Panther Paw Defeated Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The door burst open as armed men stormed a dorm room at Harris University. Chad’s dark brown eyes popped open as he was shaken awake by one of the armed men.

“What the hell,” Chad said, his voice still slurred with sleep. The blankets were roughly ripped off his bed revealing his extremely muscled body clad only in a white thong.

“Get up!” One of the armed men said roughly.

Chad, recovering from his rude awakening, scoffed as he leaped to his feet. “You picked the wrong man to fuck with!” he sneered.

He was about to strike when he suddenly felt weak as a baby. The guards laughed at him making him flush with embarrassment.

The guard closest to him patted his crotch brazenly. “I think we have the right man alright,” he chuckled.

His embarrassment turned to anger as he tried to slap the guard away from his pride and joy. “Don’t fucking touch me,” He demanded arrogantly. His cock was still hard from his deep sleep and tented his thong.

The guard grabbed the arrogant young man by his throat and slapped his muscled ass sending a howl of pain from the youth. “Mind your manners, boy!” He said menacingly. “The boss wants you brought to him alive, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put you in your place.”

Chad gasped as the guard let go of his throat and rubbed his sore butt cheek. What was wrong with him? He thought. He may look like a normal pretty boy with an amazing body, but in reality he was the superhero Panther Paw. Normally he had super strength and agility, but right now he felt so weak. Even without his powers, he should have had enough strength to overpower these guards.

Looking down, he noticed his thong and frowned. Chad normally wore boxers and had since he was 12 years old. Yet the thin white fabric clung fiercely to his huge erection and was already wet with his precum. What the hell was going on? He thought to himself confused and weak.

Most of the guards started tearing up his dorm room in search of something. Chad had no idea what they were looking for, but he knew that if he had any chance of taking control he needed to recover his superpowers.

The guard who had groped him looked at his almost naked body and smiled. Chad sneered as he covered his crotch with his hands. “What are you looking at faggot?”

The guard grabbed him by the throat again and lifted his muscled body in the air. Gasping for air, the young hero could not believe the strength of this guard. A man his size should not be able to lift him up with just one hand.

The weak hero was slammed into the wall and the guard leaned in close to his face. “Keep up with the attitude, and I will teach you to obey right now.”

“Go to hell!” Chad gasped as he felt the powerful hand around his throat start to choke him. He would never give in to these fags.

The guard laughed as he choked the life out of the arrogant hero. “Look who is throwing a bone,” He sneered as his other hand groped the young man’s trapped erect cock.

Chad could not believe that this was happening to him. Normally he was the cock of the walk even when he was fighting crime as Panther Paw. Girls mooned after him and boys wanted to be him. Now here he was somehow stripped of his powers and molested by a weaker man. He used both of his hands to try and force the guard’s hand from around his throat, but failed. He was as weak as a baby.

As the young man hung from the guard’s hand barely clinging to life, a flash suddenly went off in his brain. It was like this had happened to him before. The brief vision he had was of himself being surrounded by the armed thugs. However in this vision, he was wearing his normal boxers and did not have an erection. Then another vision immediately followed the first that was the same except he was wearing tighty whiteys.

He knew that he had to buy some time before he could take back control of the situation. The combination of being choked to death while his hard on was being groped was too much for him to handle.

Pushing his pride to the side, Chad focused his brown eyes on the guard. “Please,” He gasped as he tried to look like he was giving in.

The guard laughed as he released the choke hold he had on the young man. Chad fell to his bed gasping for air and tenderly touching the bruise that was forming around his throat. He stared in horror at the hardness of his cock that clung to the totally wet fabric of his thong. The material had turned translucent showing the veins of his eight inch cock.

Chad felt the guard grab him by his silky brown hair and his head was jerked up to see his leering face. “Not such an arrogant prick anymore, are you?” He sneered.

The young man did not trust himself to respond as he could not shake this feeling that this had happened before. He seemed to remember being mocked like he was now, but the weakness he felt now was not in this remembered first scenario and even in the second scenario, he was not this weak.

One of the guard returned from his now trashed closet. “I found it, Lieutenant!” He said in triumph as he waved Chad’s superhero uniform.

The hero felt the blood drain from his face as he realized that his secret identity was known to his captors. They must have known all along, he thought feeling fear for the first time in his life. “That’s just a halloween costume that I used last year,” He said lamely trying to cover his ass.

The guards laughed as they looked at the weak and aroused hero. The guard who had sexuall assaulted him sneered once again. “You fool, we have known for weeks who you really are.”

Chad could not keep the shock from showing on his face. They must be behind his loss of powers. How they could have achieved this, he had no idea. He was also clueless on how they figured out that he was Panther Paw.

The guards forced the weak hero to his feet and escorted him down his dorm hall. Despite the noise, the hall was deserted as Chad awkwardly walked with his still raging erection. He covered his crotch as he walked, but the sting of humiliation was still there.

The young man was taken out to the parking lot where a van waited for them with its engine running. He was forced inside and the guard who groped him earlier sat next to him.

Chad tried to ignore the man as the van sped off into the night. He needed to control his temper until he could figure out how to get his powers back. It was very difficult for him to do since all of his life he was complete control over any situation.

The guard put his arm around his naked shoulders like he was some slut on a date. “You know I like seeing the great Panther Paw like this. You are now just some pathetic pretty boy and all of your powers are now gone.”

Closing his eyes as the fear the guards words caused him hit him, Chad prayed that he would get his powers back soon. He kept his hands cupped around his teeming erection trying to think thoughts that normally would have calmed his libedo down. Nothing seemed to work.

Handing his gun to the person next to him, the guard traced his finger down his cheek. “Just a helpless boy,” He breathed heavily into his ear.

Chad suddenly got another vision of him sucking his captors cock while the others laughed. In the background there seemed to be another person at gunpoint. Although the person looked familiar, he could recall who that person was. He tried to figure out what these visions meant.

His thoughts were interrupted as the guard pressed his body against his nearly naked body and ran his hand across his slightly hairy chest. Lovingly playing with the helpless hero’s nipples, Chad gasped as pleasure he never thought was possible hit his body.

“Please stop,” He pleaded as the dampness of his thong grew wetter.

The guard turned his face and looked deep into his dark brown eyes. “You are in no position to ask for anything, pretty boy.” He breathed as he brushed his lips against the full lips of the helpless hero.

Chad shuddered as his body betrayed him and enjoyed the teasing his captor was doing to his muscled body. He offered no resistance as the guard’s tongue slipped into his mouth in a sensual kiss.

Never kissing another man before, the young hero shuddered as the feeling was quite pleasurable to him. He knew he should have been revolted, but he could not deny how good the kiss felt. For a second he forgot where he was at and started to return the kiss.

The reality of the situation suddenly hit him as Chad pulled away breaking this kiss. The guard smiled softly as he brushed the young man’s lips with his fingers. “I knew you had to be gay prancing around in those tights all day.”

Blushing furiously, Chad shook his head violently. “I’m not gay,” he said harshly and tried to push the guard off of him.

The guard laughed as he squeezed the hero’s trapped erection. “You words say no, no, but your cock never lies. You like this!”

Chad shook his head in denial as his cock quivered with joy as it was handled. He wasn’t gay! He couldn’t be. All of his life, he had hunted pussy and beat up those faggots who mooned after him. The thought that he was as perverted as those queers was frightening to the former alpha stud.

“I tell you what,” The guard said with an evil grin. “You suck me off and I won’t break every bone in your body. The boss wants you alive, but he said nothing about hurting your faggoty ass.”

Fear rushed through his mind as the young man gasped as his cock was manhandled again. The vision of him sucking the guard’s cock flooded the mind again as he felt his head being lowered to his captor’s crotch. The musky smell of the guard’s crotch filled his nose as he gagged at the thought of sucking another man’s cock.

With his head firmly kept close to his molester’s covered hard on, Chad watched helplessly as the zipper was taken down and the guard’s enormous cock sprung free from his boxer briefs. the young man remembered both of his visions of sucking this man’s cock and realized it was much bigger than either vision combined.

Having no choice but to give in, Chad opened his mouth and engulfed his captor’s cock. He thought he would gag but his gag reflex instantly relaxed like he had sucked cock before. He expertly worked his mouth and tongue on the guard’s cock with the ringing of laughter from the other guards as they jeered and laughed.

“I told you he was a fag,” One of the guards said as he slapped Chad’s ass.

Chad felt the sting of humiliation as he continued to suck on the guard’s monster cock. He seemed to instinctively know what to do to bring his captor the greatest pleasure. How did he know this? he thought in shock. His own cock’s hardness continued to surprise him as he gave oral sex to another man. It should not be like this at all! Worse was that he started to fondle himself as he sucked to increase the pleasure he was feeling.

The cock in his mouth began to spasm as his head was forced down all the way down the shaft. With a great cry, the guard began to shoot his load down the superhero’s throat. Load after load of salty cum hit the back of his mouth and slid down his throat. Even with such a heavy load being dumped in his mouth, there was no hint of gagging. The taste of the cum was hauntingly familiar which added to the young stud’s confusion.

Making sure that every drop of cum was consumed by Chad, the guard finally released his hold on the young man’s head. His face red with shame, the hero endured the guards laughter and jeers as the van started to slow down. He barely had time to recover before the van stopped and the door opened.

“Time for you to meet the boss,” The guard who just forced him to suck his cock said with an evil smile.

Chad felt a shiver go down his spine as he was forced out of the van with his cock still hard and only a small thong covering his engorged modesty.

The Fox watched on the screen as Panther Paw endured another cycle of his humiliation. The idiot still did not have any clue that he was in a time loop and that each time he grew weaker and more submissive. It would not be long until the transfer of his powers were permanent and the hero would be stuck in the time loop forever.

The door to his chamber opened and a guard bowed low as he handed a plastic bag containing Panther Paw’s cum filled thong to the mysterious villain. Just as quickly the guard hurried out leaving him alone with his machines. Opening the bag, he took a whiff of the musky scent of the studly hero before depositing the thong into the machine that controlled the time loop. His greatest invention, he used it to trap Panther Paw in this experiment to see how the hero would react.

Now that this was a completely success, The Fox would move on to the other heroes and steal their powers for his own while trapping them in similar time loops. Bullet Master was all too happy to cooperate with Panther Paw’s powers as his prize. Little did the fool know was that the villain was also trapped in the same time loop as the hero that he destroyed. Bullet Master would get more and more power until the time loop could not contain them anymore. The result will not only be the destruction of the time loop but everyone stuck in it.

A portal opened as The Fox gave a final look into the room where Panther Paw was being milked dry. Not only did he destroy a hero, but also a fellow villain who had the power to stop him. It was a pity that he did not get to play with the hero himself, but there were plenty of other heroes to destroy and this time he would not need anyone’s help.

The Fox stepped through the portal sealing both hero and villain in a neverending time loop that would continue until it was destroyed by Bullet Master’s greed. It was time to move on to bigger and better prey.

The End?