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Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-universe Part 5 Arkham Nightmare Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Superman was escorted back to his cell. His famous uniform was still soaked from the shower and clung to his muscular body. Anyone third party observer would have a hard time believing that this was the real hero. His shoulders were slumped, his head bowed, and he meekly followed the commands of the guards who were his escort.

The door of his cell closed and the man of steel sat on his bed with his hands holding his head. What was going on with him? He had vivid memories about his life as Superman, yet he felt weak as a baby. So weak that he could not stop sexual abuses by weaklings like Penguin or Riddler. What was worse his own body betrayed him by becoming aroused at their perverted acts. Even now, he could feel his cock coming to life in his wet tights.

“Had enough of this fantasy of yours?” Hugo Strange said as he walked into the cell.

Superman leaped to his feet and lunged towards the smirking doctor. Without even blinking, Professor Strange whipped out a taser and used it on the enraged hero. The man of steel screaming in pain as he was flung back hitting the wall behind him.

“I must insist that you behave,” Professor Strange said firmly.

“When I get my powers back, I will make you pay for this Strange!” Superman gasped in pain.

The mere mentioning of his powers caused his cock to stiffen immediately. His gasps of pain turned into pleasure as the wet fabric of his tights pressed down on his throbbing erection.

“These delusions of yours will only bring you more troubles,” The Professor chided softly. He stepped forward and pressed his polished black shoe on the tented crotch of his patient.

Superman’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he groaned. The pressure felt so good but so wrong at the same time. His cock felt like it was going to explode at any second. He tried to lift his pelvis in the air to dislodge the older man’s foot, but he was so weak with pleasure that all he could do was lie there helplessly.

“I want to help you.” Professor Strange said coldly. “I can’t help you as long as you insist that your delusions are real. Just admit that you are not Superman and it will be over.”

What he said actually started to make sense. How could he think that he was Superman when he was lying on the floor in a cell of an Asylum with a raging hard on and not enough strength to overpower a man at least 10 years his senior? It was so tempting to let go of his memories and let the healing process begin.

Superman grunted as he fought back against these thoughts. He remembered his heroic exploits. He remembered having amazing powers. He remembered so many memories that no other man would have of the most powerful being in the universe.

“I” The hero hero whispered between his moans of pleasure and lust. “I am SUPERMAN!”

Professor Strange just shook his head as he stepped back. “Such a shame,” He muttered. In a louder voice he said, “You can not live in this fantasy and be healthy. I will continue to monitor your progress and when you are ready to admit your delusions, I will help you recover your true identity.”

The door shut behind the Professor leaving the battered hero alone with his doubts. Superman looked down at his tented red briefs and had to stop himself from masterbating. His mind was a mess with conflicting thoughts on his very identity.

Unknown to the hero, green gas started to flow through the vents of the cell. A shadow watched with glee as he rubbed his hands. “It’s time to face your fears, Superman.”

The man of steel blinked in shock as the cell started to melt away. He felt himself floating through the air as the world around him wavered and vanished.

Seconds later, Superman found himself standing in front of Metropolis City Hall. Before him the square was packed with what seemed like millions of people. It was as if the entire population of Metropolis had gathered.

The Mayor was standing at a podium where he was addressing the citizens of his great city. “Our guest of honor today needs no introduction. He has done so much for Metropolis and the entire world.”

Was this some kind of award ceremony? Superman thought in confusion. Everything here seemed so real and his memories of the Asylum seemed like a bad dream. The roaring cheers of the crowds sent a wave of pride through the hero.

With a huge smile on his face, he stepped forward to stand next to the Mayor. He never expected any kind of payment for using his powers to keep Metropolis safe, but the adoring cheers of the citizens of this great city caused his chest to swell with pride.

“This is why I want to award the key of the city to Superman!” The Mayor proclaimed as the roars of the crowds grew louder and louder.

Superman bent his head as the key was placed around his neck. The key was made out of gold and was triple the size of a normal key. The Mayor stepped aside as the hero stepped in front of the podium.

“This is a great honor for me,” Superman said as he addressed all his fans. “I stand as an example on how one man can help to change the world for the better. Every single one of you has this potential. With or without powers, every person can do something to make this world a better place.”

“The world doesn’t need an alien like you!” A single voice rang out through the crowd.

The people parted as Lex Luthor stepped forward. “You are a fraud, alien, and I will no longer tolerate your presence in Metropolis.”

Superman opened his mouth to protest but he stood there frozen like a statue. Luthor walked up the steps towards the podium with an angry scowl on his face. The silence seemed thicker than mud as everyone watched wondering what was going to happen.

“You aren’t worthy to call yourself a hero.” Luthor snapped as he pushed Superman back. The hero stumbled back still unable to speak or even act.

The corporate tycoon grabbed the key that was just awarded to his nemesis and ripped it from around his neck. Superman flinched as he could not help but notice how powerful Lex Luthor really was. Although he was taller and more muscular than the older business man, there was an aura of power around him that made Superman want to submit.

Lex snarled as he slapped the man of steel across the face. Normally it would have broken his hand, but this time it was Superman’s head that was snapped back as he cried out in pain. The villain grabbed the hero’s cape and ripped it off his back.

Superman finally regained his senses as his eyes started to glow red. “That is enough!” He thundered towards the glaring villain.

“I’ve only just begun!” Luthor hissed. He grabbed the ‘S’ shield on the hero’s chest and it ripped away like tissue paper leaving his chest exposed.

The villain crumbled up the cloth and tossed it aside like it was garbage. “There is nothing super about you!”

Superman lunged towards his nemesis and his eyes grew wide with shock as he felt Luthor wrap his hand around his neck. The weaker older man easily overpowered him and forced him on his knees. How was this possible?

“You are a fraud!” Luthor shouted as he grabbed the helpless hair by his ebony locks and forced him to crawl across the stage. There was no fight left in him as he scurried across as fast as he could to keep his hair from being pulled out by the roots.

Once again Superman felt himself admiring his greatest nemesis. He overpowered him with such ease and he didn’t even use kryptonite. The hero felt a stirring in his loins as he felt a powerful attraction to the bald business man.

When they got back to the center of the stage, Luthor pulled the subjugated hero back to his feet. “You are a disgrace to this uniform!” He snarled. The crowds were still silent as the dead as they watched Luthor completely dominate the man they looked up and admired. “Take it off!”

Superman flinched at order barked at him to strip. He could feel his knees start to buckle as a deep fear took him. The prospect of being naked in front of all these people scared him more than kryptonite.

Enraged that the hero was not moving fast enough, Luthor ripped off Superman’s golden belt and started to beat him with it. Superman cried out in pain as he fell down to his knees. “Alright!” He sobbed as tears started to flow down his cheeks. “ALRIGHT!”

The beating stopped and the sobbing hero barely managed to get back on his feet. He started to peel off his torn and ruined costume. The crowds finally broke their silence as they cheered for Luthor and jeered Superman as he stripped. A chant started as their thundering cries grew louder and louder. “Strip him! Strip him!”

Superman could not believe his ears as his boots, briefs, and shirt was taken off. A few minutes ago they all adored him and now they turned on him. The hatred, jeers, and pure glee of seeing him humiliated sent waves of terror through the helpless hero.

His tights finally came off and now he stood completely naked in front of the entire population of Metropolis. At first he tried to cover his genitals with his hands, but a swift slap of his belt across his hands ended that.

The jeering crowd went silent as Superman’s cock and balls were exposed for all to see. The hero looked down and paled as he saw that his limp cock was only half an inch. Everyone started laughing hysterically as they pointed at his baby cock.

Lex grabbed Superman’s red briefs and showed everyone how he enhanced his package with a sock. The hero just wanted to drop dead right there as his humiliation knew no bounds. “Pathetic!” Lex snarled as he roughly grabbed the hero’s tiny package.

Superman groaned as his nemesis’ touch sent pleasure like he never known through his trembling body. His cock came to life and in second it was hard as a rock. The laughter grew louder as everyone saw that his fully erect cock was only a mere two inches.

Almost like he was in a trance, the man of steel started to jerk his tiny cock as he fell down to his knees. Luthor smiled in triumph as he grabbed the key of the city and placed it around his own neck. He took out a collar and wrapped it around the humiliated hero’s bull neck.

As Superman felt the collar locking in place, his body started to spasm. Two tiny drops of cum leaped from his cock as even his orgasm was pretty pathetic. Yet to him it was the most intense feeling that he ever felt in his life.

Luthor frowned as he looked down at his black polished shoes. One of the drops of cum landed on his expensive shoes. He pointed at his shoe and Superman flinched. Yet he bent down and started to lap up his own jiz in front of everyone.

This degrading act caused Superman start to orgasm once again. His tiny cock quivered with delight as it shot out another tiny drop of cum. Lex started to walk down the steps and the hero meekly followed on his hands and knees. The world now knew that he belonged to Lex Luthor.

The delusionary world started to fade away as Superman spasmed on his bed. His briefs and tights were soaked with his cum as he found himself in his cell in Arkham Asylum. Was this just a dream, he thought in confusion.

No, it seemed so much more real than a dream. It felt like it was actually happened. A terrifying thought crossed his mind. Could all his memories as Superman just be a powerful delusion like the one he just experienced? Superman shivered in fear as he began to truly doubt himself for the first time in his life.


Strange Dealings: Nightwing’s Fall Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The glass cracked and splintered as it flew everywhere in the penthouse office. Lex Luthor swore as he ducked down under his desk to avoid being hit. A dark shadow blocked the moonlight covering the office with complete darkness. Carefully taking out his gun, Luthor braces himself as his desk suddenly slid across the office.

“I want to talk to you, Luthor!” Batman snarled as he picked up the wealthy business tycoon and lifted him up in the air.

Keeping his small gun concealed, Luthor smiled as if completely at ease. “It’s a pleasure as always Batman.” He said smugly. “To what do I owe this visit?”

Not amused The Dark Knight slammed the villain across the wall and leaned in close enough to kiss. “What have you done to Superman?”

A woosh of air slammed against them as Batman suddenly flew across the room hitting the wall behind him. The former Man of Steel shielded his master his eyes glowing red with anger. The hero barely recognized his best friend. Gone was his blue and red costume replaced with a shiny red thong with his family crest emblazoned right on his crotch.

“Clark,” Batman whispered.

Revealing his secret identity was no longer a problem. Thanks to Lois Lane, the entire world now knew that Clark Kent and Superman were one and the same. It had taken a great deal of money and resources to get to his parents first to hide and protect them.

“What did he do to you?” The Dark Knight asked in a louder tone.

Lex laughed as he brushed off his suit. “I did nothing, Batman.” The business tycoon said with a smile. With a snap of his fingers, Superman fell down to his knees and looked up at him with love and adoration of a puppy. His red thong was tented with his arousal. “As you can see, Kal-El is my lover.”

“That’s a lie!” Batman snarled as he clenched his fists. “Whatever you did to do this to him, I am taking him back!”

The hero unclenched one of his fists and a green glow came from his palm. Superman gasped as the effects of kryptonite gave him a great deal of pain. Luthor growled as he brought out his gun and started to fire at the intruding Dark Knight.

Smoke filled the room as Batman evaded the flying bullets with ease. “It’s just you and me, Luthor!” His ominous voice called out through the smoke.

Lex kicked Superman to the ground growling at his pet with frustration. Leave it to Batman to bring the rare kryptonite to the party. “Security,” He called out. “Activiate!”

The lights of the office suddenly blared on lighting every dark corner to make it seem like it was the middle of the day. A secret wall opened and a half of dozen Lexcorp robots came marching out. With his gun in his hand, Lex scanned the room to see where the flying rodent was hiding. A batarang flew through the air hitting his hand and sending his gun flying across the room. Lex nursed his now hurting hand as he cursed softly.

“You have nowhere to run, Batman!” Lex taunted. “Haven’t you been reading the papers or watching the news? The time of you so called heroes is ending.”

It was true. With the fall of Superman, the kryptonians reputation had vastly deteriorated. The public saw him as an alien menace with no hints of morality at all. To the public eye, The Man of Steel had fled earth in shame, but the underworld knew that he was Lex Luthor’s pet. The experiments that he forced the alien to endure had broken him completely.

Superman had once been the most powerful hero in the world. Now his duties composed of whatever whims Lex had for him. Serving drinks at a meeting, pole dancing in a strip club, or even secretly taking down a competitor for Lex. There was talk about the Justice League being disbanded, and he was using his political power to have all super powered beings arrested and quarantined by the government.

As the smoke cleared, Lex stared out of the gaping hole of his office. Batman was gone and his office was a mess. Superman shook off the remaining effects of the kryptonite as he climbed up to his feet.

The fallen hero saw the frown of his master and his face was filled with fear. “I’m sorry, master.” He stammered nervously. “I could not fight the effects of the kryptonite.”

Lex growled as he grabbed his slave by his crotch. “Tell me who Batman is!” He demanded.

Surely Superman knew the identity of every so called hero on the planet. The alien pervert had revealed almost every hero identity, yet he was not able to tell him the secret identity of Batman or any of his associates.

Even know the former Man of Steel struggled to comply with his master’s order. His mouth opened, but the words never came out. It was clear that something was stopping the dunce from revealing what he knew.

“I am going to punish you for this!” Lex promised as he stormed out of his office with Superman trailing behind him like a puppy. It wasn’t the first time that he punished his slave for refusing to give away Batman’s identity and it wasn’t the last. Yet each time, Lex enjoyed punished a man who could kill him with a single look. Whether Superman liked it or not, he now belonged to Lex Luthor. The thought of Superman enslaved to him against his will brought a glow of pleasure to the bald business tycoon.



Batman stared up at the shattered window of Lex’s personal office from the rooftop. He had heard the rumors that Superman was Lex’s slave, but seeing it was a different experience all together. A rescue would have to be staged for his best friend, but not until he figured out how Luthor enslaved him in the first place.

“Are you in?” He said softly in the headset in his cowl.

“Just give me a second,” Oracle said in his ear.

Oracle had once fought crime beside him as Batgirl, but a fateful encounter with The Joker left her paralyzed in a wheelchair. Rather than give up on her mission to aid Batman, she became an information broker using her legendary computer skills to assist him on his war against crime. Lex might have thought that Batman had come to stage a rescue for Superman, but that was not the case. He had a different objective entirely.

“Alright, I’m in.” Oracle said in a few minutes. “Sorry for taking so long, Luthor’s security is one of the best that I have ever seen.”

Unknown to Luthor, Batman had planted a device in his office that let him infiltrate all of Lexcorp’s computer files. The business tycoon was too smart to lead an assault against him. Even against the hero’s own genius intellect, Luthor was smarter and more ruthless. It was only a matter of time until he figured out that Batman had hacked into his computer, so he had to act quickly.

“Oh my god,” Oracle gasped. “He has all the identities of the heroes in the world.”

“Are you sure?” Batman asked as his worst fears were coming true. As leader of the Justice League, Superman knew the identity of every hero. As much as he didn’t like to admit it, that fact was the reason why he could not fall into enemy hands. It was too late though.

“Wait,” His partner said in a rush. “He doesn’t have yours, Dicks, Tims, or mine!”

The Dark Knight frowned in thought as he used his grappling hook to fly up to where the Batwing was hidden. “Are you sure?” He asked. “Do a system wide search to see if that information is stored somewhere else.”

“I’m positive that he doesn’t know,” Oracle said firmly. “I’m running a search on that now, but I have found multiple emails and…. Oh my.”

“What is it?”

“I just found some videos of Luthor punishing Superman for not giving up your secret identity. He really doesn’t know, Bruce.”

That was something at least, Batman thought furiously. It didn’t help that all of his other allies were in serious danger. He needed to act fast to protect them all.

“Oracle, I want you to cut the connection after an hour. Gather as much information of you can of Luthor’s plans and what information he managed to get from Superman.”

“No problem. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to visit Wonder Woman so we can protect ourselves from whatever attack Luthor had planned.”

Luthor wasn’t lying when he gloated that the world was turning against superheroes. Superman’s disgraceful fall started a domino effect that led to the world distrusting any costumed hero. Starting with Lois Lane’s destructive articles against Superman, the rest of the press eagerly jumped on the popularity of criticizing heroes. It was going to take a great deal of effort to fix this whole mess before it was too late.



Superman opened his mouth as he took in Luthor’s cock and began to suck on it like his life depended on it. His mind was like a caged tiger unable to stop himself from doing anything that his master demanded of him. The past couple of months were pure torture for him as each day was a new series of humiliations that he had no choice but to endure.

As his mouth was being fucked, the hero started to think about how gentle and loving Hugo Strange was. The professor seemed like an angel compared to Luthor and he thought of his time with Strange as the happiest of his life. He wished that he could go back to serving the professor.

His master fucked his mouth until he was ready for something more. Superman moaned as the madman walked around and started to push his cock into the hero’s perfect ass. Normally a drill couldn’t break into his asshole, but Luthor’s hold over him caused him to relax his anal defences and allow himself to be fucked.

A single tear rolled down his cheek as Superman once again endured being Lex Luthor’s plaything. Once he was on top of the world as Earth’s greatest protector, but now he was no better than a slave or a whore. His magnificent muscled body and all of his amazing powers were reduced to being used at Luthor’s whim and his alone.

Seeing Bruce try to rescue him just made it all worse. Part of him knew that if Luthor gave the order that he would have killed his best friend. It was only luck that he retained enough will to not reveal Batman’s true identity. Of course that didn’t stop him from giving up all the other hero’s not directly associated with Batman. The guilt he felt was the heaviest to bear as his weakness had no compromised every hero in the world to Luthor’s mercy. The worst part was there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening.


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With love in the air for February, there is another three books coming your way. The first is the sequel to Fraternity Toy, Farm Toy. Jeff is still recovering from his captivity with the fraternity. He is sent into the deep south for a modeling job and finds his car broken down in the middle of nowhere. When Jeff goes to a farm to ask for help, he finds sexual adventures that he never expects. Farm Toy is coming out on 2/9.

Cosmic Avengers is a team of superheroes with mystical powers of the universe. When the mad dictator MegaDeth attacks them, the team is soundly defeated and captured. With the exception of Cosmic Lad. Fleeing back to his fraternity on Earth, the hero goes to his best friend to do a ritual that would give half of his powers to him. The ritual has a number of sexual effects that will change the boys world completely even as MegaDeth is searching for the missing Cosmic Avenger. This book will launch on 2/16.

Voodoo Delight stars a young man named Axel. An accomplished baseball star for his college, Axel is destined to play in the Major Leagues. When he finds out that he has cancer, his promising future seems to have been destroyed. With no other options, the hunk searches for a student with rumors of voodoo magic. A deal is made, but as with any deal there is a cost. Will Axel be able to live with the consequences of dabbling with forbidden magics? Voodoo Delight comes out on 2/23.

Strange Dealings: Nightwing’s Fall will debut on this coming weekend. With Superman conquered and serving his new master, Lex Luthor, Professor Strange turns his sights to his true goal: The defeat of Batman. The first step of his master plan will be to turn Nightwing into his pawn. When he becomes the new psychiatrist for the Bludhaven Police Department, Richard Grayson is required to have a session with Professor Strange. Little did he know that it is a trap.

On Patreon, The Hunt for Superboy continues. Two new stories will be posted this month. Spider-Man Slut Cumming will feature our favorite webslinger as he is hypnotized into becoming a whore. Wayne Enterprises Takeover is a sequel to Iceberg Lounge where Batman finds himself enslaved by a foe that was thought defeated. The possessed hero turns his attention to Lexcorp as he attempts a hostile takeover with one prize in mind, Superman. Will Nightwing be able to stop his mentor before it is too late? These stories and more are available to members of my Patreon page. Go to www.Patreon/ToddFleming for more information.

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The Emerald Defender

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The Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-universe Part 5 Arkham Nightmare Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Breakfast seemed to take forever, but eventually Superman finished his meal. His head felt fuzzy and every movement reminded him that his tights were filled with his cum. He carefully got up and blushed as the front of his red briefs were completely soaked with his seed.

Two guards entered the mess hall and walked over to the man of steel right when he finished taking his tray off the table. “It’s time for you to get cleaned up.” One of the guards said roughly.

Superman could not believe his ears. “Didn’t you see Penguin spanking me?” He asked with a slight shrill in his voice. Where were they when the disgusting bird humiliated him in front of all these mad men?

“We have been here there entire time, “Superman”,” The guard said grimly. “I think it is dugusting how you masterbated under the table during your meal.”

Masterbated during his meal? What were they talking about?

“No that didn’t happen at all,” Superman protested. “Penguin assaulted me! You can ask anyone that was here?”

“Mr. Cobblepot hasn’t been out of his cell this morning,” The other guard said gruffly. “No come with us. We have better things to do than babysit you!”

Could they be right and this was just some kind of hallucination? No, it couldn’t be! His ass still smarted over being brutally spanked and the humiliation still burned his soul. Powerless to do anything, Superman meekly followed the guards out of the mess hall.

He was taken down a series of halls until he found himself in a shower area. He was given a towel and a bar of soap. “Get yourself cleaned up.” The guard ordered.

As Superman reached for his cape to take it off, he was suddenly stopped.

“Orders from Professor Strange states that you can not take off your costume until you are ready to admit that you are not Superman.” The guard roughly reminded him.

“How am I supposed to shower with it on?” Superman asked incredulously.

“Not my problem freak,” The guard retorted back. “I’m just following orders.”

The hero’s shoulders slumped as he scurried over to the shower stalls. His normal confidence seemed to have vanished and he was becoming more and more submissive. Could the professor be right and he was just a normal man with Superman delusions? He never before doubted his identity but the combination of the drugs, loss of powers, and his horrible experience in the asylum were taking a toll on the hero’s mind.

Yet despite his doubt, Superman still clung to the belief that he was the real thing. So he turned on the water and let it run on his famous red and blue costume. As the martial soaked in the water, it started to cling to his muscular body in an alarming manner. Thank goodness he was in here alone. Even the guards didn’t seem to be around as he lathered the soap in his hands.

The hero started to scrub at the cum stain on his briefs hoping to erase all evidence of his humiliation in the mess hall. The wet fabric against his cock and balls felt wonderful and he started to feel himself harden.

It wasn’t until that he was completely hard that Superman noticed. He dropped the soap as he felt his face redden. Was he really touching himself in a sexual manner in the showers? This was so unlike him. Yet the feeling was so good that he couldn’t help but to touch himself again.

“Riddle me this? What kind of man masterbates in the shower? A Super Man?”

Superman whirled around to find himself face to face with The Riddler. His face burned as he tried to cover his tented briefs with his hands. “What are you doing here?” He demanded.

“When I heard that we had a freak claiming to be Superman, I had to see it with my own eyes.” Riddler said with amusement dripping from his voice. “I must say you do look the part.”

“It’s because I AM Superman!”

“Tsk, tsk,” Riddler chided. “Then I must say I am shocked to see you here in Arkham. Being the genius that I am, I think we should test your little theory.”

“What do you….” Superman fell to the wet shower floor as his blurred vision looked up in shock.

The Riddler twirled his question mark cane as he smirked at the fallen hero. “Don’t look much like a Superman to me!”

The man of steel had enough of this. He scrambled up to his feet and lunged for the smug villain. Riddler danced away easily as he smashed his cane on the back side of Superman’s head. The impact of the blow caused him to fall on his face right into one of the drains.

“Is that all you have?” the villain taunted as he pressed his foot in the small of the hero’s back.

“I’ll make you pay for this!” Superman promised as he tried to push himself up on his hands and knees. Instead he fell back on the wet shower floor as the force of the villain’s foot easily pinned him down.

“Come on, Stupidman! Surely you can do better than this? I’ve had more fight from Robin.”

The man of steel used all of his strength, but it just wasn’t enough to move The Riddler’s foot on his back. Between the drugs and the blow to his head, the hero was too dizzy to gather much strength. What was worse is that is cock was still rock hard. The pressure of being forced against the floor only enhanced the pleasure he was feeling.

First Penguin and now Riddler, both times Superman had become sexually aroused at being dominated on who should have been much weaker men than him. Did he have some kind of sexual desire to be dominated.

“I must say that I am disappointed,” The Riddler continued his taunts. “The real Superman would have been able to overpower me with just his little pinky. Maybe it’s time to teach you a little lesson.”

The villain reached down and held the squirming hero down with one hand while unbuckling his belt with his other. Superman’s red briefs were pulled off his ass exposing the blue wet tights underneath.

The man of steel cried out as the villain grabbed both of his ass cheeks through his tights. “Get your hands off me!”

The Riddler ignored the protests of the fallen hero as he tore a hole in the back side of Superman’s tights. Without his kryptonian powers, the normally invulnerable fabric tore quite easily. His white muscled ass was exposed more and more as the hole ripped open.

Superman’s protests grew more shrill when he felt the tip of Riddler’s cane resting in the crack of his ass. “NO!” He screamed as the tip started to sink in between his cheeks

The was no mercy as the cane was forced into his virgin ass hole. Pain shot through his body as he was violated in the most horrible way possible. The water raining down on his naked ass did little to lubricate the rough end of the cane.

Yet despite all the pain, Superman’s cock was still rock hard. In fact he only got more aroused as the cane started to piston in and out of his violated ass. “Oh Rao,” Superman whispered through his moans.

The pain started to fade as his prostate was stimulated. The hero started acting like a bitch in heat as he welcomed the cane that violated him. “Oh Roa!” He groaned. “Fuck me harder!”

The Riddler giggled fiendishly as he turned the once and proud hero into his fuck toy. His tights were now tented with his arousal as he fished his cock out and started to jerk himself off. He went down on one knee as he continued to use his question mark cane to fuck the hero’s now gaping ass.

“You like this don’t you, Superman?” Riddler moaned softly.

“Oh Rao, yes!” He answered between his groans. “Fuck me more!”

The Riddler jerked his cock harder as he pressed it against the moaning face of the turned on hero. It didn’t take long for him to lose control and he started to cum all over Superman’s wet face. The hot cum dripping down his face turned on Superman in a way he never imagined. He knew he should have revolted, but it made him feel dirty. The feeling combined with the cane still fucking his ass sent the hero over the edge.

“Oh Rao!” He screamed. “I’m cumming!”

For the second time today, his tights started to be filled with the exploding cum from his thick long dick. The cane rammed down and buried itself deep in Superman’s ass as the hero spasmed in his powerful orgasm.

The Riddler stood up and adjusted his tight as his deflated cock was put away. He pulled his cane free and smiled at the shit and blood covering the tip. The villain grabbed Superman’s cape and used it to clean the question mark cane.

“You’re a pathetic excuse of a Superman!” He spat down at the still spasming hero. “And frankly not even worth my time.”

As the villain left the weakened hero lying in the floor of the shower as the water rained down at him, Superman sighed with blissful satisfaction. It took him several minutes to gather up his strength to finish his shower.  


A portal opened and Batman stepped through to see the lit up skyscrapers of Gotham City. He had expected to end up in Metropolis since the imp’s target in each world had always been Superman.

“Oracle,” He said gravely as he activated his ear piece. “What’s going on? I’m in Gotham City?”

“That shouldn’t be right,” She said as she typed away on her keyboard. “Let me lock in on your location and see why you ended up there.”

Batman surveyed the familiar landmarks of his city as he stayed in the shadows.

“Wait,” Oracle said tersely. “You’re back in our world, Bruce.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“It can only mean that the imp decided to come here next.”

The Batman whistled softly as the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. “He knows that I am after him. He targeted our Superman on purpose.”

“There goes our element of surprise.”

“It doesn’t matter. This will end now!”

“I’m going through the police radio and discovered that a man in a Superman costume was taken to Arkham Asylum tonight.”

“The imp must have be responsible for this. If Superman is in Arkham, then there is no time to waste. Clark has no way to cope with that kind of madness.” Batman said.

The hero used his grappling hook to launch himself in the air. “Get a hold of Nightwing and Robin. I may need their help before this is over. I’m going to Arkham now to rescue Superman.”

“Be careful, Bruce. The imp knows you are coming and you will be walking into a trap.”

“That’s what he thinks,” Batman said gravely as he glided through the air. One way or another this will all end tonight.


Panther Paw Defeated

Panther Paw is woken up in the middle of the night and kidnapped with his powers mysteriously missing. His arch-nemesis has a plan to completely destroy him. This short story is packed with erotic humiliation as Panther Paw fights his way to freedom.

Available on


The Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe Part 5 Arkham Nightmare Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Wake up!” A voice said with irritation. “I don’t have all day!”

Superman opened his eyes and blinked in confusion as he looked around. He was back in his cell in Arkham Asylum. He had hoped that it was just a dream, but the reality hit him in his massively muscled chest.

“It’s time to take your medication.”

The hero shook his head as he looked at the attendant. The last thing he needed was to take medication for a condition that he didn’t have. The cup of water and pills reached out to him, but the man of steel refused to take them.

“Oh god,” The attendant muttered to himself. He poked his head out the door. “I am going to need some guards. This patient is refusing to take his medication.

Within seconds two guards came in and smirked at the costumed hero. Like the rest of the staff at Arkham, they thought he was just a nut job with delusions that he was Superman. “Come on, boy.” One of the guards said sternly. “Take your medication.”

Again Superman shook his head afraid of how the meds would affect him. The guards grabbed him and the hero tried to access his powers to fight them off. He was shocked when he felt a wave of pleasure hit him as he was easily overpowered. His cock was the only thing powerful about the disgraced hero as he tried in vain to use his missing powers.

The guards and attendant noticed Superman’s tented briefs and laughed while Superman tried to swallow a groan. His cock felt so hard and the pressure of his skin tight costume only enhanced the pleasure he was feeling.

The hero’s mouth was forced open and the medication was tossed down his throat. Superman tried to spit them out but the guards were well trained in making the patients take their medication. He felt the pills go down his throat as they started to dissolve into his bloodstream.

The attendant rolled his eyes as he left the cell to take medication to the other patients. The guards released Superman who fell on his ass in exhaustion. He was so unused to being overpowered so easily and his struggles had drained much of the little energy that he had left. Superman looked down at his tented briefs in horror as his own body betrayed him.

“Fucking pervert,” One of the guards muttered as he left the cell.

The other guard smirked as he grabbed Superman by his raven locks and forced his head back. “You may look like the spitting image of Superman, but there is no way the man of steel would be a perverted wimp like you.”

Those words stabbed the hero in his very soul as he struggled to break free of the guard’s grip. It only made his cock throb more with desire as a lust he never felt before in his life coursed through his body.

The guard laughed as he forced Superman’s face against his crotch. “Is this what turns you on, “Superman”? Do you like another man to dominate you?”

The manly musk of the guard’s crotch invaded his nose as Superman’s head started to spin. The medication that he was forced to take was starting to take effect and seemed to enhance his lust. Part of him wanted to open his mouth and take as much of the guard’s crotch as he could. The hero remained strong and refused to open his mouth but it did not stop his face from being rubbed all over the guard’s pants. Superman shuddered as he felt the stiff cock beneath the fabric of the uniform and for some reason it made his own erection that much more powerful.

The guard laughed as he shoved the hero’s head back. “Maybe I’ll come back later and give you what you really want!” He placed his foot on the tented erection of the helpless hero and Superman moaned with desire as he felt his briefs become wet with his arousal.

Superman felt his face burn with shame as the guard mocked him before leaving him alone in his cell. The hero collapsed on the cold floor, his muscular chest breathing hard from the encounter. Why is his body betraying him? He loved Lois with all his heart, but the pleasure he felt while being dominated by another man eclipsed any feelings that he thought he had for the fiery reporter.   

Could everyone be right and he was not really Superman? A time where he had the powers of a god seemed like a dream and his memories about his heroic life seemed clouded in fog. Why would Professor Strange lie to him? The man who thought he was Superman looked down at his erection that seemed to mock his strict morals.

All he had to do was to take off his costume and he could be cured of his delusions. Superman placed his hands on his yellow belt as they shook in anticipation of being taken off. Deep down he knew that once he relinquished his prized costume that his life as he remembered it would be over. What made it worse was his throbbing erection that seemed ready to explode at the thought of taking his costume off.

With a exhaling shudder, Superman let for of his belt and shakingly climbed to his feet. No, he would not give in. He was Superman, the man of steel. His powers would return at any time and he would prove to everyone here that he was who he said he was. The hero lay on his bed as he tried to think of mundane topics to calm the monster in his tights. It took some time but he was finally able to become flaccid again.

The door to his cell opened and the hero watched as another attendant came into the room. “It’s time for breakfast.”

Superman felt his stomach rumble with hunger. When was the last time he ate something? Normally he was not plagued with human afflictions like hunger, but without his powers he was becoming more and more human by the minute.

The hero meekly followed the attendant was was led to a mess hall that seemed to be in the center of the building. Other inmates stood in line waiting for their food while some sat at tables eating their food.  Superman quickly got to the end of the line and looked forward to getting food inside him.

“Well, well, what have we here?” A voice almost like a squawk said menacingly. “Do we have a Superman pretender?”

Superman turned back and gawked as none other than The Penguin stood in line behind him. The bird like villain looked like a child compared to his towering muscles. “I don’t want any trouble,” the hero said softly.

“I don’t know what kind of whack case you are, but here you will show me respect. I own this place!” Penguin snarled.

Not wanting to pick a fight, the hero nodded slowly. If the bird only knew who he was dealing with then he would be flying away in terror. Instead he made his voice as meek as he could. “I apologize, Mr. Penguin.” He said before turning his back on the villain.

The Penguin growled as he shoved Superman across the room. “Is that your idea of respect boy?” He snapped as the hero stumbled over one of the tables.

The man of steel had about just enough of everything and the last thing he needed was a fat runt like Penguin to add to his misery. The other inmates had scrabbled away not willing to cross the mastermind villain. Superman got up to his feet and clenched his fists in anger. Powers or no, it was time to stop everyone from pushing him around.

“You want a fight, Penguin?” The hero growled. “You have one!”

He half expected the villain to squawk in terror and flee. Even Darkseid knew to watch his step when Superman got that look on his face. Instead the bird just laughed as he walked over to the pissed up hero.

Before Superman could even throw a punch, Penguin smashed his tiny hand into his gut. Nausea crippled him as the weakened hero fell down to his knees. “Who do you think you are talking to boy?”

The hero’s head flew back as a stinging slap hit his cheek. Superman tried to shake the stars out of his sight as he attempted to fight back. Despite his short and round stature, Penguin had a strength that Superman didn’t think was possible. He was completely overwhelmed by this bird obsessed villain and was being tossed around the room.

Then it happened, between one punch and the next, Superman felt his cock starting to stir. No matter how much he tried to stop it, it was like trying to stop an avalanche. Soon his briefs were tented and there was no hiding it from the other inmates in the chow hall.

Penguin laughed as he kicked Superman in the head knocking him on his back. “It looks like our little boy from Krypton likes getting his arse handed to him!” He grabbed Superman by the shield on his chest and lifted his torso up while stepping on the hero’s engorged crotch.

Superman cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure as he was too weak to break the hold of the smaller man. He had expected the guards to intercept them and stop the fight, but so far they had been left alone.  

With no other alternative, the hero sank to a low that he never thought he would go. “I’m sorry, Mr. Penguin, sir.” He rasped as the pressure on his hard cock made it feel like he would explode any second.

“Now that’s more like it, boy.” Penguin squawked as he slapped Superman across the face. “Now I am a forgiving man, but I think you need a lesson to teach you how to give me the proper respect.”

Superman gasped as he was grabbed by the ear by the nefarious villain. Unable to break free and scared to death to fight back, Superman was dragged across the floor where Penguin sat on one of the benches. He effortlessly pulled the muscled limp body of his victim over his lap until his muscled ass was sticking up in the air.

“This is how we were punished in boarding school,” Penguin said grimly.

The hero howled as the bird started to spank his ass. Each smack caused his body to shudder in pain. What made it worse was the Penguin insisted that after every slap, he had to say, “ Thank you Mr. Penguin, sir. May I have another?”

It wasn’t all pain for the helpless man of steel as his throbbing spandex trapped cock was pressed against the lap of his oppressor. A pressure started to build in his balls as his almost virginal cock started to feel an unprecedented amount of pleasure.

About the 50th time of having to cry out, “Thank Mr. Penguin, sir, May I have another?” Superman finally went over the edge. His body started to spasm as the powerful surge turned into a spectacular orgasm.

Penguin shoved Superman onto his back as the inmates gawked at the scene before. The powerfully built muscle man was cumming in his tights as his body spasmed and his moans of pleasure filled the silent room.

When the last of his cum filled his now soaked tights, Penguin climbed to his feet and stepped right on the still spasming crotch. “I hope you learned your manners, boy. Next time, I won’t be as gentle.”

The udder height of humiliation was too much for Superman as he eventually got up to his feet. With still no guard in sight, he had no choice but to go back into line. Every movement made his tights squish as the pool of cum in his tights smothered his now shriveled up cock.

After getting his food, Superman sat and ate in silence. No one sat at the table with him, but he could feel the eyes of every man in the room on him. His face was crimson as he forced himself to eat bite after bite. It was only by the sheer force of his will that he didn’t burst into tears on the spot.


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The Emerald Defender will be released on 1/19. This story focuses on a hero who is blessed with such stunning good looks that everyone instantly falls in love with him and does anything for him. The Emerald Defender’s powers come from a magical speedo. The son of a mob boss hatches a plan to steal the speedo so that he can be granted The Emerald Defender’s powers. The theft not only is devastating for our unsuspecting hero but for the rest of the superheroes as well.  

To end the month, I will finally be releasing Fall of The Hammer: Book 3 Ice Pick on 1/26. Our hero finds that his body is enslaved by the weakest villain in the world. With the black stud’s freedom stripped from him, he forced to experience life as a submissive even as he fights to retain his mind and body.

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