Strange Dealings: Nightwing’s Fall Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The glass cracked and splintered as it flew everywhere in the penthouse office. Lex Luthor swore as he ducked down under his desk to avoid being hit. A dark shadow blocked the moonlight covering the office with complete darkness. Carefully taking out his gun, Luthor braces himself as his desk suddenly slid across the office.

“I want to talk to you, Luthor!” Batman snarled as he picked up the wealthy business tycoon and lifted him up in the air.

Keeping his small gun concealed, Luthor smiled as if completely at ease. “It’s a pleasure as always Batman.” He said smugly. “To what do I owe this visit?”

Not amused The Dark Knight slammed the villain across the wall and leaned in close enough to kiss. “What have you done to Superman?”

A woosh of air slammed against them as Batman suddenly flew across the room hitting the wall behind him. The former Man of Steel shielded his master his eyes glowing red with anger. The hero barely recognized his best friend. Gone was his blue and red costume replaced with a shiny red thong with his family crest emblazoned right on his crotch.

“Clark,” Batman whispered.

Revealing his secret identity was no longer a problem. Thanks to Lois Lane, the entire world now knew that Clark Kent and Superman were one and the same. It had taken a great deal of money and resources to get to his parents first to hide and protect them.

“What did he do to you?” The Dark Knight asked in a louder tone.

Lex laughed as he brushed off his suit. “I did nothing, Batman.” The business tycoon said with a smile. With a snap of his fingers, Superman fell down to his knees and looked up at him with love and adoration of a puppy. His red thong was tented with his arousal. “As you can see, Kal-El is my lover.”

“That’s a lie!” Batman snarled as he clenched his fists. “Whatever you did to do this to him, I am taking him back!”

The hero unclenched one of his fists and a green glow came from his palm. Superman gasped as the effects of kryptonite gave him a great deal of pain. Luthor growled as he brought out his gun and started to fire at the intruding Dark Knight.

Smoke filled the room as Batman evaded the flying bullets with ease. “It’s just you and me, Luthor!” His ominous voice called out through the smoke.

Lex kicked Superman to the ground growling at his pet with frustration. Leave it to Batman to bring the rare kryptonite to the party. “Security,” He called out. “Activiate!”

The lights of the office suddenly blared on lighting every dark corner to make it seem like it was the middle of the day. A secret wall opened and a half of dozen Lexcorp robots came marching out. With his gun in his hand, Lex scanned the room to see where the flying rodent was hiding. A batarang flew through the air hitting his hand and sending his gun flying across the room. Lex nursed his now hurting hand as he cursed softly.

“You have nowhere to run, Batman!” Lex taunted. “Haven’t you been reading the papers or watching the news? The time of you so called heroes is ending.”

It was true. With the fall of Superman, the kryptonians reputation had vastly deteriorated. The public saw him as an alien menace with no hints of morality at all. To the public eye, The Man of Steel had fled earth in shame, but the underworld knew that he was Lex Luthor’s pet. The experiments that he forced the alien to endure had broken him completely.

Superman had once been the most powerful hero in the world. Now his duties composed of whatever whims Lex had for him. Serving drinks at a meeting, pole dancing in a strip club, or even secretly taking down a competitor for Lex. There was talk about the Justice League being disbanded, and he was using his political power to have all super powered beings arrested and quarantined by the government.

As the smoke cleared, Lex stared out of the gaping hole of his office. Batman was gone and his office was a mess. Superman shook off the remaining effects of the kryptonite as he climbed up to his feet.

The fallen hero saw the frown of his master and his face was filled with fear. “I’m sorry, master.” He stammered nervously. “I could not fight the effects of the kryptonite.”

Lex growled as he grabbed his slave by his crotch. “Tell me who Batman is!” He demanded.

Surely Superman knew the identity of every so called hero on the planet. The alien pervert had revealed almost every hero identity, yet he was not able to tell him the secret identity of Batman or any of his associates.

Even know the former Man of Steel struggled to comply with his master’s order. His mouth opened, but the words never came out. It was clear that something was stopping the dunce from revealing what he knew.

“I am going to punish you for this!” Lex promised as he stormed out of his office with Superman trailing behind him like a puppy. It wasn’t the first time that he punished his slave for refusing to give away Batman’s identity and it wasn’t the last. Yet each time, Lex enjoyed punished a man who could kill him with a single look. Whether Superman liked it or not, he now belonged to Lex Luthor. The thought of Superman enslaved to him against his will brought a glow of pleasure to the bald business tycoon.



Batman stared up at the shattered window of Lex’s personal office from the rooftop. He had heard the rumors that Superman was Lex’s slave, but seeing it was a different experience all together. A rescue would have to be staged for his best friend, but not until he figured out how Luthor enslaved him in the first place.

“Are you in?” He said softly in the headset in his cowl.

“Just give me a second,” Oracle said in his ear.

Oracle had once fought crime beside him as Batgirl, but a fateful encounter with The Joker left her paralyzed in a wheelchair. Rather than give up on her mission to aid Batman, she became an information broker using her legendary computer skills to assist him on his war against crime. Lex might have thought that Batman had come to stage a rescue for Superman, but that was not the case. He had a different objective entirely.

“Alright, I’m in.” Oracle said in a few minutes. “Sorry for taking so long, Luthor’s security is one of the best that I have ever seen.”

Unknown to Luthor, Batman had planted a device in his office that let him infiltrate all of Lexcorp’s computer files. The business tycoon was too smart to lead an assault against him. Even against the hero’s own genius intellect, Luthor was smarter and more ruthless. It was only a matter of time until he figured out that Batman had hacked into his computer, so he had to act quickly.

“Oh my god,” Oracle gasped. “He has all the identities of the heroes in the world.”

“Are you sure?” Batman asked as his worst fears were coming true. As leader of the Justice League, Superman knew the identity of every hero. As much as he didn’t like to admit it, that fact was the reason why he could not fall into enemy hands. It was too late though.

“Wait,” His partner said in a rush. “He doesn’t have yours, Dicks, Tims, or mine!”

The Dark Knight frowned in thought as he used his grappling hook to fly up to where the Batwing was hidden. “Are you sure?” He asked. “Do a system wide search to see if that information is stored somewhere else.”

“I’m positive that he doesn’t know,” Oracle said firmly. “I’m running a search on that now, but I have found multiple emails and…. Oh my.”

“What is it?”

“I just found some videos of Luthor punishing Superman for not giving up your secret identity. He really doesn’t know, Bruce.”

That was something at least, Batman thought furiously. It didn’t help that all of his other allies were in serious danger. He needed to act fast to protect them all.

“Oracle, I want you to cut the connection after an hour. Gather as much information of you can of Luthor’s plans and what information he managed to get from Superman.”

“No problem. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to visit Wonder Woman so we can protect ourselves from whatever attack Luthor had planned.”

Luthor wasn’t lying when he gloated that the world was turning against superheroes. Superman’s disgraceful fall started a domino effect that led to the world distrusting any costumed hero. Starting with Lois Lane’s destructive articles against Superman, the rest of the press eagerly jumped on the popularity of criticizing heroes. It was going to take a great deal of effort to fix this whole mess before it was too late.



Superman opened his mouth as he took in Luthor’s cock and began to suck on it like his life depended on it. His mind was like a caged tiger unable to stop himself from doing anything that his master demanded of him. The past couple of months were pure torture for him as each day was a new series of humiliations that he had no choice but to endure.

As his mouth was being fucked, the hero started to think about how gentle and loving Hugo Strange was. The professor seemed like an angel compared to Luthor and he thought of his time with Strange as the happiest of his life. He wished that he could go back to serving the professor.

His master fucked his mouth until he was ready for something more. Superman moaned as the madman walked around and started to push his cock into the hero’s perfect ass. Normally a drill couldn’t break into his asshole, but Luthor’s hold over him caused him to relax his anal defences and allow himself to be fucked.

A single tear rolled down his cheek as Superman once again endured being Lex Luthor’s plaything. Once he was on top of the world as Earth’s greatest protector, but now he was no better than a slave or a whore. His magnificent muscled body and all of his amazing powers were reduced to being used at Luthor’s whim and his alone.

Seeing Bruce try to rescue him just made it all worse. Part of him knew that if Luthor gave the order that he would have killed his best friend. It was only luck that he retained enough will to not reveal Batman’s true identity. Of course that didn’t stop him from giving up all the other hero’s not directly associated with Batman. The guilt he felt was the heaviest to bear as his weakness had no compromised every hero in the world to Luthor’s mercy. The worst part was there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening.

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