Captain Marvel’s Stolen Powers Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Dr. Sivana sat in his secret headquarters frowning at the stone floor of the cave. He had just suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of his nemesis, Captain Marvel. “There must be some way to defeat that big red buffoon!” he fumed. Sivana had tried several times to use his intellect and inventions to take over the world and he would have succeeded if not for the meddling of Captain Marvel.

Getting up from his chair, Dr. Sivana paced from one end of the cave to the next. “How can I counter against his powers that were given by the gods themselves?” He mused as the world around him faded away as his thoughts took over his awareness. “No invention is strong enough to even make a scratch on Captain Marvel.” The doctor frowned as he tried to use his genius intellect to find a way to destroy his enemy. “There must be some way to take down that oaf once and for all. Once he is out of the way, the world would be helpless against my intellect. If only I can take away his powers!”

Sivana’s head jerked up as a glimmer of an idea sparked in his mind. “Take away his power!” He said with a wide grin that took up most of his face. “Why haven’t I thought about this before? Without his powers, Captain Marvel would be easily defeated!”

Chuckling to himself, he ran deeper into the cave where his secret headquarters was located. Inspired by this new plot to take down the meddling hero, Sivana hopped into his motorcycle and sped away. He rode for hours through the wilderness until he arrived at another base of his. The doctor had bases like this scattered throughout the world. It was one of the reasons Captain Marvel had a hard time tracking him down. With his brilliant mind, he had amassed a fortune that provided him the resources to make all of his inventions. Money was not enough for his ambition, only when the world was ground underneath the heel of his boot would he be truly happy.

Dr. Sivana parked his motorcycle next to a small rocket. In his research and study, the villain knew the secret location of the source of Captain Marvel’s powers: the Rock of Eternity. No one but himself knew that he had this knowledge. This was the cornerstone of his new plan. Climbing into the rocket, he set the coordinates and took off through the air. The rocket easily escape the gravitational pull of earth and sped through space.

The Rock of Eternity came into view and Sivana started to laugh. This was the home to the ancient wizard Shazam who granted Captain Marvel his powers. Shazam took certain traits of the gods and granted them to Captain Marvel giving him magically enhanced strength, speed, invulnerability, intellect, stamina, and courage. Shazam was the key to undoing Captain Marvel once and for all.

Landing his rocket near the entrance of the Rock of Eternity, Sivana quietly entered the domain of Shazam. He found himself at a conference room where Shazam sat with the gods that provided Captain Marvel with his powers. After watching them unnoticed for several minutes, the doctor quietly tiptoed away. Now was not the time to spring his trap. He located the sleeping quarters of Shazam and found a place nearby to hide. He would bide his time and wait for the perfect opportunity to execute the next part of his master plan.

Hours passed and Shazam was soon fast asleep. Dr. Sivana tiptoed into the room quietly so he did not wake the old wizard. He soon saw the prize that he had been waiting for. Shazam’s robe of immortality hung on the wall. Taking it off the hook, the doctor placed it on himself feeling the power course through his body. Sivana wanted to laugh with glee, but there was one other prize that he needed to take.

Taking out a small dagger, he walked over to the sleeping wizard and pressed it against his throat. Shazam’s eyes popped open as he stared in astonishment at the villain holding a dagger to his throat. “What is this?” He asked in shock.

“If you want to live, you’ll do what I say old man!” Sivana spat. “I’m going to destroy Captain Marvel and you are going to help me”

Shazam stared at the knife held against his throat. Without his robe of immortality, he was helpless. His powerful magic allowed him to stare into the future and he knew that these events could not be stopped. Sivana would win this day and Captain Marvel would be vanquished.

Dr. Sivana forced the old wizard out of his bed and marched him to the conference room where the gods waited. The gods all gasped when they the doctor marched in with a knife against Shazam’s throat.

“What is this?” Zeus asked.

“Listen to me!” Sivana barked. “You will do as I say or I will kill Shazam where he stands!”

“Don’t kill Shazam!” Hercules cried out. Normally they would have been able to easily defeat the mad scientist, but the combination of the Sivana wearing the robe of immortality and his hostage made the gods helpless to the doctor’s commands.

“Shazam will stay alive as long as you do as I command!” Sivana spat. “Solomon, I want you to strike your name off the plague of eternity!”

Solomon walked over to the plaque shaken up by the doctor’s first command. “But this will take my wisdom away from Captain Marvel!” He protested.

Sivana grinned. “Exactly! Now do as I command or I will kill Shazam!”

The wise king sighed as he crossed his name off the plaque. “I must obey,” He said sadly. “This will cause disaster for earth.”

Shazam hung his head as he addressed the gods in the room. “You must obey Sivana. It is not to save my life, but fate has decreed that he shall defeat Captain Marvel. We are bound to the threads of fate and this is what fate has in store for us.”

The gods nodded slowly as they were now bound to obey Sivana. The doctor chuckled with glee. His plan was working and now fate was on his side. He had many plans to punish Captain Marvel for his interference. Before the hero would suspect something was amiss he would have already have won. “Summon Somnus, the god of sleep, and have him replace your name on the plaque Solomon!”

The wise king’s eyes widened but he nodded and went to obey his new master. Sivana dragged Shazam out of the room with the gods trailing behind like lost puppies. “You will stay in contact with me through the radio I placed in the conference room. Listen for my commands and obey!”

“Yes, we understand,” The gods said in unison.

The rocket took off and headed back to earth. Sivana navigated the ship through Earth’s atmosphere and landed in the middle of the desert. A heavily armored fortress stood in the middle of the desert.

“This is my new fortress that I had built for such an occasion. From here I will conquer the world and you will witness my final victory over Captain Marvel.”

Shazam said nothing as he looked sad of picturing his mentee defeated by this mad scientist. He wished there was something he could do to stop these events from happening, but there was no way to fight against fate.

Dr. Sivana dragged the old wizard into his main control room and handcuffed him to the chair. “Now it’s time for phase 2 of my master plan!” The mad doctor laughed as he went to his computer.

The United Nations was in a panic as they received a message from Dr. Sivana. They knew that from his veracity of attacks against the world that he was not a man to take lightly. The Secretary-General looked over the note.

“I, King Sivana, demand that the United Nations disband! I will now rule Earth from my impregnable fortress! None of your armies will be able to smash it or even dent it. From it I will pour a rain of destruction all over earth unless I am crowned King! I have spoken! P.S. Not even Captain Marvel will be able to wreck my fortress. I’ll even tell him where it is….. by code! Let’s see if he can solve it.”

“We must contact Captain Marvel immediately!” The Secretary-General said urgently.

Within the hour, Captain Marvel arrived at the UN headquarters and sat reading the note. The very bottom of the communication had an elaborate code. The hero knew that there was no code that he could not crack using his power of wisdom. The members of the UN gathered around him wanting to see first hand the power of Captain Marvel.

Unknown to Captain Marvel, his power of wisdom had been taken away and replaced with the power of sleep. The hero stared confused at the code trying his best to crack it. Every time, he tried to activate his power his eyes started to close as he suddenly felt exhausted. The members of the UN looked at each other puzzled why their champion kept falling asleep. Minutes turned into hours and still the hero could not solve the puzzle. Captain Marvel was confused not only not being able to solve his first puzzle, but why he kept falling asleep. Painfully aware of the members of UN watching him, he felt like a fool as he struggled to work on the code.

After several hours, another communication came to the UN from Dr. Sivana. They immediately handed the note to the hero.

“What’s a matter, Captain Marvel? Can’t you solve my simple code or are you just to scared to face me? Since you are too stupid to solve a tiny puzzle, I will tell you where my fortress is. Come to the Inferno Desert if you want to stop me!”

Captain Marvel turned red from embarrassment and crumpled the note in anger. He ran to the window and took off in the air flying full speed to where is enemy plotted to take over the world. He would make the little man pay for taunting him like this, he thought as he the landscape darted past him. Captain Marvel had no idea that he was flying into a trap.

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