Blake’s Blackmail

Blake was still in a state of shock. What started out as a meeting with his swim coach turning into a nightmare of the worst kind. The most popular boy in school, this young man was a walking wet dream. He often used his looks to get what he wanted and before now it had always worked.

Coach Jennings smiled as he looked at the naked boy standing before him. His lean muscular body quivered slightly with fear as the cameras took photos. Blake’s beautiful face flinched as the flash of lights captured every aspect of his naked vulnerable body.

It wasn’t bad enough that he was completely naked, but his cock was hard as steel. At first, he thought that his coach must have drugged him. Little did he know that his arousal was because of this exposure.

The meeting started out with Coach Jenkins presenting Blake with information that he had obtained. He had video proof that the young athlete had cheated on his final exams. This kind of offense would leave him not only expelled from school, but he would be barred from trying to get into any other university.

The coach told him that he would keep the information is the young man become a willing pawn in his sick pervert game. What other choice did he have? His very future was at stake. So it was with great reluctance that he was taken to a small abandoned studio.

As he walked in, Blake could see that the seats of the studio audience were filled with older men. Each one stared at him with open lust as he walked down to the stage nervously following his coach.

Coach Jenkins ordered him to slowly remove his clothing. The lights of the stage burning brightly on his pale skin as he had no choice to comply. As his shirt was pulled over his head, a couple of the audience members whistled their appreciation. The cameras caught every muscular line of his lean swimmer’s body.

This was the most humiliating moment of his life. Blake was a born winner. His charm and looks were his weapons of mass destruction. Combine that with his perfect body and he was invulnerable. Yet nothing could stop his coach from exploiting him like a was some kind of toy.

As his pants were pulled down, Blake realized that he was wearing his tighty whiteys instead of his normal boxers. Standing there in his skimpy undies, he looked like a little boy that was about to be punished. The coach ordered him to parade around the stage showing off every part of his exposed body, and he had no choice but to comply.

That was when his erection started. The boy could feel every eye on his almost nude body drinking it in with lustful desires. It didn’t take long before his white briefs were tented and wet with his desire.

Blake was ordered to pull down his underwear while he had his back turned to the audience and cameras. He shivered with a combination of fear and desire as his muscular ass was slowly revealed. The twin globes of pure muscle were sculpted in his many years of swimming and running. A light sheen of hair covered those globes that gave little protection against the leering perverts.

His underwear was tossed aside on the pile where the rest of his clothes rested. Blake’s heart felt like it was going to explode as he slowly turned to show off his throbbing erection. The audience whistled and cheered as they gazed at his man tool like it was a tasty lollipop. The swimmer looked imploringly at his coach silently begging him for this to stop.

There was no mercy from the man who was blackmailing him. Blake was ordered to masturbate in front of the cameras and all these men. He felt so dirty as he gripped his hard cock in his first. The boy shouldn’t have been hard at all, but like his coach, his body betrayed him as well.

He tried not to moan, but this kind of exposure was having an unexpected effect on him. Even his fingers crept to his exposed asshole to increase the pleasure he was feeling. The excitement grew more and more until the swimmer was lost in his own world of desires. The whistles and shouts of encouragement from the perverted old men even seemed to make his pleasure greater.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and Blake shot his load all over his legs. The studio rang out with his cries of passion as the young man was lost in the powerful orgasm. When the last drop of cum was expelled, he slumped into the chair behind him breathing hard as his still hard cock rested in his hands.

The audience applauded as the cameras still recorded the swimmer’s humiliation. Blake was ordered to stand as the cameras zoomed in to record the globs of cum that was slowly sliding down his legs.

Blake sighed with relief as the cameras were turned off and his coach turned to address the audience. “Thanks for coming out today to see Blake. I am proud to announce that he will be starting a new career as a whore. If you would like to spend the night with this sexy young man, please call my assistant to make an appointment.”

What this was not part of the deal! Blake felt like he was going to faint on the spot. One look from his coach and his worded protests died in his throat. It was either this or face expulsion. Even if he accused his perverted coach, he would still be kicked out of school.

Coach Jenkins walked up to his boy toy and softly gripped his half hard cock. Blake walked awkwardly as his dick was used as a leash and he was dragged from the studio. The young man knew that he would spend the rest of his school days as a whore to perverted gay men.

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