Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe Part 5 Arkham Nightmare Chapter 2

Chapter 2

By the time they had arrived at Arkham Asylum, Superman had stopped his struggling. He could only hope that in time his powers would return and the hero could prove his identity. The prospect of going to the Asylum, as weak as he was, was a little frightening. Batman had shared some of the horror stories of the villains who were housed here. All Superman could do was not to draw as much attention to himself.

The cops dragged the reluctant hero from the squad car and marched the blue and red costumed hunk towards the front door. The buildings surrounding him on the island were a twisted form of the gothic architect that was even more extreme than Gotham City. Gargoyles seemed to be staring down at him reminding him of every horror story that he ever heard about this place. Superman pushed those fears down as he tried to walk confidently. He was the most powerful man in the universe and no fright show was going to unhinge him!

The man of steel was dragged inside and brought to the main receptionist desk. “Good evening officers,” The blond receptionist said with a wry smile. “What have you brought us today.”

“Some freak who thinks he’s Superman,” The cop on his left said. “The Commissioner thought it would be best to bring him here instead of Blackgate.”

The blond smiled as she started to process the hero to becoming one of the new residents. There was something very familiar about her to Superman as he tried to figure out where he saw her before. It wasn’t so much her face, but her voice that was vaguely familiar. The Brooklyn accent gnawed at the back of his mind like a feather softly tickling him.  

The phone rang and the receptionist immediately picked it up. “Yes? They just brought him in and I was starting the paperwork. Alright. No problem, Mista S. I’ll send him over to you right away.” She hung up the phone and her smile grew very large, almost with glee. “Professor Hugo Strange would like to see you right away.”

Hugo Strange? Batman had mentioned something about the Psychologist before but what exactly slipped through his fingers. His head felt fuzzy like he had been exposed to some kind of drug. Yet there was no opportunity for anyone to drug him. Could this be a side effect of whatever the Joker hit him with to disable his powers?

The police marched him deeper in the Asylum and his unwavering courage started to slip a bit. The handcuffs on his wrists bit into his skin causing pain that should not have been felt. Normally he could have snapped the thin metal with no effort at all, but in his current state, they might have been made out of kryptonite.

The door to the office opened up and the hero stepped inside with his police escort. A bald man with thick round glasses sat at the desk and looked up at their arrival. His smile made Superman feel very uneasy. It was as if the man could see inside his mind and there were no secrets about him.

“Thank you, gentlemen.” Professor Strange said as he stood up to his feet. “Thank you for bringing our newest patient in. I’ll take it from here?”

“Are you sure, Professor? This guy is a real nut job.”

“Not to worry, I have dealt with people like him before.”

People like him? What kind of place has he been brought to? Superman rubbed his sore wrists as the handcuffs were taken off and the policemen walked out of the office. He tried to look this professor in the eyes, but his probing stare made him avert his eyes to the floor.

“Please have a seat,” Professor Strange said gesturing to the couch.

Superman sat down as his cape almost covered the entire piece of furniture. “This has been a huge mistake. Please let me explain.”

The professor sat down in his chair across from him. “Let’s start with introductions. I am Professor Hugo Strange and I am the head psychiatrist here at Arkham Asylum. And you are?”


“This will go much easier than you if you are honest with me, sir.”

“No, I really am Superman!”

Professor Strange turned his steely gaze on the hero and Superman felt a twinge of fear before he suppressed it. “If you are Superman, then you can certainly prove it.”

The hero’s shoulders fell a little as he knew that he was in no position to prove his true identity. “You don’t understand,” He said as he explained the events that led him here. The professor listened as he jotted down a few notes. When Superman finally finished his story, he looked at the older man with a glimmer of hope.

“That is a fascinating story,” Professor Hugo Strange said quietly.

“So you believe me?” Superman asked hopefully.

“I’m afraid not. You see Joker has been here for the past six months. If he were to escape from my facility, I would have known about it. Now, why don’t you just tell me who you really are.”

“I really am Superman!” The hero insisted. “I fought the Joker and his men and he did something to nullify my powers.”

“If you can not tell me your true identity then I have no choice but to admit you to the facility.” The professor said sternly. “I give you one more chance to tell me who you really are.”

The thought of being imprisoned here without his powers scared the man of steel, but his tongue could not utter any lie. He sat silently on the couch as he prayed for his powers to return.

“I see,” Professor Strange said with a frown. He walked over to his desk and picked up the phone. “Send two guards into my office. We have a new patient. I want him processed right away.” He set down the phone and looked gravely at the helpless hero. “You have some serious issues, but rest assured that your treatment will be successful. When it is complete, you will no longer think you are Superman. Until then you will be a guest at my facility.”

The guards entered and Superman knew that this was his last hope of release. “Please, Professor!” He begged urgently. “I really am Superman! You have to believe me.”

“Take him away, guards!” The Professor commanded.

Superman tried to struggle but the men were much stronger than he was. Unable to fight, he simply surrendered as he was taken deeper into Arkham Asylum.”

His cell was small only containing a small bed attached to the wall, a sink, and toilet. The walls were made of brick with no trace of paint. His cell door was solid steel with a small window that had a door where a guard could look in on him. There were no windows and only the dim light in the center of his ceiling gave any light into the room.

It didn’t take long for Superman to be processed as a patient in the Asylum. He walked through a long tunnel that scanned his body for any dangerous material that he might be hiding. Of course, it would have been hard to hide anything on his skin-tight costume. The only place where he would be able to hide things was his cape. There was a hidden compartment where he normally hid his Clark Kent clothes. Since he had left his apartment this evening, the compartment was empty.

Superman fully expected for him to be forced to strip from his familiar blue and red costume. The guards were ready to make him and their expressions hinted that they were looking forward to seeing his nude muscular body. Instead, a phone call came from Professor Strange. He ordered the guards to keep him in his costume as a part of his therapy. Only when Superman was ready to admit his true identity would he be permitted to wear other clothes.

In a way, it was comforting that he was able to keep his symbol of authority and power. When his powers returned then he would have no problem to prove once and for all to Professor Strange that he is the real Superman.

As the man of steel sat on his bed, he noticed that the light in his room started to flicker. He looked up thinking that the bulb was going out and he would be sitting in the dark. The door to his cell blocked the light from the hallway from even peeking in.

Superman stared at the light as it started to almost dance before his eyes. The flickering seemed mesmerizing as he felt himself being drawn to it.

“That’s it, little rabbit.” a creepy voice said distantly. “Look into the light. Feel all of your pain and sorrow fade away. The light makes you safe. The light will comfort you. Let all of your defenses go down and let the light take it all away.”

Superman tried to resist, but the light seemed to draw him in. In fact, the creepy voice started to transform into a comforting voice that understood all his problems. He didn’t even notice when his cell door opened and a short man dressed like something out of storybook came inside. His hat was huge and added several inches to his short stature.

“Relax, Superman.” The short man murmured as the cell door shut behind him. “Let the light carry you to a special place to your very own Wonderland!”

The hero felt like he was floating in the air as the light grew brighter and brighter. Soon everything melted away as he was pulled into the center of this wonderful light. The soothing voice was still with him comforting him as the hero felt all of his fears and worries melt away.

“Listen to the Mad Hatter as he takes you into the wonderful world of Wonderland.” The voice said softly. “Here you will be happy. Here you will learn your true destiny.”

The light started to soften as Superman felt himself land. He looked around as he found himself surrounded by a mythical forest. In front of him was a small clearing where a long table with several chairs sat in the tall grass. A funny little man sat at the head of the table who grinned at the hero and motioned him to sit at the table.

“Welcome to Wonderland, Superman,” The Mad Hatter said with a smile.

His body seemed to take over as he walked over to the table and took a seat. The Hatter took a tea kettle and filled his teacup. The smell was almost soothing as Superman picked up the cup and started to drink. The hot liquid made him feel more relaxed as his troubles melted away. He was safe here.

“You have been a naughty little boy thinking that you have super powers, Superman.” The Mad Hatter chided. “You have no powers, just a normal man.”

Something deep in the back of his mind said otherwise as Superman set his teacup back on the table. “I do have powers. I am Superman!”

“Dear, dear, dear boy, You have nothing of the sort. It makes you excited when you think you have powers. It makes you hard when you try to use the powers that you no longer have.”

Superman gasped as he felt a wave of pleasure start to flood his body. He looked down and flinched as he noticed a tent in his briefs.

“The Mad Hatter will help you find your true place in Wonderland, but you have to admit that you are weak. You have to be ready to submit.”

“No, I am Superman!” The man of steel said softly. The words seemed hard to say that before and caused him to shiver with pleasure.

“Wonderland will be waiting for you when you are ready.” The Hatter said softly. The light started to get brighter and brighter as it once again started to consume Superman. He felt himself being dragged away from the marvelous place and he really wanted to stay.

“When you are ready, you will return. Until then you will remember nothing of your visit to Wonderland.”

Superman felt himself fade away as his eyes started to close. A deep sleep came over him as he felt cradled in the comforting light.

The door to his cell opened again and The Mad Hatter chuckled as he walked out of Superman’s cell. The hero was sprawled out on his bunk with a raging erection and a stain of precum on the front of his briefs.

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