Panther Paw Defeated Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chad tried to suppress a shiver of fear as he was escorted into the office of one of his greatest nemeses, Bullet Master. Although he had no powers like Panther Paw, this villain controlled the largest gang in all of New York. Even at full strength, the hero had a hard time defeating this brilliant gang lord. The fact the he was somehow stripped of his powers sent waves of fear through the young man’s body.

“It seems like our guest of honor has arrived,” Bullet Master said with a smile sitting behind his expensive guest. “I hope my men were not too rough with you.”

Feeling that taste of cum in his mouth, Chad grimaced slightly. Another flash back hit him as he witnessed this confrontation with minor differences. Confusion ran through him as he tried to figure out the meaning of these flashbacks while keeping aware of his surroundings. He had to be ready to strike when his powers returned.

“I should have known you were behind this, Bullet Master,” Chad said in his most authoritative voice. “You made a huge mistake revealing the location of your liar to me. When I am through, you will be spending the rest of your life behind bars.”

Bullet Master took one look at the almost naked hero who hid his raging erection behind his hands and started laughing. Chad started to blush a little as the guards that had escorted him also started laughing. The young man was used to being feared and admired both in his superhero and personal life. Being laughed at was not easy for him to handle.

As soon as he could get his laughter under control, the villain wiped the tears from his eyes and smirked at the humiliated hero. “I am amazed that you forgot our little get together last night, Panther Paw. It was the event of the season that marked the start of your end. Shall we refresh you memory?”

Confusion painted the hero’s face as he tried to think what his nemesis was talking about. The more he tried to think of the events the night before the more confused he got. Chad tried to summon one of the flashbacks to figure out what Bullet Master was talking about, but his mind remained in a fog.

One of the guards stepped forward and handed his boss Panther Paw’s costume. Chad stepped forward to retrieve it, but stopped when his muscled ass was slapped.

“Perfect!” Bullet Master said with glee as he held up the lycra costume up so he could see it better. “This will look great in my trophy room.”

“Not if I can help it,” Chad sneered trying desperately to look like he was still in control.

The villain turned his steely eyed attention back to the weakened villain. “Am I ignoring you, boy?” He said darkly. “Let’s get back to the business as hand then.”

He got up from the desk and walked into the adjoining room while the guards escorted the weak and helpless hero. The room looked like a small theatre with a huge screen and couches arranged around the screen.

Chad stopped in shock as the room was filled with criminals, gangsters, and assorted supervillains. At his entrance, they all stood to their feet and started clapping their hands and whistling.

As Panther Paw, he was used to this kind of reaction, but the mocking made a normally great situation into a living nightmare. Another strange flashback hit his mind once again and he saw himself in his normal boxers being shoved into the room. Back in reality, the hero looked down at the front of his now very wet briefs that barely contained his hard cock. Why were their small differences in what was happening to him now compared to the visions that he saw in his mind?

Escorted by the guards at gunpoint, Chad tried to cover his teeming erection as best he could. He could feel every eye in the room looking at his almost naked body and the implications in those stares scared the hero more than he would like to admit. He tried to be his normal cocky self like in his visions, but it was harder and harder for him not to freak out.

As he got to the first row, Bullet Master was sitting down on an expensive love seat waiting for his prize to be brought to him. Patting the little space he left for his guest, Chad was forced to sit very close to his nemesis. “You are going to love this, Panther Paw.” He said with a smile as he placed his arm around the hero like they were sweethearts.

Chad gritted his teeth as the pleasure he felt being close enough to his greatest enemy like they were snuggling. He wanted to protest, but the guns were still trained on him. The hero knew he must live to see another day if he wanted to pay Bullet Master back for this humiliating experience.

The lights dimmed as the movie started to play. Chad watched in shock as the scene started in the middle of an abandoned warehouse. His memory of this night was still cloaked in fog as the camera zoomed on him entered through one of the high windows.

Panther Paw climbed through the window his senses alert for any sign of trouble. The entire building seemed to be deserted. He had received a tip that Bullet Master was developing a new weapon that would be used against him. The hero knew that he had to put a stop to this before innocent people were at risk.

As he clung to the wall of the building, he smiled slightly as the never ending battle against Bullet Master. How many times will he fail to defeat the hero before he would just give up and stay home. Scanning the room, the hero dropped silently to the ground looking for any sign of this prototype weapon. This was a great location to hide the weapon in the middle of the docks, he thought wryly.

Creeping silently in the darkness, Panther Paw looked around for any signs of this powerful weapon that was being constructed to destroy him. His black and blue costume blended deeply with the darkness that surrounded him as his knee high boots treaded silently on the stone floor.

The lights suddenly turned on in the entire warehouse as the hero blinked trying to get used to the sudden change in lighting. Armed guards rushed in during his brief moment of confusion and started to fire on the stunned hero.

His instincts kicked in and he leaped away from the gunfire. His superhuman agility was unreal as he easily dodged the bullets. Was this some kind of lame excuse for a trap, he thought shaking his head. Leaping through the air, his fist struck the first guard against his helmet taking him down with one punch. Panther Paw might not be the strongest hero out there, but he was stronger than these pathetic excuses for guards.

Dodging bullets, Panther Paw leapt from guard to guard as he took them out one by one. This was almost too easy, he thought to himself as he found himself the only one standing in the room.

A scream of defiance filled the room as Panther Paw turned ready to fight. A martial artist, dressed like a classic ninja, backflipped into the room. The hero leaped into action as they traded blows each trying to take down the other.

Easily dodging a flying kick, Panther Paw was about to strike when he felt a slight pain in his right ass cheek like some kind of insect bite. He had no time to look as the ninja threw another punch at his head.

The hero barely had enough time to dodge as the bite on his ass started to throb. His movements grew slower as they continued to fight as the hero started to get worried. Realizing that he was starting to lose this fight, he leaped back and crawled up the wall behind him. His normal ease of his powers seemed to be more labored as he tried to find a shadow to hide in. His ass throbbed as the muscles in his body started to refuse to listen to his commands.

Panther Paw almost got to the window before his powers totally deserted him and he fell from the wall and slammed into the stone floor. His body exploded in pain as he tried with all of his might to stand.

“Look who we have here,” a familiar voice said behind him. Bullet Master loomed over him and looked down with contempt. “These stray cats seem to always be where they are not wanted.” He tsked, shaking his head.

“What did you do to me?” Panther Paw groaned as he once again tried to get up. The combination of pain and weakness was a new sensation for him, but he knew he had to escape before it was too late.

“I think it’s time to talk about our relationship,” The villain said with a vicious smile. “You have interfered with my operations for far too long and it is time that this stops. I am sure that we can come to a mutual agreement.”

Panther Paw finally got the strength to get back up to his feet. His still felt weak as a baby, but the pain was dwindling and was replaced with some kind of strange rush. “The only agreement that I will have with you is that you are put behind bars.” The hero said with a cocky smirk. Perhaps he could bluff his way until his powers return.

Bullet Master snarled as he grabbed the weak hero by his throat and lifted him up in the air. “Wrong answer!” He snarled.

As he felt the crushing grip of his nemesis’ strength firmly wrapped around his throat, Panther Paw tried with all his might to get free. His legs kicked in the empty air as he felt the cold embrace of blackness form in his mind. Right when he thought he was going to pass out, he was suddenly let go and Panther Paw crashed back to the ground.

Bullet Master now surrounded by his recovered guards snarled. “Let me know when you want to start negotiating!”

The guards advanced as the hero tried in vain to leap away. He felt flat on his face as his powers still eluded the weak hero. Panther Paw felt himself being lifted up by his arms as he was surrounded by the men who he just defeated only moments before.

They forced open his mouth and popped in a pill and then made him swallow it. Fear lanced his mind as he wondered what it was that he just swallowed. The pill only took moments before he noticed the effects. His cock came alive e in his black tights as his struggling increased. What were they going to to do with him?

Two guards took a hold of his tights and roughly shoved them down until they were stopped by his boots. “Don’t do this!” the helpless hero cried out as the cool air hit his now throbbing erection.

Bullet Master laughed as he watched his men dominate the once powerful hero. “Are you ready to negotiate?” He asked sweetly.

Panther Paw gritted his teeth as he felt rough hands on his hard cock and muscled ass. “Never!” He said still trying to break free.

The villain signaled to his men as they bent the hero over on one of the large crates in the warehouse. The hero felt his now rock hard cock pressing against the wood of the crate as his asshole was being explored by the horny guards.

As a finger entered the most private of places, Panther Paw cried out as he looked pleadingly at the villain who captured him. “What are your terms?” He begged as he tried to buy time for his powers to return.

Bullet Master smiled as he observed the changing attitude of his nemesis. “All I want are your powers, Panther Paw.” He said calmly. “You agree to transfer them to me and I will let you go. You will never hear from me again.”

The hero balked at the thought of this madman receiving his powers. He had no idea how this would be possible, but he had to keep the world safe. “I would never agree to that!” He said with false bravado.

The signal to continue was given and Panther Paw’s muscled ass was once again violated. He wanted to hate this gross invasion of his privacy and body, but as the finger expertly found his prostate, the hero began to feel pleasure that he never knew possible.

Another of the guards moved to his face and brought out his own hard cock. “Suck my dick, bitch!” He snarled as he pressed his cock to the full lips of the hero.

Panther Paw refused to open his mouth until a smart smack came down against his exposed ass. As he cried out, the cock was inserted into his mouth. The hero gagged as his mouth was transformed into a fucking hole for the man who was once inferior to the mighty hero.

The trauma of giving his first blow job was interrupted as he felt another cock pressing against his muscled ass. Panther Paw’s brown eyes bulged in fear as he tried to protest with a cock fucking his mouth.

His muffled cries turned into howls of pain as his anal virginity was roughly taken from him. Now being fucked on both end of his body, Panther Paw could only close his eyes and pray that it would end soon. His own cock still betrayed him and throbbed between his body and the rough wood of the crate. Precum started running from the head of his cock and ran down his shaft until it started dripping on the stone floor.

Bullet Master watched with glee as the hero was turned into a sex toy for his men. It was only a matter of time before the hero would break and then his powers would be his.

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