Panther Paw Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Panther Paw barely noticed when the door opened and two men wearing long white coats entered the room. They undid the hero’s restraints as he sat in the blissful afterglow of a powerful orgasm. He vaguely thought that this was his chance for escape, but there was no longer any strength in his body and his mind was still numb after exploding in his white briefs.

The scientist stripped his briefs off and pushed the weak hero back on the chair. One of the men took his cum filled briefs and placed them in a plastic bag. He went to the door where two armed guards stood on the other side of the door. “The Fox wants these without delay,” The scientist instructed firmly. “It is important.”

The guard took the bag that contained the briefs that Panther Paw just came in and he wore all night thought his sexual teasing. Saluting, the guard took off running to make sure that they were delivered.

Panther Paw started to think a bit more clearly as he wondered who this Fox was and why he wanted his briefs. Most likely a part of a perverted act, he thought with disgust.

The two scientist dragged the weak hero back to his feet and started measuring every part of his body. The young man was confused by their purpose until he saw them writing on a clip board.

“This is interesting,” One scientist mused as he looked over the data. “It seems our guest has lost two inches on his entire body.”

A gasp escaped the lips of Panther Paw as he looked down at his muscled body in shock. He lost two inches on his body from a simple orgasm? What the hell kind of machine was this?

As his cock was taken to be measured, he finally tried to resist only to have his hands slapped away. “He also lost half an inch on his penis,” the second scientist said with a slight smirk.

Panther Paw’s eyes widened as he looked down at his manhood. The size of his cock was always his pride and joy and the thought of losing any of his size and girth upset him more than losing his muscle mass or powers.

“Please let me go,” He begged realizing that he was in no condition to fight.

The scientist who was taking his measurements stood up and looked straight into the hero’s pleading eyes. “Give me a kiss and I will consider it, Panther Paw.” He said with a smoldering look.

The hero recoiled at the thought of kissing another man. He was not gay and almost all of his life bullied guys that were or he thought were gay. Swallowing hard, he nodded slowly realizing that this was his only chance for escape.

Closing his eyes, he met the lips of the scientist and gave him the most sensual kiss that he would give any hot girl. Putting everything he had in this one kiss, Panther Paw hoped that this would buy him his freedom. Their tongues massaged each other as the scientist ran his hands down the hero’s chest to his limp cock feeling every part of his body.

As their kiss ended, Panther Paw slowly opened his eyes and realized that he enjoyed that more than he would ever admit. Giving his most adorable and sexy expression, he looked deep into the scientist’s eyes. “Will you let me go?”

Laughing the scientist pushed the hero back in the chair. “Hell, no!” He said with an evil grin. “I just wanted to see what you would do for your freedom. It seems like the great Panther Paw is just a flying fairy who wears tights.”

Panther Paw felt his face blush as the restraints were placed on his wrists and ankles once again. He could not believe he was that stupid to fall for such a trick. As the scientist left the room, the hum of the chair started up again. The red glow filled the room once more as pleasure invaded the helpless hero’s body and senses.

“Oh god!” He moaned as he thrashed against the simple restraints. As his cock started to come alive one more, Panther Paw became lost in the sea of pleasure that consumed him. Even after a powerful orgasm, he became rock hard and the urge to cum began to rise within him.

The floor opened up between his feet once again, but this time a strange suction device connected to a tube came up. The hero thrashed as the suction device attached itself to his now smaller dick and created a vacuum leaving no space between the plastic and the hardness of his cock.

Panther Paw thrust his hips in a failed attempt to free his cock, but it only added to the pleasure he was feeling. His need to break free grew less and less as the need to cum began to consume him. Soon he was moaning like a bitch in heat and his previous hip thrusting turning into an attempt to shoot his second load of the night.

With a loud scream, the hero was finally granted his wish and his cock began to shoot his precious seed into the suction device. His cum was sucked down the tube into the holding tank in the floor below. Panther Paw didn’t even notice as this orgasm was just as intense as the last. His head swam in pleasure as every part of his body tingled from the effect of the powerful orgasm.

When he regained his senses, Panther Paw saw that the scientist were back in the room and measuring his body once again. As he looked down, the hero could see that he was definitely smaller than before. His muscles were just as ripped, but the bulk of them had shrunk down significantly. His cock also lost another half an inch from the result of the evil machine that stole his powers, muscles, and cock size.

Once again, he was secured to the chair and the process began once again. All sense of time was lost as Panther Paw was helpless against the need of his cock. Each orgasm took longer to achieve, but it was just as powerful as the previous ones with the size of his load becoming smaller and smaller.

As his hung balls became smaller and smaller, Panther Paw’s muscles also shrunk down. By the time he had his seventh orgasm that only gave two drops of cum, the hero was reduced down to the size of a cute twink. All of his muscle mass was drained from him and his cock was shrunk down to only three inches when he was erect.

The torment did not end for Panther Paw as he was subjected to the sexual torture once again. His tiny prick grew as hard as it could but at only three inches, it was hard for the suction tube to clamp down on his tiny cock.

The torture seemed to last as it took over an hour for Panther Paw to reach his final orgasm. As the pressure in his cock built into an earth shattering orgasm, the hero looked down as his cock surged but not one drop of cum was produced. They had sucked his balls dry and as the scientist came in and easily manhandled the skinny hero, Panther Paw realized that he was ruined.

With his skinny body, the hero was barely recognizable compared to the walking wet dream that had entered the room at the beginning of the night. His pride and joy was now so small that no woman would ever want to have sex with him again. Worse was the total absence of his powers. Before it felt as if his powers were out of reach, but he could still sense them. But now there was no sense of his powers what so ever. For the first time in his life, he felt like a normal human and the feeling was overwhelmed with a sense of loss that he could never get them back.

Bullet Master entered the room with an evil grin as he looked deep into the frightened eyes of his prisoner. “Did you have a good time, Panther Paw?” He smirked. “Or is it just Chad now? I don’t think you can fit into your costume anymore.”

Panther Paw finally lost it as he fell to his knees, tears pouring from his eyes. Bullet Master had not only defeated him, but he took away everything that was near and dear to him. The only thing that was waiting for him was death at the hands of his greatest nemesis.

The scientist dragged Chad from the room and into the next room where there was a window looking into the chamber that destroyed the former hero. Through his tears, Chad watched as Bullet Master sat on the chair and the room started to glow but in a bluish color this time.

To his utter amazement, Chad watched as Bullet Master started to grow even bigger as his muscle mass expanded before their very eyes. He realized that this was his former muscles and powers flowing into his hated enemy and just like he had promised during the gang rape in the warehouse, he had given his powers to Bullet Master.

The former hero was forced to watch the entire time until, the gang lord finally extracted the last of Chad’s powers. As Bullet Master stood to his feet, his head brushed the ceiling of the room. His suit was ripped to shreds and barely clung to his enormous muscled body and his fifteen inch cock stood at attention as it seemed to mock the skinny twink who once was a hero.

Chad realized that he had not only been defeated but he helped create a monster that would be unstoppable. Fresh tears poured from his eyes as his only hope was that his death would be quick and painless. It was a small hope since he had defeated Bullet Master countless times in the past and the evil man held a grudge.

Bullet Master literally radiated power as he came into the room and Chad had another of his strange visions. In his vision, the villain seemed less powerful that he was now and Chad stood defiant before him ready to fight to his dying breath. The former hero wondered why he could not be like he was in his vision as he sobbed into his hands. He was a shell of his former self as he threw himself at the feet of his vanquisher begging for mercy.

The villain picked up the skinny twink by his throat and lifted him up until they were looking at each other in the eye. “Death is too good for you, Chad.” He said evilly as he emphasized the former hero’s real name. “Your powers are nice, but I want more. Lucky for me, I have a way to increase my power while prolonging your torture.”

Horror filled Chad’s soul as he realized that his torture was far from over. His struggles were ignored as he was carried into another room where a strange portal swirled in the center of the room.

“See you soon, little hero,” Bullet Master whispered in his ear before Chad was thrown directly into the portal. His scream was cut short as he entered a wall of darkness and everything went black.