleasure return as he was overwhelmed by such powerful feelings. No matter how much he tried, he could not stop his cock from being more and more erect. The teen snarled as he backhanded the hero across the face causing him to fall back down on his back.

Superman was in shock of how easily he was manhandled. His powers were completely drained and his cock pulsed against the rock hard abdominals of his stomach mocking him for such weakness. His arousal was noticed by the other kids as they pointed and laughed.

“Superman’s a fucking fairy!” Someone said from the large circle of students around them.

“Faggot!” Another voice cried out. That started an avalanche of insults as the kids quickly turned on the man who they once adored and admired.

“Get on your feet, slave!” Max snarled as he viciously kicked Superman in his exposed nuts.  

Pain like he never felt before in his life exploded as Superman screamed in a very high shrill voice. His hands cupped his balls protectively as he curled up in a tiny ball. Tears started to form in his closed eyes as he felt the urge to vomit.

Max’s glare grew worse as he watched the weakened hero whimper in pain. “I said get up!” He yelled as he kicked his sneaker against his ten pack of muscle.

Superman tried to comply but every movement sent a shockwave of pain through his muscled body. He managed to uncurl himself from the fetal position and get to his knees before he collapsed on the ground in a heap. All of his confidence and authority had vanished with his powers and he was at the mercy of a normal teenage boy.

Impatient with the hero’s inability to comply, Max grabbed Superman by his hair and lifted his bruised face. Superman watched in shock as the impossible happened again as his throat was grabbed and he was lifted up in the air. His naked body slammed against the wall and looking down the hero could see his rock hard cock that almost seemed to be mocking his helplessness.

“Break it up!” Several teachers ordered as they fought through the wall of students shouting and mocking the beat up hero.

Max rolled his eyes at the interference and slammed his fist into the hard cock of the weak hero. Superman shrieked in agony as the blow felt like it had the impact of all the kryptonite in the world. His bruised cock pulsed and twitched uncontrollably as the unthinkable happened.

Cum exploded from the head of his mushroom head as the overwhelming pain paralyzed the hero. An orgasm that he never thought was possible ripped through his body as his moans of combined pleasure and pain echoed through the halls.

Everyone stood in awe, shock, and disgust as Superman’s balls emptied themselves as his seed flew everywhere. Some splattered on them as their faces blanched from the explosion of cum.

Max watched with a smirk on his face as he stepped away from the firing cock and casually wiped the cum that had landed on him. As Superman fell to the floor like a mighty oak that had fallen, his muscular body convulsed as a pool of cum formed around his helpless body.

The teachers who had pushed their way through to them quickly got over their shock and disgust. Hauling the defeated hero to his feet, they started to march him down the hall as the kids started to disperse. Max was also ordered to follow as the rest tried to restore order.

“It’s time that you two went and saw the Principal!” Mr. England said his voice dripping with disappointment.

Barely able to walk, Superman realized that he had just ruined his reputation for good this time.

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