Super Auction

The following is an original work of adult fan fiction involving the erotic adventures Superman. Superman is the intellectual property of D.C. Comics. This story is strictly not for profit and no copyright infringement is intended. No super heroes were harmed in the creation of this work.


Nik waited nervously in a very crowded warehouse. He was surrounded by criminals and gangsters and packed in like sardines. This was a sight that he never thought he would see, rivals from the criminal element in the same building and no one was fighting each other. It was this strange invitation that said that Superman was going to be on trial. At first his boss thought it was some kind of sick joke, but the possibility that it may be true was too good to pass up. So here he was packed in with all the other criminals to witness the man of steel’s trial.

The warehouse was completely empty with the exception of a crudely built stage and a worn curtain that kept them from seeing what was on the other side of the building. Quiet talking by the other criminals sounded like a soft buzz of a fly. Despite everyone wanting to see the fall of the world’s greatest hero, no one was taking chances. Nik himself was surrounded by his boss and people from his gang. Anxiety seemed to ooze from everyone in the building. They were taking a huge risk in coming here tonight.

The quiet hum of chatter suddenly quieted down as a man stepped out from behind the curtain. Nik recognized him as Carlos Capone. Carlos was a high ranking member of the Capone family. Normally their activities were in New York, but in the last few months they began to expand into Metropolis. “Welcome, brothers and sisters of the underworld.” Carlos said with a huge grin. “Tonight we will make history as we make our enemy, Superman, pay for his crimes against us.”

The curtain was slowly drawn back resulting in gasps of astonishment from the crowd. Superman was chained to the stage struggling to escape. There was enough slack on the chains attached to his wrists to allow him to stand but not much else. His feet were also shackled and the chained. The chains for both sets of shackles disappeared through a hole in the floor. If Nik had to guess, he would wager that the chains were attached to the concrete foundation to ensure there would be no escape for the weakened hero.

Superman paled when he saw how many criminals were there to watch his downfall. His usual pristine uniform was stained with sweat and dirt and his face was bruised from the abuse of his captors. As Nik watched the hero struggle, he could not help to feel a twinge of pleasure. One of his deepest secrets was his fantasies to not only defeat the man of steel but also to dominate him sexually. It wasn’t the sort of thing he could tell his fellow gang members.

“We have done what no one else has done before!” Carlos said with a smug smile. “We have captured Superman!”

Nik watched the struggling hero as lust crept into his mind. If this was a fake, it was an impressive one and a great actor to boot. There were few who could be mistaken for the man of steel. The other criminals in the room must have come to the same conclusion that this was Superman because cheers erupted from their lips and filled the room, causing Superman to look at them with eyes wide and full of fear.

“Before we pass judgement on this so called hero,” Carlos said after the cheers and clapping quieted down. “We will be holding an auction in honor of the fallen man of steel. You all will have a chance of a lifetime to be able to bid on various pieces of Superman’s costume. As a bonus, the winner will be able to come up to the stage and take off their newly acquired item themselves. Bidding will start in 20 minutes!”

Nik barely noticed Carlos leaving the stage, as the crowd erupted in chatter as phone calls were made. His own boss was making a phone call to get money here on the double. Everyone wanted the chance not only to see the world’s greatest hero defeated but stripped of the symbol of his identity. Nik had another reason for being happy to be here. It was a chance to see this hunk of a hero totally naked. How he would sell his soul to be able to have 20 minutes alone with the weakened hero.

The thug looked toward the stage where the man of steel was trying with all his might to break the chains. The look of fear made his previous attempts at escape seem composed. His eyes traveled down from the hero’s sweat covered face down the sculptured body to where the greatest treasure lie. Superman’s crotch bulged with a mound that suggested that he was hung like a horse. Nik hoped that it was really that big and not a sock in his shorts.

The 20 minutes went fast and soon Carlos was back on the stage ready to start the bidding. Nik leaned close to his boss and whispered. “We should try to get his shirt or tights, boss. This will help cement our hold in Suicide Slums.”

His boss nodded thoughtfully and stared intently as the auction started. Nik wished they had enough money to buy the hero’s entire costume. He would have to be satisfied with whatever piece that they could afford. He had no doubt that all the other gangs would be throwing everything they had to buy a piece of Superman’s costume and adding to the humiliation of the man of steel’s defeat.

“The first piece of Superman’s costume up for auction is his famous cape.” Carlos announced as the auction began. The bidding was fierce and seemed to take forever.

The winner was Intergang and a rep soon bounded up the stage to take his prize. Superman looked like he was in shock and flinched when the gangster took the cape off of his body. Holding it up for everyone to see, the gangster laughed as he turned and patted the hero on the cheek. The man of steel turned red from the humiliation of having his cape taken away so casually. Nik wished he was the one on the stage doing much more to the fallen hero.

The next piece to be sold was the boots on Superman’s feet. Carlos announced that boots will be sold as a pair and more than one representative would be allowed to come up and take them off the hero’s feet. This sent the bidding to a frenzy as everyone wanted be allowed close to the weakened hero. Even his boss forgot that they were planning on waiting for the chest or tights and joined in on the bidding. The price broke through the million dollar mark as representatives of the gangs shouted out their bid. It was the Chinese mafia that eventually won the bid and five of their gang members stormed the stage. The chains holding the hero’s feet were removed to access his shiny red boots.

Superman tried to fight the removal of his boots, but one of the members of the Chinese mafia grabbed the hero by his chin. “Be a good boy or I will spank you right here in front of everyone, Superman.”

Superman’s eyes grew wide as he helplessly watched as his boots were pulled off. His feet were bare now as he apparently did not wear socks underneath his boots. The chains were put back on his bare ankles as the leader of the Chinese Mafia took of his own shoes and placed the boots on his feet. “Thanks for my new shoes, Superbaby!” He said pinching the hero’s cheek. Everyone laughed as the Chinese thugs left the stage.

Nik watched the man of steel with glee. The once great hero looked like he was going to cry as he struggled to break chains that he could have snapped like twigs if he had his powers. This was the best night of his life. Even being a spectator was giving him pleasure as he hoped that he could get a copy of tonight’s humiliation on DVD so he could enjoy it in private.

Carlos announced that the next item that would be auctioned off would be Superman’s yellow belt. Nik resisted the urge to tell his boss to bid on this item. As hot as it would be to pull the hero’s belt off his tapered waist, he really wanted his boss to win the hero’s tunic or tights. Other gangs did not show such restraint as the bidding was just as fierce as the other items sold. It was the Falcone’s, who like the Capones have stated to expand their influence but from Gotham. A representative came up to the stage and slowly relieved Superman of his belt. He held it up for the crowd to see like he had just won a boxing match. With an evil grin, he lowered the belt and swung it across Superman’s ass. The man of steel cried out as his knees almost buckled from the unexpected impact. Falcone continued to use the belt to spank the hero’s bubble butt. There was no no mercy for the hero as his ass was beaten by his own belt. Soon Superman was crying like a baby sobbing and begging for his spanking to stop.

“You better hope you don’t fall into our hands, Superman.” The Falcone said loudly when he finally had his fill. He used all his might and slammed the belt against the hero’s ass again. The man of steel screamed in pain as his invulnerable belt hit his now vulnerable round ass. Superman closed his eyes as if he was wishing that he could get his powers back and escape. Seeing the man of steel spanked like a little boy was the most erotic thing Nik had ever seen. The hero tried to stop his blubbering, but there was no escape for the once powerful hero as Carlos announced that next for sale would be the red trunks.

This announcement started the bidding at well over a million dollars. Nik had to cover his crotch with his hands as he dreamt of slowly pulling off those red briefs and being close to that huge bulge. He wished he had worn looser pants as his arousal was starting to get out of control. Looking around, he could see that others were being turned on by the same thought as they covered their crotches. This bidding for the trunks didn’t last very long as a bid for 10 million dollars was sounded. The bid came from the back and everyone looked back to see who had won.

Nik did not recognize the man as part of any of the gangs that vied for control of Metropolis. The man made his way up to the stage and took the mic. “Sorry to crash your party boys, but when we heard about this little gathering, we had to represent. I am Scott, the owner of the gay club, CC Blooms. The gay community of Metropolis wanted a piece of Superman too.”

Nik could not believe his eyes as Scott turned to Superman smirking. He ran his hands down the S symbol on the hero’s tunic slowly twirling his fingertips around the hero’s spandex covered nipples. Scott leaned close to the hero and pressed his body against the muscled perfection of the former mightiest hero in the world. Superman tried to back away but his restraints held him firmly in place. The gay bar owner brushed his lips against the hero’s as he rubbed his body against the imprisoned stud. Regretfully he pulled away and went back to the business in hand.

After taking a moment to unlock the ankle manacles once more, he firmly gripped the waistband of the red trunks and slowly knelt down to pull the briefs off of Superman. The Man of Steel stared in disbelief as his briefs were taken off his body in a slow and seductive way. Before getting back to his feet, Scott gently kissed the blue tights where the hero’s cock was tightly held. As he turned back to the crowd, Scott held the brief like one would a stack of gold bars and brought the red material to his nose inhaling the crotch sweat of Metropolis’ greatest hero. Before he left the stage, Scott grabbed Superman’s crotch. “If you survive this trial and need a job, come down to my club. We can always use a go-go dancer.”

The crowd laughed at the reddened face of the hero as the gay man left the stage. Without his briefs, Superman’s bulge looked to be bigger. The outline of his cock in the bare tights seemed to fight the tight confines. Even soft, it was an impressive sight.

Carlos grinned as he started the bidding for Superman’s shirt while an assistant re-applied the ankle shackles to the superhero. This is the piece that his gang had to purchase. Having that in their clutches would give a lot of influence in the underworld. Not as much as the Capones for capturing the Man of Steel, but even playing a part in his downfall would make people fear them.

Nik’s boss finally started bidding in earnest. They had saved their money for this moment and most of the other major gangs had already spent a lot of their money. They had millions that they could spend and the fight to be the top bid was fierce. To his joy, it was Nik’s gang who finally won out. He almost fainted when his boss motioned for him to come up to the stage with him. This truly was going to be the best night of his life.

Being this close to Superman sent his senses reeling. The Man of Steel was even more handsome that he looked far away. His hair was disheveled and his single curl that usually lay on his forehead was pushed aside almost to the rest of his hair. His eyes were red and puffy from the crying during his spanking earlier. The look of fear on the hero’s face was intoxicating as Nik wished he could get the hero like this alone with him. They unlocked the chains from Superman’s wrists before they positioned themselves for the her’s stripping. They stood on either side of Superman and started to pull of the tunic so everyone could get a look at the stripping of the most symbolic of the hero’s costume.

As the shirt was slowly pulled off, the crowd could see that Superman’s washboard stomach was incredibly muscular and covered in thick black hair. His pectorals were also covered in hair with nickel sized nipples. Nik could not help himself was he ran his fingers through the hero’s furry chest and tweeked the nipple close to him. Superman closed his eyes and Nik thought he might had been dreaming since he thought he heard a soft moan from the man of steel. For the first time, the hero was shirtless and only wearing his blue tights. Nik’s boss walked up to the hero and grabbed on to both of the hero’s sexy hairy nipples. Superman cried out in pain as his vulnerable nipples are twisted. Nik’s boss sneered as he abruptly brought his knee up and slammed it into the man of steel’s crotch. The sounds of Superman’s screams were music to his ears as Nik watched as Superman reeled back in pain. “If I ever catch you in our territory again, Superman, tonight will seem like heaven compared to the things I will do to you.” Nik’s boss said viciously.

Nik quickly reattached the wrist shackles before they went back to their place in the crowd, Nik smiled as the Man of Steel was only left with his blue tights. Soon the mighty hero would be totally stripped of his costume and the symbols of his heroism would be in the hands of the criminals that he dedicated his life to fight. Nik almost slobbered with anticipation of seeing Superman totally naked.

The bidding for the man of steel’s tights was the fiercest of the night. This was the last piece of costume that could be won and stripped from the hero. Nik’s boss bidded as fierce as everyone else, but ultimately it was Intergang who won the bidding. There weren’t many criminal organizations that could match resources with them. Nik watched hungrily as two Intergang members came up to the stage and slowly peeled off the last bit of modest that Superman had.

The impossible had happened. Superman was reduced to a helpless man and every part of his heroic symbol was stripped from him. The once mighty hero bowed his head in shame as the crowd stared at his naked and helpless body. Even flaccid, Superman’s cock was very thick and uncircumcised. A dense bush of dark black pubic hair was not enough to hide the sheer size of the hero’s penis. Nik winced as he as he imagined what the man of steel’s cock looked like fully erect. Superman turned bright red as he was now totally exposed to the criminals who had played a part in his humiliation. He tried to cover up his crotch with his hands but there was not enough leeway from the chains that held him. The greatest hero in the world stood stark naked before common thugs and he was helpless to do anything about it.

Nik struggled hard to control himself in the midst of so many people. His desire to have the man of steel alone, chained, and naked almost drove him in a frenzy of lust. His attention was temporarily diverted as Carlos came back to the stage.

“We have one more item for sale tonight.” He said with an evil smile. “But first we need to take care of Superman’s body hair!”

The crowd erupted in cheers as two Capones joined Carlos on the stage. They took out a couple of bottles of shaving gel and sprayed it all over the man of steel’s body. As they lathered his body with the gel Superman started to struggle. One Capone slapped him smartly on the face. “When are you going to realize that you are no longer, ‘Super’ Man? You are just a weak little hero. Now be still or we will cut your dick off and sell it on ebay!”

The hero paled as he obeyed his new masters. He trembled slightly as the hair on his body was shaved off his body. The man took liberties and played with the hero’s body as they performed their task. Every part of his body was examined and shaved with the exception of the dark locks on his head. During this they took the chains off of his wrists so they could manipulate the hero better during the shaving. They forced him to bend over revealing Superman’s reddened ass and even shaved the hair there. One Capone laughed as his thrust his finger into the man of steel’s tight hole. Superman cried out as he was violated. “I’m going to enjoy fucking that ass!” The Capone said to his friends.

Nik was in awe as they stepped aside to reveal the freshly shaved hero. The man of steel was still covered in shaving gel. Carlos snapped his fingers and a member of his gang dumped a bucket of water over Superman washing off the cream and soaking him in the process. The hairless hero bowed his head in shame as the symbol of his manhood had been stripped from him. His wet muscles gleamed as every definition was now evident without any hair to hide anything. His huge flaccid cock and balls seemed so much bigger now that they were hairless. They had really done it! They reduced the mighty Superman to a hairless freak.

“We’re not done with his humiliation yet, my brothers in crime!” Carlos said. “The final item to be bid on is Superman’s sperm! We are going to milk the hero tonight.”

The crowd erupted in cheers and phones were taken out to call for more money. Superman paled as he obviously thought his nightmare of humiliation was over. Nik could tell the hero never thought he would ever sink this low. As various gangs called for more money, Nik watched as the Capone who slapped the hero forced his mouth open and threw a pill down his throat. The Capones thought of this ahead of time, Nik thought. He would wager that they feed the studly hero viagra to get his monster cock to cooperate. Superman tried to fight but in his weakened condition, he was no match for the gangster. Soon the pill was swallowed and Superman frowned as he felt his cock start to betray him.

Nik watched the man of steel and noticed his facial expressions as the hero fought the effects of the pill. He could tell that Superman tried to think of non-stimulating things but it was a losing battle. His cock slowly came to life as it grew and thickened. The phone calls ended soon and now everyone was watching in amazement at the naked hero chained before them and now sporting a rock hard erection. Nik had never seen such a huge cock like this before. Superman should have gone into the porn business, he thought ruefully.

Laughter filled the room as everyone pointed at Superman and the hero bowed his head in shame. This definitely was going going to be a night to remember. Nik had special plans to get his hands on the dvd of tonight’s event for some special alone time.

The bidding started and everyone in the room wanted a chance to get some of the hero’s baby juice. It wasn’t just the ultimate humiliation that drove them to bid higher and higher. Superman’s sperm was valuable for the DNA that it contained. Unlocking the kryptonian DNA could mean clones or possibly acquiring the man of steel’s powers. It was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Superman struggled with all of his might to escape this fate. His cock quivered as it pointed towards the ceiling. Panic was all over his face as the humiliation he had already suffered seemed like nothing compared to what was going to come.

The bidding was already in the millions and everyone had already spent a fortune on the pieces of the man of steel’s costume. People were on the phone trying to get hidden assets available and liquidated so they could get their hands on Superman’s sperm. Nik could not imagine that his gang would be able to put enough money together to even stand a chance, so his eyes were focused on the naked and aroused hero fantasizing all the things he would do to the helpless man of steel.

The crowd gasped as a bid came in for 5 billion dollars from the very back of the room. Everyone turned to see Lex Luthor at the entrance with a dozen men from his private army pointing their guns at the crowd.

“I’m very disappointed that I was not invited to this little get together.” The bald genius said bluntly. “Apologies for your guards, they did not move fast enough for a VIP of my stature.”

Lex motioned to his guards and they forced a path to the stage where Superman looked like he was going to faint from shock. More of Lexcorp’s troops came through the door and the already crowded room was far past its maximum capacity. Nik was smashed together with members of his gang as both sides of the room, the criminals were shoulder to shoulder. Although they were all armed, Lex’s men were much better armed and able to kill them all if they resisted.

Luthor ignored the men around him as he only had eyes for his hated enemy. He walked down the newly formed path like he was a king and soon he was face to face with the man of steel.

“The money has already been wired to your Don’s bank account, Carlos.” Lex said dismissively not taking his eyes off the captive hero. “I will allow you to keep him since you were the ones to take him down. The rest of the scum can also keep their souvenirs of tonight’s festivities. I would suggest that your Don get in touch with me in the morning to negociate the fate of this alien. Tonight I will take what I paid for and let you get back to your planned festivities.”

Lex smiled as Superman cowered in fear before him. “You’re lucky you did not fall into my hands, Superman.” The villain said softly. “I would pray to whatever kryptonian gods that you believe in that they kill you after tonight because after tonight I will hunt you down.”

Nik watched as the mightiest of all heroes was reduced to a mass of muscled fear. Lex brushed his fingers up the shaft of the man of steel’s cock. Superman flinched and struggled to escape. “Don’t do this to me!” He cried out.

Luthor smirked as he grabbed his enemy’s cock and started to milk the hero. “I have plans for your sperm, Superman. I will use it to clone you into super powered beings that will serve me.” He jacked the hero’s cock faster and faster. Nik could see the although the hero was trying to fight, the pleasure he was feeling was too great to ignore.

“After tonight you will be obsolete, Superman.” Lex said gloating. “All because of you, I will take over the world. Even if you get your powers back, no one will ever take you seriously again. By the end of the night, tonight’s events will be all over the internet.”

Superman closed his eyes as he came closer to spilling his seed. Luthor’s words seemed to affect him as all hope seemed to die from the man of steel.

“You should not have fought against me, Superman. Now you will just be a toy to whoever is strong enough to keep a hold of you.”

Superman involuntarily gasped as he was being milked. Nik could tell that the hero was fighting to not let any signs of pleasure show but it was a losing battle for the man of steel.

“You are finished, Superman!” Lex Luthor shouted. At the same time, Superman spasmed and screamed as his cock began to shoot its seed. A large container was ready and placed over the head of the man of steel’s cock to catch every drop of the hero’s cum. Lex continued to jack the hero making sure that every drop was collected. Superman cried out as the orgasm subsided and his now extremely sensitive cock was still being milked. He begged for Lex to stop but his pleas were ignored. It was heaven to Nik to see the mighty Superman reduced to a sex toy.

When Lex was satisfied, he finally released the hero’s cock. He lifted the hero’s sagging chin and stared straight into his blue eyes. “We will meet again, Superman, and never time I will not be as gentle.”

The evil genius walked over to Carlos. “I hope that you will heed my advice concerning Superman. I would hate for us not to be able to make a deal regarding this manner.” He said coldly. Without even looking at the criminals packed like sardines on both sides of the room, Luthor walked out of the room with his troops trailing behind him.

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