Captain Marvel’s Stolen Powers Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Captain Marvel stood at the entrance of Doctor Sivana’s fortress, fidgeting uncomfortably in his new clothing. His famous uniform had been adjusted to show his new status as his nemesis’ property. His cape had been totally removed and all that remained of his shirt was his lightning bolt. It barely covered his muscled chest and his nipples hardened in the desert heat. The top of the lightning bolt connected to a red slave collar that encircled his neck. It felt strange to him to have something that tight around his neck. The bottom of the lightning bolt connected to his new tight, red briefs that clung to every part of his groin. His cock was still rock hard and pressed against the fabric trying to get free. Like his cape, his sash was taken from him. His yellow boots were modified from reach the top of his calf to reaching just above his knee. The hero had never been this undressed before and felt self conscious at being so completely exposed.

His master stood next to him with a huge grin on his face. The United Nations had given in to Doctor Sivana’s demands and only small pockets of resistance fought against the world’s new dictator. Captain Marvel looked at the man who had stolen his powers and enslaved him as his emotions conflicted with each other. Shazam had told him how the evil genius had forced the gods to take away each of his powers and replace them with new powers from other gods. The first effect was the uncontrollable erections in his briefs. The combination of the new lust and his virginity caused him to be on the edge of cumming almost all the time. Sivana had been careful to keep the hero from losing his virginity. The constant state of arousal and being around his master caused feelings that Captain Marvel never knew existed. When he looked at his enslaver, his heart started to race and he longed for the touch of his master.

The former world’s mightiest mortal frowned as these new feelings invaded his mind and soul. He no longer thought about escaping from this dastardly trap that took away his freedom. When Sivana gave him an order, he immediately sprang to obey without a second thought. The idea of pleasing his master gave him a rush of pleasure that was entirely separate from his raging hardon. Captain Marvel had never been in love before and the thought of falling in love with his mortal enemy frightened him beyond measure.

Helicopters and vehicles began to approach the impenetrable fortress which was now the center of power for the entire world. Captain Marvel paled as people began to exit their modes of transportation and walk to the fortress. Dr. Sivana was throwing a party to celebrate his successful coup. The hero knew that people would see him in this state, but the guests that approached caused his knees to shake with fear.

The first guest had to be carried by a huge muscled bodybuilder that was almost as huge as Captain Marvel himself. Seated on a tiny throne in the huge hands of his escort, Mister Mind bowed his head with respect to Dr. Sivana. Looking like an ordinary worm, Master Mind was anything but ordinary. He originally came from Venus and upon his arrival to earth became one of Captain Marvel’s toughest enemies. With powers of mind control, telepathy, and mental projections, it had taken the combined powers of Captain Marvel and all of allies to defeat the strange worm.

Mister Mind activated the voice box around his neck. This allowed the evil worm to speak so that he could be heard by normal humans. “Congratulations on your victory, Sivana.” He said with respect. The worm looked at the enslaved hero and Captain Marvel felt a chill as the force of the worm’s mind brushed against his. The hero shuddered with fear knowing that he no longer had the power to resist the worm’s mind control. “It was hard to believe that you actually defeated Captain Marvel, but I see now that you speak the truth. We must talk privately when you get the chance. This give us both opportunities that we should discuss.”

Dr. Sivana smile as he nodded his head. “We will speak more later, my dear Mister Mind. Go and enjoy the festivities, this is going to be a night to remember!”

The next in line was the infamous Captain Nazi. This superpowered representation of the Nazi organization, the supervillain had powers that rivaled Captain Marvel. It was Captain Nazi who crippled Freddy Freeman, his best friend and partner Captain Marvel, Jr. In the peak of his powers, Captain Marvel was more powerful, but in his new position, Captain Nazi would be able to tear him apart like paper. The evil villain glared with his hateful blue eyes at the enslaved hero and Captain Marvel flinched in fear.

“Thank you for coming tonight, Captain Nazi,” Sivana said with a thin smile.

“I only came because of the deal that you have proposed to me. My order is not happy with your actions. If we can come to a deal then we will consider working with you.”

“There will be time enough for that later tonight, my dear Captain. Enjoy the party tonight and we will talk later.”

Captain Nazi grunted and brushed past them. Captain Marvel wondered what kind of deal his master was going to make with Nazi. With his defeat there would be few who could stand up to the powers of Captain Nazi.

His thoughts were interrupted as more guests arrived and were greeted by his master. Every single guest was someone that Captain Marvel had fought against in his war against crime. From petty thieves to gang lords, each person had received an invitation to this party to witness Captain Marvel’s defeat.

Once the last guest was greeted, Sivana walked into his fortress as the former hero followed obediently. They took the long way to the ballroom where there was a back entrance to the stage at one end of the huge room. Curtains separated the stage from the rest of the room concealing their arrival from the other guests. Captain Marvel followed his master as best as he could, but the constant erection in his red briefs made it awkward for him to walk.

Dr. Sivana waited until the room quieted down before he walked through the curtains. His master motioned for Captain Marvel to stay behind the curtains which he did without a second thought. He heard his owner get the attention of the room filled with criminals and villains while he wondered what fate had in store for him tonight.

“My dear criminals, villains, and evil doers,” The evil doctor said through a microphone. “I want to thank you for coming to my party tonight. The world has been defeated because of my genius and there are many opportunities for all of you to have a place in the new world order. Tonight we have a special guest who made tonight possible. May I present to you Captain Marvel!”

The curtain parted and spotlights hit the defeated hero as he blinked his eyes to get used to the sudden glare. The criminals all pointed and laughed as Captain Marvel stood before them aroused and completely weak.

Music started to pour through the speakers in a sensual dance beat. Captain Marvel felt the music start to take control of his body as an uncontrollable urge to dance washed over him. Unaware that this was a part of his new powers, the hero started to slowly grind his hips and thrust his hardon towards the audience.

The hero blushed as his body followed the beat of the music with sensual and sexy dance moves that he never thought possible. He tried with all his might to stop, but the music hypnotized his body and there was little he could do to fight this new urge to dance. Captain Marvel ran his hands across his chest and abdominals as his hips swayed to the music. His cock hardened even harder than before and the front of his briefs was wet with the continuous river of precum that leaked from the head of his cock. This made the fabric of the briefs cling to his erection in alarming ways outlining every vein and throb of his virginal cock that wanted its release.

The crowd screamed with laughter and taunts as the hero debased himself in front of the worst of his enemies. Part of him wanted to burst into tears over this new form of humiliation as he felt the lowest that he ever felt before. Dr. Sivana stood in the background with an evil grin on his face. What scared him the most was the undeniable pleasure that he felt as he danced flaunting his muscled body to the jeering criminals. Did he enjoy debasing himself like this?

As the song ended, Captain Marvel was able to finally take back control of his body and stop dancing. “Give it up for Captain Marvel!” Sivana shouted as the roar of the crowd cheered at the hero’s humiliation.

The hero hung his head in shame and wished this nightmare would end. His cock looked up at him mocking him for what he had become. With Shazam totally under Sivana’s control, there was no hope for him to escape this humiliating trap.

“And now, we have a special treat for you tonight!” Sivana said with an evil smirk. He gestured to some of his henchmen and the doors behind the crowd flung open.

Captain Marvel felts the blood drain from his face as two henchmen roughly escorted a skinny young man into the room. It was his best friend, Freddy. Sivana must have captured him and brought him to the fortress before the party.

Freddy struggled against his captors and glared at the villains that surrounded him. His muffled cries were barely heard through his gag.

The party guests created a path for the young hero to be taken to the center of the room. A circle formed around Freddy and the two henchmen as Captain Marvel watched helplessly. He wished with all his being that he could spare his friend the cruel fate that was bestowed upon him.

Sivana cackled with glee. “We brought young Freddy to join the party!”

Freddy looked up at the stage and glared at the bald doctor. His anger turned into shock when he saw his mentor and friend, Captain Marvel standing submissively wearing his modified costume that barely covered his hard and throbbing cock.

“Do you have anything to say, Freddy?” Sivana mocked the young prisoner.

Freddy’s shock turned back into anger and muffled shouts were directed at the evil doctor. At their master’s signal, the henchmen took off the bonds from their prisoner and then ripped off the gag.

“You just made a huge mistake!” Freddy shouted.

As he lifted one hand up in the air, Captain Marvel shook his head and screamed, “Don’t!”

His warning came too late as Freddy shouted, “Captain Marvel!” and the bolt of lightning came crashing. Before this granted great powers to the Marvel family, but now it was a curse that made the former heroes submit to their greatest foes.

The lightning bolt turned the skinny young man into Captain Marvel, Jr. Dressed in his famous blue costume with the Shazam lightning bolt across his chest, the young hero stood defiantly against the crowds of evil doers the surrounded him.

Captain Marvel couldn’t help it as he burst into tears. He had been able to hold back his tears as humiliation after humiliation was forced upon him, but the thought of Freddy going through what he went through was too much for him to bear. He cursed the day he found Shazam and was granted his powers to fight evil.

“Get out of my way!” A deep bass voice shouted. The crowd hastily parted as Captain Nazi approached Marvel, Jr. “He is mine!”

Captain Marvel, Jr tensed up as his most powerful nemesis made his way through the crowd. The simple thugs and criminals he could take down with his little pinky, but Captain Nazi was a different matter. The circle made of criminals got larger as no one wanted to get hurt during the obvious fight.

“I don’t know what you did to Cap,” Junior said with confidence oozing out of his entire being, “But it ends now!”

Captain Marvel sobbed harder as his best friend leaped to fight Nazi.

Junior threw a punch and gasped as pleasure shot through his body. The villain smirked as he easily swatted the faltering fist away. The young hero looked down at his groin in shock at the growing member in his tights. It felt like all his strength and power was feeding into his hardening cock. He looked back up at the hugely muscled Captain Nazi and for the first time since he got his powers, he felt fear.

Helpless to help his friend, Captain Marvel could only watch as his protege cowardly turned and tried to fly into the air. The young hero gasped as gravity refused to let him out of his grasp and he fell back to the ground with a thud.

Captain Nazi smirked at the helplessness of his enemy. He grabbed Junior by the throat and lifted him high in the air. “You belong to me!” He said with a growl.

Captain Marvel, Jr. struggled helplessly as the villain threw him on the stage. As he crashed into the hardwood of the stage, the hero felt pain as his invulnerability had vanished with the rest of his powers. But the pain was quickly masked by the immense pleasure that coursed through his body.

Scrambling to his feet, Jr. backed away fearfully as Captain Nazi lumbered on the stage. In his current condition, there was no way he could take on Nazi. The tent in his tights seemed to mock him like the rest of the criminals in the room and he covered his out of control bulge with his hands.

Captain Marvel wanted to help his friend, but his oath to serve Dr. Sivana was as powerful as the erection in his briefs. The former hero could only watch as tears flowed down his face. His master stood next to him with an evil smile on his face. Sivana turned and smirked at the helpless hero and flicked his trapped cock. Captain Marvel gasped as pleasure shot through his muscled body.

Nazi grabbed Junior by his lightning bolt and lifted him high in the air. “I will make you pay for every defeat you handed to me!” He snarled.

The young hero struggled to escape his nemesis’ grasp, but the only thing powerful on his body was his throbbing cock. He felt himself being thrown across the stage and blackness almost took him as his body hit the wood of the stage. In his weakened state there was no way that he could fight Captain Nazi. There must be some way to escape before he was beaten to death.

The crowd watched in shocked glee at the destruction of not only one but two heroes. They knew they would witness the destruction of Captain Marvel, but the arrival of Captain Marvel, Jr. was a complete surprise. Several of them had their own hard cocks tenting in their pants. This was a day to remember as evil prevailed over good once and for all.

Junior struggled to his feet and tried to clear his blurred vision to look for an escape route. Nazi loomed over him with his hands on his waist. The young hero felt his arm being roughly grabbed and being lifted up to his feet.

Captain Nazi dragged the weakened hero back to the center stage. “You will submit to me!” He demanded.

The hero shook his head defiantly. He had no idea how Sivana made Captain Marvel submit but there was no way he would follow suit. Junior looked up and glared at his nemesis. “I will never submit!” He snarled.

The hulking villain smiled and sent waves of terror down Captain Marvel, Jr.’s spine. “I was hoping you would resist. He grabbed the young hero by his throat and with one hand kept the once powerful young man helpless in his grasp. “You WILL submit!”

Captain Marvel, Jr. struggled to break the iron hold around his throat and he didn’t see the huge hand come crashing on his costumed ass. His shrill scream filled the packed room as the force of superhuman strength crashed against his vulnerable bubble butt. Pain like he never felt in his entire life slammed into his body as tears started forming in his blue eyes.

Nazi slammed his open hand against the young hero’s ass again causing another scream to fill the room. His enemy’s muscled ass quivered before the crowd as they watched the young man getting spanked and humiliated. Junior’s body was turned so not only did everyone get a great view of his ass being spanked but they could also see the still hard tent in the hero’s tights.

More powerful smacks reigned down on Junior’s ass as his screams rang out each one getting more and more shrill. Unable to take this kind of abuse, the young hero blinked through his tears and cried out, ”I submit!” The hero was dropped to the wooden floor of the stage and he crumpled to the floor sobbing uncontrollably. The fire on his ass was unbearable and mixed with the pleasure he felt from his throbbing cock. Even his worst nightmares could not match what he was going through at this moment.

Captain Nazi smiled in triumph. Savana had promised him Captain Marvel, Jr. and the evil doctor deliver everything he promised and more. Dominating the once powerful hero gave him an erotic thrill and his own tights were tented with his erection. Determined to break the hero once and for all, the villain took down his tights freeing his giant cock that was dripping with precum. “Bring me a chair!” He commanded as he looked down at the sobbing hero.

Doctor Sivana gestured to his henchmen to not bring a chair. He led Captain Marvel to the center of the stage and ordered him to get on his hands and knees. The helpless hero obeyed immediately to the sound of the leers of the criminals in the audience.

Nazi caught on Sivana’s idea immediately and smiled as he settled his naked ass on the hero’s broad back. Captain Marvel grunted at the weight almost caused him to collapse. He could only watch in horror as the villain kicked his crying best friend.

“On your knees, bitch!” The villain snarled.

Junior struggled to get up to his knees as the sobs wracked his body. Through blurry teared eyes, he gasped as he finally noticed Captain Nazi naked from the waist down sitting on Captain Marvel with a huge erection in his hands.

“Suck my cock, bitch!” Nazi ordered ruthlessly.

The young hero’s jaw dropped as this next humiliation shocked him to the core. Knowing that if he refused that he would suffer more pain, he crawled forward and placed his mouth near the monstrous cock of his enemy. He closed his eyes as his lips brushed the tip of the cock and felt the taste of the salty precum pass through his lips. The musky scent of the German’s cock and balls filled his nose. The young hero could feel his own painfully erect cock fighting against it’s tight confines leading anyone to think that he enjoyed being that close to a cock.

His hesitation was shattered as Nazi gripped his head and shoved it down on his cock. “I said to suck my cock, boy!” he snarled as he pumped the hero’s head up and down his shaft.
Captain Marvel, Jr. gagged as the monstrous cock invaded his mouth and throat. His jaw was pushed to the limit to accommodate his nemesis’ erection. His gag reflex first went into convulsions, but started to relax as his mouth was being fucked by Captain Nazi. Desperately breathing through his nose, the young man hoped that this ordeal would end soon.

The villain moaned with pleasure as he made the hero ride his cock with his mouth. The pleasure of getting sucked off by his greatest enemy was compounded with the fact he was using Captain Marvel as a chair. This was truly a day to remember as his victory over Junior was almost complete. As he felt himself get closer and closer to orgasm, Nazi pushed Captain Marvel, Jr. off his cock.

Sitting regally on the back of Captain Marvel, the villain sneered at the horrified face of his nemesis. “Take off that pathetic costume,” He ordered. “You are no longer worthy to wear it.

Junior felt his face pale as he looked at the packed room. Knowing there was no way to resist, he started to take off the uniform that he once wore with pride. The crowd jeered the hero as he took off all his clothes and stood before every criminal he ever fought naked and completely helpless with a raging erection.

Captain Nazi motioned for his new slave to approach him. Unsure of what humiliation was in store for him, Captain Marvel, Jr. walked awkwardly to his master with his erect cock bobbing with excitement. The young hero was turned to face the audience with his back to the villain who defeated him. He felt the strong grip of the superhuman around his waist as he was lifted in the air.

Realizing what was happened too late, Junior cried out as his felt the monster cock of his enemy start to push into his ass. The pain of the cock invading his most private of places made his early spanking seem like a flea bite. Screams once again filled the room as his tight hole was ripped apart to accommodate the invading erection of the crazed villain.

With Captain Nazi’s cock lubed with Junior’s spit and saliva, he pushed his cock into the perfect ass of the young hero. Soon his cock was buried deep into his slave’s ass and he made the hero ride him as he sat on the defeated Captain Marvel.

“NO!,” Captain Marvel, Jr. screamed as his anal virginity was taken in a brutal way. “PLEASE! GODS, NO!” Despite the pain of being fucked by such a huge cock, the hero’s own cock remained rock hard and precum ran like a river. As the head of the monster erection rubbed pummeled against his prostate, a new pleasure began to fill his soul.

The crowd went wild as their enemy was defeated in a way they never dreamed. Many took out their own cocks and stroked with glee as the young hero was deflowered in the most humiliating way. Junior had to close his eyes to avoid looking at the criminals who hurled insults at him as he was being made Nazi’s bitch.

The fucking seemed to last for an eternity before Captain Nazi finally reached the point of no return. Groaning with immense pleasure, the hulking villain spasmed with pleasure as cum began to shoot from his cock and into the battered ass of Captain Marvel, Jr.

As the onslaught of cum shot into his ass and slammed against his prostate, the young hero cried out in horror as his own orgasm ripped through him. With a bestial cry of defeat, his cock that had been hard since he transformed into Captain Marvel, Jr. shot out its own huge load. Looking down in horror at his cock as it gave the ultimate betrayal, the young man flinched as the first shot of cum hit him in the face. Feeling his hot spunk slide down his pretty face, Junior gave in to the feelings of orgasmic joy as streams of cum shot out and hit him on his chest and abdominals.

Captain Nazi smiled dreamily as the afterglow of such a powerful orgams filled his body and soul. He pushed his bitch off of his cock and watched as the numb body of Captain Marvel, Jr hit the floor. Taking a deep and shuddered breath of pleasure, the villain smiled at the defeated form of his enemy. Even if Junior was somehow able to get his powers back, there was way he would be able to hold his head up in pride. Nazi had successfully broken his greatest foe and it felt great! Standing to his feet, he pulled his tights over his softening cock and gathered the discarded remains of Junior’s costume in one hand. His other hand picked up the defeated hero by his naked waist as the young man hung limply in his grasp.

“Thank you for this gift of goodwill. My organization will gladly make an alliance with you, Doctor Sivana.”

The evil doctor rubbed his hands with glee as he watched the villain leave the party with the defeated hero in his grasp. He looked over to where Captain Marvel remained on his hands and knees in horrified shock. It was time for the finale as the Big Red Cheese will be broken once and for all.

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