Joker’s Circus: Green Arrow

Chapter 3

This was not the time for a fight like this, Green Arrow thought to himself as he felt himself being lifted up and flung through the air. Instinctively he reached for an arrow from his quiver and found it empty. What the hell? There was supposed to be one more! Bane must have taken it out as before he ambushed him. How could a giant like that move so quietly?

With no way to stop his fall, the hero crashed through several concessions stands before hitting the ground. His chances of escaping were looking slim, he thought as he grunted and tottered to his feet. Green Arrow realized that he wasn’t alone as Joker’s clowns formed a circle around him. The only thing he had going for him was that they were unarmed, but with his bruised and bleeding body plus exhaustion, this fight was not going to be easy.

Gritting his teeth, he leaped into the fray dodging punches while dishing out his own. Using his bow as a weapon, the hero used it with as much expertise that one would with a sword. One end knocked a clown in the head while the other end hit another good right in the gut. Even in his weakened state, the hero was able to drop a lot of the clowns down.

Green Arrow punched a clown in the gut and as the thug was bowled over, the hero rolled over his back and landed on his feet. He was about to throw another punch when he suddenly heard, “Surprise!”

Joker stood before him with a colorful looking box. The box opened up and a giant fist flew out and hit Green Arrow right in the chest. Flying back in the air, he hit a wall behind him and crumpled to the ground.

“Is that all you’ve got Arrow boy?” The diseased clown jeered through his insane laughter. “Even Robin put up a more fight than this!”

Growling, Green Arrow managed to get a surge of energy. The clown thugs were almost on him when he leaped to his feet and started fighting again. At first, he had the upper hand and his superior martial art skills took out many of the goons. Then as he turned, he bumped right into Bane again.

“Uh oh,” He gulped as he threw a hard punch right in his gut.

The blow didn’t even faze the brute as he stared down at the exhausted hero. Pressing a button in the center of his chest, venom started pumping in his veins. Green Arrow watched with fear as the man turned into a muscled monster before his eyes.

A mighty punch was returning hitting the hero in his own gut. Fighting the urge to vomit, Green Arrow doubled over in pain. There wasn’t a second to react as another blow hit him right in the jaw causing him to stumble back.

“You hit like a girl!” Green Arrow taunted. Pretending that those blows didn’t hurt should have won him an Oscar.

Still doubled over by pain, the brute continued the assault. The hero felt like a punching bag as blow after blow was rained on him. A final blow to his shoulders brought the defeated hero to his knees. Holding his bow to help support him up, he looked up with a teary gaze. He had been beaten down.

“I will destroy you!” Bane screamed as he grabbed his prey and lifted him high in the air with both of his hands.

Green Arrow struggled violently knowing that his back was about to be broken. He swung his bow and caught in the middle of tubes that came out of Bane’s venom pack. Pulling with all of his might, the tubing burst open and venom starting flying everywhere. The hero kicked the startled villain in the head and wrest himself from his grasp.  

It was leaping right out of the fire and into the frying pan. As Bane stumbled back trying to save as much of his precious drug as possible, Joker’s men rushed to finished what the Brute tried to start. Using his bow as a weapon, the hero fought through wave after wave of goons. Joker danced around on the outskirts of the fight.

He barely had time to react as he heard the sound of chattering teeth coming closer to him. Leaping out of the way, a dozen clowns flew in the air as the teeth suddenly exploded. Apparently, it didn’t matter to the madman if he took out any of his men. Green Arrow rolled to his feet and turned to fight the remaining men.

Green Arrow continued fighting and heard the cock of a gun. Joker fired as he dove behind a stand as the bullet flew through three of his men. It was bad enough to fight so many men when he had been beaten, bloodied, and exhausted, but having the clown interfere was almost as bad as fighting Bane himself.He was about to launch himself into battle when they parted like the red sea to let in Bane. The villain looked pissed enough to chew steel. Be careful what you think, The hero told himself shrewdly.

“Ready for the next round, big boy?” Green Arrow said with a twisted smile.

Knowing he was severely outmatched, he hoped that his humor and tauntings would give him an opening to fight the brute. Taking a deep breath, the hero launched himself into battle. He raised his bow up in the air to hit Bane over the head with it, but the villain was ready for him. With a single push, he wrests the bow away and snapped it in two like it was a plastic toy.

“Hey!” The hero protested. “That was a gift!”

Bane growled as he flexed his venom-filled muscles. His veins glowing green like the deadly drug itself. “It is time to end this!”

Joker laughed as he pulled out what looked like a toy gun from his suit jacket. “You said it, Bane Baby. Let’s crush this insect and be done with him.”

Green Arrow stared at the gun like it was a viper. His costume normally was able to repel gunfire, but at this range, his armor would not be able to withstand the impact. It looks like this was it. It was a hell of a run, but his luck had finally run out.

Bane snatched Joker’s gun away and crumpled it into a tiny ball in the palm of his hand. “No, clown. I will end him myself.”

It was the kind of strength that he expected from Superman, not from Bane. His venom high must be at its peak to be able to crush steel so effortlessly. He had almost preferred to be shot. Green Arrow raised his fists ready to go out fighting. He might not be able to stand a chance, but he would die a hero. He only wished that he could kiss Dinah one more time before the end.

Bane roared and started charging. Green Arrow bellowed as loud as he could and did the same. It was like a poodle charging a wild bear. He didn’t care, it was his chance to go out with a blaze of glory. Bane swung his might fists breaking plaster and concrete with each powerful blow. Green Arrow had a hard time dodging, but he managed to put in a few blows of his own. The problem was that it hurt him more than it hurt Bane.

Between dodging between one blow and the next, Bane got the upper hand and hit him right in the middle of the back. Crying out in pain, Green Arrow fell on his knees It felt like every vertebra of his back had almost shattered. No wonder Batman wears all that armor. A kick to his chest and the hero slid across the ground moaning in pain. Bane walked over to him and pressed his large boot right on his windpipe. Green Arrow pushed on the leather boot, but nothing could get it to move an inch. All he had to do was press a little harder and his windpipe would be smashed.

Joker whistled to himself as he walked over to the struggling hero. His smile was wide and red as he reached in his pocket and brought out a golf tee and put it into Green Arrow’s mouth. Spitting it out, he glared at the giggling clown. Bane crushed down a tiny bit of a fraction more causing him to gurgle in pain.

“Now, now, Arrow boy.” Joker chided. “Behave or Nanny Bane will have to punish you.”

He took out another tee and placed it in the hero’s mouth. This time Green Arrow didn’t spit it out. The clown revealed a golf ball and placed it on the tee. Grabbing a club, he positioned himself above Green Arrow’s head slightly swinging the club.

“Tell me, little green man.” The villain laughed. “I am assuming that you activated your emergency beacon already.”

Green Arrow’s eyes widened for a second before he covered his shock. How did Joker know about that? He had hoped that his reaction wasn’t noticed, but Joker picked up on it right away.

“That’s what I thought,” The clown mused as he hit the ball with the club. The tee flew from his mouth splitting his lip in the process. The taste of blood filled his mouth and it felt like some of his teeth were loose. “Since this little boy got lost in the circus, I think it only fitting for us to keep him until his parents return. They must be so worried about him.”

Bane growled as he grabbed Joker and lifted him up in the air. “What are you on about clown?”

The madman didn’t even look like anything was out of the ordinary as he swung in the air. “He might not have been our original prey, but bait like him is hard to come by. They already know that he is in trouble, so let’s arrange a nice welcome for whoever is coming next.”

“I see we kill him and be done with it!”

“Live bait attracts more flies than dead. Besides, think of how much fun we can have until the man we really want decides to stop sending the kiddies and come for us himself.”

Green Arrow couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The thought of being a prisoner to these sick freaks sent waves of fear down his spine. He realized that he was never who they wanted in the first place. Was this all a trap to lure Batman here? Like a fool, not only did he spring the trap, but he did exactly what Joker wanted of him by activating his emergency beacon. He didn’t know who Oracle would send to rescue him but they were walking right into a trap and it was all his fault.

“Fine,” Bane growled as he stepped off of Green Arrow’s throat and stalked away.

The hero grabbed his bruised throat and started coughing. Before he could react, the Joker grabbed him by the hair. “This is going to be fun!” With a  savage swing of his crowbar, Green Arrow sank into oblivion.

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