March Newsletter

With spring quickly approaching, the warm weather inspires so kinky outside activities. March brings a new month and new stories to enjoy. Just be careful reading them outside in the warm weather.

March 9, brings Astroboy to Astroslave. Astroboy’s worst nightmare come to life when the head of the Romanian Mob, The Blue Spectra, discovers his secret identity. Blackmailed into submission, Astroboy must submit himself complete to the mercy of his new master. Yet in the wings of despair comes hope as he starts to fall in love with a young member of the Romanian Mob. Will Astroboy be rescued by his new love or be completely beaten into submission by The Blue Spectra?

Shattering The Shield is a story of love gone wrong. While fighting crime, The Shield rescues a young man and it is love at first sight. Anxious to do anything to please the man that he love, our hero spends all his money on presents. He finds that he would do anything to keep his love strong. Will his new found love lead him to the road of ruin? Find out on March 16.

Voodoo Delight: Touchdown takes off where Voodoo Delight ended. Harry is now a successful sports agent with Axel completely under his control. He now sets his sights on an up and coming college football player. Armed with the stolen book of voodoo spells, he offers his new prey the deal of a lifetime. Little did he know that George is out there hunting him. Voodoo Delight: Touchdown will be published on March 23.

The last book for March is Seducing Sharkboy. Sharkboy is a young hero who gets his amazing powers from a shark tooth pendant that he wears around his neck. When not fighting crime, our hero enjoys life in the dance clubs living it up. His enemies wants him destroyed and sends the perfect weapon, a pretty twink with one mission in mind. Seducing Sharkboy launches on March 30.

On, The exciting conclusion of Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe will be posted. Strange Dealings: Nightwing’s Fall will continue as Professor Strange transforms our hero into his own personal slave with the ultimate goal of acquiring Batman.

On my patreon site, there are three stories being posted. The first is the continuation of The Hunt for Superboy. Next we have Wayne Expansion, where Batman is slowly transforming Robin into his own bottom bitch while taking over Lexcorp. Last we have Spider-Man Slut Cumming, where Spidey deals with the consequences of his stripping debut while trying to hunt down Doctor Octopus to find out what is happening to him. All is takes to see these stories is a $3 pledge a month. A special thanks to all my patrons out there helping me to be able to write full time.

I hope that you enjoy all that March has to offer. Be sure to post on either my website or patreon site with your comments and suggestions. Both are valuable since it helps me know what it is that you would like to see in current and future stories. Thanks for reading!

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