Joker’s Circus: Green Arrow

Chapter 2

With a mighty roar that shook the very earth, Bane charged towards the startled Green Lantern. The hero barely had seconds to jump aside before he would be crushed. Rolling across the ground, he pulled out an arrow and shot it right in the chest of the rampaging villain. His eyes grew wide as Bane snatched the arrow right out of the air and snapped it in two.

Oh shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Green Arrow thought in horror. He had heard the stories of Bane but nothing prepared him for seeing the monstrous brute face to face.

“I will break you!” Bane promised, his voice hollow behind his mask.

There was no escape, nowhere to hide, and no backup to call. Green Arrow knew that he was in deep deep trouble. Activating the beacon hidden in his costume, he only prayed that Oracle would see it and send someone to rescue him. Hopefully, it would not be to retrieve his corpse.

A head-on head fight would be suicide, so instead of aiming his next arrow at the charging villain, Green Arrow aimed his next arrow towards the ceiling. It found its mark and the lights shattered bathing the tent in darkness.

“Is it time to tell scary stories?” Joker laughed as a small light of a flashlight flickered over his hideous grin.  

Green Arrow rushed for the exit hoping the darkness would cover his movements. Sprinting for the door, the hero suddenly hit something that felt like a brick wall.

“Going somewhere?” Bane’s thick South American accent asked as he wrapped his thick hands around the hero’s throat. Green Arrow kick with all his might as he was lifted up in the air. He just didn’t possess the strength required to break free of the villain’s iron grip. Gasping and gurgling, he felt his throat being crushed. “You’re death will be slow and painful!”

“Whoooooaaa,” the hero called out as he was suddenly flung across the arena. His body slammed into the ground as he tried to gather the strength to move.

“Looks like Arrow boy is having a hard time,” Joker laughed behind him cloaked in the darkness. “Let’s give him a jolt of energy.”

Before he even had time to move, Green Arrow felt something grab his hand. A scream ripped from his mouth as he suddenly felt that he was being electrocuted. His body convulsed helplessly as his bow fell from his hand and slid across the floor. Looking up, he saw Joker’s hideous grin bathed by the dim light of a flashlight.

He could hear Bane’s heavy steps coming closer and closer. Knowing that he was running out of time, Green Arrow gathered all of his strength and dived towards his discarded bow. Hastily grabbing an arrow, the hero’s hands shook from a combination of pain and exhaustion as he tried to aim.

Unfortunately, he was too late as the hero felt something grab on to his ankle. Bane had reached him at last. Easily tossing Green Arrow in the air, the villain slammed his prey’s entire body on the ground again and again. Two columns of light suddenly bathed the arena and the thugs in the audience screamed with bloodlust now they were finally able to see what was going on.  

Green Arrow knew that he couldn’t last much longer at this rate. When he was tossed in the air, the hero twisted his body forward and pulled out a small knife that he kept in his boot. With expert aim, the knife sliced through the air and embedded itself into the hand that held his ankle. There was a brief second was Bane stiffened from the impact of the knife. Using his other leg, he slammed his foot right into the hilt of the knife burying the blade even deeper into his hand. A scream of agony ripped through the muscled giant dropping the hero back to the ground. Green Arrow was able to break the fall and roll up to his feet.

“You want to play rough, big boy?” He taunted. If he was going to die here, the hero decided that he might as well make him work for it.

Bane snarled as he pulled the knife from his hand with blood dripping down to the floor. “You will pay for that!” He promised with a baleful glare.

Green Arrow pulled out the other knife from his other boot and tossed it between his two hands. Every part of his body ached from the beating that he had received so far. Even his bones felt bruised, but he still had fight in him yet. Oracle must have seen the emergency beacon activated by now and if he stalled for time, the backup might arrive soon. There were still a handful of heroes left that was not on Apokolips fighting Darkseid.

Charging forward, Bane swings his massive arms with enough strength to snap Green Arrow’s head off. Even with his muscle bulk, the criminal moved with speed of a man a quarter of his size. It took all of his martial arts training to avoid those massive fists as he ducked and slid under his legs. Before the brute could turn back around, the hero grabbed his discarded bow and had an arrow aimed at his chest.

At the last second, Green Arrow changed his aim and the arrow zipped in the air. Grabbing the grappling line, he flew through the air towards the roof of the tent. Right when he reached the point where the arrow embedded itself into the cloth roof, Green Arrow slashed his knife and cut a hole right through the canvas. If you can’t use the door, find another way out! He thought with grim determination as he climbed outside into the night air.

“GET HIM YOU FOOLS!” Joker screamed with frustration as the goons scrambled for the exit.

Green Arrow leaped through the air and grabbed on the edge of the roof of a concession stand. He took a second to catch his breath. His body was covered with sweat making his costume mold itself even tighter to himself. Even his hair was matted and dripping with perspiration. Looking around, he saw that he was in the center of the amusement park. Joker’s men were now no doubt outside already and who knew where Bane and the clown were at the moment. With only two arrows left in his quiver, the odds were stacked against him. Unfortunately, the lights made the fairgrounds looks as bright as noon so stealth was almost impossible. What he needed was to find the power source for the lights.

Looking around, he saw one of the thugs turning around the corner. Leaping from the roof, he landed silently behind him and knocked him out. Before Green Arrow could take two steps, the alarm went off. Damn, he had forgotten that each of Joker’s goons was alarmed to go off if they passed out. Racing as fast as he could, the hero leaped into a small tent to keep hidden from sight.

This tent was much smaller than the one in the center. Completely empty, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide here for very long. Taking his knife, he cute a small hole and crawled back out into the night. Green Arrow could hear orders being shouted to pair up and search the amusement park. Time was not on his side.

Green Arrow slowly made his way back to the main tent. He was taking a gamble going back there, but he was pretty sure that no one would expect him to return back there. Also, the hero was gambling that the main fuse box was located there as well. If he could shut down the power, then it might be possible for him to make his escape.

The amusement park was thick with joker clowns all searching for any sign of him. What he needed was a distraction to divert their attention away from his movements. Taking the second to last arrow out of his quiver, Green Arrow pulled back on his bow with all of his might. With a twang, it shot forward whistling into the night until fireworks suddenly exploded everywhere. He always kept an arrow like that just in case. And hey you never know when you would need to celebrate.

The effects worked perfectly as the clowns rushed over to the source of the fireworks. Green Arrow made sure to aim the arrow as far away from the main tent as possible so it looked like he was trying to escape. Sprinting the exact opposite direction, he reached the main tent while the fireworks explosions were still going off.

Circling towards the back of the tent, he found what he was searching for. The main fuse box for the entire amusement park was now at his fingertips. “Let’s see how pretty the fireworks will be with the lights out,” He murmured to himself.

“Now, now, I really wouldn’t do that if I were you?” Joker giggled at him.

Green Arrow whirled around with his bow and knife in his hand. The clown smiled his hideous grin as he wielded a crowbar in his hand. “I don’t know what your game is, Joker, but it ends now.”

“Didn’t your mommy ever teach you that games are fun?” Joker laughed as he grabbed the flower in his lapel. Green Arrow barely had time to duck before a spray of acid arched out of the flower and melted some of the covers of the fuse box.

The villain took advantage of the few moments of the shock to leap forward with his crowbar swinging. Green Arrow brought his bow up and blocked the incoming blow before pushing him back. “You’re going to have to do better than that!”

With a flourish of his hand, several cards fell down his sleeve and hurled towards the fighting hero. The cards were tipped with steel edges and they cut through his costume like melted butter. Green Arrow grunted with pain as slashes of blood ran down his arms and legs. The clown had more surprises than a soap opera.

Hurling his knife towards the fuse box, the weapon embedded itself into the melted steel plate and plunged the entire amusement park into darkness. The hero could see the Joker doubling over in laughter.

“Come on, let’s shake and make up!” Joker said with all sincerity as he held out his hand.

Green Arrow kicked forward and slammed his foot into the clown’s arm. He followed up with a punch right to his chest that sent the villain hurling to the ground. Joker convulsed and spasmed as the hero cautiously approached him. It was all a ruse as the clown grabbed his crowbar and slammed it into the hero’s legs. Green Arrow fell to the ground dazed by the blow as Joker climbed up to this feet welding his weapon.  

“Time to say good night, sweet prince.” The clown giggled as he raised the crowbar in the air.

Gathering up all his strength, he rolled over just as the metal hit the ground. Joker growled with frustration as he raised his weapon up in the air before slamming it back on the ground. Between one miss and the next, Green Arrow kicked forward and the crowbar flew into the shadows of the night.

“Hey! That was my favorite crowbar!” The villain protested.

Green Arrow leaped to his feet and tried to keep himself upright. The combination of exhaustion, pain, and blood loss made it very hard for him to focus. “Give it up, Joker!” He demanded. “You lost.”

The clown held up his hands as he fell to his knees. “NO!” He wailed dramatically. “Please have mercy!”

Cocking his fist to knock the clown out, Green Arrow cried out as he suddenly felt himself being lifted into the air. Bane had found him at last.

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