Santa’s Punishment

“Attention citizens of the world!” Every television set turned to this broadcast. “This is Santa Claus.

People all over the world gasped as they watched a mythical figure come to life before their very eyes. The jolly old elf that parents made up to keep their children good during the holiday season shocked the world as he revealed himself to be real. His image filled their tv screens and those who did not have a television heard his voice that seemed to come down from the heavens.

“For too long, you have been naughty boys and girls.” Santa lectured sternly. “You expect me to deliver gifts and you try to behave during the winter season, but for the rest of the year, you all are extremely naughty. Well no more! You will know the power of Santa Claus and you will behave or be punished.”

Could this be real? That was the thought on everyone’s minds. Yet despite the different languages and nationalities of the world, each individual heard his or her own language and Santa looked like their nationality.

Lex Luthor watched on his television in his office. To him Santa was white and spoke English. He had already ordered his entire science division to investigate this strange broadcast. The business tycoon gasped and stared when Saint Nick dragged a struggling Superboy into the broadcast.

“This Superboy has been a very bad boy!” Santa said firmly. The hero had a tape gag across his lips as his blue eyes bulged out in a combination of fear and shock. “You all worship him like he was a god and Santa does not approve. This alien has stuck his nose into affairs that belong to humans and for that he will be punished!”

A smile crossed Luthor’s face as he hurried to record Santa’s broadcast. How did the jolly old elf capture him in the first place. There was no doubt that this was the real Superboy. Luthor had tangled with the hero often enough to be able to spot an imposter a million miles away.

Superboy’s muffled words was sounds of music to the villain as he watched the powerful hero get turned over Santa’s knee like he was a sack of potatoes. Saint Nick had no mercy as he started to spank the helpless hero. Superboy bucked and twisted but he was clearly overpowered. Looks of pain crossed his handsome face as he experienced his first true spanking for the first time in his life.

Luthor watched with erotic rapture as he felt his cock harden in his slacks. Every slap, every look of pain, and the pure helplessness of Superboy was the makings of a powerful wet dream for him. He fantasized what it would be like to have the hero in his clutches spanking him just like Santa was.

The villain gasped with pleasure when tears started to pour down Superboy’s face. Anyone could see that the hero tried to hold his tears back, but like his strength his willpower was easily overpowered.

When Santa had enough, he propped Superboy on his knee. Luthor gasped in shocked when he saw the red tent in the hero’s trunks. Superboy got an erection during his spanking. The villain’s heart was racing as he fished out his throbbing rock hard erection and started to jerk himself off.

Santa looked disgusted as he cupped his hand over the tented bulge of his prisoner. Superboy’s eyes rolled back as he moaned with pleasure. His face was red with tears and snot as his muscular body shook with desire and pain.

“You see what a disgusting little pervert this alien is?” Santa lectured as he slapped the hero right on his erect and leaking cock.

Superboy’s eyes grew wide as his cock started to spasm. The hero moaned as he blew his wad right in his trunks and tights. This was the utter humiliation for him as the world witnessed his orgasm with utter shock. That is all except for Lex Luthor who also blew his cum all over himself seeing his nemesis humiliated like this. It was the most powerful orgasm for both of them.

“For the perverted crimes of this alien, I have decided to give him to Lex Luthor.” Santa announced. “Lex has been a good boy in trying to make the entire human race better with his technological advances.”

Superboy screamed through his gag as he shook his head. He started to struggled again, but Santa simply grabbed his cum soaked crotch. The hero sighed in defeat as he surrendered to the will of Santa Claus. The old elf turned Superboy’s head so that their eyes met.

“You will serve Lex Luthor and do whatever he says.” Santa instructed. His piercing blue eyes overwhelmed the will of the Boy of Steel.

The jolly old elf took off the gag as Superboy slowly nodded. “I will serve Lex Luthor and do whatever he says.”

Santa nodded with satisfaction as he snapped his fingers. Superboy floated in the air and gasped as a box formed around him. The hero was stuffed in the box and out of thin air the box was wrapped in the most festive wrapping paper.

Luthor blew his load again as he imaged all the things that he would do with Superboy as his slave. He ordered his science division to stop investigating Santa’s broadcast and prepare for his new toy’s arrival.

“Remember, boys and girls,” Santa said with a jolly smile. “I see you when you’re sleeping. I know when you’re awake. Good children will get presents from Santa Claus and bad children will be punished. Don’t be like Superboy or you will suffer his fate.”

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