Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-Universe Part 4 Toyman’s Games Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The sounds of laughter and chatter brought Superman out of his deep sleep. His eyes blinked slowly as he noticed that he was no longer in the gay couple’s bedroom. Sighing with relief as he was able to move his body again, the hero looked around to figure out where he was at.

He was laying on a red leather couch in a lavishly decorated room. The Man of Steel could hear the sounds of music playing in the distance. The room was dimly lit but he could tell how expensive the furniture and decorations where.

“Ah, you are awake.” A deep baritone voice said behind him. “I was wondering how long you would sleep.”

Superman bolted to his feet at the sound of the very familiar voice. He faces Lex Luthor who walked into the room. “How did I get here?” He demanded as he was ready for a trap.

The billionaire business tycoon raised an eyebrow as he snapped his fingers to the bartender at the bar. “You were brought here just a few hours ago by some of Toyman’s men. They dumped you on the doorstep of my club and drove away in a hurry. I’m afraid that’s all I know.”

The hero frowned as he tried to think. Toyman’s men? He vaguely remembered that he had been in pursuit of the crazy villain, but his memories seemed to slip away. All he knew was that it involved something about Lois.

“Whatever they did to you, it seems they kept some souvenirs,” Luthor said dryly. “Or is this how you dress from now on?”

Superman looked down at himself and saw that his cape, briefs, and belt were missing. He was now only dressed in his shirt, tights, and boots. Again his confusion just grew as he tried to summon memories again only to grasp at nothing.

“Since you are a guest, I should offer you something to drink,” Luthor said as he took his drink from the good-looking bartender.

The hero sank back down on the couch still stunned that he could not recall what was happening. Why was Luthor being so polite to him? His arch-nemesis hated him with an unholy passion. The last thing he expected was civility from him.

“Just water, please.” He said softly.

Lex watched the befuddled hero in silence as Superman took the glass of water and sipped it. As he did he felt a tingle start to form on his lips

“Why are you being so civil, Luthor?” Superman demanded. “What do you want?”

Again the businessman raised an eyebrow at the hero’s harsh tone. “You are a guest in my establishment, Superman. Please mind your manners.”

Superman felt himself blush slightly at the gentle scolding of the bald older man.

Luthor took a sip of his drink as he studied his enemy. “I don’t know why Toyman brought you to me or what he did to you. Until I can figure out how to turn his plot to my advantage there is no reason to resume our war against each other. When I defeat you, I will do so as equals. Until then, you are a welcome guest as Club L’excEllence.”

Still suspicious, the Man of Steel could not fault the villain’s logic. The revelation that he was at a club suddenly made a lot of sense with the bartender, the decorations, and the sounds of music. Why would Toyman bring him here and what was he after?

“Feel free to look around if you wish Superman,” Luthor said as he took another sip. “I don’t work with that little madman, so I don’t think you will find anything. I only ask that you do not disturb my customers and to not damage anything. I will be in here if you need my assistance.”

Superman climbed to his feet and nodded slowly. The gaps in his memory were troubling to him. Perhaps there was a clue on what was going on that he could find to regain some of what he lost. He walked over to the door and opened it. The sounds of music blasted through as people dance on the dance floor. The three bars were full of people drinking and talking and in the far end of the room was an elaborate stage.

The music felt wonderful as the beat seemed to stir something in his soul. Superman felt his confusion and stress melt away as the urge to dance started to form. He noticed that all of the customers in the club were men. Perhaps that held some special significance, but the hero just could not figure out what it could be.

Some of the men turned and saw him in the doorway and huge grins painted their faces. “Superman!” They called out as they raised their glasses to him.

A very good looking redhead almost ran over to him. He was wearing tight jeans with a dress shirt that was almost unbuttoned to his navel. “Hey, Superman!” He said with a slight lisp as his eyes ran over the muscular hero’s body. “You want to dance?”

Before he could politely decline, the young man grabbed Superman’s hand and pulled him to the dance floor. At first, he just moved rigidly uncomfortable that he was dancing with another man, but there was something about the lights and music that seemed to reach inside his soul and make him want to dance.

Superman started to get into it as other studs joined them on the dance floor. Many of them ground their bodies against his own which after a few songs, he no longer was concerned. The hero felt completely relaxed and for the first time in a long time, he was having a lot of fun.

“Superman!” A very familiar voice said behind him.

The hero turned and was shocked to see Jimmy Olsen here. The young photographer waved as he danced his way towards him. It was nice to see a friendly face as he continued to dance.

“What are you doing here?” Jimmy asked as he danced to the music.

“I don’t know!” Superman replied as grinned back to his young friend. Frankly, he really didn’t care. All he wanted to do was have fun and dance.

The song ended and a muscular brunette appeared on the stage. “Is everyone having a good time?”

The crowd of men on the dance floor cheered and Superman found himself cheering along with them. He was having a good time.

“It seems that we have a special treat tonight!” The MC said as a spotlight hit Superman. “Superman has decided to party with us tonight!”

Cheers erupted as everyone in the dance club shouted their support for the hero. Superman blushed as the attention felt great and he waved with a huge grin on his face.

“Come up on the stage so everyone can see you!” The MC said dramatically.

At first, he wanted to refuse, but the encouraging cheers of the men made him change his mind. Even though he was missing several pieces of his costume, Superman floated up to the stage and landed next to the MC. The crowd went wild as they screamed with delight.

A microphone was shoved in his face and Superman smiled as he addressed the men. “Glad to be here tonight.”

The MC playfully swatted the hero on his ass and Superman blushed even more. The tingle he felt in Luthor’s VIP area had slowly spread to the rest of his body making him feel more alive and full of energy.

“In honor of our special guest, we will give you all the treat that you have been waiting for!”

A chair was brought out from behind the curtain and placed in the center stage. The MC guided the befuddled hero to the chair and pushed him down.

“Give it up for Duncan Dale!” The MC shouted as he went off the stage.

The music started up again and the curtain opened. A gorgeous young man with shaggy brown hair stepped onto the stage wearing tight leather pants and a matching vest. Superman had never seen a man look so pretty before. His soft eyes seemed to turn from green to blue in the flashing lights as he turned his attention to the sitting hero.

Duncan’s hips started to thrust as he started to dance. Men flocked up to the front of the stage as they waved wads of money to get this stud’s attention. Superman watched as he danced across the stage letting the men put the tips in the waistband of his pants. Normally he would have been extremely uncomfortable with this, but his newfound carefree spirit just wanted to have fun.

In fact, Superman found something very erotic about the male dancer as he felt a stirring deep in his tights. His heart raced as he felt desire for another man for the first time in his life. Duncan left his screaming fans as he danced towards Superman and started to shake his perfect ass on the Man of Steel’s lap.

The hero felt his cock starting to stir as he mindlessly reached out to touch that muscled ass. Duncan stepped back and smiled as he wagged his finger at the horny hero. “Now, now, you mustn’t touch.”

Superman actually groaned with frustration as he continued to watch the boy dance. He felt a drop of sweat run down the side of his face as his desire was clearly evident by the tent in his tights. When Duncan started to take off his leather vest, Superman’s heart pounded so hard that he thought it might burst through his chest. The vest was tossed aside and he could not see the perfectly sculpted chest of the young man.

Unlike Superman who was heavily muscled, Duncan’s muscles seem softer and almost like a work of art. The dancer moved like a graceful tiger as he danced around the aroused Man of Steel. The crowds all cheered both for the hunk and for the aroused hero. There was no hiding his massive erection that looked like it was going to tear through his blue tights.

Duncan danced his way across the stage to collect more tips before making his way back to Superman. He thrust his crotch close to the hero’s face as he slowly pushed them down his muscular thoughts. Underneath was a pair of baby blue Calvin Klein briefs that had dollar bills sticking out of the waistband. His package seemed extremely big for a soft cock and Superman wet his lips as he wanted to bury his face in it.

The stud softly caressed the horny hero’s face as he bent down and kissed him softly on the lips. “Just relax and enjoy yourself.” He whispered seductively as he reached down and softly squeezed the Man of Steel tent. “Listen to this.”

Superman almost came in his tights as the seductive touch was enough to drive him crazy. The men loved every second as the hero found himself more and more aroused. All he wanted was to have fun and enjoy himself. His cock pulsed in agreement as his desire for the stripper was too strong to resist.

You must res….

Duncan danced over to Superman and took his hands. The hero found himself on his feet as he started to grind and dance against the hunk of a stripper.

You m….

In the heat of the moment, Superman started to lift his shirt up exposing his massive chest. The music and Duncan seemed to possess him as he discarded his famous jersey and threw it towards the crowd.


Duncan smiled as he ran his fingers across the hero’s chest. He gently tweaked his nipples causing even more pleasure to flood through the dancing hero. Superman never felt so carefree in his entire life. He started to imitate the stripper as he ground his hips and thrust them to the crowd. The front of his tights was not wet with his excitement but Superman didn’t care. All that mattered was for him to listen to the needs of his cock.

It caused Superman to be slightly sad when the song ended and Duncan took his bow. He gathered up his clothes and kissed the hero on the cheek. “Thanks for the fun SuperStud!” He said before he darted behind the curtain.

Superman went to follow him when he was intercepted by two burly men in black. “Mr. Luthor would like a word.”

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