Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-universe Part 5 Arkham Nightmare Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Superman was escorted back to his cell. His famous uniform was still soaked from the shower and clung to his muscular body. Anyone third party observer would have a hard time believing that this was the real hero. His shoulders were slumped, his head bowed, and he meekly followed the commands of the guards who were his escort.

The door of his cell closed and the man of steel sat on his bed with his hands holding his head. What was going on with him? He had vivid memories about his life as Superman, yet he felt weak as a baby. So weak that he could not stop sexual abuses by weaklings like Penguin or Riddler. What was worse his own body betrayed him by becoming aroused at their perverted acts. Even now, he could feel his cock coming to life in his wet tights.

“Had enough of this fantasy of yours?” Hugo Strange said as he walked into the cell.

Superman leaped to his feet and lunged towards the smirking doctor. Without even blinking, Professor Strange whipped out a taser and used it on the enraged hero. The man of steel screaming in pain as he was flung back hitting the wall behind him.

“I must insist that you behave,” Professor Strange said firmly.

“When I get my powers back, I will make you pay for this Strange!” Superman gasped in pain.

The mere mentioning of his powers caused his cock to stiffen immediately. His gasps of pain turned into pleasure as the wet fabric of his tights pressed down on his throbbing erection.

“These delusions of yours will only bring you more troubles,” The Professor chided softly. He stepped forward and pressed his polished black shoe on the tented crotch of his patient.

Superman’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he groaned. The pressure felt so good but so wrong at the same time. His cock felt like it was going to explode at any second. He tried to lift his pelvis in the air to dislodge the older man’s foot, but he was so weak with pleasure that all he could do was lie there helplessly.

“I want to help you.” Professor Strange said coldly. “I can’t help you as long as you insist that your delusions are real. Just admit that you are not Superman and it will be over.”

What he said actually started to make sense. How could he think that he was Superman when he was lying on the floor in a cell of an Asylum with a raging hard on and not enough strength to overpower a man at least 10 years his senior? It was so tempting to let go of his memories and let the healing process begin.

Superman grunted as he fought back against these thoughts. He remembered his heroic exploits. He remembered having amazing powers. He remembered so many memories that no other man would have of the most powerful being in the universe.

“I” The hero hero whispered between his moans of pleasure and lust. “I am SUPERMAN!”

Professor Strange just shook his head as he stepped back. “Such a shame,” He muttered. In a louder voice he said, “You can not live in this fantasy and be healthy. I will continue to monitor your progress and when you are ready to admit your delusions, I will help you recover your true identity.”

The door shut behind the Professor leaving the battered hero alone with his doubts. Superman looked down at his tented red briefs and had to stop himself from masterbating. His mind was a mess with conflicting thoughts on his very identity.

Unknown to the hero, green gas started to flow through the vents of the cell. A shadow watched with glee as he rubbed his hands. “It’s time to face your fears, Superman.”

The man of steel blinked in shock as the cell started to melt away. He felt himself floating through the air as the world around him wavered and vanished.

Seconds later, Superman found himself standing in front of Metropolis City Hall. Before him the square was packed with what seemed like millions of people. It was as if the entire population of Metropolis had gathered.

The Mayor was standing at a podium where he was addressing the citizens of his great city. “Our guest of honor today needs no introduction. He has done so much for Metropolis and the entire world.”

Was this some kind of award ceremony? Superman thought in confusion. Everything here seemed so real and his memories of the Asylum seemed like a bad dream. The roaring cheers of the crowds sent a wave of pride through the hero.

With a huge smile on his face, he stepped forward to stand next to the Mayor. He never expected any kind of payment for using his powers to keep Metropolis safe, but the adoring cheers of the citizens of this great city caused his chest to swell with pride.

“This is why I want to award the key of the city to Superman!” The Mayor proclaimed as the roars of the crowds grew louder and louder.

Superman bent his head as the key was placed around his neck. The key was made out of gold and was triple the size of a normal key. The Mayor stepped aside as the hero stepped in front of the podium.

“This is a great honor for me,” Superman said as he addressed all his fans. “I stand as an example on how one man can help to change the world for the better. Every single one of you has this potential. With or without powers, every person can do something to make this world a better place.”

“The world doesn’t need an alien like you!” A single voice rang out through the crowd.

The people parted as Lex Luthor stepped forward. “You are a fraud, alien, and I will no longer tolerate your presence in Metropolis.”

Superman opened his mouth to protest but he stood there frozen like a statue. Luthor walked up the steps towards the podium with an angry scowl on his face. The silence seemed thicker than mud as everyone watched wondering what was going to happen.

“You aren’t worthy to call yourself a hero.” Luthor snapped as he pushed Superman back. The hero stumbled back still unable to speak or even act.

The corporate tycoon grabbed the key that was just awarded to his nemesis and ripped it from around his neck. Superman flinched as he could not help but notice how powerful Lex Luthor really was. Although he was taller and more muscular than the older business man, there was an aura of power around him that made Superman want to submit.

Lex snarled as he slapped the man of steel across the face. Normally it would have broken his hand, but this time it was Superman’s head that was snapped back as he cried out in pain. The villain grabbed the hero’s cape and ripped it off his back.

Superman finally regained his senses as his eyes started to glow red. “That is enough!” He thundered towards the glaring villain.

“I’ve only just begun!” Luthor hissed. He grabbed the ‘S’ shield on the hero’s chest and it ripped away like tissue paper leaving his chest exposed.

The villain crumbled up the cloth and tossed it aside like it was garbage. “There is nothing super about you!”

Superman lunged towards his nemesis and his eyes grew wide with shock as he felt Luthor wrap his hand around his neck. The weaker older man easily overpowered him and forced him on his knees. How was this possible?

“You are a fraud!” Luthor shouted as he grabbed the helpless hair by his ebony locks and forced him to crawl across the stage. There was no fight left in him as he scurried across as fast as he could to keep his hair from being pulled out by the roots.

Once again Superman felt himself admiring his greatest nemesis. He overpowered him with such ease and he didn’t even use kryptonite. The hero felt a stirring in his loins as he felt a powerful attraction to the bald business man.

When they got back to the center of the stage, Luthor pulled the subjugated hero back to his feet. “You are a disgrace to this uniform!” He snarled. The crowds were still silent as the dead as they watched Luthor completely dominate the man they looked up and admired. “Take it off!”

Superman flinched at order barked at him to strip. He could feel his knees start to buckle as a deep fear took him. The prospect of being naked in front of all these people scared him more than kryptonite.

Enraged that the hero was not moving fast enough, Luthor ripped off Superman’s golden belt and started to beat him with it. Superman cried out in pain as he fell down to his knees. “Alright!” He sobbed as tears started to flow down his cheeks. “ALRIGHT!”

The beating stopped and the sobbing hero barely managed to get back on his feet. He started to peel off his torn and ruined costume. The crowds finally broke their silence as they cheered for Luthor and jeered Superman as he stripped. A chant started as their thundering cries grew louder and louder. “Strip him! Strip him!”

Superman could not believe his ears as his boots, briefs, and shirt was taken off. A few minutes ago they all adored him and now they turned on him. The hatred, jeers, and pure glee of seeing him humiliated sent waves of terror through the helpless hero.

His tights finally came off and now he stood completely naked in front of the entire population of Metropolis. At first he tried to cover his genitals with his hands, but a swift slap of his belt across his hands ended that.

The jeering crowd went silent as Superman’s cock and balls were exposed for all to see. The hero looked down and paled as he saw that his limp cock was only half an inch. Everyone started laughing hysterically as they pointed at his baby cock.

Lex grabbed Superman’s red briefs and showed everyone how he enhanced his package with a sock. The hero just wanted to drop dead right there as his humiliation knew no bounds. “Pathetic!” Lex snarled as he roughly grabbed the hero’s tiny package.

Superman groaned as his nemesis’ touch sent pleasure like he never known through his trembling body. His cock came to life and in second it was hard as a rock. The laughter grew louder as everyone saw that his fully erect cock was only a mere two inches.

Almost like he was in a trance, the man of steel started to jerk his tiny cock as he fell down to his knees. Luthor smiled in triumph as he grabbed the key of the city and placed it around his own neck. He took out a collar and wrapped it around the humiliated hero’s bull neck.

As Superman felt the collar locking in place, his body started to spasm. Two tiny drops of cum leaped from his cock as even his orgasm was pretty pathetic. Yet to him it was the most intense feeling that he ever felt in his life.

Luthor frowned as he looked down at his black polished shoes. One of the drops of cum landed on his expensive shoes. He pointed at his shoe and Superman flinched. Yet he bent down and started to lap up his own jiz in front of everyone.

This degrading act caused Superman start to orgasm once again. His tiny cock quivered with delight as it shot out another tiny drop of cum. Lex started to walk down the steps and the hero meekly followed on his hands and knees. The world now knew that he belonged to Lex Luthor.

The delusionary world started to fade away as Superman spasmed on his bed. His briefs and tights were soaked with his cum as he found himself in his cell in Arkham Asylum. Was this just a dream, he thought in confusion.

No, it seemed so much more real than a dream. It felt like it was actually happened. A terrifying thought crossed his mind. Could all his memories as Superman just be a powerful delusion like the one he just experienced? Superman shivered in fear as he began to truly doubt himself for the first time in his life.

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