February Newsletter

With love in the air for February, there is another three books coming your way. The first is the sequel to Fraternity Toy, Farm Toy. Jeff is still recovering from his captivity with the fraternity. He is sent into the deep south for a modeling job and finds his car broken down in the middle of nowhere. When Jeff goes to a farm to ask for help, he finds sexual adventures that he never expects. Farm Toy is coming out on 2/9.

Cosmic Avengers is a team of superheroes with mystical powers of the universe. When the mad dictator MegaDeth attacks them, the team is soundly defeated and captured. With the exception of Cosmic Lad. Fleeing back to his fraternity on Earth, the hero goes to his best friend to do a ritual that would give half of his powers to him. The ritual has a number of sexual effects that will change the boys world completely even as MegaDeth is searching for the missing Cosmic Avenger. This book will launch on 2/16.

Voodoo Delight stars a young man named Axel. An accomplished baseball star for his college, Axel is destined to play in the Major Leagues. When he finds out that he has cancer, his promising future seems to have been destroyed. With no other options, the hunk searches for a student with rumors of voodoo magic. A deal is made, but as with any deal there is a cost. Will Axel be able to live with the consequences of dabbling with forbidden magics? Voodoo Delight comes out on 2/23.

Strange Dealings: Nightwing’s Fall will debut on www.todd-fleming.com this coming weekend. With Superman conquered and serving his new master, Lex Luthor, Professor Strange turns his sights to his true goal: The defeat of Batman. The first step of his master plan will be to turn Nightwing into his pawn. When he becomes the new psychiatrist for the Bludhaven Police Department, Richard Grayson is required to have a session with Professor Strange. Little did he know that it is a trap.

On Patreon, The Hunt for Superboy continues. Two new stories will be posted this month. Spider-Man Slut Cumming will feature our favorite webslinger as he is hypnotized into becoming a whore. Wayne Enterprises Takeover is a sequel to Iceberg Lounge where Batman finds himself enslaved by a foe that was thought defeated. The possessed hero turns his attention to Lexcorp as he attempts a hostile takeover with one prize in mind, Superman. Will Nightwing be able to stop his mentor before it is too late? These stories and more are available to members of my Patreon page. Go to www.Patreon/ToddFleming for more information.

That’s all for this month. If you have any comments or suggestion for future stories, feel free to visit my website or Patreon page. I am available for commissions as well. Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy the fun in store for us this month.  

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