Darkseid Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Darkseid smiled as he sat on his throne with his newest slave at his side. Superboy sat on a pillow at his feet looking up at his Lord with utter devotion in his eyes. The former hero was dressed in an altered version of his old costume. He now wore a pristine white t-shirt with the ‘S’ shield on his chest. His legs were bare except for a matching pair of white briefs with a yellow belt around his waist. Instead of sneakers, the boy now wore sandals. It symbolized his new status as a sex slave for the evil god.

A boom tube opened in his throne room, and Mongul stepped from it. The yellow skinned alien was covered in sweat and blood and looked at the point of exhaustion. His eyes immediately went to the subservient Superboy and widened slightly.

“I managed to beat back the JLA,” The warlord said grimly. “I think they figured out that I didn’t have Superman.”

Darkseid waved his hand as if the news were of no consequence. “It doesn’t matter.” He said in a chilling voice. “Superboy is broken, and soon his mentor will join him. You are just in time to witness the final destruction of Superman.”

A smile broke out on Mongul’s face as the prospect of his long awaited revenge was finally going to happen. Superboy also smiled as his briefs began to tent with his own excitement.


Superman was in shock as he sat in his prison cell, chained, aroused, and helpless. He had been a witness to the sexual tortures that Superboy had to go through. The experience left him sexually confused himself as he could not figure out the reason for his own arousal. In fact, his hard cock made it hard for him to think at all.

Even after the screens went black, the Man of Steel kept thinking about the orgasm that Superboy had experienced. The visions kept running over and over again in his mind as he wondered if he would be fated to do the same. The prospect both terrified and excited him at the same time.

The time crawled slowly as his lust and need to cum increased more by the second. The limited range of his hands due to his chains only allowed him to play with his nipples. After watching the pleasure his protégé received, Superman spent his time exploring his own. It only enhanced his pleasure and confusion as the once mighty hero began to feel his mighty will start to waiver.

He still had no contact with anyone except for Darkseid, and that was only when he was torturing Superboy. The hero was positive that he was on Apokolips, but all he had seen was his tiny cell. It also bothered him that in the days that he had been a prisoner of Darkseid, he had not had to use the bathroom. He might have pursued the reason for this oddity if it weren’t for his painful erection.

The door to his cell entered and Superman growled as Desaad entered. “Have you been enjoying the show Superman?”

“You will pay for this monster!” Superman promised as he glared at the sick man who broke his protégé.

Desaad smiled as he ran his thin fingers through Superman’s hair. “You can certainly try, but there is no escaping your fate.”

The Man of Steel tried to jerk his head away, but the grip of the evil little man held tight and caused him to grunt in pain as his hair pulled. Desaad merely smiled as he pulled the hero’s head up. His other hand traced Superman’s jaw as he leaned close enough to kiss. “The game is about to begin.”

Superman hissed as he felt Desaad take a firm grip of his tented erection. “Don’t touch me!” He gasped as the pleasure he felt scared him.

“I see you are much bigger than Superboy,” Desaad mused as he softly jerked the helpless hero off through his costume.

“Stop it!” The man of steel bellowed in rage. His face was red with a mixture of humiliation and anger.

Desaad chuckled as Superman’s commands did nothing to faze him. At one time the hero would have scared him shitless but now helplessly chained, he was all talk. “Aren’t you enjoying this?”

“No!” Superman snapped.

“I think you are. Look how hard your dick is right now. See how it quivers with delight when I touch it.”

“No!” Superman’s denial was a bit weaker than before. There was no denying the pleasure he felt as his thick hard cock was handled by the ugly man.

Desaad squeezed the hero’s cock and a small stain started to grow on his briefs. Superman looked down in horror as he felt dizzy with the pleasure that he was feeling. “Oh Rao,” He moaned softly.

“Do you want to cum Superman?”

For a brief second, the hero felt himself nodding his head. Realizing what he was doing, he tried to break the hold on his cock by moving his hips. “You sick pervert!” He spat as he sat there helplessly.

“I’m not the one with an erection, little man.” Desaad smirked as he patted the spandex covered head of his cock.

Superman grunted as he felt his cock harden even more. The stain of precum on his briefs had grown larger and he was afraid that he was going to lose control if the evil man touched him further.

Desaad released his prisoner’s cock as he lifted up the hero’s chin and stared deep into his slightly frightened blue eyes. “I give you this one chance to submit to Darkseid. Swear your complete allegiance to my lord and I will spare you of the tortures that I have in store.”

A spark of rebellion ignited in Superman as he glared at his captor. “I will never submit!” He declared. “You will have to kill me first!”

“I was hoping that you would say that,” Desaad said with an evil smile. He clapped his hands and a pair of Parademons came into the cell.

Superman was amazed as the chains binding him fell off his body. He stretched his sore joints and muscles as he slowly climbed to his feet.

“Strip,” Desaad commanded with a hard glint in his eyes.

The hero lunged for the evil man but the Parademons grabbed him before he could reach the torturer. Superman doubled over as a savage punch slammed into his gut. The other Parademon slammed both of his hands into the small of his back causing him to crash into the floor.

“Naughty Superman,” His captor chided as he took out a strange wand. He slammed the wand into the middle of his back.

The hero screamed as volts of electricity coursed through his body. Convulsing in pain, he would have lost control of his bladder if there was anything to lose. After what seemed like an eternity, Desaad lifted up the wand leaving Superman panting in pain.

“Let’s try this again,” the evil man said grimly. “Take off your costume!”

“Go…..to…..hell….” Superman slowly gasped in pain. As the wand made contact again, his pants turned into screams of pain as he convulsed on the concrete floor. This process repeated several times as the two Parademons watched without expression.

Desaad made sure to keep the Man of Steel conscious due to his vast experience in torturing his victims. What made it worse for Superman was that his cock was hard the entire time. In fact the electric shock seemed to arouse him even more as each time it brought him closer and closer to the brink of orgasming.

At one point, Desaad turned Superman over on his back. The hero’s briefs were now drenched with his precum and the wet material molded itself around his throbbing erection. After Superman refused to obey him for a fifth time, Desaad hovered the wand dangerously close to Superman’s crotch.

The hero’s eyes grew wide as he watched the wand. Afraid that the direct voltage to his cock would have horrific results, he lifted his hand in fear towards his stoic captor. “Please, don’t!” He begged.

“Take off your costume!” Desaad ordered once again.

The toll of his electric shocks had made Superman’s mind completely numb. His mighty chest heaved as he nodded slowly. The Parademons helped him to his feet and leaned him against the wall.

With his captors watching, Superman started to undress. His boots came off first as they fell to the floor from his still shaking hands. His belt was added to the pile before his precum drenched briefs were peeled down his legs. The front of his blue tights were just as wet as the hero’s excitement made the material slick with his juices. Every vein and curve of his hardened cock was clearly seen through the thin material.

Superman lifted up his shirt to reveal a forest of black hair across his massive muscular chest. The forest thinned into a thick trail as it ran down the middle of his rock hard abdominals and into the waistline of his tights. The shirt fell down to the floor joining the rest of his discarded costume.

Finally all that was left was his wet blue tights. Superman reluctantly starting to pull them down as his erect cock came out in the open. His tree trunk legs were just as hairy as his chest and the forest of pubic hair seemed tiny compared to the massive erection that proudly saluted his captors.

The hero tried to cover his excitement with his hands, but it did little to hide the majesty of his throbbing erection. A drop of precum rolled off the mushroom head of his cock and slowly dropped to the floor dangling by a line of precum.

Superman never felt so mortified in his entire life. He could feel the eyes taking in the perfection of his body making him feel like a toy that a child was yearning for. At their master’s command, the Parademons grabbed the weak hero by his arms and forced him to sit back down on the concrete slab.

Desaad vanished out of the cell as the minions started to chain the hero back into his bondage. Superman tried to struggle at first, but with his non-existent strength, it only brought more pain to his vulnerable body.

When the chains were completely reattached and the naked hero was helpless in his bondage, Desaad came back into the cell. He smiled when he saw the Man of Steel look sullenly at his captor.

The evil man held two small clamps in his hands which he attached to each of Superman’s nipples. The hero gasped in pain as they bit down on the hardened nubs. His lack of invulnerability enhanced the small pains that could have been shrugged off by a normal man.

“Are you ready for your next lesson, Superman?” Desaad asked with a hint of glee.

Superman closed his eyes in denial as he tried to gather whatever strength of will he had left. “You won’t get away with this!” He whispered softly.

The evil man laughed as he took out a small device from his pocket. Pressing a button, he watched with a huge grin on his face as the clamps on his prisoner’s nipples came to life and shocked the helpless hero.

The Man of Steel cried out as the volts tortured one of his most sensitive and vulnerable body parts. His cock started to quiver as well as a stream of precum started to run down his thick shaft.

“This is the lowest setting,” Desaad explained as the shocks faded.

Sweat poured down his face as the hero realized that this was just the beginning of his tortures at the hands of Darkseid’s servants.

Desaad patted the hero’s matted hair as he turned to leave. “I have other matters to attend to, Superman.”

Another wave of electric shocks slammed into his nipples as Superman’s cries grew louder and louder. “Wait!” Superman begged after the shocks ran their course.

The evil man turned and arched an eyebrow at his whimpering prisoner. “You are ready to submit already?” He asked with surprise in his voice.

Not broken yet, Superman gasped as he shook his head. “You will have to kill me first!”

Desaad patted the hero’s cheek as he chuckled. “I can keep you alive for a very long time, Superman. You’ll not escape me by dying.”

The Man of Steel cried out as another wave of shocks hit him. His legs squeezed in tight against his cock and balls, giving him a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. As his captor left the cell, Superman could only hope that his allies would find him soon and rescue him from this sexual hell.