Joker’s Circus: Green Arrow

Chapter 4

“It’s time to get up.” A soft voice said in a sing-song voice. “It’s time to get up. It’s time to get up in the morning!”

Green Arrow groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. Trying to get the sleep out of his eyes, it didn’t take him long to realize that he couldn’t move. “What’s going on here?” He demanded.

“Naughty, naughty,” The voice said from behind him. “If you don’t play nice, we’ll never see Alice again. I need to see Alice. I NEED HER!”

“Look what you’ve done arrow boy,” Joker giggled as he stepped from the shadows. “You’ve gone and upset the good doctor.”

Seeing the clown, Green Arrow lunged himself forward. He was stopped short by the chains around his ankles and wrists. Strapped to an upright table, the hero looked down and realized that he was completely naked. What was the hell going on?

The villain pulled out a knife from his pocket and started to toss it from hand to hand. “Shall I end your meaningless existence now?” He purred as he leaned up against the naked hero and placed the knife against his throat. “One little slice and it would all be over. A gush of blood, a lifeless body, and that would be that.”

Green Arrow held his breath. He could feel the cold metal pressing against his jugular. Despite his outward coolness, a bead of sweat rolled down his face. His heart was racing and the hero fully expected for his life to end right there.

“But what fun would that be?” Joker laughed as he leaned forward so his hideous grin filled the hero’s vision. “Besides I always wanted to have a pet of my own. My first choice would be a little baby bat, but you would do in a pinch.”

Staring in horror as the knife left his throat and slowly slide down his chest, stomach, and groin, Joker giggled until his weapon rested right next to his testicles. “Daddy always said that we should neuter our pets.” Joker laughed. “They live longer, are less aggressive, and become more loyal.”

Frankly, Green Arrow would rather have his throat slit right then and there than lose his balls. He stayed as frozen as possible. His mind screamed in horror at the thought of castration.

“The subject feels fear,” A new voice said from behind. “Good, good. We are almost ready to begin.”

“We need him whole, that is the goal. Then we shall see Alice at last.”

Joker laughed as he stepped back and put the knife back in the pocket. “It looks like the other doctor has arrived.” He giggled. “Now you be a good boy and listen to the good doctors.” The madman said as he ruffled the hero’s hair like he was a schoolboy. “Daddy will be back later to pick you up.”

The clown’s laughter echoed in down the hall as he left the room. Green Arrow pulled on his chains with all of his might. He had no idea what kind of sick plan Joker had for him, and he didn’t want to stick around to find out. The sounds of clicks were heard behind him as the two doctors worked silently. The room was threadbare from what he could see. For all he knew, the hero wasn’t even in Amusement Mile anymore. With his costume stripped off of him, there was no way for Oracle to track him. That meant no rescue knew where to find him. Hell, at this point, he didn’t even know where to find himself.

“I have a surprise for you.” The first doctor’s voice said gleefully. “A present that was made just for you.”

Stepping from behind him, Green Arrow felt his face pale when he saw who it was. The top hat, the 19th-century suit, and those intense eyes, it was The Mad Hatter. First Bane and now Mad Hatter working for The Joker. How did the clown manage to get their cooperation?

Mad Hatter smiled as he held up his hands. In them was a Robin Hood-style hat that looked exactly like the kind he used to wear when he started his superhero career. “Do you like it? Oh, I hope you do. Alice would love to see you wear it.”

Knowing full well what the hat would do to him, Green Arrow struggled and pulled on his chains. He was bound too tight as he tossed his head from one side to the other. He can’t let that madman brainwash him. Nothing could stop Mad Hatter who stood on a stool and placed the hat on his head.

Green Arrow could feel himself getting sleepy. It was as if a fog had moved into his mind and any form of thought was like moving through thick mud. “I will not give in!” He hissed through his teeth.

“The boy is too strong,” Mad Hatter whined as he wrung his hands. “I told Joker that he was too strong. Resisting the urge to obey, he is. Oh, Alice will be so disappointed.”

“Relax, Jervis,” The other doctor said as he stepped forward. “I have just the thing to help him submit.”

Holy shit, Green Arrow thought as his eyes widened. The other doctor that Joker referred to was none other than Scarecrow. A former doctor specializing in phobias, the mad villain was obsessed with unleashing people’s fears. The thought of these two working together to break him was not pleasant at all. He almost wished that Bane had broken him.

Scarecrow pulled out a syringe with a green liquid bubbling inside. “This will help you relax,” His hollow voice said sending a shiver of fear down his spine.

The hero had to expect the needle to be put in his arm or his neck, but instead, the villain pressed the tip of the needle in one of the veins of his cock. Outraged, Green Arrow sluggishly pulled on his chains. What kind of sick experiment was this?

“You can not a thing, you must obey. Your cock erects and is how it must stay.” Mad Hatter whispered in his ear.

The first twitch of his cock and Green Arrow knew that he was in for the fight of his life. Trying to hold back the impulses to give in to the need to submit to Mad Hatter’s control and keeping his cock soft was more than he could handle. At first, he was able to control his cock from responding, but then he felt his mind slip deeper into the fog and his dick hardened a little bit. It was a tug of war between keeping his mind free and preventing an erection from occurring.  Keeping one under control caused the other to fall.

“Oh no,” the hero moaned as he felt himself losing this impossible battle. He was already halfway to full erection and the fog in his mind had grown thicker. Every second seemed like a full-blown battle as a sheen of sweat broke out all over his exposed body.

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.” Hatter sang as he tugged on the slowly hardening cock of his prisoner.

“It feels so good,” Green Arrow muttered as his dick slowly came to attention. He felt the crashes of waves of pleasure hitting his body again and again. The hero tried closing his eyes at first so that he could concentrate on becoming flaccid, but that backfired completely. Not being able to see Mad Hatter softly manipulating his cock plunged him into a fantasy where he thought it was Dinah’s touch. By the time that his eyes flung back open, it was too late. His cock stood straight up in all it’s eight-inch glory.

“Bottom’s up,” Scarecrow said right before he stuck the needle in one of the flared veins of his erection.

Green Arrow screamed as his body began to burn. He thrashed in his chains trying with all his too human strength to break free. Yet the hat didn’t move from the top of his head. The fire first centered on his throbbing erection, but it quickly spread to the rest of his body. It felt like every pore, every single cell of his body had been set on fire.

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.” Mad Hatter whispered in his ear. His fingers danced slowly along the thick shaft of the hero’s cock as the prisoner tugged and pulled on his chains.

Scarecrow watched silently and with his mask, there was no way to know what he was thinking. Those black eyes of his seemed like hot embers of darkness that grew larger and larger until they consumed the entire room.

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.”

Green Arrow slumped against the upright table that he was chained against. The fires slowly died leaving him drenched in sweat and exhausted. As the pain faded, there was a new sensation that took its place. His erection proud and thick pulsed with the desire that slowly consumed the rest of him. The hero tried to pull on his chains again, but this time it was not an attempt to get free. It was an attempt to be able to touch himself. A need that he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager was born. A desperation to enhance the pleasure that he had started to feel. His cock never felt so hard, so good in his entire life. The only thing he could compare it to was the pleasure of his first erection when his adolescent world had suddenly changed. Yet this erection was better in so many ways. A pleasure that he never knew existed flooded his body as his hips pushed forward. He needed something to touch him. Anything. Even Scarecrow or Mad Hatter would be a welcome touch to this throbbing erection.

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.”

Scarecrow left his observations as he walked behind the struggling hero. Green Arrow didn’t know what he was doing but frankly didn’t care. He needed to be touched, and the need to cum was all consuming. He fucked the open air in desperation trying to pull himself over the edge. The need grew stronger and stronger until it was more powerful than any addiction. Closing his eyes, he felt the trickle of a tear escape his lids and roll down his cheek.

“Please,” He begged to pull on his chains once again.

“What did you say?” Scarecrow asked behind him.

“Please,” Green Arrow whimpered softly.

“Louder, I can’t hear you!” The villain snapped in annoyance.

“PLEASE!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. “I, I need to cum. Please let me cum. I need to cum so badly.”

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.”

Scarecrow walked back in sight as he grabbed the hero by the chin. The hero sighed with pleasure as the simple touch felt like the dawn of a new day. “What did you say?”

Green Arrow opened his eyes as his lips quivered. “I need to cum.” He said a little louder. “I’ll do anything just let me cum.”

The villain turned towards Mad Hatter and nodded. “It looks like the patient is ready for the next phase.”

Clapping his hands with glee, Mad Hatter smiled as he danced around. “Soon the arrow will be broken and Alice will be too.”

A prick of pain and the hero felt himself falling. The room melted away as he was engulfed in pitch blackness. Even the two villains slowly faded away with the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. Green Arrow couldn’t even see his own hand in front of him. Nothing but never-ending darkness as he floated into oblivion.

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