Do you have a great idea or a superhero fantasy that you desire to be created into a story?

I am pleased to announce that I am starting to do commission stories for interested fans!

Stories can be anything from a simple erotic sex scene to an epic story that details your superhero’s downfall.

Send me an e-mail at for more information on my rates and process to get started on this epic journey.

3 comments on “Commissions

  1. Scott

    I was thinking of ordering a custom story involving a smaller girl being crushed by a bigger girl. Is that something you would do?

  2. Anonymous

    hi i just bought your ibook tornado ,I haven’t finish it yet,but I really like your work,so creative and erection! I luke villains use many ways to put superheroes into unconscious,like chloroform ,sleep gas,injection,
    poision darts…and next villains carry the pass out
    heroes to their hideout,but during the way they transport the heroes,they wake up,and want to fight and escape,but bad guys put him to sleep again and again,
    and play with their limp strong body during the
    trip,and finally the heroes transported into hell,they will be mindwashed to be toys ,and they still want escape before the mindcontrol….

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