Adventures of Superman Part 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Bells and sirens screamed out in the night as The First Metropolis Bank doors exploded. A dozen armed men rushed inside and went straight for the vault. With duffle bags slung over their shoulders, they pulled out their guns, ready to shoot anyone who got in their way.

One of the men took out a small box from his bag and opened it up to reveal a small blob of what looked like silly putty. He smeared the stuff over the dial lock of the vault and signaled the others to get back. As soon as they were clear, the floor of the bank suddenly shook as smoke filled the room.

The robbers rushed back into the hallway of the vault and saw that the heavy round door was now ajar. The men used all of their strength to pull the broken door open as the room full of some of Metropolis’ finest riches was now in sight.

Grabbing their duffle bags, the men started to shove in money, gold bars, and security bonds. They were so consumed with their greed that they didn’t even notice the gust of wind and the blur of red and blue near the entrance to the vault.

“I think you guys need to rethink your career goals,” a deep triumphant voice said from the door.

The men whirled around and their jaws dropped at the sight of Superman. The alien protector that was the last of his kind from the destroyed planet Krypton stood there with his hands heroically on his waist. His muscles bulged through his blue and red tight uniform.

Grabbing their guns, the robbers started to unload their ammunition at the mighty Man of Steel. The hero just stood there as the bullets bounced off his invulnerable body without even making a mark on his pristine costume.

A smile crossed his chiseled and handsome face as he waited for the criminals to run out of bullets. It sounded like it was raining around him as the pieces of scrap metal that were once bullets dropped on the stainless steel floor.

A couple moments passed before the sounds of gunshots were replaced with the sounds of of guns clicking signalling that they were out of ammunition. Superman arched an eyebrow as he looked at the frightened robbers.

“Now will you give yourselves up quietly?” The Man of Steel said in a no nonsense tone in his voice.

With no other options, the criminals looked like they were about to wet themselves. Superman took a step forward and suddenly fell on his back like he had slipped on a banana peel. The robbers watched with shock as the might hero who their bullets did nothing to hurt him was suddenly dazed by a tumble.

Superman looked just as shocked as they were as he shook his head trying to shake the stars from his vision. He tried to pull himself up to his elbows but fell back down on his back in a daze.

“Let’s get out of here!” One of the robbers said excitedly as he grabbed his duffle bag.

The hero watched helplessly as the criminals followed suit and rushed past him with their stolen loot. The last robber out of the vault stopped and looked down at the dazed superhero. A wicked smile crossed his face as his pressed his black boot on Superman’s red bulge. The hero just grunted helplessly as he tried to raise his arms to grab the common criminal but failed.

It was several minutes before The Man of Steel was able to get back up to his feet. By this time, the criminals were long gone and the sirens of the police sounded in the distance. He had no idea what had come over him. It was very different from the intense pain and crampings of being exposed to kryptonite. Yet he had felt all of his strength fade away all at once.

More than anything his pride was wounded that he had let these common criminals escape justice. Not wanting to have to admit that he had failed to capture them, he bolted out of the bank in a blur of blue and red. Superman slowed down once he was hovering high above the city of Metropolis.

The feeling of weakness had not completely vanished and soon he was feeling his full strength once again. He told himself that he would see Dr. Charles in Star Labs to run some tests. His super hearing picked up another crime happening in Suicide Slums and with a shot, he was gone and ready to stop another crime from happening.




“What do you think you are doing?” A shrill voice said high in the clouds. At a first glance, the being looked like an imp with a green suit that looked like something from The Jetsons. He wore a tiny hat with a flower coming out of the side of the hat. His white hair seemed to reach for the sky as it pointed up like a cowlick.

Sitting on a cloud looking down at the city of Metropolis was a being that looked similar to him. Instead of green, this being was dressed in all red. He was about the same size as the other imp, but his body looked more muscular and his suit molded to his body. His red hair was more tamed and stylishly combed and his face looked much younger than the other imp.

“Hey Uncle, Mxyzptlk!” The younger imp said with a smile. They were natives to the 5th dimension and usually did not visit this universe. “I decided to come for a visit to see this Superman that you often play with. He is a most impressive creature.”

“Superman is my toy, Txyzplc!” Mr. Mxyzplk said wagging his finger reprovingly. “Go and find your own toy to play with!”

“Awwww, come on Uncle.” The younger imp said. “I promise not to break him, I just want to play.”

“Do your parents know that you are here?” The older imp asked frowning. “You are supposed to be in school!”

Txyzplc smiled and dimples formed in his cheeks. “I am on break and my tutors said I could visit this dimension to experience it. And I want to play with Superman!”

“Superman is mine! MINE! MINE MINE!”

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you to share your toys, Uncle?” The younger imp said as he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t share the big blue buffoon with anyone!”

Txyzplc shook his head as he raised his hands. The older imp vanished with a puff of smoke as the younger wiped his hands as if they were dirty. “Too bad for you that I am stronger than you. By the time you escape from your new prison, Superman will be my toy!”

Laughter filled the sky as a bolt of lightning flashed in the night sky. Superman will never know what hit him.




“Mercy!” Lex Luthor shouted in his intercom. Standing at his desk his desk, he had just hung up his phone from a very interesting phone call. His office was situated on the top floor of his main business, Lexcorp. The tallest building in all of Metropolis, he watched over his city like the kind guardian that he was.

He pressed a button on the panel next to his computer and a computer screen came down from the ceiling and covered the expansive windows that looked down at the city. His assistant Mercy came into the office wearing a sharp chanel suit and five inch heels. Many men and even women looked at the lush beauty of his assistant with lust in their eyes. The pretty bomb-shell was an excellent diversion as her skills in martial arts were on par with his own. Many people were surprisingly taken down by Mercy because they wrote her off as a blonde bimbo.

Without saying anything, Mercy sat down in her usual chair with her pad sitting on her lap and a pen in her hand. Lex pressed another button and the video footage that was sent to him started playing on the huge screen.

At first nothing looked out of the ordinary as the cameras recorded a robbery in progress. Superman had shown up and stood their as their bullets were destroyed by his invulnerable body. Lex felt hatred boil up inside him as usual when he saw his nemesis. That alien needed to leave this city to its true protector and leave his planet once and for all.

His raging thoughts were halted as his eyes widened. Superman dramatically fell on his back and lay helplessly as the robbers made their escape. He watched in awe as The Man of Steel tried to move but seemed to weak to even lift his arms.

One could have heard a pin drop in the room as their silence was tinged in awe. Lex zoomed in on the helpless hero and played the footage again in slow motion. By the look on his face, Superman was clearly helpless and yet not in pain. Clearly it was not kryptonite that made him fall down.

After watching the footage three more times, Lex turned off the screen and turned to his assistant. “I want you to send out a team to First Metropolis Bank.” He said briskly. “Find out what made Superman react this way!”

Mercy nodded as she stood to her feet and walked back to her office. Lex sat back down in his own desk and started to play the footage of Superman’s fall in a never ending loop. Seeing the smug bastard reduced to a helpless state caused him such joy that his pants started to bulge quite a bit. If he could find out what caused the alien to react this way then he would have the means to put Superman in his place once and for all.

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