Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe Part 4: Toyman’s Games Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Superman entered Luthor’s private office escorted by the burly bouncers. He never felt so carefree in his entire life. The front of his tights was tented with his excitement and the fabric wet from his massive precum emissions clung tightly to his throbbing member. It was the only part of his costume that he had left.

Lex Luthor sat at his desk with a wicked smile. “That was quite the display, Superman.” He said casually as his mortal enemy stood in front of him.

A rush of excitement flooded the hero as he gave the man who hated him a goofy grin. “You have quite the club here, Luthor.”

The business tycoon raised an eyebrow at the manners of his adversary. “That is Mr. Luthor to you, Superman.”

The man of steel’s eyes seemed to stare at nothing in the distance. “Yes, Mr. Luthor,” He said softly as his hands brushed against his bulging tights.

“Do you want to go back out there?” Lex asked slyly.

“Oh, yes!” The hero sighed heavily. His body ached to go back and dance to the hypnotic music, but he mostly yearned to dance with Duncan. No one made him feel so horny or carefree as that studly stripper.

“Well we can’t have you out in my club looking like that,” Luthor chided. “Why don’t you take off those soiled tights and we can find an outfit more appropriate.”

Superman hesitated as his hands slowly reached for the waistband of his tights. Despite his need to have fun and relax, something whispered in the back of his mind. To relinquish the last piece of his costume would cause him to lose his last shred of hope that he would be able to get control back of himself.

Luthor noticed his nemesis’ hesitation and nodded to his two husky bouncers. They both grabbed the struggling hero by his massive biceps. “Throw him out on the street, boys.”

“Wait!” Superman begged. He needed to stay here. He needed to feel carefree. The hero grabbed the waistband of his tights and pulled them down to his ankles. His erect cock bounced free causing precum to fly across the office.

At their boss’ nod, the bounced let go of the panicking hero as they watched him pull the last of his costume completely off his body and place them on Luthor’s desk. Now completely nude, Superman felt a rush through his body. He could feel eyes taking in his muscular form as it added to his excitement. His heart raced as his rock hard cock seemed to salute Lex Luthor.

Luthor grinned as he stood up and walked over to his desperate enemy. “Very good,” He said happily. He pulled open his desk drawer and pulled out a tiny piece of cloth.

The hero grabbed it out of the air as his nemesis tossed it to him. A silly grin painted his face as he looked at the cloth in his hand. It was the same blue as his costume. Closer inspection showed the Man of Steel that it was a thong. His famous shield was displayed right where the crotch would be.

All Superman knew was that it was the same cut as the thong that Duncan Dale wore when he stripped for him. His hands actually trembled as the hero slipped them on his muscular legs. His erection caused him some trouble as he tried to get it to fit in the tiny blue crotch. Even if he was not hard as a rock, it would have been a tight fit.

As the hero finished adjusting himself, he stood proudly in front of Luthor and the two bouncers. The villain fought hard not to snicker as Superman’s erect cock slipped out of the thin blue fabric and bounced in the air.

“Much better, boy,” Luthor said as he affectionately patted the hero on his head.

Superman felt his body tingle as he felt himself blush. He wondered how he could ever be enemies with such a kind and generous man. “May I return to the dance floor, Mr. Luthor?”

Luthor gestured towards the door as he nodded. “Be my guest.”

The hero felt a rush of excitement as he almost ran towards the door. His freed cock bounced up and down as the men stared at the bubble mounds of muscle that was exposed from his new outfit.

Lex Luthor and his bouncers shimmered as Toyman appeared in their place. The evil villain smiled as he knew he was close to finally destroying his nemesis for good. With Superman out of the way, no one would stand in his way.


The crowd went wild as Superman made his way back to the dance floor. The music pulsed through the club as he started dancing as soon as his foot hit the dance floor. As his hips swayed to the music, his exposed erection bobbed up and down sending his precum flying across the dance floor.

Several hands fought to touch the massive erection of the famous hero while his ass was also touched, slapped, and pinched. Normally this intimate touching would have made Superman extremely uncomfortable, but his need to dance was so great that he didn’t care.

A circle of men formed around him giving the man of steel enough room to dance while the club patrons watched with glee. They called out for Superman to dance as others called him a slut and whore. Superman didn’t care. In fact, their catcalls just caused him to be even more excited.

The curtain on the stage opened and in the center was a glass case. Lois Lane pounded on the glass as she tried to get her beloved’s attention. The glass was too thick and her efforts were in vain. Her eyes grew wide as water started to fill the glass cage.

Superman didn’t even notice as he continued to dance. The music seemed to take over his soul as for the first time in his life, he felt like he was having fun. He dimly was aware through his super hearing that he could hear Lois calling for help. A small part of him knew that he was supposed to do something, but all he really wanted to do was dance.

When the glass cage was about one third filled, lights flickered on the center stage and started to dance around Lois’ frantic attempts to break free. The man of steel finally noticed that his girlfriend was in danger. He stopped dancing as he looked dumbly up at her. She looked vaguely familiar and that only confused him. Is there something that he should be doing?

A cute blond grabbed Superman by his hair and started to passionately kissing him. That momentary confusion faded away as he felt himself melt in the embrace of the good-looking man. Lois watched in shock as the man she loved completely forgotten about her. Her brown eyes bulged in part anger and part fear as the water kept rising.

The blond slowly pushed Superman down to his knees as he fished out his cock and started to slap the hero’s face with it. The hero stared at the magnificent piece of meat as a longing grew within him. Almost as if he was possessed, his mouth slowly opened as his tongue reached out to taste the dancer’s cock.

A jolt of electric pleasure filled him as Superman slowly explored his new toy with his tongue. He felt someone behind him grabbed his legs as he was maneuvered down to his hands and knees. The hero didn’t even look back as the cock in front of him captured his complete and utter attention.

Something stiff brushed against his naked ass as the man of steel allowed the blond’s cock to enter his mouth. Unaware of another stud behind him, his ass was defiled as the hunk slowly pushed his cock into that perfect ass.

The water was now halfway up the glass cage as Lois was forced to watch her hero being fucked in the ass as he sucked a cock. What made it worse was the fact that it seemed that Superman was a very willing participant. His hard and throbbing cock was used as an anchor for the dude who was fucking him.

As his prostate started to get pummeled, a growing pleasure started to spread through his muscled body. To his amazement, Superman felt his cock grow harder than he thought was possible.

The other club patrons couldn’t keep still any longer as they rushed forward to get a piece of the horny hero. More cocks that Superman could imagine was rubbing against his naked body. The blue thong was ripped off from his waist as men fought to keep it for himself.

Superman felt his hair being grabbed as the cock he was sucking popped out of his mouth and another cock replaced it. His nipples were tweaked, pinched, and sucked as there was no part of his body that was touched by the horny dancers.

His entire body tingled uncontrollably as passion that he never knew was possible flooded his soul. He was in the center of a tornado of male flesh that was intent on consuming him. As overwhelmed as the man of steel was, he still wanted more and more.

His level of perversion exploded as the men formed a circle around him. They all stroked their throbbing cocks as the kicked Superman on his back. Lois felt the water rising past her lips as the last of the empty space of the glass cage was filled. As she gasped with her final breath, the reporter made one final attempt to break through.

The death of his girlfriend went completely unnoticed by the horny hero as each of the men went over the edge. Cum rained down on his naked body as Superman basked in being used as a cum rag. His own cock started to shoot as every part of his body was covered in cum. It was the most amazing feeling that he had ever felt in his entire life. He even opened his mouth so that some might hit his tongue.

Superman lay on the dance floor as the last of the men finished shooting their seed on the helpless hero. He continued to lay there was they left the club leaving him in a puddle of mixed cum.

“Do you want more, Superman?” A voice boomed in the deserted room.

The thought of experiencing this all over again caused the hero’s cock to start to harden again. “Please!” Superman begged desperately. “I want more!”

“Give yourself completely to your pleasure and all of your dreams will come true!”

The hero closed his eyes as he felt the tiny last resistance fade away. Superman felt his soul being lifted up as he was surrounded by a blinding white light. He embraced the light as it enveloped him. All he cared about was his own pleasure.

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