Darkseid Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Superman pulled at his chains as he sat in his prison cell. He had woken up a short time ago to find chains attached from the wall to his wrists and ankles. At first, he was shocked that he was unable to use his strength to shatter the chains easily, but then he noticed the faint red glow coming from the lights on the ceiling. Darkseid must have constructed these lamps to act as a red sun, successfully nullifying his powers.

How the evil god could have discovered such technology was a puzzle to the hero as he sat in silence. Only Brainiac had such technology, and he was never one to share knowledge. His cell was bare except for two screens that had been mounted on the wall in front of him. At the moment they were both off and such he was alone. Superman didn’t remember this kind of cell on Warworld, so he had deduced that Darkseid had taken him back to Apokolips.

With no way to break the chains binding him, Superman could only hope that the Justice League would be able to figure out his location and that he had been captured. He had left in such a hurry that the hero did not tell anyone where he was going. It was a stupid mistake on his part and one that will bite him in the end.

One of the screens flickered on, and Superman saw that it was a similar cell to his own. He saw Superboy sitting laying on the concrete slab and his hope ignited when he saw his protégé moving. ‘At least Superboy is alive,’ the hero thought in relief. Now if only there was just the means to escape. He was sure that Superboy’s cell would be equipped with the red sun lamps like his own.

His thoughts of escape were shattered when he saw Desaad entering the cell. Superboy had tried to jump him but without his powers, he was easily beaten. Superman gasped as the young hero’s pants were pulled down and his genitals were exposed. What kind of sick joke was this?

Yet something started to stir within him and in his tights as he watched the evil torturer start to spank Superboy. Superman tried to fight it, but that stirring caused his cock start to harden. A horrible thought crossed his mind that he might be enjoying seeing another man being dominated. What was worse was that he saw Superboy was equally aroused as Desaad smacked his ass.

“Enjoying yourself, Superman?” Darkseid asked as the second screen flickered on to reveal his grim face.

The man of steel blushed as he tried to cover his excitement with his hands. The chains stopped him, and his tented red briefs were there for anyone to see.

“You animal!” Superman cried out. “What did you do to us?”

Darkseid smiled making his ugly face seem even more sinister. “I did nothing, Kryptonian. Your body’s reactions were your own.”

The hero furiously thought if the evil god was lying or not. He loved Lois and was attracted to her sexually. He kept trying to tell himself that, but it wasn’t the thought of the lovely reporter that made his cock so achingly hard.

“Is there some deep attraction that you have for your young protégé, Superman?” Darkseid asked as they both watched Superboy getting off on a spanking. “Or do you wish that you were in his place? It is quite common for the powerful to have fantasies about being powerless. Is this the case? Or are you just a sexual deviant?”

“Shut up!” Superman ordered as his enemy’s words cut deep into him. His cock throbbed with a longing that he never felt before. This was easily the hardest that his cock had ever got and the pleasure he was feeling was making his head spin.

“As you wish, Superman, but it will not change the facts.”

However much he wanted to look away, the hero found his eyes glued to the television. Why was he so horny and turned on? Why was his cock longing to be touched? Darkseid’s words echoed in his mind as he unconsciously tried to touch himself only to be denied by the chains holding him in bondage.

Darkseid smiled as he watched his plan come to life. Granny was a genius to suggest using the parasite on the two Kryptonians. He didn’t care about Superboy since it was Superman he was after. The Man of Steel was the main threat stopping him from reaching his goal of obtaining the Anti-Life Equation. Once the hero belonged to him, then the rest of the Justice League would fall to his might.

“This is sick!” Mongul spat behind him. “Why don’t you just kill them and be done with it!”

The evil god smiled at the impatience of his partner. Mongul was just an ends to a means. A distraction to buy him the time he needed to break Superman once and for all. “We agreed that I would be the one to break Superman.” He said calmly. “My people know the consequences of failing. They will break him, and your revenge will be complete.”

Mongul grunted as he turned away in disgust. Darkseid knew that the warlord would turn on him eventually, but his strength alone was not enough to vanquish him. Until his pawn had played his part, he would tolerate this inconvenience.

His Motherbox beeped at him, and Darkseid drew his attention from the sexual torture of Superboy to see what the supercomputer wanted. “It seems the Justice League is on their way to Warworld.”

Mongul cursed as he pounded his fist against the wall.

If the warlord did not think he could defeat the Justice League then how could he believe that he could turn on him? Darkseid thought with a smile.

“You don’t need to destroy them,” He ordered softly. “Just provide the distraction to give me time to break Superman. If you need my assistance, I will gladly send my Parademons to assist you.”

The Motherbox opened a portal to Warworld and Mongul stepped through, preparing himself for battle. Whether the fool was successful in his part to be a misdirection for the other Earth heroes was of little consequence. Darkseid had all the time he needed to break Superman once and for all. As far as he was concerned, his need for Mongul was over.


Superboy whimpered as he tried to touch his throbbing cock again. As soon as his hand got close, an electric shock would cause his body to convulse. He sat in his cell as he stared down at his erection. His need to cum consumed everything to the point that he could not focus on anything else.

The collar around his neck prevented him from achieving the orgasm that he so desperately needed. The pain of the shocks was too much for him to ignore. He had even tried to rub his cock against the concrete walls of his prison, but the rough material just rubbed his manhood raw.

Once again he tried to touch himself only to fall to the floor in pain. Each shock was worse than the last, but he didn’t care. Oh, how he needed to cum so badly. His cock seemed to mock him as it quivered in delight with precum flowing freely from its mushroom head.

“Having fun, Superboy?” Desaad said with his oily smile.

The young hero looked up with tears of frustration. “Please, sir. I need to cum.”

“I see that you remembered your first lesson. Perhaps I will reward you for your progress.”

Normally his pride would have prevented him from showing any respect for such a disgusting madman, but he would do anything to be able to achieve his much needed orgasm. Superboy had lost track of how long he was in the cell and during the entire time his cock had been as hard as steel.

Desaad walked into the cell and softly ran his hand across the teen’s cheek. He smiled as the boy shivered with unwanted pleasure and attention from him. That will change by the time he was done with him.

Kneeling down, he took the hard and quivering cock in his hand causing Superboy to moan and shudder with delight. “Even hard, your cock is only six inches,” he mused almost seemingly to himself.

The teen burned with shame as Desaad criticized his average cock. Even so, his hips moved forward as it welcomed any touch to get to the sweet point of release.

Desaad wiped away the drop of precum that had formed on his cock head and started to study it. “Very close to a human male, but quite different from an Apokoliptian. I wonder if your hybrid cloning had any effect on your reproductive system.”

His words just frustrated Superboy as he wished the madman would just let him cum already. The hand on his cock felt so incredibly good that he imagined that it was M’gann who was touching him.

“I suppose that I will have to study you further when I have the time,” Desaad said a bit regretfully.

The evil man stood to his feet as Superboy groaned with frustration. “Please, sir! I need to cum so badly!” He mumbled incoherently.

Desaad grabbed Superboy by his chin and forced the teen to look up at him. “I will allow you to cum if you swear your life and allegiance to Darkseid.”

Superboy felt a trickle of sweat run down his face as he stared helplessly at the boney man in the brown robe. To serve Darkseid would betray everything he ever stood for. However much he wanted to give in and accept, Superboy just could not make that final step that would doom him to a life of pain and suffering.

The Torturer smiled as he shoved his prisoner’s head back. “I was hoping that you would refuse,”

Once again Superboy tried to touch himself and once again he was shocked from the collar around his neck. He slid down the wall as he banged his fists in frustration. “Why won’t you let me cum?”

Desaad was already gone leaving the poor boy to suffer through his sexual torture.

Superman watched helplessly with his erection trying to break free of the tight confines of his costume. Not once did it go down and it was starting to get to him. At first, he was strong and didn’t try to touch himself once he had discovered that Darkseid was watching him. As he watched Superboy being shocked each time the boy tried to touch himself, he felt his desire grow more and more.

Eventually, he got to the point where he stopped caring. His cock ached to be touched so badly, and the pleasure just kept building with no release in sight. He never knew this level of sexual frustration even when he was a horny teenager.

Finally unable to take this anymore, Superman tore his eyes from the screen showing Desaad inspecting the teen’s cock to the screen where Darkseid was watching them both. “Why are you doing this?” He demanded. There was a slight strain to his voice.

“You have been a hindrance to my plans for too long, Superman.” The evil god replied. “Your actions against me has forced me to take the matter into my own hands.”

“Why Superboy? He’s just a boy!”

Darkseid smiled, but they did not reach the hatred in his eyes. “The boy is your weak spot. He is a tool to break you.”

“You have me!” Superman declared. “Let him go! I’m the one you want.”

“I will agree to let the boy go if you promise to worship me as your god and master!”

It was one promise that the man of steel just could not make. “I’ll never submit to you, monster!”

His words were empty as the hero’s attention turned back to the screen of the sexually frustrated Superboy. He could feel the yearning of his cock for its release and wondered how long this would last. Even if Darkseid killed them both, he would never submit to the evil god.