Captain Marvel’s Stolen Powers Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Before today, Captain Marvel was the mightiest mortal. His power and strength came from the gods themselves and there were none who could best him. Now, striped of all his powers, the hero had been tricked and captured by his nemesis, Doctor Sivana.

The hero struggled against his bonds as he lay on the desert floor with his arms and legs spread against the scorched earth. The evil doctor had driven stakes into the ground and tied both him and his mentor, Shazam, to the stakes. The sun beat down on his helpless muscled body sapping any strength the hero had left. What made it worse is that his cock had betrayed him and tented his tights, trying as hard as Captain Marvel to escape its bonds.

Sivana had left both of them to fry under the sun. Captain Marvel could not believe that this was the end of the line. Never in his wildest dreams did he think a weakling like Sivana could defeat him like this. The scary part of this whole ordeal was that with him out of the way, the world was helpless against the intellectual might of Doctor Sivana.

Covered in sweat from the harsh sun, Captain Marvel looked over to where Shazam was staked out. The ancient wizard was doing even worse than he was. His frail body barely had any life in it as the elements of the desert ravaged him. The hero realized that if he didn’t do something soon, that his mentor would soon be dead. The fortress loomed over them, mocking his failure to break the simple rope. Sivana was in there somewhere plotting some diabolical scheme to take over the world.

Captain Marvel closed his eyes as tears began to form. He was truly helpless and powerless. The only way to save Shazam and himself was to beg Sivana to spare them. That meant he would have to serve the evil man that he once easily defeated. The hero glanced at Shazam and made up his mind. If he was alone in this trap, Captain Marvel would have faced death gladly, but he could not bear the thought of Shazam perishing with him. Without the old wizard, there would be no future Captain Marvels. He would serve Sivana in order to preserve the life of Shazam.

Looking at the fortress, Captain Marvel took the step that would end his superhero career. “I submit to you Sivana!” He cried out. “I will serve you, Master!”

The hero waited as time passed. He hoped that Sivana would come and rescue them from the harsh elements of the desert. His hope began to fade completely when he saw the evil doctor walking towards them.

“Is the mighty Captain Marvel submitting to little ole me?” He asked mockingly.

Captain Marvel stared in fear of his captor. “I will submit, but you must promise to keep Shazam alive.”

Sivana kicked Captain Marvel in his ribs. “You don’t make demands of me any more!” He sneered.

Captain Marvel cried out in pain from being struck. “Please, have pity master!” He whimpered.

The evil doctor bent down and pressed his foot against the hero’s teeming erection. Captain Marvel screamed as pain shot through his body. “If I keep the old man alive, will you serve me totally?”

“YES!” Captain Marvel screamed shrilly as the pressure of his master’s boot stomped on his erection.

After what seemed like eternity, Sivana lifted his shoe and began to untie them. Captain Marvel lay on the ground panting as tears streamed down his face. As soon as his hands were free, he rubbed his sore cock. The evil madman then untied Shazam while the former hero weakly got to his feet.

“Bring the old man to the fortress,” Sivana commanded.

Captain Marvel struggled to help the nearly dead wizard to get to his feet as the doctor turned and walked back to the fortress. Without his strength, it was difficult to assist his mentor back to the fortress. The blazing sun had sapped what little strength he had left and it took a long time for them to stumble to the fortress where his life of servitude awaited them.

It seemed like hours to the weakened hero when he finally got to the main control room where Dr. Sivana waited for them. The evil doctor grabbed the wizard by his frail arm and dragged him away. Not knowing what to do, Captain Marvel followed meekly.

They went down several flights of stairs until they were deep underground. Several locked cells were dug into the hard rock. Sivana opened one of the cells and shoved Shazam into the cell. “That takes care of my promise to keep the old man alive!” He sneered at the defeated hero.

Captain Marvel looked meekly at his mentor who slumped on the cold rock floor of his prison. “As promised, I will serve you master,” He said feeling tears welling up in his eyes.

Sivana clapped his hands with glee as he rushed to get back up to his control room. The former hero followed as tears streamed down his face. He had failed to keep the world safe from this madman. The sting of defeat was almost too much for him to bear.

When they finally got back to the control room, Dr. Sivana motioned for Captain Marvel to stand in the center of the room. The hero silently obeyed as he hung his head in shame. The evil doctor pressed a few buttons on his console and the floor opened revealing chains that were bolted to the floor.

The evil doctor grabbed the chains and attached them to the hero’s wrists. Captain Marvel tested his bonds, hoping that his strength would return to him. This resulted in his cock twitching uncontrollably while trapped in his tights. He looked down at the hard monster and blushed. A wet spot had stained his tights where the mushroom head fought to break free.

Pushing a button on his remote control, a huge television screen lowered down from the ceiling right where Dr. Sivana stood in triumph. “People of the world I, Dr. Sivana, am your new ruler! I have missiles pointed at every major city in the world. If the United Nations does not surrender to me in twelve hours, I will attack one city every hour until the world surrenders to my demands!”

The mad doctor giggled as the camera zoomed to where Captain Marvel struggled in his chains. “Don’t think you can count on Captain Marvel to come and save the day! He now belongs to me! Tell the world who your new master is, you big red cheese!”

The hero shook his head still struggling to break free from his bondage. This only made the tent in his tights even more obvious. The doctor snarled and smacked the hero’s muscled ass. Captain Marvel looked down as if looking at Shazam locked up in the prison cell. His heroic code forced him to utter the words that he feared to say. “Dr. Sivana is my master!” He said as he burst into tears. His struggles ceased as the words cut deeply into him.

“You heard it folks! Captain Marvel is my slave and the rest of the world will be too if you don’t want my missiles to destroy your cities!” Sivana pressed a button on his remote causing the transmission to cease. The television raised back up to the ceiling as the doctor turned his attention to the crying hero. “You’re pathetic!” he snarled. “Pull yourself together!”

The doctor unlocked the chains that bound the hero and they went to their compartment in the floor. Captain Marvel tried to control his weeping as he rubbed his sore wrists. His cock seemed to mock him as it twitched uncontrollably.

Sivana looked at his slave critically. “I think it’s time for a change of wardrobe!” He cackled happily. “Get that costume off! I don’t think you are worthy of wearing it anymore.”

Captain Marvel flinched at his newest orders. Knowing there was no way to escape this cruel fate that has been thrust upon him, he started to disrobe. For the first time, the mightiest mortal was seen without any clothes.

As his clothing was taken off and dropped to the ground, Sivana circled his captured hero looking critically at his muscled body. His massive chest was completely hairless with nipples the size of quarters. His nipples stood firm as the cool air hit them and the hero breathed heavily as exposing himself gave him an unexpected erotic thrill.

The hero hesitated when he got to his tights. It was the last piece of clothing that he had left to cover his modesty. His eyes went to the tent that the tights barely contained. With a heavy sigh, he pulled them down and his cock sprang free as it flung precum across the room.

Now complete naked, Captain Marvel shifted nervously as his hard and naked body was inspected by the evil doctor. Sivana lightly pinched both of his nipples causing him to softly gasp as an electric thrill when through his body down to his aroused cock. The amount of precum started to accumulate more as his nipples were toyed with. The doctor smiled as he left the hero’s nipples and inspected Captain Marvel’s muscled ass. He ran his fingers lightly over the twin mounds making sure that every part of the milky skin was touched. Licking his lips with desire, Doctor Sivana began to knead the hero’s ass spreading them apart to see the virgin hole that puckered with anticipation. It was to the doctor’s regret that he left Captain Marvel’s ass alone. It was not time to pop his cherry yet, he told himself.

Dr. Sivana circled back in front of the hero where his huge cock saluted its new master. With incredible thickness and length, Captain Marvel’s cock was a beautiful thing to behold. The evil mastermind softly grasped the throbbing erection as his small hands were barely able to circle the entire girth. The hero cried out as his cock was touched for the very first time. The pleasure he experienced before was nothing to what he felt at that moment.

The evil doctor looked up and smirked at the moaning hero. “You’re a virgin?!” He said in disbelief. With Captain Marvel’s looks and incredible body and cock it seemed unreal that the mightiest mortal was a virgin.

Captain Marvel nodded as another groan escaped his lips. His master laughed softly as he gave that monster cock a couple strokes. The hero almost fell to his knees as this new found pleasure was too much for him to handle. Sivana would have continued, but he did not want the hero to blow his load yet. Taking Captain Marvel’s virginity needed to be carefully planned and exploited. The big red cheese’s first time would be a public event.

Dr. Sivana went though Captain Marvel’s costume and picked up the yellow sash. He tied it back around his helpless prisoner’s tapered waist, but arranged it so that the length of the sash covered his throbbing cock. The hero’s cock caught the material of the sash and a wet spot began to form where the head of his cock pressed against the cloth. With Captain Marvel’s arousal so very obvious it was more of a tease than covering his modesty. That strip of cloth from the sash only covered his piece of meat between his legs and the rest of his body was completely bare including his muscled ass.

The evil doctor looked at his handiwork and smiled. It would do until he found more appropriate clothing for his slave. One thing was certain, Captain Marvel was completely defeated and his humiliation and servitude was just beginning.

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