Night at the Museum: The Fall of Ultraman

Amazon decided to block this book from publication because of the content of the story. If anyone is interested in purchasing this book, I will be happy to email it to them. Send $2 to my PayPal,, and I will send the full book to your email.Your support would not only help me be able to publish more books in the future, but it will enable me to post stories to read for free here on the site. Thanks for reading.

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4 comments on “Night at the Museum: The Fall of Ultraman

    1. Todd

      Thanks for your support. The story has been sent to you.

  1. Todd

    When I posted my email I left out the ‘i’ in ‘gmail’. If you send a payment and have not received the story, check to make sure that gmail is spelled correctly. I am sorry for the confusion.

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