January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. With this new year, I am going to start writing a monthly newsletter to let all my readers know what is coming for each new month. My goal this year is to put out a lot of new content on my website, Patreon, and books to purchase.

I am publishing three books in the month of January. On 1/12, I will be releasing The Capture of Panther Paw. The hero finds himself woken up in the middle of the night and kidnapped with his powers mysteriously missing. His arch-nemesis has a plan to completely destroy him. This short story is packed with erotic humiliation as Panther Paw fights his way to freedom.

The Emerald Defender will be released on 1/19. This story focuses on a hero who is blessed with such stunning good looks that everyone instantly falls in love with him and does anything for him. The Emerald Defender’s powers come from a magical speedo. The son of a mob boss hatches a plan to steal the speedo so that he can be granted The Emerald Defender’s powers. The theft not only is devastating for our unsuspecting hero but for the rest of the superheroes as well.  

To end the month, I will finally be releasing Fall of The Hammer: Book 3 Ice Pick on 1/26. Our hero finds that his body is enslaved by the weakest villain in the world. With the black stud’s freedom stripped from him, he forced to experience life as a submissive even as he fights to retain his mind and body.

Of course, I will be posting stories here on the website and on Patreon throughout the month. We will see the conclusion of The Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe and the start of Strange Dealings: Nightwing’s Fall towards the end of the month. On Patreon, The Hunt for Superboy will continue.

One last note, the costs of maintaining my website are due this month. If anyone wants to help contribute to help keep the site going, my PayPal is toddfleming2@gmail.com. A contribution is not mandatory but would be appreciated to help the site not only be active but to help produce more stories to share with all of you. I appreciate each and every one of my readers and if you have any comments or suggestions for current or future stories, you can email me or post a comment on the website.

Thanks for reading!

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