The Sandman Saga Part 5

Dirty boys get fucked in many ways

As Robin opened his eyes, his nose wrinkled from the intense smell of garbage. It was pitch black and he could feel that he was surrounded by many things. The young hero tentatively felt around him and his hands found something cold and hard. He blindly explored the other side of him and found the same cold harness. His face paled when he realized that he was in some kind of steel box.

“I’ll meet you in a couple of minutes,” A muffled voice said in the distance. “I just want to throw away this pop bottle.”

A blinding light suddenly flooded the box as the lid was opened. Robin covered his eyes. It felt like he was staring right into the sun.

“Oh my god, there is a boy in here!” The voice gasped.

Robin felt a hand grab his arm as he was pulled out of the box. He stumbled to his knees. As his eyes started to focus, he saw a man probably in his mid-30s kneeling next to him.

“Are you alright? What were you doing in the dumpster?”

Dumpster? The Boy Wonder thought in confusion. He looked down at himself and saw that his costume was soiled with garbage.  Some poked out of his green briefs, pixie boots, and gloves, while other pieces stuck to his body. He looked an absolute mess.

“Wait, I know who you are.” The older man said with excitement. “You’re the kid in that dirty movie. Throbin!”

“No, I am Robin, The Boy Wonder,” The hero replied in confusion. Who was Throbin? A shiver ran down his spine.

“You can’t-fool me, kid. I’ve seen the movie. Your tiny green shorts, the cock on your emblem. You’re Throbin.”

The young man looked down at his chest and wiped away a candy bar wrapper from his chest. There is was in plain sight. Instead of his ‘R’ emblem, there was an erect cock. His face blushed furiously as he realized that he had been wearing this costume since he left the Batcave. In his excitement to take down the Riddler he never even noticed.

He looked back up at the older man and saw that lustful stare that sent shivers down his spine. Desperate to run away, he reached into his utility belt to grab his Batrope. Instead, he pulled out a bottle of lube. His face blushed as he stared at the lube. What kind of sick pervert filled his belt with this?

The man smiled as he unzipped his fly and fished out his already hard cock. ‘I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, Throbin.”

There was that name again. Each time he heard it, Robin felt himself shiver with pleasure. It was as if part of him secretly enjoyed being called by that name. Throbin, he thought to himself as another shiver ran down his spine. The hero was pulled from his thoughts when the older man’s cock brushed against his lips. His blue eyes looked cross-eyed as the invading member left a trail of precum across his lips.

“Open up, Boy Slut,” The man demanded softly.

Robin wanted to push the man back, but he could not take his eyes off the throbbing erection that pressed against his lips. His own dick was so hard and tenting his tiny green briefs in an alarming way. Almost as if he were in a trance, his lips slowly opened to admit the cock. A moan of pure pleasure escaped from him as if this was the moment that he always dreamed of.

“Oh yes,” The stranger moaned as his dick slid into the Boy Wonder’s mouth. To him, this was an up and coming porn star who craved nothing but a dick in his mouth and ass. If he realized that the real Robin was sucking his dick, he would have cum on the spot.

The hero’s instincts kicked in and his lips closed on that thick meat. Even though it was his first cock that he ever had in his mouth, his body took over and sucked on it like he was a pro. His hand crept down to his own crotch and he began to jerk himself off through his soiled briefs.

This was wrong, so very wrong. Every fiber of his being knew this fact, but there was also something deep in his mind that was loving every moment of this. The salty sweetness on his tongue gave him a blissful joy the confused him. Could he actually be enjoying sucking on this stranger’s cock?

The older man had enough of being sucked and lifted The Boy Wonder up by his armpits. He opened the lid of the dumpster with one hand before tossing the helpless hero over the edge. Robin gagged as his head was buried deep in the trash. His ass was high up in the air and his arms and legs flailed around helplessly.

With one tug on his green briefs, they were pulled down to his ankles. The young hero’s thick erect cock thudded against the steel wall of the dumpster as a trail of precum began to slide down towards the ground. Robin tried to pull himself back up, but he slipped further into the garbage as his assailant wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist. He shivered as he felt the man’s cock pressing against his virgin ass.

Robin tried to scream, but as soon as he opened his mouth it was filled with garbage. His ass was parted and soon his hole was filled. At first, there was a pain, but it was slowly replaced with a pressure of pleasure that blew his mind. His body quivered helplessly as the sexually naive hero experienced his first fucking. His dick throbbed with excitement as it grew longer and thicker. A steady flow of precum cascaded from his flared mushroom head creating a waterfall of boy fluid.

“Holy shit, this is tight!” The older man exclaimed as his cock filled the hero’s now defiled hole. “If I didn’t know better I would guess that you were a virgin.”

Tears welled up in his eyes as he wanted to scream that he was a virgin. His body and mind was a conflict of emotions and sensations as his tight ass was fucked for the first time. The smell and taste of garbage that covered his head and shoulders made him want to throw up anything that was left in his stomach. Yet his cock was so hard and his body trembled from this new pleasure that he never thought possible.

The worst part was the humiliation of this whole situation. Robin had been in many tight situations before. He had almost drowned in an hourglass, been a target for an archer, and even trussed and tied on a plastic horse like a sack of grain. Yet nothing was as bad as being bent over a dumpster and fucked in the ass. To this man, Robin was a porn star, a slut who got paid for being treated like a sex toy. He was a pawn in the older man’s fantasy and yet he was helpless to resist. No matter how much his mind screamed in defiance, his body lapped up every humiliation was a morsel of pleasure. Part of him wanted to be used and abused sexually and that scared him more than anything.

Robin gasped as he felt a hand wrap around his cock and start to tug on it. Despite being head deep in garbage, he could not help but moan with delight. Bruce was the only other man to touch him in this way and in many ways having a stranger touch his erection was so much more exciting. The combination of a cock in his ass and having his hard on tugged like a lever sent such a shocking wave of pleasure through his tight muscular body that his mind simply shut down. All that mattered was his need to cum. Robin knew that he would do anything and everything to achieve this.

“What’s going on here?” Another voice called from the street.

The Boy Wonder felt himself falling into the dumpster as the cock in his ass came sliding out with only his pixie boots and brief bunched up between his ankles kicking in the air.

“Hey Bob, get over here. You will never believe this.”

Robin gasped as he clawed his way back up above the garbage. His mask was stained with filth as it slid halfway down his face. He saw that the older man was no longer alone. The friend that had been waiting for him had finally found them.

“This is Throbin,” He said with a grin on his face.

Bob whistled as he stared at the hero with undisguised lust. “Holy shit, you’re right. You were actually fucking this little slut.”

The Boy Wonder had enough of their talking. His ass felt empty and the need to fill it was overwhelming. His hard cock didn’t soften at all as his need to cum was at its ultimate high. The hero climbed out of the dumpster falling in the process and tumbling on the pavement. He crawled on his hands and knees and started kissing the boots of the man who stole his virgin.

“Please, I need to be fucked. Oh god, I need you inside me so badly.” The hero moaned pathetically.

The older man smiled as he grabbed Robin by his soiled hair and threw him on his back. His pixie boots and briefs had been pulled off when he climbed out of the dumpster leaving him only wearing his green shirt and cock emblem vest. A pool of pre-cum had formed on the edge of his vest as his cock twitched like crazy.

The two men picked up the filthy garbage covered boy and tossed him on the lid of the dumpster. Robin felt himself being pulled to the edge as his legs were lifted high up in the air. A moan escaped his lips as his as was filled once again by the dick that robbed him of his innocence. Bob grinned as he pulled out his own cock and stepped forward before shoving into the hero’s gaping mouth. Now The Boy Wonder was being fucked in both the ass and his mouth and he was loving every second of it.

Robin grabbed his cock and started tugging on it like his life depended on it. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he transformed into the ultimate sex toy. His tight hole clung tightly to the invading cock as his tongue worked overtime to lick and suck the new cock in his mouth.

The overload of pleasure was too much for the sexually inexperienced boy. His muffled cries of pleasure only made the man he was sucking feel more turned on. As the first rope of cum leaped in the air from his red and throbbing cock, the two men groaned as their new toy started to cum.

Bob took out his cock from the hero’s mouth and pointed it straight at his face. Robin was still in a passion of ecstasy as the first blast of cum hit him right in between his eyes. The first man also went over the edge as he thrust himself as deep as he could in the battered ass that he had defiled. All three cried out as they experienced powerful orgasms.

When it was over, Robin lay on the lid of the dumpster with a silly grin on his face. His face was almost completely covered in cum to the point that the filth of his time in the garbage barely shown. His red vest was splattered with pools of cum from his own boy juice. His rapidly shriveling cock leaked the last vestige of his seed that fell to the pavement with the drops of cum that was leaking from his sore ass. The two men high fived each other as they put their cocks away and walked out of the alley leaving Robin in a state of bliss hovering between sleep and wakefulness.


Joker’s Circus: Green Arrow

Chapter 4

“It’s time to get up.” A soft voice said in a sing-song voice. “It’s time to get up. It’s time to get up in the morning!”

Green Arrow groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. Trying to get the sleep out of his eyes, it didn’t take him long to realize that he couldn’t move. “What’s going on here?” He demanded.

“Naughty, naughty,” The voice said from behind him. “If you don’t play nice, we’ll never see Alice again. I need to see Alice. I NEED HER!”

“Look what you’ve done arrow boy,” Joker giggled as he stepped from the shadows. “You’ve gone and upset the good doctor.”

Seeing the clown, Green Arrow lunged himself forward. He was stopped short by the chains around his ankles and wrists. Strapped to an upright table, the hero looked down and realized that he was completely naked. What was the hell going on?

The villain pulled out a knife from his pocket and started to toss it from hand to hand. “Shall I end your meaningless existence now?” He purred as he leaned up against the naked hero and placed the knife against his throat. “One little slice and it would all be over. A gush of blood, a lifeless body, and that would be that.”

Green Arrow held his breath. He could feel the cold metal pressing against his jugular. Despite his outward coolness, a bead of sweat rolled down his face. His heart was racing and the hero fully expected for his life to end right there.

“But what fun would that be?” Joker laughed as he leaned forward so his hideous grin filled the hero’s vision. “Besides I always wanted to have a pet of my own. My first choice would be a little baby bat, but you would do in a pinch.”

Staring in horror as the knife left his throat and slowly slide down his chest, stomach, and groin, Joker giggled until his weapon rested right next to his testicles. “Daddy always said that we should neuter our pets.” Joker laughed. “They live longer, are less aggressive, and become more loyal.”

Frankly, Green Arrow would rather have his throat slit right then and there than lose his balls. He stayed as frozen as possible. His mind screamed in horror at the thought of castration.

“The subject feels fear,” A new voice said from behind. “Good, good. We are almost ready to begin.”

“We need him whole, that is the goal. Then we shall see Alice at last.”

Joker laughed as he stepped back and put the knife back in the pocket. “It looks like the other doctor has arrived.” He giggled. “Now you be a good boy and listen to the good doctors.” The madman said as he ruffled the hero’s hair like he was a schoolboy. “Daddy will be back later to pick you up.”

The clown’s laughter echoed in down the hall as he left the room. Green Arrow pulled on his chains with all of his might. He had no idea what kind of sick plan Joker had for him, and he didn’t want to stick around to find out. The sounds of clicks were heard behind him as the two doctors worked silently. The room was threadbare from what he could see. For all he knew, the hero wasn’t even in Amusement Mile anymore. With his costume stripped off of him, there was no way for Oracle to track him. That meant no rescue knew where to find him. Hell, at this point, he didn’t even know where to find himself.

“I have a surprise for you.” The first doctor’s voice said gleefully. “A present that was made just for you.”

Stepping from behind him, Green Arrow felt his face pale when he saw who it was. The top hat, the 19th-century suit, and those intense eyes, it was The Mad Hatter. First Bane and now Mad Hatter working for The Joker. How did the clown manage to get their cooperation?

Mad Hatter smiled as he held up his hands. In them was a Robin Hood-style hat that looked exactly like the kind he used to wear when he started his superhero career. “Do you like it? Oh, I hope you do. Alice would love to see you wear it.”

Knowing full well what the hat would do to him, Green Arrow struggled and pulled on his chains. He was bound too tight as he tossed his head from one side to the other. He can’t let that madman brainwash him. Nothing could stop Mad Hatter who stood on a stool and placed the hat on his head.

Green Arrow could feel himself getting sleepy. It was as if a fog had moved into his mind and any form of thought was like moving through thick mud. “I will not give in!” He hissed through his teeth.

“The boy is too strong,” Mad Hatter whined as he wrung his hands. “I told Joker that he was too strong. Resisting the urge to obey, he is. Oh, Alice will be so disappointed.”

“Relax, Jervis,” The other doctor said as he stepped forward. “I have just the thing to help him submit.”

Holy shit, Green Arrow thought as his eyes widened. The other doctor that Joker referred to was none other than Scarecrow. A former doctor specializing in phobias, the mad villain was obsessed with unleashing people’s fears. The thought of these two working together to break him was not pleasant at all. He almost wished that Bane had broken him.

Scarecrow pulled out a syringe with a green liquid bubbling inside. “This will help you relax,” His hollow voice said sending a shiver of fear down his spine.

The hero had to expect the needle to be put in his arm or his neck, but instead, the villain pressed the tip of the needle in one of the veins of his cock. Outraged, Green Arrow sluggishly pulled on his chains. What kind of sick experiment was this?

“You can not a thing, you must obey. Your cock erects and is how it must stay.” Mad Hatter whispered in his ear.

The first twitch of his cock and Green Arrow knew that he was in for the fight of his life. Trying to hold back the impulses to give in to the need to submit to Mad Hatter’s control and keeping his cock soft was more than he could handle. At first, he was able to control his cock from responding, but then he felt his mind slip deeper into the fog and his dick hardened a little bit. It was a tug of war between keeping his mind free and preventing an erection from occurring.  Keeping one under control caused the other to fall.

“Oh no,” the hero moaned as he felt himself losing this impossible battle. He was already halfway to full erection and the fog in his mind had grown thicker. Every second seemed like a full-blown battle as a sheen of sweat broke out all over his exposed body.

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.” Hatter sang as he tugged on the slowly hardening cock of his prisoner.

“It feels so good,” Green Arrow muttered as his dick slowly came to attention. He felt the crashes of waves of pleasure hitting his body again and again. The hero tried closing his eyes at first so that he could concentrate on becoming flaccid, but that backfired completely. Not being able to see Mad Hatter softly manipulating his cock plunged him into a fantasy where he thought it was Dinah’s touch. By the time that his eyes flung back open, it was too late. His cock stood straight up in all it’s eight-inch glory.

“Bottom’s up,” Scarecrow said right before he stuck the needle in one of the flared veins of his erection.

Green Arrow screamed as his body began to burn. He thrashed in his chains trying with all his too human strength to break free. Yet the hat didn’t move from the top of his head. The fire first centered on his throbbing erection, but it quickly spread to the rest of his body. It felt like every pore, every single cell of his body had been set on fire.

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.” Mad Hatter whispered in his ear. His fingers danced slowly along the thick shaft of the hero’s cock as the prisoner tugged and pulled on his chains.

Scarecrow watched silently and with his mask, there was no way to know what he was thinking. Those black eyes of his seemed like hot embers of darkness that grew larger and larger until they consumed the entire room.

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.”

Green Arrow slumped against the upright table that he was chained against. The fires slowly died leaving him drenched in sweat and exhausted. As the pain faded, there was a new sensation that took its place. His erection proud and thick pulsed with the desire that slowly consumed the rest of him. The hero tried to pull on his chains again, but this time it was not an attempt to get free. It was an attempt to be able to touch himself. A need that he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager was born. A desperation to enhance the pleasure that he had started to feel. His cock never felt so hard, so good in his entire life. The only thing he could compare it to was the pleasure of his first erection when his adolescent world had suddenly changed. Yet this erection was better in so many ways. A pleasure that he never knew existed flooded his body as his hips pushed forward. He needed something to touch him. Anything. Even Scarecrow or Mad Hatter would be a welcome touch to this throbbing erection.

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.”

Scarecrow left his observations as he walked behind the struggling hero. Green Arrow didn’t know what he was doing but frankly didn’t care. He needed to be touched, and the need to cum was all consuming. He fucked the open air in desperation trying to pull himself over the edge. The need grew stronger and stronger until it was more powerful than any addiction. Closing his eyes, he felt the trickle of a tear escape his lids and roll down his cheek.

“Please,” He begged to pull on his chains once again.

“What did you say?” Scarecrow asked behind him.

“Please,” Green Arrow whimpered softly.

“Louder, I can’t hear you!” The villain snapped in annoyance.

“PLEASE!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. “I, I need to cum. Please let me cum. I need to cum so badly.”

“Give in, give in, you have to give in.”

Scarecrow walked back in sight as he grabbed the hero by the chin. The hero sighed with pleasure as the simple touch felt like the dawn of a new day. “What did you say?”

Green Arrow opened his eyes as his lips quivered. “I need to cum.” He said a little louder. “I’ll do anything just let me cum.”

The villain turned towards Mad Hatter and nodded. “It looks like the patient is ready for the next phase.”

Clapping his hands with glee, Mad Hatter smiled as he danced around. “Soon the arrow will be broken and Alice will be too.”

A prick of pain and the hero felt himself falling. The room melted away as he was engulfed in pitch blackness. Even the two villains slowly faded away with the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. Green Arrow couldn’t even see his own hand in front of him. Nothing but never-ending darkness as he floated into oblivion.


The Sandman Saga Part 4

An erection makes Riddler laugh all day

After cleaning up his cum with his ripped briefs, Dick bolted for the shower. He felt so dirty and yet so good at the same time. His mind was in a constant state of confusion as the young man hurried to clean himself. More specs of purple dust were mixed in with the shower water and before he knew it, Dick was rock hard again.

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his throbbing erection and for the first time in his life, he started to jerk himself off. Leaning against the tiled wall of the shower, Dick moaned as he was quickly overcome by the pleasures of the flesh. Even though it felt so fantastic, the boy felt pangs of guilt as if he was doing something wrong. Closing his eyes, he began to imagine that it was Bruce who had a firm hold on his cock. His stomach boiled with so many emotions and desires that he never felt before.

A knock on the shower door and Dick popped open his eyes in shock. Alfred stood right outside staring at his nude body. The young man quickly tried to cover up his raging hard one. “Master Bruce wants to know how long you will take to clean yourself?”

His face turning red with humiliation, Dick felt like on the verge of tears. He felt so exposed and violated at the faithful butler stared at his nude body. His mouth opened up to speak, but no words came out. The horror of being caught touching himself completely overwhelmed him.

Alfred rolled his eyes as he opened the shower door. He pulled out a long rubber cleaning glove and pulled it up his arm. With one hand pressed against the young man’s chest, the butler pressed Dick against the shower wall and grabbed his cock with the other.

Dick moaned as his cock was manipulated by another man in the space of an hour. He opened his mouth to protest, but a stern look from the older man made him shut it closed again. The hero bucked and moaned as he was manipulated by an expert. It didn’t take long for him to explode with his second orgasm of his life. Since it was so soon after his hand job from Bruce, his orgasm by Alfred was rather pathetic. Some of his spunk landed on the glove, but most of it dripped on to the shower floor.

With a look of disgust on his face, Alfred took off the rubber glove and held it as far away as possible. “Now that is finished, young sir. Master Bruce requires your presence right away.”

As the butler walked away, Dick sank on his knees with water dripping through his hair. What was becoming of him? He thought in despair as he clutched himself. Ever since he woke up this morning, he had felt like he was a different person. His body was out of control and despite his humiliation and revulsion, the hero knew that he loved every second of it.

Bruce poked his head into the bathroom. “Come on, Dick,” He said impatiently. “Batman and Robin are needed.”

Pushing his conflicting thoughts out of his mind, Dick jumped out of the shower and quickly dried himself off. Without thinking, he ran through the halls of Wayne Manor completely naked. The hidden entrance to the Batcave was already open with the bookcase pushed to one side. Dick jumped on the pole and slid down with little bits of leftover cum sticking to the pole like slime of a snail.

At the bottom of the pole, Robin ran towards the Batmobile ready for action. Batman was already in the driver’s side and the car was turned on. “What’s going on, Batman?” Robin asked enthusiastically as he pounded his fist into his hand.

“Riddler has struck the First National Bank,” Batman explained as they drove off to downtown Gotham.

“Holy Petty Robbery, Batman!” The Boy Wonder exclaimed. He was ready to put his personal problems aside and beat Riddler down.

As they pulled up to the bank, Batman hopped out of the Batmobile with his young partner following behind. The Caped Crusader dashed into an alleyway to keep from being seen by the public. “This is what I want you to do,” Batman explained quietly. “You distract Riddler and his men and I will come in from the roof to surprise them. We can stop them from escaping this way,”

Robin nodded ready for action. He started to dash away when Batman called him back. His partner in crime fighting took out a bit of purple dust and blew it right into the young hero’s face. The Boy Wonder felt dizzy as he breathed in the dust. “Holy Dizzy Mizzy, Batman.” He exclaimed. “What was that?”

Batman gravely squeezed his shoulder. “It will protect you from Riddler’s knockout spray.” He explained.

Nodding, the hero dashed from the alley and burst right into the front doors of the bank. The Riddler turned with his men and laughed when they saw The Boy Wonder. Robin pounded his fist into his hand ready to take them all down. His body felt so alive and full of energy like it had never had before. It was like a sort of electricity was arcing all over his body.

“Give yourself up, Riddler!” Robin ordered as he stood defiantly before the mastermind criminal and his gang.

The Boy Wonder blushed slightly as the criminals all started to point and laughed at him. He never had anyone react like that towards him before. Riddler actually hooted and cackled as he danced around with glee.

“I’m warning you, Riddler,” Robin said again trying to take control of the situation. “Give yourself up before you get hurt.”

The mad man’s laughter only grew louder as he doubled over almost in tears. His goons were laughing just as hard as they pointed and mocked the young hero. What was going on? Robin thought in confusion.

“How are you going to stop me?” Riddler taunted as he laughed. “Are you going to poke me with that little rod of yours?”

Little rod? Robin thought in confusion. He looked down and his face turned bright red. All he had on were his little green briefs with no signs of his tights. On top of that, the briefs were tented with a rock hard erection. There he was standing in his most heroic pose with a boner in clear view. No wonder they were laughing at him.

Riddler snapped his fingers and his goons started to slowly approached the confused Boy Wonder. Realizing that there was no way he could fight this way, the hero turned to flee from the bank. He slipped on the tiled floor and fell right on his costumed ass. Each of his arms was grabbed as Riddler’s men dragged him across the floor.

Oh god, this is bad, Robin thought. He wanted to fight back but the strength of his erection made it impossible for him to move. Dragged to his feet in front of Riddler, The Boy Wonder was actually shaking in fear before the villain. It was as if all of his training and fighting skills didn’t exist. He never felt so helpless or powerless in his entire life. His only hope was if Batman would arrive to rescue him.

“Is that a pencil in your tights or are you just happy to see me?” Riddler laughed as he bent down to flick the protruding member of the hero’s green briefs. Robin stared in horror as a wet spot began to form.

“You won’t get away with this, you fiend?” Robin declared as he finally found the willpower to struggle.

Riddler giggled as he ruffled the helpless boy’s brown hair. “I must admit, you look the part, but I’m afraid that you just don’t fool me.” The Boy Wonder was completely confused as the men tossed him through the air towards the door. “Get lost boy,” The villain commanded as he turned back to his bank robbery.

How could he be tossed aside like he was a nobody? He was Robin, The Boy Wonder. He had fought against Riddler and the other criminals of Gotham with his partner Batman. Ignoring that fact that he had an erection that would not go down, the hero decided to show Riddler the error of his ways.

Reaching into his utility belt, Robin reached in and threw two batarangs towards the Riddler’s men. He stared in horror as two condoms flew out of his hands instead of hitting them on his back. Riddler rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to the vault. “If you want to play with him, boys, be my guest.”

As the men slowly approached him, Robin searched for anything in his utility belt for something that would help him. A couple of dildos fell out and hit the floor. Bottles of lube, more condoms, and other sexual aides lined the pouches of his utility belt. None of the gadgets that were usually there were present. What was going on?

With no gadgets to help him, The Boy Wonder decided to fight his way out of this instead. With his fists raised up in the air, he pushed himself forward.


His fist only met open air as he swung with the none of the precision and skill that Batman had taught him. One of the thugs pushed at the young man until he flew into the arms of another goon. Robin cried out in both pleasure and agony as the man grabbed his tented erection tugging on it hard.

“You’re out of your league here, Boy Boner!” He whispered in the freaked out hero before pushing him towards another of the Riddler’s goons.

Robin tried to fight back.



None of his punches even got close to landing. Instead, he was pushed by Riddler goon to goon as they formed a circle around him taunting him to the verge of tears. Not only that but they grabbed his erection, slapped his ass, and even pinched his nipples. One thug even forced the Boy Wonder on his knees and forced his face into his crotch.

“Oh yes, smell what a real man smells like.”

Robin tried to move his face, but all it did was rub that crotch all over his smooth cheeks. Despite his initial disgust, he began to feel the feelings of pleasure. The musky smell was so heavenly and the degradation of his face being smashed into that groin only added to his pleasure.

The other man all wanted their turns with Robin’s face in their crotch. They forced him to crawl on his hands and knees with his costumed ass high up in the air. The Boy Wonder was so turned on at this point that he became the willing participant. His green briefs were no wet with his desire as he crawled around like a little whore pressing his face into the crotches of low life criminals.

Riddler finally had enough as he grabbed his bags of cash. “That’s enough fun boy,” He ordered. “Take out the trash and let’s go before the real Caped Crusaders decided to show up.”

Robin cried out as he was picked up and carried out of the bank. What did he mean real Caped Crusaders? He was Robin, The Boy Wonder part of the Dynamic Duo who fought crime in Gotham. Yet here he was being carried away by common thugs who he had just faced fucked their crotches like he was some kind of whore. His own briefs were tented with his desire even after suffering so much humiliation.

A dumpster was opened up and without ceremony, Robin was tossed inside like he was garbage. As he felt himself sink in the filth, the Boy Wonder grabbed his cock through his briefs and started jerking off like his life depended on it. He quickly creamed his tights before passing out with a silly smile of satisfaction on his face.


Joker’s Circus: Green Arrow

Chapter 3

This was not the time for a fight like this, Green Arrow thought to himself as he felt himself being lifted up and flung through the air. Instinctively he reached for an arrow from his quiver and found it empty. What the hell? There was supposed to be one more! Bane must have taken it out as before he ambushed him. How could a giant like that move so quietly?

With no way to stop his fall, the hero crashed through several concessions stands before hitting the ground. His chances of escaping were looking slim, he thought as he grunted and tottered to his feet. Green Arrow realized that he wasn’t alone as Joker’s clowns formed a circle around him. The only thing he had going for him was that they were unarmed, but with his bruised and bleeding body plus exhaustion, this fight was not going to be easy.

Gritting his teeth, he leaped into the fray dodging punches while dishing out his own. Using his bow as a weapon, the hero used it with as much expertise that one would with a sword. One end knocked a clown in the head while the other end hit another good right in the gut. Even in his weakened state, the hero was able to drop a lot of the clowns down.

Green Arrow punched a clown in the gut and as the thug was bowled over, the hero rolled over his back and landed on his feet. He was about to throw another punch when he suddenly heard, “Surprise!”

Joker stood before him with a colorful looking box. The box opened up and a giant fist flew out and hit Green Arrow right in the chest. Flying back in the air, he hit a wall behind him and crumpled to the ground.

“Is that all you’ve got Arrow boy?” The diseased clown jeered through his insane laughter. “Even Robin put up a more fight than this!”

Growling, Green Arrow managed to get a surge of energy. The clown thugs were almost on him when he leaped to his feet and started fighting again. At first, he had the upper hand and his superior martial art skills took out many of the goons. Then as he turned, he bumped right into Bane again.

“Uh oh,” He gulped as he threw a hard punch right in his gut.

The blow didn’t even faze the brute as he stared down at the exhausted hero. Pressing a button in the center of his chest, venom started pumping in his veins. Green Arrow watched with fear as the man turned into a muscled monster before his eyes.

A mighty punch was returning hitting the hero in his own gut. Fighting the urge to vomit, Green Arrow doubled over in pain. There wasn’t a second to react as another blow hit him right in the jaw causing him to stumble back.

“You hit like a girl!” Green Arrow taunted. Pretending that those blows didn’t hurt should have won him an Oscar.

Still doubled over by pain, the brute continued the assault. The hero felt like a punching bag as blow after blow was rained on him. A final blow to his shoulders brought the defeated hero to his knees. Holding his bow to help support him up, he looked up with a teary gaze. He had been beaten down.

“I will destroy you!” Bane screamed as he grabbed his prey and lifted him high in the air with both of his hands.

Green Arrow struggled violently knowing that his back was about to be broken. He swung his bow and caught in the middle of tubes that came out of Bane’s venom pack. Pulling with all of his might, the tubing burst open and venom starting flying everywhere. The hero kicked the startled villain in the head and wrest himself from his grasp.  

It was leaping right out of the fire and into the frying pan. As Bane stumbled back trying to save as much of his precious drug as possible, Joker’s men rushed to finished what the Brute tried to start. Using his bow as a weapon, the hero fought through wave after wave of goons. Joker danced around on the outskirts of the fight.

He barely had time to react as he heard the sound of chattering teeth coming closer to him. Leaping out of the way, a dozen clowns flew in the air as the teeth suddenly exploded. Apparently, it didn’t matter to the madman if he took out any of his men. Green Arrow rolled to his feet and turned to fight the remaining men.

Green Arrow continued fighting and heard the cock of a gun. Joker fired as he dove behind a stand as the bullet flew through three of his men. It was bad enough to fight so many men when he had been beaten, bloodied, and exhausted, but having the clown interfere was almost as bad as fighting Bane himself.He was about to launch himself into battle when they parted like the red sea to let in Bane. The villain looked pissed enough to chew steel. Be careful what you think, The hero told himself shrewdly.

“Ready for the next round, big boy?” Green Arrow said with a twisted smile.

Knowing he was severely outmatched, he hoped that his humor and tauntings would give him an opening to fight the brute. Taking a deep breath, the hero launched himself into battle. He raised his bow up in the air to hit Bane over the head with it, but the villain was ready for him. With a single push, he wrests the bow away and snapped it in two like it was a plastic toy.

“Hey!” The hero protested. “That was a gift!”

Bane growled as he flexed his venom-filled muscles. His veins glowing green like the deadly drug itself. “It is time to end this!”

Joker laughed as he pulled out what looked like a toy gun from his suit jacket. “You said it, Bane Baby. Let’s crush this insect and be done with him.”

Green Arrow stared at the gun like it was a viper. His costume normally was able to repel gunfire, but at this range, his armor would not be able to withstand the impact. It looks like this was it. It was a hell of a run, but his luck had finally run out.

Bane snatched Joker’s gun away and crumpled it into a tiny ball in the palm of his hand. “No, clown. I will end him myself.”

It was the kind of strength that he expected from Superman, not from Bane. His venom high must be at its peak to be able to crush steel so effortlessly. He had almost preferred to be shot. Green Arrow raised his fists ready to go out fighting. He might not be able to stand a chance, but he would die a hero. He only wished that he could kiss Dinah one more time before the end.

Bane roared and started charging. Green Arrow bellowed as loud as he could and did the same. It was like a poodle charging a wild bear. He didn’t care, it was his chance to go out with a blaze of glory. Bane swung his might fists breaking plaster and concrete with each powerful blow. Green Arrow had a hard time dodging, but he managed to put in a few blows of his own. The problem was that it hurt him more than it hurt Bane.

Between dodging between one blow and the next, Bane got the upper hand and hit him right in the middle of the back. Crying out in pain, Green Arrow fell on his knees It felt like every vertebra of his back had almost shattered. No wonder Batman wears all that armor. A kick to his chest and the hero slid across the ground moaning in pain. Bane walked over to him and pressed his large boot right on his windpipe. Green Arrow pushed on the leather boot, but nothing could get it to move an inch. All he had to do was press a little harder and his windpipe would be smashed.

Joker whistled to himself as he walked over to the struggling hero. His smile was wide and red as he reached in his pocket and brought out a golf tee and put it into Green Arrow’s mouth. Spitting it out, he glared at the giggling clown. Bane crushed down a tiny bit of a fraction more causing him to gurgle in pain.

“Now, now, Arrow boy.” Joker chided. “Behave or Nanny Bane will have to punish you.”

He took out another tee and placed it in the hero’s mouth. This time Green Arrow didn’t spit it out. The clown revealed a golf ball and placed it on the tee. Grabbing a club, he positioned himself above Green Arrow’s head slightly swinging the club.

“Tell me, little green man.” The villain laughed. “I am assuming that you activated your emergency beacon already.”

Green Arrow’s eyes widened for a second before he covered his shock. How did Joker know about that? He had hoped that his reaction wasn’t noticed, but Joker picked up on it right away.

“That’s what I thought,” The clown mused as he hit the ball with the club. The tee flew from his mouth splitting his lip in the process. The taste of blood filled his mouth and it felt like some of his teeth were loose. “Since this little boy got lost in the circus, I think it only fitting for us to keep him until his parents return. They must be so worried about him.”

Bane growled as he grabbed Joker and lifted him up in the air. “What are you on about clown?”

The madman didn’t even look like anything was out of the ordinary as he swung in the air. “He might not have been our original prey, but bait like him is hard to come by. They already know that he is in trouble, so let’s arrange a nice welcome for whoever is coming next.”

“I see we kill him and be done with it!”

“Live bait attracts more flies than dead. Besides, think of how much fun we can have until the man we really want decides to stop sending the kiddies and come for us himself.”

Green Arrow couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The thought of being a prisoner to these sick freaks sent waves of fear down his spine. He realized that he was never who they wanted in the first place. Was this all a trap to lure Batman here? Like a fool, not only did he spring the trap, but he did exactly what Joker wanted of him by activating his emergency beacon. He didn’t know who Oracle would send to rescue him but they were walking right into a trap and it was all his fault.

“Fine,” Bane growled as he stepped off of Green Arrow’s throat and stalked away.

The hero grabbed his bruised throat and started coughing. Before he could react, the Joker grabbed him by the hair. “This is going to be fun!” With a  savage swing of his crowbar, Green Arrow sank into oblivion.


Night at the Museum: The Fall of Ultraman

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The Sandman Saga Part 3

Batman teaches Robin a new way

Robin jumped off his motorcycle feeling great. He had spent most of the evening tracking down Riddler and was very close to finding his hideout. The young hero would have stayed out longer, but he had a strict curfew. What kind of role model would he be for kids around the world if he didn’t follow the rule?

As he strode through the Batcave, the Boy Wonder didn’t notice that there were secret video cameras following him. Unknown to him, Sandman infiltrated both Wayne Manor and The Batcave and installed the cameras to watch his every move.

Seeing that Batman wasn’t in the cave, Robin trotted over to the Batpoles and flipped the switch so that it would go back up to the manor. As the secret bookcase in Bruce Wayne’s study opened up, a fully dressed Dick Grayson hopped off the pole. Only a few people in the world knew that Dick was really Robin. It was hard to keep it a secret at times, but duty must take precedence over everything.

Bruce was sitting at his desk looking over some paperwork. As the secret bookcase closed behind the young man, the millionaire lifted his head and glanced at his ward. “Is that you Dick?” He said before turning his attention back to his paperwork.

“Yes, Bruce,” Dick said with a huge grin. He bubbled with excitement to tell his mentor what had happened with his investigation.

Before he could say more, Bruce raised his hand. “Why don’t you tell me in the morning, old chum?” He suggested. “We have a full day tomorrow and you are going to need your rest. Why don’t you take a shower and Alfred will get you something to eat?”

The young man nodded in agreement. “Sure thing, Bruce.” He said with a grin on his face.

Leaving the office, he walked past the living room and noticed that Aunt Harriet was not in her usual chair. She must have gone to bed early, he thought to himself. Dick considered going to the kitchen to get something to eat but remembered that Bruce told him to shower first. After an intense investigation, he was a bit smelly. The young man passed the kitchen and went to his own private bathroom.

Like the rest of the house, his bathroom had secret cameras installed. As Dick started to take off his clothes, it was recorded and transmitted back to Sandman. The villain stared at the young man’s tight muscular body with open lust. It would not be long until that body was his. He had big plans for the cocky boy, and by the time Robin discovered that something was wrong, it would be late.

Dick stepped into the shower not noticing that tiny specs of purple dust were mixed in the with water. The hot water felt great on his skin and he closed his eyes enjoying the shower. As he soaped himself up, Dick noticed that he was feeling a tingle in his penis. He looked down in horror as he realized that he was starting to get hard. Closing his eyes, the boy started his meditation exercises to calm his overexcited hormones.

Bruce had always taught him that masturbation was a sin against God. Despite what desires that he had, Dick needed to remain strong and pure. Unlike most young men his age, he did not engage in playing with himself. The hero never even had a wet dream before. Everytime that he felt an erection forming, he would do his meditation and everything would go back to normal.

This time, he was having a hard time in calming his excited cock down. As the water mixed with Sandman’s purple dust rained down on his naked body, the hero felt himself losing that battle against his body for the first time in his life. As he opened his eyes, Dick gasped when he was a throbbing hard erection pointing straight up at him.

Dick leaped from the shower and fell on his hands and knees. He wanted to touch himself so badly, and it took all of his willpower to stop his hand from gripping that thick long erection. Water dripped from his nude body as he closed his eyes to do anything to calm down his out of control hormones.

A knock on the door made the young hero gasp in fear. “Is everything alright, sir?” Alfred’s voice came from the other side.

“Y, yes,” DIck cried out as his voice momentarily broke into a high soprano. He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist as tightly as he could. If Alfred walked into the bathroom and caught him with a raging hardon, he would die from shame.

“As you say, sir,” Alfred said before his footsteps were heard walking away.

Turning the cold water on in the sink, he splashed it on his face hoping the shock of the coldness would help cure his throbbing erection. Closing his eyes, he breathed as deeply as he could push his sexual needs into the darkest shadows of his mind. After 20 minutes of meditation, his dick finally went soft.

Dick rushed to his bedroom hoping that no one would see him only in a towel. With the door firmly shut behind him, he went to his dresser to grab his boxers and pajamas. The young man frowned as he opened his underwear drawer and found it filled with white briefs. What was going on, he thought in confusion. Dick had stopped wearing briefs two years ago. Like many young men his age, he preferred boxers.

The young man walked over to the door and opened it a tiny crack. “Alfred,” He called hoping the Butler was nearby.

Alfred walked over to the door. “Yes, Master Dick?”

“What happened to all my boxers?”

“So sorry, sir, but I had to wash them all tonight. You still have your briefs, sir. That should suffice until I get all of your boxers cleaned.”

It was an inconvenience, but it was only for one night. Dick closed his bedroom door and walked back to his dresser. He pulled out the top pair of white briefs and pulled them up his legs. He must have grown in the last two years because it was a struggle to put them on. The cotton fabric molded itself to his groin and ass that was tighter than his Robin costume. The young man blushed slightly as he looked down at his huge bulge. It was obscene. He grabbed a pair of pajamas and quickly slipped them on.

When he was fully dressed, Dick noticed that it felt like the middle of summer in his room. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead and ran down his cheek. Dick left his room and walked over to the thermostat. No wonder he felt so hot, it was ninety degrees in his room.

Alfred seemingly appeared out of nowhere. “Is there a problem, sir?” He asked.

“It’s so hot in my room,” Dick explained. “Any chance that I can turn on the air conditioner.”

“I’m afraid that will not be possible,” the Butler explained. “The air conditioner is broken, Master Dick. I have already made an appointment for it to be fixed first thing in the morning. I am sure that you can endure one night.”

Not wanting to sound unreasonable, the young man readily agreed. “Sure, no problem.” He said with a weak smile.  His pajamas were already sticking to his body as well as his already too tight briefs. A warm tingle formed in his balls that made him rush back to his room.

It was only one night, he thought as he pulled back his covers and climbed into bed. The heat was so unbearable as he tossed and turned in his bed. Finally, Dick got out of his bed and took off his pajamas. Now wearing his sweat-stained briefs, he climbed back into bed and tried to fall asleep. He ended up flinging the covers off as he slowly drifted to sleep unaware of the danger that he was in.

An hour later, Alfred crept into the room and stared at the vulnerable young man. His body was drenched in sweat and underneath the wet thing cotton fabric of his briefs, a throbbing erection pulsed in its cage. It looks like the drug-soaked briefs were working just as Sandman said it would. The sweat from the boy’s body activated the drug causing him to become erect. The Butler wanted to touch, but his master, Sandman’s, orders were very explicit. He took out a pair of headphones and quietly placed it on Dick’s ears. It would play the same message all night preparing the hero for his new role as a porn star. Before the Butler left, he took out a handful of purple dust and blew it in Dick’s face. The trap was set and all he had to do has come in an hour before the young hero would awake and take the headphones away. Alfred crept back out of the room and headed to Master Bruce’s room. After seeing Dick in such a vulnerable position, he was horny as hell and wanted to fuck his new master’s ass.

The sun was peeking through the windows as Dick opened his eyes. He stretched his arms outward as he yawned. The young man had slept like a baby and he so refreshed and energized. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he felt so good.

A small shiver ran down his spine, as the young man realized that the air conditioning must have been fixed. He leaped out of bed and bent down to pick up his discarded pajamas. His eyes grew wide with horror as he noticed his tented briefs. Dick leaped back into his bed as a knock sounded on his bedroom door.

“Master Dick,” Alfred’s voiced called out. “Your breakfast is ready.”

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Dick called back as his voice broke into a soprano high once again.

Sitting in his bed, he closed his eyes and began his meditation. Clearing his mind, he pushed his lustful thoughts aside like he always had in the past. Minutes past, but his cock didn’t soften one bit. Holy Throbbing Erection! Dick thought as he stared down at his powerful erection in horror. It felt so good that his hands itched to touch himself. NO! He thought in panic. He needed to be strong and resist these urges.

Another knock at the door sounded and Dick pulled his covers up to his chin. “Master Dick? Your breakfast is getting cold.”

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Dick called out again. He needed to do something. The young man couldn’t risk anyone seeing him in this state. He would simply die from shame if that happened.

Closing his eyes once again, the hero tried his meditation exercises again. They were just as ineffective as the first attempt and nothing could bring his cock to softness. There was no hiding the fact that he was hard either. Even if he put on his pajamas and went to breakfast, his arousal would be noticed right away. All he could do was sit in bed trying to resist the need to touch himself.

“Dick?” Bruce’s voice called from the other side of the door. “What’s going on? Alfred called you to breakfast twice now!”

Oh no, the young man thought in horror. He was about to reassure his mentor that all was well when the door opened and the millionaire playboy walked into the room.

“What are you doing still in bed?” Bruce asked with a stern voice. “Come on, it’s time for you to get up.”

Dick held the covers up to his chin praying that his throbbing erection would soften. “Do you mind giving me a minute?” His voice asked cracking.

Bruce rolled his eyes. “I don’t have time for your games, boy. Now get your butt out of bed and march right into the dining room.”

An order from his mentor could never be ignored. Gulping, the young man slowly pulled back his covers and climbed out of bed. He felt like bursting into tears as he stood there in his sweat and precum soaked tiny briefs with the clear cotton fabric molding itself to his hard dick.

A smile came to Bruce’s face as he stared down at Dick’s shame. “Is that what got you acting all strange?” He said with a small laugh. “It’s only morning wood. Perfectly normal.”

Dick shook his head as his face turned beet red. “I tried the mediation that you taught me, but it won’t go down.”

“Those exercised were for boys so that they won’t be naughty,” Bruce explained patiently. “You are a man now and it is alright for a man to take care of himself.”

“Take, take care of myself? The young man asked as his voice trembled. He stared helplessly at his trapped hard on not knowing even where to being.

Bruce stepped forward and softly placed his hand on the boy’s throbbing bulge. “Here let me show you,” He said softly. The imposter turned his head and winked towards the closest camera. Sandman was going to make a ton of money off this video alone.

Dick gasped as he felt another man’s hand on his crotch for the first time. His knees knocked together with a pleasure that he never knew possible quickly overwhelmed him. “This feels weird, Bruce.” He whimpered. “I’m not sure if I should be doing this.”

“Stop being a baby,” Bruce snapped as he ripped the young man’s briefs right off his body.

The hero gasped as his now freed cock thumped against his stomach and quivered with delight. Dick stared at his erection like it was a snake as he fell right into his bed. Bruce took a firm grasp of his erection and started to slowly pump the throbbing tool.

“Ohhhh,” the young man groaned as he felt his muscles turn into jelly. Little did he know that he was being slowly conditioned by Sandman and that the villain had replaced his closest allies with imposters. “This feels funny,” He moaned pathetically, but he was unable to stop his mentor from touching him in this way.

“All you need to do is stroke just like this,” Bruce patiently instructed as he manipulated his ward’s love tool. “Up and down, starting slow like this and then picked up speed.”

The pleasure was too great as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Drops of precum were already falling on his exposed skin as his legs started to spread out on their own. Oh god, it felt so good but so bad at the same time. Dick felt dirty and humiliated, but his trust in Bruce was absolute.

“A bit of lubrication can also help to speed things up,” His mentor explained as he spits right on the young man’s cockhead.

Some drops of spit flew through the air and hit Dick right on the cheek. It only made him feel dirty like he was some kind of little whore. Oddly enough the very thought made him quiver with even more pleasure. The young man started to panic when he felt a surge start to form deep in his balls.

“I’m starting to feel kinda funny, Bruce.” He whimpered as the older man continued to manipulate his cock. The surge grew stronger and stronger until it felt like a dam that was ready to burst. “Oh god, please don’t do this to me.”

Even though this was the best feeling he ever felt in his life, deep down Dick knew that he was passing the point of no return. Somewhere deep in his psyche, he wanted to resist the brainwashing that Sandman was slowly inflicting on him. He simply thought that this was just his way of avoiding becoming a man. What he always believed should be sacred on his wedding night was turning into a disgusting pleasure fest with the man he trusted with his life taking away part of his virginity.

Dick tried to grab Bruce’s hand to take it off of his cock, but by then it was too late. The surge had burst and was quickly moving up the thick shaft of his cock. The young man thrashed around as his body quaked with so much pleasure. His eyes rolled back as the hero tried to prevent himself from losing his innocence.

“No, no, no, no,” The young man moaned as he tried to push back against the surge. All it accomplished was making his impending orgasm even more powerful as his lean muscular body was quickly overwhelmed by the wave of pleasure.

The surge finally reached the top of his mushroom head as Robin screamed in passion. Gripping his hands on his silk sheets, the young man bucked his hips forward as the first shot of cum leaped from his once virginal cock. A warm splat hit him right on the cheek as Dick felt his very mind shatter.

Despite the boy begging for Bruce to stop, the older man kept a firm grip on his cock and continued to pump. Dick thrashed around on his bed as cum flew everywhere hitting him on his chest and stomach. Years of pent-up boy juice made his first experience so incredible yet so humiliated at the same time.

As the last drop of cum was milked from his shriveling cockhead, Bruce finally let’s go and smiled at the young hero who still shivered from the power of his first orgasm. Dick felt like his entire skin was being filled with sand as he lay on his bed covered in his own spunk.

“Get yourself cleaned up and get your ass to breakfast,” Bruce ordered as he walked out of the room. He picked the ripped briefs and tossed them to the mind blown young man. “Use this, you disgusting little boy.”

As Dick lay there in his post-orgasmic bliss, he realized he was a disgusting little boy and he secretly loved every second of it.



Joker’s Circus: Green Arrow

Chapter 2

With a mighty roar that shook the very earth, Bane charged towards the startled Green Lantern. The hero barely had seconds to jump aside before he would be crushed. Rolling across the ground, he pulled out an arrow and shot it right in the chest of the rampaging villain. His eyes grew wide as Bane snatched the arrow right out of the air and snapped it in two.

Oh shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Green Arrow thought in horror. He had heard the stories of Bane but nothing prepared him for seeing the monstrous brute face to face.

“I will break you!” Bane promised, his voice hollow behind his mask.

There was no escape, nowhere to hide, and no backup to call. Green Arrow knew that he was in deep deep trouble. Activating the beacon hidden in his costume, he only prayed that Oracle would see it and send someone to rescue him. Hopefully, it would not be to retrieve his corpse.

A head-on head fight would be suicide, so instead of aiming his next arrow at the charging villain, Green Arrow aimed his next arrow towards the ceiling. It found its mark and the lights shattered bathing the tent in darkness.

“Is it time to tell scary stories?” Joker laughed as a small light of a flashlight flickered over his hideous grin.  

Green Arrow rushed for the exit hoping the darkness would cover his movements. Sprinting for the door, the hero suddenly hit something that felt like a brick wall.

“Going somewhere?” Bane’s thick South American accent asked as he wrapped his thick hands around the hero’s throat. Green Arrow kick with all his might as he was lifted up in the air. He just didn’t possess the strength required to break free of the villain’s iron grip. Gasping and gurgling, he felt his throat being crushed. “You’re death will be slow and painful!”

“Whoooooaaa,” the hero called out as he was suddenly flung across the arena. His body slammed into the ground as he tried to gather the strength to move.

“Looks like Arrow boy is having a hard time,” Joker laughed behind him cloaked in the darkness. “Let’s give him a jolt of energy.”

Before he even had time to move, Green Arrow felt something grab his hand. A scream ripped from his mouth as he suddenly felt that he was being electrocuted. His body convulsed helplessly as his bow fell from his hand and slid across the floor. Looking up, he saw Joker’s hideous grin bathed by the dim light of a flashlight.

He could hear Bane’s heavy steps coming closer and closer. Knowing that he was running out of time, Green Arrow gathered all of his strength and dived towards his discarded bow. Hastily grabbing an arrow, the hero’s hands shook from a combination of pain and exhaustion as he tried to aim.

Unfortunately, he was too late as the hero felt something grab on to his ankle. Bane had reached him at last. Easily tossing Green Arrow in the air, the villain slammed his prey’s entire body on the ground again and again. Two columns of light suddenly bathed the arena and the thugs in the audience screamed with bloodlust now they were finally able to see what was going on.  

Green Arrow knew that he couldn’t last much longer at this rate. When he was tossed in the air, the hero twisted his body forward and pulled out a small knife that he kept in his boot. With expert aim, the knife sliced through the air and embedded itself into the hand that held his ankle. There was a brief second was Bane stiffened from the impact of the knife. Using his other leg, he slammed his foot right into the hilt of the knife burying the blade even deeper into his hand. A scream of agony ripped through the muscled giant dropping the hero back to the ground. Green Arrow was able to break the fall and roll up to his feet.

“You want to play rough, big boy?” He taunted. If he was going to die here, the hero decided that he might as well make him work for it.

Bane snarled as he pulled the knife from his hand with blood dripping down to the floor. “You will pay for that!” He promised with a baleful glare.

Green Arrow pulled out the other knife from his other boot and tossed it between his two hands. Every part of his body ached from the beating that he had received so far. Even his bones felt bruised, but he still had fight in him yet. Oracle must have seen the emergency beacon activated by now and if he stalled for time, the backup might arrive soon. There were still a handful of heroes left that was not on Apokolips fighting Darkseid.

Charging forward, Bane swings his massive arms with enough strength to snap Green Arrow’s head off. Even with his muscle bulk, the criminal moved with speed of a man a quarter of his size. It took all of his martial arts training to avoid those massive fists as he ducked and slid under his legs. Before the brute could turn back around, the hero grabbed his discarded bow and had an arrow aimed at his chest.

At the last second, Green Arrow changed his aim and the arrow zipped in the air. Grabbing the grappling line, he flew through the air towards the roof of the tent. Right when he reached the point where the arrow embedded itself into the cloth roof, Green Arrow slashed his knife and cut a hole right through the canvas. If you can’t use the door, find another way out! He thought with grim determination as he climbed outside into the night air.

“GET HIM YOU FOOLS!” Joker screamed with frustration as the goons scrambled for the exit.

Green Arrow leaped through the air and grabbed on the edge of the roof of a concession stand. He took a second to catch his breath. His body was covered with sweat making his costume mold itself even tighter to himself. Even his hair was matted and dripping with perspiration. Looking around, he saw that he was in the center of the amusement park. Joker’s men were now no doubt outside already and who knew where Bane and the clown were at the moment. With only two arrows left in his quiver, the odds were stacked against him. Unfortunately, the lights made the fairgrounds looks as bright as noon so stealth was almost impossible. What he needed was to find the power source for the lights.

Looking around, he saw one of the thugs turning around the corner. Leaping from the roof, he landed silently behind him and knocked him out. Before Green Arrow could take two steps, the alarm went off. Damn, he had forgotten that each of Joker’s goons was alarmed to go off if they passed out. Racing as fast as he could, the hero leaped into a small tent to keep hidden from sight.

This tent was much smaller than the one in the center. Completely empty, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide here for very long. Taking his knife, he cute a small hole and crawled back out into the night. Green Arrow could hear orders being shouted to pair up and search the amusement park. Time was not on his side.

Green Arrow slowly made his way back to the main tent. He was taking a gamble going back there, but he was pretty sure that no one would expect him to return back there. Also, the hero was gambling that the main fuse box was located there as well. If he could shut down the power, then it might be possible for him to make his escape.

The amusement park was thick with joker clowns all searching for any sign of him. What he needed was a distraction to divert their attention away from his movements. Taking the second to last arrow out of his quiver, Green Arrow pulled back on his bow with all of his might. With a twang, it shot forward whistling into the night until fireworks suddenly exploded everywhere. He always kept an arrow like that just in case. And hey you never know when you would need to celebrate.

The effects worked perfectly as the clowns rushed over to the source of the fireworks. Green Arrow made sure to aim the arrow as far away from the main tent as possible so it looked like he was trying to escape. Sprinting the exact opposite direction, he reached the main tent while the fireworks explosions were still going off.

Circling towards the back of the tent, he found what he was searching for. The main fuse box for the entire amusement park was now at his fingertips. “Let’s see how pretty the fireworks will be with the lights out,” He murmured to himself.

“Now, now, I really wouldn’t do that if I were you?” Joker giggled at him.

Green Arrow whirled around with his bow and knife in his hand. The clown smiled his hideous grin as he wielded a crowbar in his hand. “I don’t know what your game is, Joker, but it ends now.”

“Didn’t your mommy ever teach you that games are fun?” Joker laughed as he grabbed the flower in his lapel. Green Arrow barely had time to duck before a spray of acid arched out of the flower and melted some of the covers of the fuse box.

The villain took advantage of the few moments of the shock to leap forward with his crowbar swinging. Green Arrow brought his bow up and blocked the incoming blow before pushing him back. “You’re going to have to do better than that!”

With a flourish of his hand, several cards fell down his sleeve and hurled towards the fighting hero. The cards were tipped with steel edges and they cut through his costume like melted butter. Green Arrow grunted with pain as slashes of blood ran down his arms and legs. The clown had more surprises than a soap opera.

Hurling his knife towards the fuse box, the weapon embedded itself into the melted steel plate and plunged the entire amusement park into darkness. The hero could see the Joker doubling over in laughter.

“Come on, let’s shake and make up!” Joker said with all sincerity as he held out his hand.

Green Arrow kicked forward and slammed his foot into the clown’s arm. He followed up with a punch right to his chest that sent the villain hurling to the ground. Joker convulsed and spasmed as the hero cautiously approached him. It was all a ruse as the clown grabbed his crowbar and slammed it into the hero’s legs. Green Arrow fell to the ground dazed by the blow as Joker climbed up to this feet welding his weapon.  

“Time to say good night, sweet prince.” The clown giggled as he raised the crowbar in the air.

Gathering up all his strength, he rolled over just as the metal hit the ground. Joker growled with frustration as he raised his weapon up in the air before slamming it back on the ground. Between one miss and the next, Green Arrow kicked forward and the crowbar flew into the shadows of the night.

“Hey! That was my favorite crowbar!” The villain protested.

Green Arrow leaped to his feet and tried to keep himself upright. The combination of exhaustion, pain, and blood loss made it very hard for him to focus. “Give it up, Joker!” He demanded. “You lost.”

The clown held up his hands as he fell to his knees. “NO!” He wailed dramatically. “Please have mercy!”

Cocking his fist to knock the clown out, Green Arrow cried out as he suddenly felt himself being lifted into the air. Bane had found him at last.


April Newsletter

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. While I am not the religious sort, I drove up to Connecticut to spend a week with family in the North East. I am now back home and anxious to share with you all what I have planned for you all this month.

Today I will be publishing Night at The Museum: The Fall of Ultraman. This is one of the first stories that I had ever completed a few years ago with new edits and polish on the story so that it can be published on It was a lot of fun to revisit this story after so many years. I hope that you will enjoy this new version as much as I do.

Spanking Cody is a story about a college football jock who gets special attention from his coach. With a reputation of making sure his best players go on to successful careers in the NFL, Coach Stevens offers to take Cody Vagas under his wing. Their arrangement takes a sour turn when his coach starts to punish him for any little mistake by spanking him. The humiliation gets worse when he is forced to be tutored by a gay skinny nerd who takes perverse pleasure in forcing the big dumb jock to do whatever he wants. Spanking Cody is due for release on April 13.

The second episode of The Adventures of Sharkboy is coming to you on April 20. Sven as his superhero alter ego, Sharkboy, goes to a college swim meet to give a motivational speech. While in the locker room, he has suddenly lusted after every speedo clad boy on both teams. To make it worse, his own hormones rage out of control in a battle of sexual dominance. Will Sharkboy be able to resist the urge to fuck them all or will he be forced to become the new swim team sex toy?

April 27, a new story will be launched. The Defeat of Dynama Lad is a multi-part series about a sidekick who gets trapped in a world of sexual perversion and humiliation. Betrayed by his own adoptive brother, the secrets of his alien DNA is handed over to his mortal enemy Professor Gale. The evil professor lures Dynama Lad into a trap where he is transformed into a show of his former self. How will he deal with these new urges of his when he was raised to deny any kind of sexual lust at all? Find out at the end of the month. is seeing some exciting new stories this month. The Sandman Saga takes you back in time to the 1960’s era of Batman and Robin with a sexual twist. The discovery of gay porn movies starring Fagman and Throbin, leads Batman into a trap where he is captured and transformed to Fagman. Now Robin is on his own to try and fight a villain who knows everything about him. While Fagman is producing gay porn movies by the score, The Boy Wonder is being slowly corrupted.

Joker’s Circus is another new story that is being posted for readers to enjoy. Green Arrow is one of the few heroes left behind to protect Earth from evil. While pursuing the Joker, he is caught in a trap and forced to fight Bane. Will the hero be able to fight two of Gotham’s most powerful villains at the same time, or will he be forced to join Joker’s Circus as a freak sideshow act?

For those waiting for the next few chapters of Strange Dealings, you will not have to wait for long. I have been working very hard to make sure that Nightwing’s fall into Professor Strange’s clutches is as slow and erotic as Superman’s own defeat.

On my Patreon site, The Hunt for Superboy is continuing with a new chapter posted today. Spider-Man Slut Cumming’s next chapter is scheduled to release a week from today and a week after that the next chapter of Wayne Takeover is planned to be posted. Three exciting new chapters exclusive to those who are kind enough to support me on Patreon. I am also looking at revamping the rewards for Patreon. If you have any special requests or suggestions, feel free to message me on Patreon or through my email,

I am on a mission to get as much feedback as I can. I want to improve as an erotic writer and I need your help to do it. If you have any suggestions, critiques, or fetishes that you want for current or future stories, please please please email me or make a comment on either site. The feedback I have received so far is amazing and I am hungry for more of your comments. I am starting to publish stories that are more varied in fetishes and eroticism and would love to write a story that has your fetish as well. Any type of feedback is welcomed and desired. Thanks for reading.



The Sandman Saga Part 2

Batman falls under Sandman’s sway

The doors of the warehouse burst open as Batman ran inside. Lights and cameras were already set up. Right on a crate, Fagman was being fucked by a muscular handsome young man who was completely naked.

“What’s going on here?” The Director shouted as he turned to see who made the noise. “Holy shit, it’s Batman! Get him you fools!”

The crew dropped what they were doing and rushed the Caped Crusader. Batman put up his fists and punched the first running crew member in the face.


Not wanting to get surrounded, he leaped upon one of the large crates and kicked another crew in the head.


As the other men tried to climb on the crate, the hero pulled out his batrope and swung it towards the ceiling. The end attached to one of the lights and he swung in the air across the warehouse. As he flew, Batman pulled out two batarangs and threw them at some of the pursuing crew members.


Landing in the middle of the scene that was being filmed, Batman grabbed the two porn actor’s head and slammed them against each other.


Fagman smiled as he threw out his hand. Purple dust hit Batman right in his face as a shiver ran down his spine. He blinked with uncertainty as he stumbled backward his hands waving in front of him.

“What is this?” He muttered as his very skin began to crawl.

He didn’t have much time to react as the crew ran towards him. Batman’s head felt so fuzzy and there was a weird sensation in his tights. Sensations and feelings that he never felt before exploded everywhere as he tried to fight. As his arms were grabbed, the hero swung them forward causing the two men to crash right into each other.


Despite his valiant effort, Batman was having a hard time focusing. There were still half a dozen men still swarming to get to him. He swung his fists at them but they have batted away like he was a small child.

“What have you done to me?” He accused the porn actor who looked so much like him.

“It’s just a gift to help you get in the mood!” He smirked as he leaned against a crate.

The men pointed and laughed as Batman looked down. He saw sporting a giant erection tented in his trunks.

“I will stop you!” The Caped Crusader gasped as he tried to regain control.

Fagman walked over to the struggling hero and punched him right in the face. Batman went down like a ton of bricks as his eyes glazed over and he passed out.

As Batman came to, he tried to rub at his eyes but found he couldn’t move his arms. His eyes popped open as he looked down at himself. He had been strapped down to an electric chair. From his surroundings, it looked like he was in the same warehouse. His utility belt was still fastened around his waist giving him hope that he can escape. If his fingers could just reach then freedom was just around the corner.

“I see you are finally awake, my dear Batman,” A deep voice said from the shadows.

“Who are you, fiend?” The Caped Crusader demanded.

“Don’t you recognize a dear old friend?” An older gentleman stepped out of the shadows. Wearing a floor-length fur coat, his hair was silver framed by a very distinguished face.

“Sandman! You won’t get away with this!”

“I already have, my dear Batman.” The villain laughed as he stepped forward. He opened his hand to reveal more of his purple dust and blew into the face of the hero.

He tried to hold his breath, but it was too late. Like before the dust started to do its evil work. His skin felt like it was on fire, but instead of pain, it was the crashing waves of pleasure. Batman tried to resist the effects by clearing his mind of all thoughts, but the bulge in his trunks started to grow larger.

“You won’t win. You can’t win.”

“You look so stressed, Batman,” Sandman said with phony concern. “I think your heroic lifestyle is wearing you out. Let me give you a new life of relaxation and pleasure.”

The Caped Crusader was still struggling when the villain revealed a movie screen. The lights turned down low as the movie started to play. Fagman was standing surrounded by a circle of naked men. The camera moved forward and forward until Batman thought that he was looking out of the eyes of the imposter.

“NO!” Batman cried out as he closed his eyes. “I refused to watch this filth.”

The electric chair started to hum and a small jolt seemed to hit the hero right up the ass. His eyes popped open as a wet stain appeared in the middle of his trunks. By now his cock was rock hard and he was feeling so very horny. His eyes were drawn to the movie again. Each of the men surrounding him on the screen was naked and their thick and throbbing erections seemed to salute him.

Oh god, what was happening to him? He felt so horny and yet so relaxed. Batman wanted to shit his eyes again, but it was so hard to take his eyes off the screen. He struggled against his bonds, but this time it was so he could fondle himself.

The camera moved forward and grabbed the dick of the most handsome man that he had ever seen. The arms looked just like Batman’s arms and he began to think that he really was living the movie that was playing.

“Oh Fagman, I want to fuck you.”

Yes, Batman thought with desire. A small jolt of electricity hit him right in his ass again as a groan escaped from his mouth. He was Fagman and all he wanted to was be fucked by other men.

Wait! The hero thought as his mind started to conflict with itself. I am BATMAN! I will not give in to Sandman’s games.

“Give in Fagman,” Sandman whispered seductively in his ear. “You lost this battle the moment you saw my movie in Commissioner Gordon’s office.”

One of his henchmen dressed in pajamas and the name “Nap” stitched into the shirt came forward and without blocking The Caped Crusader’s view, he knelt between Batman’s legs and started to fondle his tented trunks.

Batman groaned as he continued to watch the movie against his will. He couldn’t shut his eyes even if he wanted to. Between the effects of the Sandman’s dust, Nap’s manipulation of his cock, and the sex scene unfolding before his eyes, the hero knew that he was fighting a losing battle.

“Oh, Fagman,” The naked man in the movie moaned as he rubbed his hard cock all over the hero’s body. “Let me fuck you. Let me dominate you.”

“Yessssss,” The hero hissed as he felt his cock straining against his tights. The world around him faded as Batman felt himself being pulled into the movie. He was in the arms of the beautiful muscle man and he wanted him so badly.

“Let me fuck you, Fagman. Let me make you feel good.”

“I submit,” Fagman whispered hoarsely as he felt like his cock was going to explode. “Please fuck me.”

An electric thrill of pleasure shot through his ass as the hero felt himself being lowered to the ground. He lifted his legs up in the air and over his head exposing his ass that was waiting to be filled. The muscle man smiled as he ripped a hole in the trunk and tights exposing his pink virgin hole. He spits right into the entrance of Fagman’s forbidden hole before using his tongue to massage the hole into submission.

It was the most incredible feeling that he ever experienced. Electric thrills of pleasure flooded his body as his cock ached so much to explode. His body trembled as he held tightly to his ankles so that his lover could get full access to his ass.

After a full 20 minutes of getting his ass eaten, the muscled hunk lifted his head up and passionately kissed the groaning hero. As their tongues danced together, Fagman felt the hard steel rod of his lover softly pressing against his puckering hole.

“Fuck me,” He moaned through the kiss.

This was what he wanted. This is why he was born. Fagman’s goal in life was to bring pleasure to as many men as possible. His perfect muscled ass was built to be fucked over and over. His mouth yearned to suck as many dicks as possible. He would film thousands of porn movies to bring all the men in the world to orgasm.

As the movie reached its dramatic climax, Fagman withered in pleasure as he felt himself explode. His trunks were filled with his hot spunk as the small bursts of the electric chair continued to send electricity into his ass. When it was over, the hero sat in exhaustion as the movie faded into black.

“Fagman, do you hear me?” Sandman asked waiting to see if his experiment was a success.

“You…. You won’t get away with this you fiend.” The Caped Crusader whispered through his post orgasmic bliss.

The villain snapped his fingers and Nap quickly unlocked Batman’s bonds. The hero tried to leap to his feet and fight, but instead, he just swayed back and forth in a daze.

“Now it is time for your final doom, Batman,” Sandman said with an evil smile. “Give me your utility belt.”

“Nooooo,” The Caped Crusader groaned as he tried to resist. He knew that once he gave his belt to his nemesis, it would be over.

The struggle was evident to everyone watching. Nap snuggled in close and started to tug on Batman’s bulge. “Come on, bat baby, give in and it will feel so good.”

His spent cock started to harden again as the Caped Crusader felt the touch of another man. It felt so good, so natural. His hands went down to his belt and his fingers brushed the buckle. “No, I can’t. I mustn’t. It would destroy me.”

“Give in, Fagman,” Sandman commanded as he grabbed the hero’s nipples and started to manipulate them through the costume.

The stroking of his cock and the nipple play drove Batman over the edge. “No, no, no, no” He moaned pathetically as his hands trembled on his belt buckle. His lips quivered as the pleasure grew too much for him. A pool of cum was trapped in his tights and with Nap jerking his cock surrounded by so much cum, it opened doors of pleasure that he never dreamed possible. That combined with the new sensations of having his nipples played with, the hero was on the verge of cumming again.

“Arrrrr,” Batman cried out as he filled his tights once again with his spunk. The exact moment that the first drop of cum exploded from his trapped cock, the hero unbuckled his belt. His mind screamed as it suddenly went blank. Batman was no more.

The former hero stood up and stared at himself dressed in a Batman costume. “Why am I wearing this? This is not my costume.” He asked in confusion.

“No, it is my costume!” A voice said from behind him. Turning his head, Fagman gasped. It was the real Batman and he was wearing his porn costume.

“Oh my god!” Fagman exclaimed. “You’re really him. You’re Batman.”

“Yes, I am citizen.” Batman said with a heroic pose. “I had to wear your costume because you had stolen mine. Now give me back my costume.”

“I didn’t mean to steal it,” The former hero apologized. He started to take his costume off. The cape and boots came off as he stripped himself. Then was the moment that Sandman was waiting for. The former Batman took off his cowl and revealed that he really was Bruce Wayne.

“Pulling Nap aside, Sandman whispered his instructions. “Get over to Wayne Manor immediately. I want everyone brainwashed and cameras installed everywhere. Once his butler is mine, he will help you continue the next part of my plan.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Sandman.” Nap said as he back away. “Right away, sir.”

By this time, Fagman had completely taken off his Batman costume and stood there naked with a rock hard cock pointing up in the air. He stared at his hero, Batman as the hero started to take off the Fagman costume. His body was so muscular and handsome, he thought as his horniness made him feel dizzy.

Sandman had more of his henchmen take pictures of Bruce’s face so that his replica could look exactly like the millionaire philanthropist. To keep his new Fagman happy during the process, a couple of the porn actors played with his muscular body.

When it was complete, the villain’s fake hero looked exactly like Bruce Wayne. The new Batman dressed in the freshly cleaned costume and looked every inch as impressive as the original. There was no way in telling the two men apart.

Batman gathered up the discarded costume and handed it over to the naked slave. “Here is your costume. Why don’t you put it on?”

Fagman took the costume and held it to his face breathing it in deeply. The spandex was crusted and stained with old and fresh cum stained. It smelt heavenly to him. As the former hero put on the hard and slimy costume, he felt like he was dressing in a used condom. His cock never felt harder and more turned on.

“Before, I go citizen,” Batman said as he smiled at the fully dressed Batman. “I will allow you the honor of sucking my cock, but make it quick, I hear you have a full schedule of shooting porns.”

Fagman grinned widely as he fell down to his knees. “Thank you so much, Batman. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

Fishing out the new hero’s cock, he treated it like the most exquisite treasure. Fagman moaned and sucked just like he was a professional. Batman bucked his hips and moaned before unleashing his load into Fagman’s mouth who swallowed every drop.

“If you excuse me,” Batman said heroically. “I have crimes to stop.”

As the Caped Crusader ran out the door, Fagman’s director pulled the porn star up on his feet. “Come on, now. We have work to do.”

His career as a porn star was just the beginning of Sandman’s revenge.


The Adventures of Superman Defeat in the Multi-universe Part 5 Arkham Nightmare Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” The Joker proclaims. “The End of Batman!”

“I don’t think so, Joker!” A voice calls from the shadows.

Nightwing and Robin leap down from their vantage points ready to fight. Like their mentor, they are completely overpowered as the combined might of the Dark Knight’s Rogue Gallery is too much for them to handle.

Joker chuckled as he smiles down at the struggling young men. “Three for the price of One! This is FANTASTIC!”

Superman watched helplessly as the two crime fights call out to him. “Help us, Superman!”

The hero could only shake his head as he fell down to his knees. “I can’t!” He whispered to himself. How could he claim to be the man of steel when he can’t even break free of this simple cell? He clutched his head as the last of his fight and will start to disappear. “I AM NOT SUPERMAN!” He screams in agony.

The entire room went silent as all eyes turned to the destroyed Kryptonian. Professor Stange smiles as he walks over to Superman’s cell door. “What did you say?”

Tears well up in the former hero’s eyes as he shivers in defeat. “You are right, Professor. I am not Superman. I am ready to submit for your help.”

The bald-headed villain had false sympathy in his eyes as he opened the cell door. The other villains braced themselves thinking that this was some kind of trick. Yet there was no trace of Superman as the broken hero meekly walked towards the professor.

“Are you ready to shed the symbol of your false identity?”

Tears streamed down the once powerful hero’s face as he nodded slowly. “Yes, sir. I am ready.”

With a long quivering sigh, Superman started to take off his cum and dirt stained costume in front of everyone in the room. The villains grinned as they witnessed the ultimate defeat of the most powerful man on Earth. Robin and Nightwing could not believe their eyes as the man they admired were completely destroyed.

Each piece of his blue and red costume was taken from him as more and more of his body was exposed. The man who once was Superman started to feel dizzy as memories of his life as a hero popped like bubbles and vanished forever. Even his muscular body seemed to transform as his powerful muscles started to shrivel and shrink.

By the time, the former hero was completely naked, he looked like a very different man. His body was lean but now only slightly muscular. His aura of power and confidence was gone and he looked liked he was just a normal human male.

“What is your name?” Professor Strange asked gently.

“My name is Clark Kent,” Clark responded immediately. There was no fear of having his secret identity exposed because he no longer had any memories of his exploits as Superman. In his shattered mind, he was just a normal man.

“It is nice to meet you, Clark. Why don’t we go to my office and we can start the paperwork on getting you out of here.”

Clark nodded gratefully as followed the kind professor out of the abandoned Arkham wing. It was as if he wasn’t even aware of the room filled with villains who had overpowered and was about to destroy Gotham City’s most powerful heroes.

“Now that is out of the way,” Joker said rolling his eyes. “Let’s get back to the main event.”

The Clown Prince of Crime laughed as he pulled off the last protection of Batman’s identity. Nightwing could not believe his eyes and there were actual tears in Robin’s eyes. Both sidekicks to the Dark Knight knew that this was the end for them all.

Gasps echoed through the room as Batman was revealed to be Bruce Wayne. Many of them had speculated the secret identity of their most hated foe, but none came close to guessing it was Bruce Wayne.

“I don’t bloody believe this!” Penguin snarled under his breath. His face was a thundercloud of fury as he gripped his umbrella so hard that his knuckles were white. The two men that he hated most were one and the same.

The Joker patted the cheek of his once worthy enemy and sighed. “Well, that is that. I’m bored with this already. Ta ta!” With a flourishing bow, the white face maniac left his fellow villains to deal with the defeated heroes as they pleased. Batman was no longer worthy of his attention.

The Penguin marched over to the naked Bruce and lifted his chin up with the tip of his umbrella. There was nothing but a vacant face as he was still in the thrall of Mad Hatter’s mind control and Scarecrow’s fear gas. “Wayne is mine!” He snarled to the other villains almost daring them to object.

The bird obsessed villain wrapped the handle of his umbrella around Bruce’s neck and used it as a leash to make him crawl on his hands and knees. The villains parted as they watched their most feared foe crawl past them completely naked and defeated.

With Batman now claimed by the Penguin, the rest of them turned their attention to Nightwing and Robin who feebly struggled to break free of their bonds. Most of their fight had evaporated when Batman was unmasked.

Some villains like Killer Croc and Bane didn’t want anything to do with them anymore. Now that Batman was destroyed, they had other matters to attend to. Two-Face, however, decided that he wanted a piece of the action. He took out his coin and with a single flip, Robin’s fate was decided.

The Boy Wonder paled as the scarred villain grabbed him by the cape and started to drag him towards the exit. “Please don’t!” He begged his voice dripping with fear. “Dick! Help me! HELP!”

Nightwing had his own problems as Mad Hatter focused his mind control powers on Batman’s original sidekick. “It looks like I have a new pet to play with!” He cooed softly as he slowly took off the hero’s black mask. “Such a pretty boy to play with Alice and me.”

It was quite easy for Mad Hatter to take control of Nightwing’s mind and soon the pretty boy hero was following his new master to his fate.

Professor Strange smiled as he downloaded the recording of everything that transpired while a still naked Clark waited patiently. This footage would sell for billions and he planned to cash in on it. Now that his financial future was secure, it was time to tie up the last loose end.

He opened the drawer to his desk and pulled out some clothes for Clark to dress in. He noticed that the former hero’s cock was completely limp. It seems that his experiment was a complete success. There was nothing left of Superman.

The professor assured Clark that his treatment was now complete. He had the reporter sign some papers for his release. Not that it really mattered since he was never a registered patient, to begin with. Yet he would not abide any breaks in the fantasy world that he created for the now defeated hero.

Clark expressed his complete gratitude as he shook the professor’s hand. For the first time in his life, he felt worried free as if the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders. Professor Strange gave him his business card and told him to call him anytime if he needed someone to talk to.

As Clark left, Strange waited 10 minutes before picking up his phone. “Hello, Mr. Luthor.” He said happily. “I have a package for you to pick up. I’ve already sent the footage to your secure email. Your target is Clark Kent and he will be taking the train back to Metropolis. I sent you his itinerary so you can be there to greet him when he arrives.”

Luthor’s reply was ecstatic and he offered to hire Strange into his own organization. Strange politely declined since he was now even richer than Bruce Wayne used to be. The professor picked up a box filled with his personal effects that he had in his office. This was his last time working at Arkham Asylum. It was now time to leave Gotham before it exploded from the chaos that is waiting to happen.

Txy giggled as he silently watched the results of his plotting. Lex Luthor had picked up Clark Kent at the train station and easily kidnapped him. Although his memory of being Superman was destroyed, Lex still wanted to experiment with the Kryptonian DNA.

Clark, of course, had no idea why Lex was torturing him. His pitiful mind was easily overpowered and he was now a complete slave to his new master. It was a fitting end for the most powerful being in the world.

Penguin had moved into Wayne Manor and took over his wealth and businesses. The bird villain had Alfred killed and had Mad Hatter use his mind control powers to turn the once proud vigilante to Penguin’s pet. The media had a circus when Bruce Wayne came out as gay and told the world that Oswald Cobblepot was his lover. In public, they seemed like a perfect couple, but behind closed doors, Bruce was completely submissive both sexually and in normal life.

Robin was not so lucky as he was at the whims of Two-Face’s coin. With each flip, he would experience sexual or painful torture depending on his luck. He had endured beatings and tortures until his mind had completely snapped. The Boy Wonder was now his sidekick and his costume was replaced with a two-toned costume like his master’s. They embarked on a crime wave that the police was unable to contain.

As for Nightwing, he was now the sex toy of Mad Hatter. There was nothing left in his mind but love and obedience as he was drawn deeper and deeper into Wonderland. When there was no ‘Alice’ to entertain him, Dick would have to put on his blue dress and blond wig to entertain his master.

All in all, it was a complete success for the red imp. Not only did he destroy the Superman of this world, but he took out Batman who tried to stop him in his quest. With the Dark Knight out of the way, he was free to visit the countless other universes to find new and exciting ways to torture and destroy Superman. Perhaps one day, he would get tired of this game, but for now, he was ready to continue to play. A devious smile crossed his face as he winked out of this world to travel to the next. The next Superman won’t even know what hit him.


The End?