Adventures of Superman Defeat in the Multi-universe Part 4 Toyman’s Games Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The doors to the warehouse kicked open as Toyman’s thugs flew through the air. A grenade was tossed in and exploded as white smoke started to fill the room. Using the smoke as a shield, Batman leaped in and took out the remaining thugs.

Soon they were all down at his feet as The Dark Knight looked around. In the center of the room sat Superman and Lois Lane hooked up to some kind of high tech simulation device. He rushed over to the female reporter and looked down at her lifeless body.

Grabbing her wrist, Batman felt a very faint pulse. He rushed to the computer and placed an electronic bat device on the main part of the computer. “Oracle!” He commanded urgently. “I need you to hack into this computer. Lois Lane is dying!”

“I’m on it!” The former Batgirl said through the earpiece in the hero’s ear.

The Dark Knight turned to the limp form of Superman and checked to see if there was any life. Gripping his wrist, he looked for any sign of life. Growling in frustration, he dropped the limp arm of the most powerful hero in the world as he rushed back to Lois.

Lois’ eyes popped open as she started to cough. Batman ripped off the wires to her headset as he took her in his arms. “It’s alright.” He said softly. “You’re back in the real world again.”

“What about Superman?” Lois asked weakly as she lay in the Dark Knight’s arms.

“Oracle, where you able to locate Superman?”

“Trying to get a signal now, Batman,” Oracle said intensely. The hero heard his partner gasp as she typed as fast as she could. “The data is being transferred. I’m trying to find the source, but this kind of encryption is something I have never seen before.”

Batman rushed to the main computer and tried to stop the data transfer. Growling in frustration, he slammed his fists in the keyboard. It was gone. Whatever piece of Superman that remained was now gone.

“I’m sorry, Batman,” Oracle said sadly. “I wasn’t able to get a fix on where the data went.”

The Dark Knight gently unhooked his friend from the fiendish device that had defeated the powerful alien. Although this version was not the Superman that he knew, he still felt the pain of losing another friend.

Lois cried silently as she cradled her boyfriend’s head in his lap. “Is there anything we can do?”

Batman shook his head as he looked down at the lifeless body of his friend. There was nothing left of him except for whatever programming Toyman merged into the Kryptonians soul. According to the information he got from Dr. Fate, Superman must have willing given into the combination of magic and technology that entrapped his friend.

Leaving Lois to cry over Superman’s body, Batman vanished in the shadows and left the warehouse. He used his grapple hook to leap on the roof. “The imp has won again. Have you figured out his next destination?”

“I have a lock on the next universe,” Oracle said solemnly. “I am almost sure that it is his next target.”

“Open a portal for me now,” Batman ordered. “It’s time to end this once and for all!”

A shimmering portal opening in the air as the Dark Knight leaped through. He would not let another Superman fall to this damned imp again.

Scot felt his pulse race as he put the virtual reality helmet on his head. His boyfriend, Greg, had given him this present for their Anniversary. As the helmet turned on, his vision was filled with a bright white light.

“Welcome to the world of Superman,” Toyman’s voice said with glee.

A dozen doors suddenly appeared as Scot stood in the center of the empty room. He was dressed in a white suit. This technology was absolutely amazing!

“Pick door one to fight Superman and overpower him. Door two have Superman as your sex slave. Door three to romance Superman and have him as your boyfriend. Door four to use hypnosis to enslave Superman. Door five to kill Superman with kryptonite. Door six to watch Superman be a stripper.”

The choices went on and one as Scot listened to them. His cock hardened with the countless possibilities that were available. It was if Toyman had fished in his mind for all of the Superman fantasies that he ever imagined.

The young man picked his choice and was immediately transported to the door of his choice. The door opened and he walked into a bustling casino. In the center of the room was an empty table. Scot walked over to the table and sat down as he felt his pants tighten from his excitement.

A rush of air hit him as Superman landed right in front of him. “Where is she!” He demanded as he struck his most heroic superhero pose.

Scot could not contain his glee. “Are you a gambling man, Superman?” He asked sound much more composed than he felt.

The hero walked over and easily lifted the young man in the air. “I don’t have time for this! Tell me where Lois is?”

“Mind your manners, Supes!” Scot chided. “Play my game or you will never see Lois again!”

A look of frustration crossed the hero’s face as he gently set Scot back into his chair.

“That’s better. We will play Strip Poker. First one to lose all his clothes gets one wish granted.”

“If I win,” Superman said. “You will tell me where Lois is.”

“Alright, and if I win, you will be my slave!”

The hero was too confident as he agreed to those terms. The simulation seemed so real and it was if the real Superman was really here.

 The first hand was dealt and a look of confidence crossed the hero’s face. Superman revealed his three of a kind thought that he had won. However, Scot had a flush of hearts and watched with glee as the look of defeat crossed the hero’s face.

With a heavy sight, Superman stood up and unhooked his cape from his back. He placed it in the center of the table as he retook his chair.

The cards were dealt again and Scot won the hand yet again. The look of frustration on Superman’s face was delicious to the horny young man. As the belt was pulled from around his waist and added to the pile, the man of steel wavered as if he felt dizzy.

“I’m feeling weak!” He muttered almost to himself.

The fully clothed Scot snickered. “Didn’t I tell you that with each loss, you will lose each of your powers?”

Superman stood up in rage as he reached for his discarded pieces of his costume. He gasped as they vanished into thin air. “What is the meaning of this?”

Scot smirked as he smiled at the confused and weakening hero. “You gave your word to play my game, Superman.”

Bound by his word, Superman growled as he sat back down. The next hand was dealt in which he lost yet again. Now knowing that if he surrendered another piece of his costume that he would lose more of his powers, the man of steel hesitated. He knew he was in trouble as he pulled off his boots and placed them on the table. They vanished like the rest of his discarded costume leaving Superman in a more weakened state.

What was worse is that with each loss, he felt his courage, confidence, and commanding nature start to drain from him as well. His defiance slowly vanished as he lost another hand and relinquished his red briefs leaving him only in his blue tights and shirt.

The slow transformation from a superman to a submissive man was the stuff that dreams were made of for Scot. He easily won the next two hands and soon Superman was completely naked. Not even questioning the results, the hero crawled over to his new master on his hands and knees.

Scot smiled as he looked down at his new pet and saw the raging erection that pulsed from between his legs. He reached down and could barely wrap his hand around the monster before giving it a gentle squeeze.

Superman moaned like a slut in heat as he hung his head in shame. All of his powers had vanished like his costume and even a little girl would be able to overpower him now. What was worse is that he was loving every second of this.

The young man explored every part of the muscled body of his new slave relishing the power he now had over the most powerful man alive. A crowd had formed around them and many eyes witnessed the humiliating defeat of their hero.

Scot took out a collar and placed it around the bull neck of his slave. A quivering sigh escaped from Superman’s lips as he felt the last of his willpower vanish. Cum shot out of his quivering cock as the final act of submission sent him over the edge.

“Look at the mess that you made!” The young man chided. “You better clean it up.”

With no other option or resistance left in the superslave, the man of steel bent down and began to lap up his own seed with his tongue. He could feel the eyes of the crowd watching him and the flash of the phone that took pictures of this ultimate humiliation.

Superman was no his forever to play with as he saw fit. This was the best present and he would have to think of a way to thank Greg for this wonderful gift.  


Txy laughed as he left this world to its fate without Superman. At first, this was just part of his fun and games to defeat as many Supermen in many different ways, but something started to change. With each Superman’s defeat, he started to feel stronger and stronger. In fact, his ties to this dimension felt more and more secure.

The red imp danced in the void as he played with his new improved powers. His Uncle Mxy would never dream of having this amount of magic at his fingertips. It was as if each defeat of Superman somehow fueled his powers to grow even stronger.

He suddenly felt something pull at him as he popped back into the world that he had just left. He was floating in the sky surrounded by the dark night clouds as he looked down at the warehouse where this world’s Superman had been defeated.

Batman was crotched on the roof and it seemed he was talking to himself. Txy looked closer and noticed that something did not seem right with the version of Batman that he watched. It was if he didn’t belong to this world.

Txy gasped as a small portal opened and he leaped through before vanishing. There was no way Batman had this kind of technology. His eyes narrowed as he sat in the clouds deep in thought. Could a Batman from one of the previous worlds that he visited caught on to his scheme and is now trying to stop him?

The red imp narrowed his eyes as he realized that Batman was out to stop him. He had very little knowledge of the Dark Knight due to his fascination with Superman. The little that he did know was that the hero did not have powers of his own. He was just a normal man.

Then how could he have the technology to be able to travel between the worlds of the multiverse? The bat freak must be having someone help him. Well, two can play this game. As Txy picked his next destination in his quest to defeat another Superman, a plan formed in his head. Batman was going to have quite the surprise if he was stupid enough to try and stop him. Quite the surprise indeed.


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