Adventures of Superman: Defeating in the Multi-Universe Part 5 Arkham Nightmare Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Batman has now been missing for three weeks. With the protector of Gotham gone, crime had exploded all over the great Eastern city. The Police tried their best to contain the madness, but without the Dark Knight’s assistance, they were completely overwhelmed.

A streak of red and blue raced through the sky as Superman hovered over the mess that was Gotham. Normally he left this city to Batman’s care since his heroic partner disliked interference of any kind, but when he received a cryptic message from the Dark Knight saying that he had something important to take care of he was asked to keep an eye on Gotham City.

Superman didn’t expect for things to deteriorate so badly in the few weeks since Batman left. He always heard that crime was the worst in Gotham City than anywhere in the world, but to actually see it was a different story. No wonder Batman used fear as his main arsenal to keep the tides of crime at bay.

His super hearing was bombarded with what seemed like thousands of screams of help. The hero quickly analyzed who needed him first and with a streak, he dove down into the heart of the city. In a darkened alley was a woman who was being mugged by a swarthy man. The man of steel dove down and grabbed the gun away before they even knew he was there. The robber took one look at him and charged with his fists flying. Superman smiled softly as he flicked his finger at the criminal’s forehead and knocked him out cold. He hardly left time for the woman to thank him before he dashed back into the air to stop another crime.

This went on for hours as Superman worked non-stop to halt the crime wave happening in this sprawling Metropolis. It was almost too easy for him since the villains of Metropolis were far more powerful than Batman’s normal foes. The police sirens now rang out for a new reason; to pick up the defeated criminals brought to justice by Superman.

As he looked down to see where he was needed next, Superman blinked in surprise as the bat signal suddenly flashed in the night sky. Did Commissioner Gordan think that Batman was back from his mysterious errand or was the police chief trying to get a hold him?

Within seconds, Superman hovered on the roof of the main Gotham Police Department. Commissioner Gordon stood by the bat signal holding his jacket close to his body to help ward off the cold night air.

“Did you need something Commissioner?” Superman asked as he landed in front of him.

The older man smiled as he held out his hand for the hero to shake. “It’s kind of refreshing to see you coming. Batman tends to come from the shadows and I never know when he comes and goes.”

Superman smiled warmly as he shook the policeman’s hand. “I thought you could use a hand here,” He said. “I hope that me helping is not making your job harder.”

“This is a cakewalk compared to the damage control I have to use for Batman. The man gets the job done, but his help does come with special complications.” Gordon said wryly. “I actually wanted to get your attention for a special reason. It seems The Joker has escaped Arkham Asylum and is looking for you specifically. We received a call from him about 20 minutes ago demanding that you come to the Amusement Mile Park alone. It is obviously a trap.”

The hero shook his head at this new information. He had tangled with The Joker once or twice before and he never seemed to have the problems with him that Batman had. “I’ll take care of it, Commissioner. I’ll have Joker back to Arkham in no time.”

“Be careful, Superman. Batman always said that it is never easy with The Joker and in my experience, with the maniac it is always true.”

“Nothing to worry about,” Superman assured as he leaped in the air.

As the hero flew from sight, Gordon shimmered until he transformed into Txy, the red imp from the 5th dimension. The trap was sprung and soon it would be Superman who would be in trouble.


The Amusement Mile Park was included in pitch black darkness as it went out of business years ago. As Superman approached and landed in the middle of the park, he was ready to activate his x-ray vision to locate The Joker.

The hero blinked in surprise as the park’s lights suddenly all turned on at once. The sudden change from dark to light might have blinded a normal man but it had no effect on the man of steel.

“Took you long enough, Boy Scout!” The Joker cackled with glee as he stepped into view. The Clown Prince of Crime was surrounded by his gang who were all dressed up like deranged clowns.

Superman crossed his arms over his massively muscled chest. “Are you going to make this harder for yourself, Joker? Turn yourself in and no one will get hurt!”

Joker gasped as he overacted and his evil grin grew larger as he pulled out a huge pistol from his purple jacket. “It’s time to say goodnight, Superman!” He said gravely beguiling his forced smile.

The hero watched with an amused look on his face as the clown pulled the trigger. No gun had never been known to hurt him. His only weakness was kryptonite and that had all been destroyed years ago.

The villain pulled the trigger and a green flag came out of the pistol. The colorful word “Bang” was imprinted on the flag.

“Is that the best you got, Joker?” Superman asked his voice dripping with amusement. “I must say I am disappointed.

“Oh no!” The Joker said as his eyes grew wide with fright. “Did I pull out the wrong gun? What am I going to do now?”

His eyes narrowed as he pulled the trigger again. The flag feels to the ground at the pole supporting it shot from the gun like an arrow loosed from a bow. Aimed right in the center of the “S” on Superman’s chest, it raced towards its target.

Superman easily caught the arrow and gasped as his entire body seemed to tingle. In fact, his body started to glow a gentle pink as looked down at the innocent looking arrow. “What is this?” He gasped softly.

“Just evening the odds, Super Baby!” The Joker said laughing. “Boys, why don’t we show our Blue Boy Scout how we do things in Gotham!”

His thugs rushed forward and Superman tossed aside the arrow as he grimly looked at the Joker’s gang. The first threw a punch towards his face that the hero easily caught before knocking him unconscious. As the man of steel fought, he noticed that he was getting a little tired. His reflexes started to slow down and his strength was fastly fading. By the time, Superman was fighting the last thug, he was breathing hard from the exertion.

“It’s time to end this Joker!” Superman demanded as he hid his fatigue and walked over to the grinning madman.

“Oh, it’s only just begun, Supes!” The Joker said laughing.

As the hero reached to grab the smirking villain, the Clown Prince of Crime grabbed Superman’s hand. His joy buzzer came to life and thousands of volts of electricity shot into the unsuspecting hero’s body.

Normal this was something that he wouldn’t feel, but this time Superman cried out as pain wracked his now vulnerable body. He slowly falls to his knees as his invulnerability faded away with each passing second.

The Joker laughed as he kicked Superman right in the chest sending the weak hero to land on his ass. “What’s wrong, Super Baby? You looked a little pooped!”

The hero tried to get up to his feet but he was savagely knocked down by the crowbar in Joker’s hand. The crowbar should have bent or shattered from hitting the most powerful man in the world, but instead, it was Superman who felt the pain of the blow.

“Where is all your power? Your smug confidence?” The Joker taunted as he danced around the hero as his crowbar struck several places on his body.

Superman growled as he tried to catch the crowbar with his fist. Instead, his hand was batted away as he became more and more mortal. He had never dreamed to be overpowered by someone like the Joker. The humiliation hurt as much as the crowbar in his hand.

Dancing with glee, the Joker looked up when the sounds of police sirens grew louder and louder. “Sorry I can’t stay and play, but I have a city to destroy!”

The madman turned and ran away just as the police car pulled up next to the fallen hero. Superman tried to shake the cobwebs from his head as he weakly got up to his hands and knees. He had no idea what The Joker did to him, but he felt as weak as a baby.

One of the police officers shook his head as he helped the helpless hero to his feet. “Aren’t you a little old to be playing dress up?” He asked sarcastically.

“I know what this looks like Officer,” Superman explained. “But I am Superman. I was trying to apprehend Joker but he somehow managed to elude me.”

“Is that so?” The policeman said with an amused smile. He reached over and pinched the hero’s nipples through his blue shirt causing Superman to flinch in pain. “You don’t look so super to me.”

“You have to believe me, I am Superman. I met with Commissioner Gordon 20 minutes ago and he asked me to look for The Joker.”

“You don’t say!” The cop said smirking. He looked to his partner who was coming out of the car. “It looks like we have another nut job here. The sap thinks he’s Superman.”

His partner shook his head in disgust. “Why does Gotham always get the nutjobs?”

“I AM Superman!” The hero insisted.

The cop had enough as he took out his cuffs and bound Superman’s wrists. “I think we better take him to Arkham.”

Superman grunted in pain as he poured all of his strength into breaking the cuffs around his wrists. For the first time, the steel refused to bend to his superior strength. Instead, his now frail body was held tight.

“Please believe me!” He begged as he was escorted to the police car. As much as he struggled, Superman was no match for the two cops as they shoved him in the back seat. All he could do was sit there as he was taken to the last place that he wanted to be in his current condition, Arkham Asylum.


Adventures of Superman Defeat in the Multi-universe Part 4 Toyman’s Games Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The doors to the warehouse kicked open as Toyman’s thugs flew through the air. A grenade was tossed in and exploded as white smoke started to fill the room. Using the smoke as a shield, Batman leaped in and took out the remaining thugs.

Soon they were all down at his feet as The Dark Knight looked around. In the center of the room sat Superman and Lois Lane hooked up to some kind of high tech simulation device. He rushed over to the female reporter and looked down at her lifeless body.

Grabbing her wrist, Batman felt a very faint pulse. He rushed to the computer and placed an electronic bat device on the main part of the computer. “Oracle!” He commanded urgently. “I need you to hack into this computer. Lois Lane is dying!”

“I’m on it!” The former Batgirl said through the earpiece in the hero’s ear.

The Dark Knight turned to the limp form of Superman and checked to see if there was any life. Gripping his wrist, he looked for any sign of life. Growling in frustration, he dropped the limp arm of the most powerful hero in the world as he rushed back to Lois.

Lois’ eyes popped open as she started to cough. Batman ripped off the wires to her headset as he took her in his arms. “It’s alright.” He said softly. “You’re back in the real world again.”

“What about Superman?” Lois asked weakly as she lay in the Dark Knight’s arms.

“Oracle, where you able to locate Superman?”

“Trying to get a signal now, Batman,” Oracle said intensely. The hero heard his partner gasp as she typed as fast as she could. “The data is being transferred. I’m trying to find the source, but this kind of encryption is something I have never seen before.”

Batman rushed to the main computer and tried to stop the data transfer. Growling in frustration, he slammed his fists in the keyboard. It was gone. Whatever piece of Superman that remained was now gone.

“I’m sorry, Batman,” Oracle said sadly. “I wasn’t able to get a fix on where the data went.”

The Dark Knight gently unhooked his friend from the fiendish device that had defeated the powerful alien. Although this version was not the Superman that he knew, he still felt the pain of losing another friend.

Lois cried silently as she cradled her boyfriend’s head in his lap. “Is there anything we can do?”

Batman shook his head as he looked down at the lifeless body of his friend. There was nothing left of him except for whatever programming Toyman merged into the Kryptonians soul. According to the information he got from Dr. Fate, Superman must have willing given into the combination of magic and technology that entrapped his friend.

Leaving Lois to cry over Superman’s body, Batman vanished in the shadows and left the warehouse. He used his grapple hook to leap on the roof. “The imp has won again. Have you figured out his next destination?”

“I have a lock on the next universe,” Oracle said solemnly. “I am almost sure that it is his next target.”

“Open a portal for me now,” Batman ordered. “It’s time to end this once and for all!”

A shimmering portal opening in the air as the Dark Knight leaped through. He would not let another Superman fall to this damned imp again.

Scot felt his pulse race as he put the virtual reality helmet on his head. His boyfriend, Greg, had given him this present for their Anniversary. As the helmet turned on, his vision was filled with a bright white light.

“Welcome to the world of Superman,” Toyman’s voice said with glee.

A dozen doors suddenly appeared as Scot stood in the center of the empty room. He was dressed in a white suit. This technology was absolutely amazing!

“Pick door one to fight Superman and overpower him. Door two have Superman as your sex slave. Door three to romance Superman and have him as your boyfriend. Door four to use hypnosis to enslave Superman. Door five to kill Superman with kryptonite. Door six to watch Superman be a stripper.”

The choices went on and one as Scot listened to them. His cock hardened with the countless possibilities that were available. It was if Toyman had fished in his mind for all of the Superman fantasies that he ever imagined.

The young man picked his choice and was immediately transported to the door of his choice. The door opened and he walked into a bustling casino. In the center of the room was an empty table. Scot walked over to the table and sat down as he felt his pants tighten from his excitement.

A rush of air hit him as Superman landed right in front of him. “Where is she!” He demanded as he struck his most heroic superhero pose.

Scot could not contain his glee. “Are you a gambling man, Superman?” He asked sound much more composed than he felt.

The hero walked over and easily lifted the young man in the air. “I don’t have time for this! Tell me where Lois is?”

“Mind your manners, Supes!” Scot chided. “Play my game or you will never see Lois again!”

A look of frustration crossed the hero’s face as he gently set Scot back into his chair.

“That’s better. We will play Strip Poker. First one to lose all his clothes gets one wish granted.”

“If I win,” Superman said. “You will tell me where Lois is.”

“Alright, and if I win, you will be my slave!”

The hero was too confident as he agreed to those terms. The simulation seemed so real and it was if the real Superman was really here.

 The first hand was dealt and a look of confidence crossed the hero’s face. Superman revealed his three of a kind thought that he had won. However, Scot had a flush of hearts and watched with glee as the look of defeat crossed the hero’s face.

With a heavy sight, Superman stood up and unhooked his cape from his back. He placed it in the center of the table as he retook his chair.

The cards were dealt again and Scot won the hand yet again. The look of frustration on Superman’s face was delicious to the horny young man. As the belt was pulled from around his waist and added to the pile, the man of steel wavered as if he felt dizzy.

“I’m feeling weak!” He muttered almost to himself.

The fully clothed Scot snickered. “Didn’t I tell you that with each loss, you will lose each of your powers?”

Superman stood up in rage as he reached for his discarded pieces of his costume. He gasped as they vanished into thin air. “What is the meaning of this?”

Scot smirked as he smiled at the confused and weakening hero. “You gave your word to play my game, Superman.”

Bound by his word, Superman growled as he sat back down. The next hand was dealt in which he lost yet again. Now knowing that if he surrendered another piece of his costume that he would lose more of his powers, the man of steel hesitated. He knew he was in trouble as he pulled off his boots and placed them on the table. They vanished like the rest of his discarded costume leaving Superman in a more weakened state.

What was worse is that with each loss, he felt his courage, confidence, and commanding nature start to drain from him as well. His defiance slowly vanished as he lost another hand and relinquished his red briefs leaving him only in his blue tights and shirt.

The slow transformation from a superman to a submissive man was the stuff that dreams were made of for Scot. He easily won the next two hands and soon Superman was completely naked. Not even questioning the results, the hero crawled over to his new master on his hands and knees.

Scot smiled as he looked down at his new pet and saw the raging erection that pulsed from between his legs. He reached down and could barely wrap his hand around the monster before giving it a gentle squeeze.

Superman moaned like a slut in heat as he hung his head in shame. All of his powers had vanished like his costume and even a little girl would be able to overpower him now. What was worse is that he was loving every second of this.

The young man explored every part of the muscled body of his new slave relishing the power he now had over the most powerful man alive. A crowd had formed around them and many eyes witnessed the humiliating defeat of their hero.

Scot took out a collar and placed it around the bull neck of his slave. A quivering sigh escaped from Superman’s lips as he felt the last of his willpower vanish. Cum shot out of his quivering cock as the final act of submission sent him over the edge.

“Look at the mess that you made!” The young man chided. “You better clean it up.”

With no other option or resistance left in the superslave, the man of steel bent down and began to lap up his own seed with his tongue. He could feel the eyes of the crowd watching him and the flash of the phone that took pictures of this ultimate humiliation.

Superman was no his forever to play with as he saw fit. This was the best present and he would have to think of a way to thank Greg for this wonderful gift.  


Txy laughed as he left this world to its fate without Superman. At first, this was just part of his fun and games to defeat as many Supermen in many different ways, but something started to change. With each Superman’s defeat, he started to feel stronger and stronger. In fact, his ties to this dimension felt more and more secure.

The red imp danced in the void as he played with his new improved powers. His Uncle Mxy would never dream of having this amount of magic at his fingertips. It was as if each defeat of Superman somehow fueled his powers to grow even stronger.

He suddenly felt something pull at him as he popped back into the world that he had just left. He was floating in the sky surrounded by the dark night clouds as he looked down at the warehouse where this world’s Superman had been defeated.

Batman was crotched on the roof and it seemed he was talking to himself. Txy looked closer and noticed that something did not seem right with the version of Batman that he watched. It was if he didn’t belong to this world.

Txy gasped as a small portal opened and he leaped through before vanishing. There was no way Batman had this kind of technology. His eyes narrowed as he sat in the clouds deep in thought. Could a Batman from one of the previous worlds that he visited caught on to his scheme and is now trying to stop him?

The red imp narrowed his eyes as he realized that Batman was out to stop him. He had very little knowledge of the Dark Knight due to his fascination with Superman. The little that he did know was that the hero did not have powers of his own. He was just a normal man.

Then how could he have the technology to be able to travel between the worlds of the multiverse? The bat freak must be having someone help him. Well, two can play this game. As Txy picked his next destination in his quest to defeat another Superman, a plan formed in his head. Batman was going to have quite the surprise if he was stupid enough to try and stop him. Quite the surprise indeed.



Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe Part 4: Toyman’s Games Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Superman entered Luthor’s private office escorted by the burly bouncers. He never felt so carefree in his entire life. The front of his tights was tented with his excitement and the fabric wet from his massive precum emissions clung tightly to his throbbing member. It was the only part of his costume that he had left.

Lex Luthor sat at his desk with a wicked smile. “That was quite the display, Superman.” He said casually as his mortal enemy stood in front of him.

A rush of excitement flooded the hero as he gave the man who hated him a goofy grin. “You have quite the club here, Luthor.”

The business tycoon raised an eyebrow at the manners of his adversary. “That is Mr. Luthor to you, Superman.”

The man of steel’s eyes seemed to stare at nothing in the distance. “Yes, Mr. Luthor,” He said softly as his hands brushed against his bulging tights.

“Do you want to go back out there?” Lex asked slyly.

“Oh, yes!” The hero sighed heavily. His body ached to go back and dance to the hypnotic music, but he mostly yearned to dance with Duncan. No one made him feel so horny or carefree as that studly stripper.

“Well we can’t have you out in my club looking like that,” Luthor chided. “Why don’t you take off those soiled tights and we can find an outfit more appropriate.”

Superman hesitated as his hands slowly reached for the waistband of his tights. Despite his need to have fun and relax, something whispered in the back of his mind. To relinquish the last piece of his costume would cause him to lose his last shred of hope that he would be able to get control back of himself.

Luthor noticed his nemesis’ hesitation and nodded to his two husky bouncers. They both grabbed the struggling hero by his massive biceps. “Throw him out on the street, boys.”

“Wait!” Superman begged. He needed to stay here. He needed to feel carefree. The hero grabbed the waistband of his tights and pulled them down to his ankles. His erect cock bounced free causing precum to fly across the office.

At their boss’ nod, the bounced let go of the panicking hero as they watched him pull the last of his costume completely off his body and place them on Luthor’s desk. Now completely nude, Superman felt a rush through his body. He could feel eyes taking in his muscular form as it added to his excitement. His heart raced as his rock hard cock seemed to salute Lex Luthor.

Luthor grinned as he stood up and walked over to his desperate enemy. “Very good,” He said happily. He pulled open his desk drawer and pulled out a tiny piece of cloth.

The hero grabbed it out of the air as his nemesis tossed it to him. A silly grin painted his face as he looked at the cloth in his hand. It was the same blue as his costume. Closer inspection showed the Man of Steel that it was a thong. His famous shield was displayed right where the crotch would be.

All Superman knew was that it was the same cut as the thong that Duncan Dale wore when he stripped for him. His hands actually trembled as the hero slipped them on his muscular legs. His erection caused him some trouble as he tried to get it to fit in the tiny blue crotch. Even if he was not hard as a rock, it would have been a tight fit.

As the hero finished adjusting himself, he stood proudly in front of Luthor and the two bouncers. The villain fought hard not to snicker as Superman’s erect cock slipped out of the thin blue fabric and bounced in the air.

“Much better, boy,” Luthor said as he affectionately patted the hero on his head.

Superman felt his body tingle as he felt himself blush. He wondered how he could ever be enemies with such a kind and generous man. “May I return to the dance floor, Mr. Luthor?”

Luthor gestured towards the door as he nodded. “Be my guest.”

The hero felt a rush of excitement as he almost ran towards the door. His freed cock bounced up and down as the men stared at the bubble mounds of muscle that was exposed from his new outfit.

Lex Luthor and his bouncers shimmered as Toyman appeared in their place. The evil villain smiled as he knew he was close to finally destroying his nemesis for good. With Superman out of the way, no one would stand in his way.


The crowd went wild as Superman made his way back to the dance floor. The music pulsed through the club as he started dancing as soon as his foot hit the dance floor. As his hips swayed to the music, his exposed erection bobbed up and down sending his precum flying across the dance floor.

Several hands fought to touch the massive erection of the famous hero while his ass was also touched, slapped, and pinched. Normally this intimate touching would have made Superman extremely uncomfortable, but his need to dance was so great that he didn’t care.

A circle of men formed around him giving the man of steel enough room to dance while the club patrons watched with glee. They called out for Superman to dance as others called him a slut and whore. Superman didn’t care. In fact, their catcalls just caused him to be even more excited.

The curtain on the stage opened and in the center was a glass case. Lois Lane pounded on the glass as she tried to get her beloved’s attention. The glass was too thick and her efforts were in vain. Her eyes grew wide as water started to fill the glass cage.

Superman didn’t even notice as he continued to dance. The music seemed to take over his soul as for the first time in his life, he felt like he was having fun. He dimly was aware through his super hearing that he could hear Lois calling for help. A small part of him knew that he was supposed to do something, but all he really wanted to do was dance.

When the glass cage was about one third filled, lights flickered on the center stage and started to dance around Lois’ frantic attempts to break free. The man of steel finally noticed that his girlfriend was in danger. He stopped dancing as he looked dumbly up at her. She looked vaguely familiar and that only confused him. Is there something that he should be doing?

A cute blond grabbed Superman by his hair and started to passionately kissing him. That momentary confusion faded away as he felt himself melt in the embrace of the good-looking man. Lois watched in shock as the man she loved completely forgotten about her. Her brown eyes bulged in part anger and part fear as the water kept rising.

The blond slowly pushed Superman down to his knees as he fished out his cock and started to slap the hero’s face with it. The hero stared at the magnificent piece of meat as a longing grew within him. Almost as if he was possessed, his mouth slowly opened as his tongue reached out to taste the dancer’s cock.

A jolt of electric pleasure filled him as Superman slowly explored his new toy with his tongue. He felt someone behind him grabbed his legs as he was maneuvered down to his hands and knees. The hero didn’t even look back as the cock in front of him captured his complete and utter attention.

Something stiff brushed against his naked ass as the man of steel allowed the blond’s cock to enter his mouth. Unaware of another stud behind him, his ass was defiled as the hunk slowly pushed his cock into that perfect ass.

The water was now halfway up the glass cage as Lois was forced to watch her hero being fucked in the ass as he sucked a cock. What made it worse was the fact that it seemed that Superman was a very willing participant. His hard and throbbing cock was used as an anchor for the dude who was fucking him.

As his prostate started to get pummeled, a growing pleasure started to spread through his muscled body. To his amazement, Superman felt his cock grow harder than he thought was possible.

The other club patrons couldn’t keep still any longer as they rushed forward to get a piece of the horny hero. More cocks that Superman could imagine was rubbing against his naked body. The blue thong was ripped off from his waist as men fought to keep it for himself.

Superman felt his hair being grabbed as the cock he was sucking popped out of his mouth and another cock replaced it. His nipples were tweaked, pinched, and sucked as there was no part of his body that was touched by the horny dancers.

His entire body tingled uncontrollably as passion that he never knew was possible flooded his soul. He was in the center of a tornado of male flesh that was intent on consuming him. As overwhelmed as the man of steel was, he still wanted more and more.

His level of perversion exploded as the men formed a circle around him. They all stroked their throbbing cocks as the kicked Superman on his back. Lois felt the water rising past her lips as the last of the empty space of the glass cage was filled. As she gasped with her final breath, the reporter made one final attempt to break through.

The death of his girlfriend went completely unnoticed by the horny hero as each of the men went over the edge. Cum rained down on his naked body as Superman basked in being used as a cum rag. His own cock started to shoot as every part of his body was covered in cum. It was the most amazing feeling that he had ever felt in his entire life. He even opened his mouth so that some might hit his tongue.

Superman lay on the dance floor as the last of the men finished shooting their seed on the helpless hero. He continued to lay there was they left the club leaving him in a puddle of mixed cum.

“Do you want more, Superman?” A voice boomed in the deserted room.

The thought of experiencing this all over again caused the hero’s cock to start to harden again. “Please!” Superman begged desperately. “I want more!”

“Give yourself completely to your pleasure and all of your dreams will come true!”

The hero closed his eyes as he felt the tiny last resistance fade away. Superman felt his soul being lifted up as he was surrounded by a blinding white light. He embraced the light as it enveloped him. All he cared about was his own pleasure.


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Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe Part 4 Toyman’s Games Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The sounds of laughter and chatter brought Superman out of his deep sleep. His eyes blinked slowly as he noticed that he was no longer in the gay couple’s bedroom. Sighing with relief as he was able to move his body again, the hero looked around to figure out where he was at.

He was laying on a red leather couch in a lavishly decorated room. The Man of Steel could hear the sounds of music playing in the distance. The room was dimly lit but he could tell how expensive the furniture and decorations where.

“Ah, you are awake.” A deep baritone voice said behind him. “I was wondering how long you would sleep.”

Superman bolted to his feet at the sound of the very familiar voice. He faces Lex Luthor who walked into the room. “How did I get here?” He demanded as he was ready for a trap.

The billionaire business tycoon raised an eyebrow as he snapped his fingers to the bartender at the bar. “You were brought here just a few hours ago by some of Toyman’s men. They dumped you on the doorstep of my club and drove away in a hurry. I’m afraid that’s all I know.”

The hero frowned as he tried to think. Toyman’s men? He vaguely remembered that he had been in pursuit of the crazy villain, but his memories seemed to slip away. All he knew was that it involved something about Lois.

“Whatever they did to you, it seems they kept some souvenirs,” Luthor said dryly. “Or is this how you dress from now on?”

Superman looked down at himself and saw that his cape, briefs, and belt were missing. He was now only dressed in his shirt, tights, and boots. Again his confusion just grew as he tried to summon memories again only to grasp at nothing.

“Since you are a guest, I should offer you something to drink,” Luthor said as he took his drink from the good-looking bartender.

The hero sank back down on the couch still stunned that he could not recall what was happening. Why was Luthor being so polite to him? His arch-nemesis hated him with an unholy passion. The last thing he expected was civility from him.

“Just water, please.” He said softly.

Lex watched the befuddled hero in silence as Superman took the glass of water and sipped it. As he did he felt a tingle start to form on his lips

“Why are you being so civil, Luthor?” Superman demanded. “What do you want?”

Again the businessman raised an eyebrow at the hero’s harsh tone. “You are a guest in my establishment, Superman. Please mind your manners.”

Superman felt himself blush slightly at the gentle scolding of the bald older man.

Luthor took a sip of his drink as he studied his enemy. “I don’t know why Toyman brought you to me or what he did to you. Until I can figure out how to turn his plot to my advantage there is no reason to resume our war against each other. When I defeat you, I will do so as equals. Until then, you are a welcome guest as Club L’excEllence.”

Still suspicious, the Man of Steel could not fault the villain’s logic. The revelation that he was at a club suddenly made a lot of sense with the bartender, the decorations, and the sounds of music. Why would Toyman bring him here and what was he after?

“Feel free to look around if you wish Superman,” Luthor said as he took another sip. “I don’t work with that little madman, so I don’t think you will find anything. I only ask that you do not disturb my customers and to not damage anything. I will be in here if you need my assistance.”

Superman climbed to his feet and nodded slowly. The gaps in his memory were troubling to him. Perhaps there was a clue on what was going on that he could find to regain some of what he lost. He walked over to the door and opened it. The sounds of music blasted through as people dance on the dance floor. The three bars were full of people drinking and talking and in the far end of the room was an elaborate stage.

The music felt wonderful as the beat seemed to stir something in his soul. Superman felt his confusion and stress melt away as the urge to dance started to form. He noticed that all of the customers in the club were men. Perhaps that held some special significance, but the hero just could not figure out what it could be.

Some of the men turned and saw him in the doorway and huge grins painted their faces. “Superman!” They called out as they raised their glasses to him.

A very good looking redhead almost ran over to him. He was wearing tight jeans with a dress shirt that was almost unbuttoned to his navel. “Hey, Superman!” He said with a slight lisp as his eyes ran over the muscular hero’s body. “You want to dance?”

Before he could politely decline, the young man grabbed Superman’s hand and pulled him to the dance floor. At first, he just moved rigidly uncomfortable that he was dancing with another man, but there was something about the lights and music that seemed to reach inside his soul and make him want to dance.

Superman started to get into it as other studs joined them on the dance floor. Many of them ground their bodies against his own which after a few songs, he no longer was concerned. The hero felt completely relaxed and for the first time in a long time, he was having a lot of fun.

“Superman!” A very familiar voice said behind him.

The hero turned and was shocked to see Jimmy Olsen here. The young photographer waved as he danced his way towards him. It was nice to see a friendly face as he continued to dance.

“What are you doing here?” Jimmy asked as he danced to the music.

“I don’t know!” Superman replied as grinned back to his young friend. Frankly, he really didn’t care. All he wanted to do was have fun and dance.

The song ended and a muscular brunette appeared on the stage. “Is everyone having a good time?”

The crowd of men on the dance floor cheered and Superman found himself cheering along with them. He was having a good time.

“It seems that we have a special treat tonight!” The MC said as a spotlight hit Superman. “Superman has decided to party with us tonight!”

Cheers erupted as everyone in the dance club shouted their support for the hero. Superman blushed as the attention felt great and he waved with a huge grin on his face.

“Come up on the stage so everyone can see you!” The MC said dramatically.

At first, he wanted to refuse, but the encouraging cheers of the men made him change his mind. Even though he was missing several pieces of his costume, Superman floated up to the stage and landed next to the MC. The crowd went wild as they screamed with delight.

A microphone was shoved in his face and Superman smiled as he addressed the men. “Glad to be here tonight.”

The MC playfully swatted the hero on his ass and Superman blushed even more. The tingle he felt in Luthor’s VIP area had slowly spread to the rest of his body making him feel more alive and full of energy.

“In honor of our special guest, we will give you all the treat that you have been waiting for!”

A chair was brought out from behind the curtain and placed in the center stage. The MC guided the befuddled hero to the chair and pushed him down.

“Give it up for Duncan Dale!” The MC shouted as he went off the stage.

The music started up again and the curtain opened. A gorgeous young man with shaggy brown hair stepped onto the stage wearing tight leather pants and a matching vest. Superman had never seen a man look so pretty before. His soft eyes seemed to turn from green to blue in the flashing lights as he turned his attention to the sitting hero.

Duncan’s hips started to thrust as he started to dance. Men flocked up to the front of the stage as they waved wads of money to get this stud’s attention. Superman watched as he danced across the stage letting the men put the tips in the waistband of his pants. Normally he would have been extremely uncomfortable with this, but his newfound carefree spirit just wanted to have fun.

In fact, Superman found something very erotic about the male dancer as he felt a stirring deep in his tights. His heart raced as he felt desire for another man for the first time in his life. Duncan left his screaming fans as he danced towards Superman and started to shake his perfect ass on the Man of Steel’s lap.

The hero felt his cock starting to stir as he mindlessly reached out to touch that muscled ass. Duncan stepped back and smiled as he wagged his finger at the horny hero. “Now, now, you mustn’t touch.”

Superman actually groaned with frustration as he continued to watch the boy dance. He felt a drop of sweat run down the side of his face as his desire was clearly evident by the tent in his tights. When Duncan started to take off his leather vest, Superman’s heart pounded so hard that he thought it might burst through his chest. The vest was tossed aside and he could not see the perfectly sculpted chest of the young man.

Unlike Superman who was heavily muscled, Duncan’s muscles seem softer and almost like a work of art. The dancer moved like a graceful tiger as he danced around the aroused Man of Steel. The crowds all cheered both for the hunk and for the aroused hero. There was no hiding his massive erection that looked like it was going to tear through his blue tights.

Duncan danced his way across the stage to collect more tips before making his way back to Superman. He thrust his crotch close to the hero’s face as he slowly pushed them down his muscular thoughts. Underneath was a pair of baby blue Calvin Klein briefs that had dollar bills sticking out of the waistband. His package seemed extremely big for a soft cock and Superman wet his lips as he wanted to bury his face in it.

The stud softly caressed the horny hero’s face as he bent down and kissed him softly on the lips. “Just relax and enjoy yourself.” He whispered seductively as he reached down and softly squeezed the Man of Steel tent. “Listen to this.”

Superman almost came in his tights as the seductive touch was enough to drive him crazy. The men loved every second as the hero found himself more and more aroused. All he wanted was to have fun and enjoy himself. His cock pulsed in agreement as his desire for the stripper was too strong to resist.

You must res….

Duncan danced over to Superman and took his hands. The hero found himself on his feet as he started to grind and dance against the hunk of a stripper.

You m….

In the heat of the moment, Superman started to lift his shirt up exposing his massive chest. The music and Duncan seemed to possess him as he discarded his famous jersey and threw it towards the crowd.


Duncan smiled as he ran his fingers across the hero’s chest. He gently tweaked his nipples causing even more pleasure to flood through the dancing hero. Superman never felt so carefree in his entire life. He started to imitate the stripper as he ground his hips and thrust them to the crowd. The front of his tights was not wet with his excitement but Superman didn’t care. All that mattered was for him to listen to the needs of his cock.

It caused Superman to be slightly sad when the song ended and Duncan took his bow. He gathered up his clothes and kissed the hero on the cheek. “Thanks for the fun SuperStud!” He said before he darted behind the curtain.

Superman went to follow him when he was intercepted by two burly men in black. “Mr. Luthor would like a word.”


Wildcat’s Wild Party

Wildcat slipped in through the broken window of an abandoned warehouse. The old salt grunted softly as he landed silently on the floor. People said he was too old for this superhero gig anymore. Every Time someone even suggested that he should retire, his stubbornness kicked in and he was ready to prove all of them wrong.

The warehouse was completely dark but that was hardly a problem. In all the years as a crime-fighting superhero, Wildcat made very little alterations to his costumes. Such alteration was allowing Batman to put in night vision lenses in his cat mask. It might have been pitch black in the abandoned building, but to him, it looked like it was bright as noon.

No one was around, but it looked like some kind of fight went on here. Wildcat carefully looked around for clues on what happened here. He wasn’t as great as a detective as Batman, but he was fairly competent. The hero gasped as he stopped right in his tracks. A torn piece of red cloth lay in the middle of crushed boxes. Wildcat picked it up and felt it in hand. This wasn’t a kind of normal material. In fact, if he didn’t know better, he would say that it was alien in origin.

The lights flickered on causing Wildcat to jump back and go right into fighting position. Only a fool would go head to head against this retired boxer. He looked around to see if this was an ambush, but there was no one around. What was the hell going on?

“I’m afraid that you are a little late to the party,” A voice echoed in the room.

Whirling around, the hero tried to find the source of the voice. “Show yourself!” He demanded with his fists clenched.

The lights started to flicker as Maxwell Lord stepped forward. “I don’t recall you being on the party list.” He said frowning. “I suppose that I should have expected a party crasher.”

“I should have guessed you were involved, Lord.” Wildcat sneered. “I can smell your foul stench.”

“Mind your manners,” The villain chided. “Just watch the light show and enjoy.”

The hero found himself drawn to the flickering lights of the warehouse. The colors changed every few seconds as they danced before his eyes. Wildcat grinned as he looked back at Maxwell Lord. “What is this? Some kind of attempt to hypnotize me? Sorry, but my mind is stronger than that.”

Maxwell raised an eyebrow as he stared down at the smirking hero. “A pity, I could have used another superhero slave. Oh well, Superman, why don’t you clean this mess up?”

Wildcat barely had time to brace himself as a rush of blue and red slammed into him. Rolling away, he dodged the Man of Steel’s fist as it tore through the wall behind him. “Snap out of his, Supes!”

His words fell on deaf ears as Superman continued to fight him. Wildcat might be a badass fighter, but his strength was as natural as a human could be. Even his peak condition could not stand up against a powerful alien like Superman. He needed back up and quickly. Reaching in a hidden compartment of his catsuit, Wildcat activated his JSA communicator. Hopefully, he could stay alive long enough.

Unfortunately, Superman was too fast for him and Wildcat found himself with a hand around his throat as he was lifted up in the air. The Man of Steel had no expression on his face as Maxwell Lord walked over to them.

“You, you won’t get away with this!” Wildcat gasped hoarsely.

“How are you going to stop me?” Maxwell mocked. “With Superman under my control, I can easily take over the world. He is quite the specimen.”

Wildcat watched in horror as Superman blushed at his master’s words. The Man of Steel’s red briefs started to expand until it was tented with his erection. This was far worse than he thought.

“I have big plans for my big blue boy scout.” The villain continued. “You can join his ranks. All you have to do is look at the pretty lights.”

He was tempted for a brief second. Superman’s steel grip around his throat was slowly cutting off his air supply. With a brief flex of his fingers, Wildcat would be dead. Yet the thought of becoming a brain-dead sex slave was repulsive to him. “Go. To. Hell.” He managed to croak out.

“Kill him.”

This was it. Wildcat always knew that he could die on the field in his quest to fight crime, but he never expected to go out like this. Superman’s tented briefs brushed against his dangling legs and he shivered with disgust over feeling his spandex covered erection. This was not the way that he expected to die.

The ceiling exploded as Hawkman burst into the room. With his Nth metal mace, he slammed into Superman causing the hypnotized hero to release the choking Wildcat. Rubbing his bruised throat, the hero leaped to his feet. His backup has arrived.

“It looks like we have another party crasher,” Maxwell mused. “It is nice to see you again Hawkman. Do you like my little light show?”

“NO!” Wildcat cried out, but it was too late.

Hawkman looked right into the lights and could not tear his eyes away. His mace dropped to the ground as the powerful hero fell into a hypnotic state. Wildcat cursed as he leaped on his teammates back to try and get him to look away. Hawkman didn’t even bat an eye as Superman grabbed Wildcat and threw him across the room. As Hawkman’s wings went limp, his exposed nipples hardened and his bulge started to expand. He had fallen right into Maxwell Lord’s trap.

Wildcat knew that he was in big big trouble. Maxwell Lord was well on his way to mind control not one, but two powerful superheroes. As much as it pained him, he knew that he had to escape. He leaped through the broken window and into the darkness of the night.  


Survivor: Superman

“Welcome boys and girls, This is The Joker and do I have a special treat in store for you!” The Clown Prince of Crime grinned at the television cameras. The studio lights all glowed red as the curtain was raised to reveal twelve men dressed in Superman costumes sitting on stools with the mouths gagged and rope tying their wrists and ankles together. Each ‘hero’ had a red face mask to protect his identity. “Welcome to a special edition of Survivor: Superman. HAHAHAHA! Today we have a dozen Supermen who will compete for the woman that they love, Lois Lane!”

The camera panned on Lois who was strapped to an electric chair in the corner of the stage. She screamed through her gag trying to break free of the leather restraints holding her to the lethal chair.

“Now here comes the punchline, boys and girls.” The Joker cooed. “Only one of these muscled bound oafs is the real Superman! In order for Ms. Lane to come out of this alive, the REAL Superman has to win the game.

I know what you idiots are saying,” Joker mocked to the camera as his voice changed trying to sound like a normal person. “Superfreak can just use his powers and beat up all the fakes.” He giggled as his normal voice returned. “That’s what these red lights are for. These red sun lamps provided by our sponsor, Lexcorp. Lexcorp, the image of a beautiful Metropolis. Lexcorp hates Superman. Hates everything about Superman. Hates that I stole these lamps from right under Lexie’s nose. HA!

Now for our first elimination event, we will do a simple question and answer on how well each Superman knows Lois Lane. A correct answer will be rewarded with a pat on the head, but a wrong answer will have our famous reporter zapped with electricity. Let’s begin.”

Carrying an old fashioned wand microphone, Joker danced his way on the stage where the Supermen were waiting. “Superman #1, What is Lois’ first name?”

Superman #1 frowned as his wild eyes looked around. Joker tapped his foot impatiently waiting for an answer. The madman suddenly started laughing. “I guess I should take his gag off first.”

The gag was removed and Superman #1 answered, “Uh, Lois?”

“THAT is correct!” Joker cried out. “Good job, Superman #1” The villain hand went forward in slow motion and patted the possibly captured hero on the head.  

“Superman #2, Is Lois Lane a boy or a girl?”

Joker removed the next Superman’s gag. Sweat was pouring down his face as he opened his mouth to answer. “Um, um, um, g-g-g-g-g”

“J-J-J-JUST ANSWER ALREADY!” The villain screamed.

“A girl!” The hero screamed back.

The Clown Prince of Crime scratched his head. “Is she? I never noticed. Harley, why don’t you check to see if he is right?”

“You got it, Mista J.” She cooed back. Harley Quinn bound on stage and to Lois’ mortification stuck her hand up her skirt. “Let me see. Hey Puddin, I think I feel a pussycat in there.”

“Well, it looks like Superman #2 is correct.” Joker laughed as he patted the captive on his head. “Let’s move on to Superman #3. What color panties is Lois wearing?”

The hero’s eyes grew wide with anger as his gag was pulled off. “How dare….” His words were cut off as he doubled over in pain from Joker’s fist in his gut.

“Just answer the question, #3.” The Joker warned with a very rare serious expression.

“I swear I will make…..” Again Superman doubled over in pain from Joker’s fist.

“Strike 2, #3,” The villain warned menacingly. “Do you have enough balls to find out what happens in strike 3?”

“I don’t know. Pink?” Superman #3 answered with fear in his voice.

“Harley, What is the correct answer?”

Harley Quinn reached under Lois’ skirt again and with a yank, she pulled out the captive reporter’s panties. “Uh, Mista J, it looks like they were white.”

“OH NO!” Joker laughed. “It looks like #3 was wrong! To tell you the truth, I’m bored with this anyways. Let’s go straight into the elimination round!”

Lois screamed through her gag as the electric chair started to hum with life. The other bound Superman easily broke through their rope bondage while the real Superman struggled to access his strength. Unfortunately for him, the red sun lamps had turned him to a normal man.

One of the Supermen put a noose around the real hero’s neck as The Joker kicked him in the chest knocking him to the ground. He tried to get up but an imitation of his red boot pressed against his chest keeping him pinned.

“For answering your question wrong, you will be hanged while poor dear Lois is electrocuted. Do you have any last words?”

“Please, Joker!” Superman begged as the end of the noose was tossed up into the rafters. The fakes pulled the noose up as the helpless hero found himself being dragged up in the air. “Don’t do this! Save Lois and I will do anything. Kill me if you must, but please spare her. I promise to do anything that you want!”

With a flourish of his hand, Joker’s men stopped hoisting the doomed hero in the air. The hum of the electric chair died as the Clown Prince of Crime walked slowly over to the captured hero. The men let go of the rope as Superman crashed down to the floor. For the first time in a long time, there was genuine fear on The Man of Steel’s face.

“Anything, you say?”



Wrestling Spider


It started as an undercover mission. There had been rumors of criminal activity in the local wrestling arena. Peter hadn’t been there since he first tested his powers almost nine months ago. Of course, he couldn’t wear the same makeshift Spider-Man costume that he did since his fame as a superhero exploded. So instead he went as himself. No mask, no costume, just plain old Peter Parker.

His first opponent was an attractive young man that looked a couple of years older than Peter. He was shirtless and wore black tight wrestling pants. A full beard covered his face making him look older than he really was. Peter suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. He was wearing a high school wrestling singlet that didn’t quite mold to his body like his Spider-Man costume did.

As he climbed into the ring, the crowd started to boo him. It was unsettling to hear so many people want him to lose. Of course, they had no idea that Peter was really Spider-Man, yet to him, it was as if every person in the arena was Jonah Jameson. The young bearded opponent shook his hand and suddenly Peter started to feel dizzy. His head felt like it was drowning as he tried to focus his blurred eyes. A small smile formed on his opponent’s face.

The bell rang and Peter was far from ready. He stood there like an idiot trying to shake off this sudden dizziness when the bearded young man slammed into him. The thud of their bodies hitting the mat caused the crowds to cheer enthusiastically. Peter tried to throw him off, but it felt like the wrestler weight a million tons. What was going on?

The powerless hero felt himself being helped to his feet. Before he knew it, he was flying through the air and his lean muscular body hit the ring’s ropes on the other side. With a groan, he fell to the mat trying to catch his breath.

The wrestler raised his arms encouraging the crowd to cheer for him. Peter weakly looked up and gasped. Every person in the crowd looked exactly like Jameson. What was the heck going on here? Now knowing that there was no way he could fight back, the only option Peter had was to flee. He dragged himself up the ropes and tried to leave the wrestling ring.

A heavy thud and Peter was flat on his stomach. His fingers clawed for the ropes as he felt himself being dragged back towards the center of the ring. Strong arms circled around his throat as the young hero was pulled up tight against the wrestler.

“Kingpin thought you might show up,” The bearded man whispered in his ear. “He gave me something to keep you from interfering.”

Holy shit, he had walked right into a trap. Here Peter was maskless and vulnerable. If he fell into Kingpins hands, his secret identity would be revealed. That kind of knowledge in the ruthless criminals hands would completely ruin him.

Before Peter could utter a word of denial, he found himself in a sleeper hold. Overpowered and still dizzy, he was unable to use his enhanced strength or agility to escape from the wrestler’s iron grip. The sound of tearing was barely heard over the screams of the crowd, and soon Peter’s singlet was torn off his body leaving him only in his white jock.

Normally Peter would have been mortified to be this undressed, but his almost nakedness was the least of his worries. He felt something being snapped around his bicep and looked to see a silver armband there. The dizziness grew in intensity as all of his powers felt like they were completely drained. How was this possible? He didn’t have any weaknesses. He wasn’t Superman.

The hero found himself unable to think clearly as he was tossed around the wrestling ring. His lean muscular body hit the ropes again before he collapsed on the mat. His blurred eyes could barely make out the looming figure of his opponent as the cheers of the crowd egged him on. Little did he know that the wrestler had climbed on the ring pole and was ready to leap on his defenseless body. The weight of the bigger man slammed on Peter as he felt like he was being flattened like a pancake.

“Shall we end this?” The bearded young man asked whispering in his ear. “Kingpin has many plans for you, little Spider.”

Peter’s mind screamed for him to escape, but his body stubbornly refused to listen. The wrestler picked him up and wrapped his large hands around the young hero’s throat. Peter felt the ropes of the ring wrap around his arms as he stood there in his jock in defeat before a crowd of Jonah Jamesons.

“This little boy is through!” The wrestler declared as he ripped off Peter’s jock leaving him completely naked.

The cheers turned to laughter as Peter’s soft cock was no exposed. No bully like Flash Thompson would ever replica this kind of humiliation on him.

“If anyone thinks that they can win against me, they are wrong!” The wrestler pointed towards the crowd while Peter was powerless in his iron grip around his throat. “Let’s end this!”

Peter cried out as he was lifted into the air and slammed down in the center of the ring. His leg was lifted up as the Ref started to count. “One, Two, Three!”

The match was over. Peter had lost. He felt his exhausted and bruised body being picked up. The wrestler carried him like a trophy as he climbed through the ropes and exited the wrestling ring to the cheers of the crowd. The next stop was Kingpin.


Adventures of Superman Defeat in the Multi-Universe: Toyman’s Games Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The once powerful hero found himself in a sea of blackness. The smell of cum was overwhelming and his body was covered in the male essence. He carefully got up to his feet and tried to feel around. The hero still had no access to any of his powers and this scared him. Yet there was something else stirring deep within him as well that Superman could not put his finger on.

His fingers brushed against something hard that seemed like a wall but in the total blackness, he could not be sure. His hands followed the hard substance and soon found some kind of corner. Superman gasped as the walls seemed to move on him. He could feel them closing in on him from every direction. Without his strength and powers, there was nothing he could do but vainly try to push against them with his puny strength.

His heart raced as he realized that this might be the end. Superman never feared death but the thought of Lois in the clutches of Toyman caused him to shudder. The madman’s limits knew no bounds as he knew from first-hand experience. He only hoped that her eventual death came quickly so they could be together in heaven.

The moving walls stopped giving Superman no room to move at all. His arms were pinned to his sides as the walls on either side touched them. Even the roof brushed against his head. What was going on?

The hero closed his eyes as a flash of the brightest light filled his walled prison. After being in the total darkness, it caused a searing pain to stab into his eyes. With no room to move his arms, Superman turned his head in an attempt to stave off the pain.

The light vanished as quickly as it came and Superman was left back in the dark. The blackness seemed even darker as his eyes tried to adjust to it again. What shocked the helpless hero was that the smell of cum had vanished. His uniform no longer felt slimy and the fabric felt clean against his skin. Was this a blessing or another part of the cursed video game that was slowly destroying him.

“Honey, I can’t wait to show you what I bought you today!” A voice said a bit faintly.

Superman felt hope as he tried to open his mouth and cry for help. Yet nothing happened as he stood in the confining dark space. It was as if his body no longer listened to his mind’s commands.

“I can’t wait to see it, Greg!” Another voice said with excitement. “You always give me the best gifts!”

A laughter filled with love echoed in the darkness. “Well open it up. I can’t wait to see your reaction.”

Superman saw tiny cracks of light start to form in front of him. The lights grew larger and larger as the wall in front of him started to move back. This time the light didn’t blind him as the wall was moved aside.

Two good-looking young men stood before him. One had a grin on his face and the other was completely shocked.

“You got me a Superman statue, Greg?” The shocked young man said as he stated.

Greg chuckled as he took out a small remote control. “It’s more than a statue, Scot. This is the newest line of sex toys produced by Schott Industries. It’s a Superman sex doll!”

The hero could not believe his ears as he struggled to break free of the strange hold that kept his body in place. His vocal cords refused to utter his objections and it was like he was a prisoner in his own body.

Scot looked at the Man of Steel in awe. “He looks like the real thing.” He gingerly placed his hand on the massive chest of the hero and slowly traced his ‘S’ shield. “He feels real too.”

Greg smiled at his lover as he pressed a button on the remote control. Superman felt his body start to move as he stepped out of the box. He tried with all his might to take back control of his body, but he failed miserably.

Superman felt himself place his hands on his waist as he struck his classic superhero pose. “I am Superman, The Man of Steel!” His voice rang out.

Scot clapped his hands in glee as he hugged Greg and kissed him on the lips. “This is the best present EVER!”

“But there is more,” Greg said as he kissed his lover back. He showed the remote control to Scot. “You can have the Superman doll act in different ways. This is his heroic pose. Here is a button for exposure to kryptonite.”

As the young man pressed the button, Superman gasped in pain. It really felt like the lethal green stone was in the room. He felt his possessed body buckle over as he raised his hand towards the men in fear.

“There is also a submissive button as well.”

The pain of kryptonite exposure quickly vanished as the hero felt himself fall to his knees. His hands clasped behind his back as his head bowed. Only the Toyman would come up with something this perverse.

“I am your slave, Master,” Superman said to his utter horror.

Scot laughed as he loomed over the muscular hero. “Kneel before Zod!” He said in a pretty good imitation of the Kryptonian General.

“There is one more button that I think you will like the best,” Greg said with a mischievous smile.

Superman climbed back up to his feet and once again stuck his most heroic pose. A sudden rush slammed through his body and he felt his cock become rock hard in a matter of seconds. This sudden erection caused him a lot of pain but the pleasure was just as great.

“Oh my god!” Scot whispered as he stared at the huge tent in Superman’s briefs. He grabbed the hero’s hard cock and softly squeezed it.

“I’m a Superwhore!” Superman said as he moaned with delight.

In his mind, he was horrified as those words came out of his mouth. There was no denying the pleasure he felt, but the thought of having this man being able to completely control him scared him the most. What kind of pervert was in control of him now?

“Since I am out of town for work so much,” Greg said as he handed the remote control to his lover. “I thought it would be nice for you to have something to keep you occupied. Now you can have Superman when I am away and two Superman’s when I am home.”

Scot released his hold on Superman’s cock as he hugged his boyfriend tightly. “You are the best!” He said as he kissed the other man. “Why don’t we try Superwhore out together?”

Greg grinned as he looked over at the frozen and aroused hero. “I thought you would never ask.”

At the mercy of the remote control, the Man of Steel tried vainly to fight this power that held him prisoner in his own body. Yet with all his struggled, his body didn’t budge an inch.


This new voice seemed to come from all around him but the two men who were studying the remote control didn’t react.

This isn’t real! You have to fight! Don’t accept this reality!

Superman focused his mind and tried to convince himself that all of this wasn’t real. The room started to shimmer as he felt his strength start to return. His concentration was shattered as he felt his cock pulse even harder in his tights. The room resumed its firmness as everything looked real once again.The hero felt himself fall to his knees once again as the submissive programming took over. Once again he clasped his hands behind his back and his head bowed in submission. “I am your slave, master.”

Superman could still feel the hardness of his erection as it tried to fight in the tight confines of his costume. The large mushroom head pressed against his belt that only seemed to enhance his pleasure.

“Suck my cock, Slave!” Scot commanded as he had pulled down his pants and underwear and was now slapping his erection against Superman’s cheeks.

He tried to still his mind and fight against the reality of this virtual game, but the combination of the musky manly smell of his master and the pulsing throbbing of his own excitement made it impossible.

Pursuing his lips, the hero softly kissed the cock that was shoved into his face. The salty taste of pre-cum slipped through his lips as his mouth opened wider to take in the 7-inch erection into his mouth.

Scot groaned as he started to fuck Superman’s mouth while grabbing onto his ebony hair. “Holy shit, this feels great!”

While Superman sucked, Greg walked behind him. He pointed to the bed. “I want you on all fours on the bed, Superwhore!”

Unable to resist the command, Superman stopped sucking as he quickly complied. Scot followed the helpless hero and shoved his cock back in the Man of Steel’s mouth.

Greg was behind Superman as he pulled off the cape and tossed it aside. The hero wanted to protest but the programming that commanded him prevented any resistance on his part. His soul quivered as he felt hands on his costumed ass.

A tearing sounded as the hero felt the back of his costume being forced open. Cool air hit his ass cheeks as the invading hands brushed against them feeling the hair that lightly covered his cheeks.

Superman wanted to shudder as his ass cheeks were spread apart. He could feel his hole puckering in a combination of resistance and excitement as Scot’s cock continued to piston in and out of his defiled mouth.

Greb buried his face into the Man of Steel’s virgin ass causing, even more, alarm to the distressed hero. First, he was made to suck a cock and now a strange man was eating his ass like it was covered in gravy. Yet as the tongue invade his most private of holes, a new feeling started to arrive in the helpless hero. Superman could not believe that he was actually enjoying it. It felt different than the throbbing erection that the programming caused him to have. This felt more real to him as it began to spread and replace the replicated pleasure.

Scot pulled out his saliva covered cock and pushed Superman on his back. The hero felt pangs of regret as the eating of his ass was suddenly ended. He lay there helplessly as his briefs were pulled down his legs and thrown to the side like his discarded cape. His cock still hard and throbbing now only had the blue fabric of his tights to keep his engorged monster at bay.

The young man stared at the trapped monster before he started to rip a hole in his crotch. The hero looked down in shock as the normally invulnerable costume ripped away like tissue. His cock arched up as it responded to cool air finally free of its spandex prison.

Scot looked at Greg. “I want to fuck him so badly!”

The young man winked at his lover. “Let’s give the Superwhore a test run then.”

Scot removed his remaining clothing and ordered Superman to roll on his side. The hero’s ass was still wet from being munched on as the young man’s cock slid easily into his virgin hole.

“Holy shit! This is tight!”

Superman grunted in horror as he started to get fucked from behind. Nothing had prepared him for this kind of invasion of his body. He watched helplessly as Greg also got undressed and poured some lube over the Man of Steel’s exposed cock.

The young man climbed on the bed and rubbed his ass against the hero’s monster erection. Superman could only watch as the ass slowly engulfed his cock. This tightness wrapped around his throbbing erection and pleasure exploded within the hero.

Oh, Rao! He thought as his mind shivered from the experience. How could he be enjoying this? Although he always respected gay people, he always considered himself a hundred percent straight. But if he was as straight as he thought then why was he enjoying it? Like the eating of his ass, this pleasure seemed organic and real.

To make his confusion worse, he started to feel tingling pleasure coming from deep in his ass. The pleasure grew as the hero realized that he was also enjoying being fucked. Being in the middle of the two men’s passions, Superman felt himself drowning in the pleasure that he was experiencing.

“Oh god!” Scot gasped as he furiously fucked the helpless hero. “I’m going to cum!”

Greg took one of the hero’s hands and guided it to jerk him off as he rode his cock. The feel of the throbbing erection in his hand felt just as wonderful as the feeling of being fucked and fucking at the same time.

Scot finally went over the edge as he buried his cock into Superman’s ass. With a bestial cry of pleasure, he exploded and started to fill the newly defiled hole.

Hearing his lover cumming was enough to also send Greg to the point of no return. He pulled off of Superman and stood over his face as the hero jerked the moaning and panting young man. As his cock exploded, the Man of Steel felt globs of hot cum hitting his face. Unlike before when he was drenched in the man juice, Superman actually felt the pleasure of being used as a cum rag.

The feeling of his ass being filled with cum and it hitting his face was too much for the mental prisoner. Superman cried out as his cock exploded in the most powerful and numbing orgasm that he ever felt in his life. His chest and stomach were painted with his seed as his body shook in pleasure.

Scot and Greg kissed over the cum covered hero as they enjoyed their afterglow bliss. “Let’s give the whore a break and cuddle on the couch. We can always fuck him again later.”

His lover nodded as he grinned down on the numb and happy hero. “Sound good, I have so much planned for our little slave.”

Superman barely heard as he felt himself drift to sleep. A large part of him didn’t mind the fate of being someone’s sex doll as he felt relaxed for the first time since this nightmare began.


Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-universe Part 4 Toyman’s Games Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It took a few minutes for Superman to recover and stagger to his feet. His tights and briefs were stained with his on seed and he heard a squishing sound as he moved. It felt like his cock and balls were swimming in a pool of cum.

Anxious to leave the swimming pool of kryptonite slime behind, Superman search for a way out of the room. He needed to get back up to the casino so he would have a chance to track down Lois. The hero found a door on the far side of the room and without thinking he opened it.

The room instantly transformed and Superman found himself in a lavished decorated room with a roaring fire in the fireplace. Everything was decorated for Christmas and there was a very tall Christmas tree in the corner of the room. Under the tree were presents that wrapped in bright red and green paper.

“It is a tradition on Christmas Eve for the good little boy to open one gift.” Toyman’s voice seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. “Choose wisely, Superman. One gift will give you a clue to Lois.”

Superman stared at the horde of presents and tried to figure out which one would give him his precious clue. His x-ray vision was useless and so far chance had not been on his side since he let himself get trapped in this video game.

Kneeling down on the floor, the hero looked at the many many gifts. Each one had a tag that had a name for the gift. There were gifts for Jimmy, Perry, Cat, Clark, and Lois. As he searched, the man of steel found a curiously wrapped gift that had the name Superman on it.

Scratching his head, he tried to reason what gift would have the clue. Initially, he thought that one of the presents with Lois’ name on it would be the right pick, but after looking carefully at all the gifts there was only one with Superman’s name on it.

Since time was not on his side, the hero picked up the gift that was labeled to him and started unwrapping it. Inside the box was a package that contained a Superman action figure. He had seen toys like this before, but this one seemed so lifelike that it took him a little by surprise.

Superman took the action figure out of the package and as he held it in his hand, he felt a tingle run through his body. It was as if someone was holding him around his chest. The hero’s eyes widened as he realized that whatever the action figure felt he felt as well.

The man of steel carefully put the action figure on the carpet and started to examine the packaging for a clue of Lois’ location. He was so engrossed in his search, he didn’t notice the action figure opening his eyes and coming to life.

Superman felt something kick him in his ass with so much force that he slid across the room knocking the tree to the floor. Ornaments crashed and broke as the hero turned to see who was attacking him.

The action figure was floating in the air and was in battle position. Superman didn’t want to fight the toy, but he had no choice as it leaped at him and punched him in the chest. The tiny little punch held quite the impact that sent the man of steel through the wall.

Climbing to his feet, Superman instinctively activates his heat vision in an attempt to melt the toy. The red-hot rays shot towards the action figure but right when it was going to hit the toy, the rays sizzled and died.

The toy’s eyes turned red as it started to shoot the hero’s own powers back at him. He barely had time to dodge the small hot ray as he rolled to the other side of the room. Again without thinking the hero used his icy breath to encase the toy in a block of ice. Once again the power faded away and the action figure used the same power against him.

Superman paled when he realized that if he used his powers against the toy, it would absorb the power and be able to use it. What was worse was that he completely lost the power himself. With nowhere to run Superman tried to dodge the toy’s attacks and fight without using his powers. Unfortunately, it absorbed his strength and invulnerability in the process.

The toy knocked the weakened hero to the ground and used his ice breath to create shackles of ice that he used to keep Superman helpless. The cold of the ice stung his wrists and ankles as he strained with all his might to break free. Without his strength, he had no chance of escaping the dastardly trap of his own toy.

At first, he thought it was his imagination, but the toy seemed to be getting bigger. The action figure sat on his chest and started to absorb more of his powers. With every power that was lost, the toy did get bigger.

One by one, Superman’s powers were lost and the toy kept growing. With no way of stopping the toy from weakening further, the hero strained to think of any way to stop from all of his powers from being taken away permanently.

The room seemed to get larger as well as the toy surpassed his own size. Finally, when the last of his powers was absorbed, the action figure was a hundred times his own size. With the arms raised up in the air, the toy took off flying as it crashed through the roof of the room.

His ice shackles had melted enough for Superman to break free as he ran across the gigantic room trying to dodge the falling debris. He spied a mouse hole near one of the walls and managed to race into it before the entire roof collapsed.

Superman was breathing hard as he tried to catch his breath. He needed to find where the toy was going and stop it before it did any more damage. He made his way along the mouse tunnel inside the wall and found another hole that led to a different room.

As Superman entered the room, he stopped when he was giant men standing around. He recognized them as thugs who worked for Toyman and started to run back to the mouse hole. It was too late as they saw the tiny hero. Superman felt himself being lifted up in the air as one of the thugs held him by the back of his briefs.

“Look what I found!” His voice boomed to the tiny ears of the hero. “Little Superman has come to play!”

With his current size and his powers drained, Superman knew that he didn’t have a chance to fight them. He sighed with relief when the thug put him on the counter. Before he had a chance to run, the thug placed a glass down on him.

Superman pounded on the glass prison that was created for him as the thugs laughed as the looked at his feeble efforts. Fear stabbed his soul as he realized how helpless he was against them. They could squash him like a bug if they so desire.

When the criminals got tired of laughing at the trapped hero, they took the glass off and pinned him against the counter with one finger. The pressure caused the man of steel so much pain that he felt tears whelming in his eyes.

“What should we do with him?” one of the thugs asked mockingly.

“I say we crush the little bug and return to Toyman as heroes!”

“Can’t we have a little fun with him first?” The thug smiled as he flicked his finger against Superman’s bulge.

The hero cried out in pain as the tiny flick sent tremors of nausea through his tiny body. He curled up in a ball and sobbed uncontrollably. He felt like he had been kicked in the nuts by a thousand Darkseids.

The thugs laughed as they mocked the crying hero. “What’s a matter Superman, not so tough anymore are you?”

As Superman tried valiantly to get control of his pain and sobs, he heard the thugs whispering to each other. As he looked up, he gasped as he saw an enormous hard erection coming down on him. The smell of the criminal’s manly musk overwhelmed the weakened hero.

“Pleasure my cock Superman, or I will squash you into a little blob of paste!”

With no other option, Superman wrapped his tiny arms around the monster cock and started to rub his body against it. He started to kiss the thick shaft as he desperately tried to think of a way out of this situation.

The cock lifted up in the air and the hero clung to it fearing that the drop would instantly kill him. In order to satisfy the demanding and perverted criminal, he had to use his whole body to keep the giant cock stimulated.

A giant hand wrapped around the monster cock and held Superman close against it. Superman felt himself being stroked against the erection as his body was tightly pressed against the pulsating rod.

His ears hurt as the thug started to moan with pleasure. Without warning the cock exploded and thick cum started to drop down and cover Superman. With his tiny size, it felt like a gushing river that had been pent up by a dam for too long. The first wave of cum that dropped down instantly soaked his entire body.

When the thug was finished, he picked up the cum encased hero and dropped him back on the counter. The criminals all laughed and jeered at the hero as he tried to wipe the cum from his face and eyes. Since his hands were also covering in jizz, it just added to the mess instead of cleaning it up.

“I always knew you were a cum slut!” The thug jeered at the sputtering hero. He pressed his pinky against the hero’s tiny crotch. “Now it is your turn to cum, little man!”

With no choice, Superman started to rub his bulge through the layers of cum. He could see the giant faces of the criminal scum leering at him as he found himself getting hard. The layers of cum had gone through the fabric of his costume and made his skin wet and sticky. As he rubbed his tiny hands against his manhood, it acted like a lubricant that only enhanced his pleasure.

Soon his briefs and tights were bulging with his hard erection, but in his tiny state, it looks so small to the giant criminals. They called him Baby Penis and other hurtful names as they seemed to get off on insulting the powerless hero.

It only took three minutes for Superman to reach the point of no return and his own seed mixed in with the pool of the criminal’s cum. He never felt so disgusting in his entire life, but the pleasure he felt made it feel erotic and naughty at the same time. The hero resisted admitting to himself that he had secretly enjoyed being taken advantage of.

The rest of the thugs had been jerking their meat while watching Superman debase himself at their command. As Superman’s body jerked in the orgasmic ecstasy, one by one they went over the edge. They aimed their exploding cocks at the tiny hero and added to the pool of cum that had formed around him.

Superman found himself drowning at the cum started to run off the table and he was caught in the current. He fought with all of his strength to keep his head above the vile seed. The hero was swept off the table and fell to the floor in the river of the three men’s cum. There was a drain in the middle of the room that the cum naturally went towards and Superman disappeared down the drain.