Arkham Nightmare Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Breakfast seemed to take forever, but eventually Superman finished his meal. His head felt fuzzy and every movement reminded him that his tights were filled with his cum. He carefully got up and blushed as the front of his red briefs were completely soaked with his seed.

Two guards entered the mess hall and walked over to the man of steel right when he finished taking his tray off the table. “It’s time for you to get cleaned up.” One of the guards said roughly.

Superman could not believe his ears. “Didn’t you see Penguin spanking me?” He asked with a slight shrill in his voice. Where were they when the disgusting bird humiliated him in front of all these mad men?

“We have been here there entire time, “Superman”,” The guard said grimly. “I think it is dugusting how you masterbated under the table during your meal.”

Masterbated during his meal? What were they talking about?

“No that didn’t happen at all,” Superman protested. “Penguin assaulted me! You can ask anyone that was here?”

“Mr. Cobblepot hasn’t been out of his cell this morning,” The other guard said gruffly. “No come with us. We have better things to do than babysit you!”

Could they be right and this was just some kind of hallucination? No, it couldn’t be! His ass still smarted over being brutally spanked and the humiliation still burned his soul. Powerless to do anything, Superman meekly followed the guards out of the mess hall.

He was taken down a series of halls until he found himself in a shower area. He was given a towel and a bar of soap. “Get yourself cleaned up.” The guard ordered.

As Superman reached for his cape to take it off, he was suddenly stopped.

“Orders from Professor Strange states that you can not take off your costume until you are ready to admit that you are not Superman.” The guard roughly reminded him.

“How am I supposed to shower with it on?” Superman asked incredulously.

“Not my problem freak,” The guard retorted back. “I’m just following orders.”

The hero’s shoulders slumped as he scurried over to the shower stalls. His normal confidence seemed to have vanished and he was becoming more and more submissive. Could the professor be right and he was just a normal man with Superman delusions? He never before doubted his identity but the combination of the drugs, loss of powers, and his horrible experience in the asylum were taking a toll on the hero’s mind.

Yet despite his doubt, Superman still clung to the belief that he was the real thing. So he turned on the water and let it run on his famous red and blue costume. As the martial soaked in the water, it started to cling to his muscular body in an alarming manner. Thank goodness he was in here alone. Even the guards didn’t seem to be around as he lathered the soap in his hands.

The hero started to scrub at the cum stain on his briefs hoping to erase all evidence of his humiliation in the mess hall. The wet fabric against his cock and balls felt wonderful and he started to feel himself harden.

It wasn’t until that he was completely hard that Superman noticed. He dropped the soap as he felt his face redden. Was he really touching himself in a sexual manner in the showers? This was so unlike him. Yet the feeling was so good that he couldn’t help but to touch himself again.

“Riddle me this? What kind of man masterbates in the shower? A Super Man?”

Superman whirled around to find himself face to face with The Riddler. His face burned as he tried to cover his tented briefs with his hands. “What are you doing here?” He demanded.

“When I heard that we had a freak claiming to be Superman, I had to see it with my own eyes.” Riddler said with amusement dripping from his voice. “I must say you do look the part.”

“It’s because I AM Superman!”

“Tsk, tsk,” Riddler chided. “Then I must say I am shocked to see you here in Arkham. Being the genius that I am, I think we should test your little theory.”

“What do you….” Superman fell to the wet shower floor as his blurred vision looked up in shock.

The Riddler twirled his question mark cane as he smirked at the fallen hero. “Don’t look much like a Superman to me!”

The man of steel had enough of this. He scrambled up to his feet and lunged for the smug villain. Riddler danced away easily as he smashed his cane on the back side of Superman’s head. The impact of the blow caused him to fall on his face right into one of the drains.

“Is that all you have?” the villain taunted as he pressed his foot in the small of the hero’s back.

“I’ll make you pay for this!” Superman promised as he tried to push himself up on his hands and knees. Instead he fell back on the wet shower floor as the force of the villain’s foot easily pinned him down.

“Come on, Stupidman! Surely you can do better than this? I’ve had more fight from Robin.”

The man of steel used all of his strength, but it just wasn’t enough to move The Riddler’s foot on his back. Between the drugs and the blow to his head, the hero was too dizzy to gather much strength. What was worse is that is cock was still rock hard. The pressure of being forced against the floor only enhanced the pleasure he was feeling.

First Penguin and now Riddler, both times Superman had become sexually aroused at being dominated on who should have been much weaker men than him. Did he have some kind of sexual desire to be dominated.

“I must say that I am disappointed,” The Riddler continued his taunts. “The real Superman would have been able to overpower me with just his little pinky. Maybe it’s time to teach you a little lesson.”

The villain reached down and held the squirming hero down with one hand while unbuckling his belt with his other. Superman’s red briefs were pulled off his ass exposing the blue wet tights underneath.

The man of steel cried out as the villain grabbed both of his ass cheeks through his tights. “Get your hands off me!”

The Riddler ignored the protests of the fallen hero as he tore a hole in the back side of Superman’s tights. Without his kryptonian powers, the normally invulnerable fabric tore quite easily. His white muscled ass was exposed more and more as the hole ripped open.

Superman’s protests grew more shrill when he felt the tip of Riddler’s cane resting in the crack of his ass. “NO!” He screamed as the tip started to sink in between his cheeks

The was no mercy as the cane was forced into his virgin ass hole. Pain shot through his body as he was violated in the most horrible way possible. The water raining down on his naked ass did little to lubricate the rough end of the cane.

Yet despite all the pain, Superman’s cock was still rock hard. In fact he only got more aroused as the cane started to piston in and out of his violated ass. “Oh Rao,” Superman whispered through his moans.

The pain started to fade as his prostate was stimulated. The hero started acting like a bitch in heat as he welcomed the cane that violated him. “Oh Roa!” He groaned. “Fuck me harder!”

The Riddler giggled fiendishly as he turned the once and proud hero into his fuck toy. His tights were now tented with his arousal as he fished his cock out and started to jerk himself off. He went down on one knee as he continued to use his question mark cane to fuck the hero’s now gaping ass.

“You like this don’t you, Superman?” Riddler moaned softly.

“Oh Rao, yes!” He answered between his groans. “Fuck me more!”

The Riddler jerked his cock harder as he pressed it against the moaning face of the turned on hero. It didn’t take long for him to lose control and he started to cum all over Superman’s wet face. The hot cum dripping down his face turned on Superman in a way he never imagined. He knew he should have revolted, but it made him feel dirty. The feeling combined with the cane still fucking his ass sent the hero over the edge.

“Oh Rao!” He screamed. “I’m cumming!”

For the second time today, his tights started to be filled with the exploding cum from his thick long dick. The cane rammed down and buried itself deep in Superman’s ass as the hero spasmed in his powerful orgasm.

The Riddler stood up and adjusted his tight as his deflated cock was put away. He pulled his cane free and smiled at the shit and blood covering the tip. The villain grabbed Superman’s cape and used it to clean the question mark cane.

“You’re a pathetic excuse of a Superman!” He spat down at the still spasming hero. “And frankly not even worth my time.”

As the villain left the weakened hero lying in the floor of the shower as the water rained down at him, Superman sighed with blissful satisfaction. It took him several minutes to gather up his strength to finish his shower.  


A portal opened and Batman stepped through to see the lit up skyscrapers of Gotham City. He had expected to end up in Metropolis since the imp’s target in each world had always been Superman.

“Oracle,” He said gravely as he activated his ear piece. “What’s going on? I’m in Gotham City?”

“That shouldn’t be right,” She said as she typed away on her keyboard. “Let me lock in on your location and see why you ended up there.”

Batman surveyed the familiar landmarks of his city as he stayed in the shadows.

“Wait,” Oracle said tersely. “You’re back in our world, Bruce.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“It can only mean that the imp decided to come here next.”

The Batman whistled softly as the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. “He knows that I am after him. He targeted our Superman on purpose.”

“There goes our element of surprise.”

“It doesn’t matter. This will end now!”

“I’m going through the police radio and discovered that a man in a Superman costume was taken to Arkham Asylum tonight.”

“The imp must have be responsible for this. If Superman is in Arkham, then there is no time to waste. Clark has no way to cope with that kind of madness.” Batman said.

The hero used his grappling hook to launch himself in the air. “Get a hold of Nightwing and Robin. I may need their help before this is over. I’m going to Arkham now to rescue Superman.”

“Be careful, Bruce. The imp knows you are coming and you will be walking into a trap.”

“That’s what he thinks,” Batman said gravely as he glided through the air. One way or another this will all end tonight.