Adventures of Superman: Defeat in the Multi-universe Part 3: The Deadly Pendant Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It was with a sigh of relief when Superboy was able to land in a very expansive and rich front yard of a sprawling mansion. He felt the massively fat man get off his back and sighed as he went to get back on his feet.

“Stay on your hands and knees, Superboy!” Mr. Arbuckle ordered.

Unable to resist the vile man’s commands, the boy of steel returned to his hand and knees. He could feel his rock hard cock pressing against the spandex of his tights and it served as a constant reminder that he was enslaved to the pervert.

The front door of the mansion opened to reveal a very good looking blond young man. He had a dimpled smile on his face that did not match the coldness of his blue eyes. “Welcome home, master.” He said a bit stiffly.

Mr. Arbuckle smiled as walked over to the young man. “Thank you, Jack.” He said as he lightly swatted the blond’s behind.

“The news is broadcasting your ride home as we speak. The phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from reporters.”

The executive producer chuckled as he looked down at his prize still on his hands and knees. “I should have expected them to act so quickly. No matter. Secure the gates and let no one in without my permission. Let them speculate while I have my fun! Superboy, come with me!”

Superboy tried with all of his might to resist the command but found himself crawling after the fat man who had conquered him. He could feel the head of his cock pressing hard against his yellow belt as the knees of his tights started to get stained with the dust of the pavement.

Jack stared at him with a flat look that only made the once mighty hero blush with shame as he passed the good looking young man. Those crystal blue eyes seemed to scald more than his powerful heat vision.

Climbing the stairs proved to be awkward as Superboy was not used to moving on his hands and knees. The movement only seemed to stimulate his already engorged cock even more and he could feel the dampness on his tights and briefs grow with each movement.

When Superboy finally made it up the stairs and into the house, he was amazed by the rich furnishings. Growing up in a poor farm house in Smallville, he was totally caught off guard by such finery.

“Jack, I have some phone calls to make. Take Superboy to his new quarters and prepare him for me.” Mr. Arbuckle commanded as he disappeared into one of the many doors. “Superboy, you will follow Jack and listen to him as you would me.”

“Yes, Master,” Jack said humbly.

When they were alone, the young man’s face looked pissed off as he stared down at the helpless hero in hate. “Come along, Superfreak! I have a ton of work to do and don’t have time to babysit you.”

He started down the hall walking briskly until he noticed that the hero could not keep up on his hands and knees. “For heaven’s sake!” He sneered as he rolled his eyes. “Stop crawling and walk like a normal human!”

Superboy sighed with relief as he got up to his feet and started to follow. What was even better was that his erection finally started to go down. His briefs were still slick with his precum, but at least he wasn’t walking around with a huge tent in his tights.

As he was taken through the huge mansion, the boy of steel found himself lost in the many rooms and hallways that he was taken through. Thoughts of escape crossed his mind many times, but the pervert’s orders kept him from acting them out. Clearly, he was helpless to resist the commands that he was given.

Superboy glanced at the still pissed off young man who clearly despised him. Was he another victim of Mr. Arbuckle? Perhaps this was the key to escaping the pervert’s control. He was ordered to follow his orders. If he could convince Jack to order him his freedom then he could escape and figure out how to counter what ever hold the fat producer had over him.

“Can you help me, Jack?” Superboy said earnestly. “I don’t know how the Master is controlling me, but you can help me escape. In return, I will set you free from his grasp.”

Jack stopped and stared at the muscular boy. His mouth twisted in fury as he glared at the hero. “Do you think I am forced to be here, Superboy?” He started to laugh as Superboy stared back in shock. “The Master pays me very well for my loyalty. Not only that but until you came along, I was his favorite. I say let the Master have his fun with you. When he is bored and throws you away like the piece of garbage that you are, I will be waiting for him. I don’t know how he is controlling you, but I will enjoy it when he punished you once I tell him about this!”

Superboy’s mouth worked silently as he recoiled from the heated words of the beautiful blond. He had hoped that he was in the same situation as he was, but now he had only made things worse for himself. “Please don’t tell the Master!” He begged as he trotted to keep up with the furious young man.

“Shut up!” Jack snapped in anger.

The hero opened his mouth to speak but found himself closing it. The young man’s hold over him was just as powerful as the fat producer who enslaved him. For the rest of their walk, he tried to form a plan that would free him from this nightmare.

Jack finally stopped in front of a door and Superboy gasped when he saw his ‘S’ shield planted in the middle of the door. He walked into the room and stopped in shock. The walls were painted with same shades of red, blue, and yellow there were on his costume. In the center of the room was a huge cage that had a thin mattress inside it. The door to the cage also had his ‘S’ shield styled supported by the steel bars of the cage. A couple of dressers lined up against the wall as well as an open door that led into a spacious closet. Superboy could see clothes hung up all were the same colors of his costume.

“This will be your home while you stay here,” Jack said stiffly. He opened the door to the cage and turned to glare at the shocked hero. “Get inside and wait until the Master is ready for you! You will not use your powers in any way or try to leave the cage until you are told that it is alright.”

With a heavy sigh of defeat, Superboy was forced to comply by whatever power that fat pervert had over him. The cage was not tall enough for him to stand, so he had sit on his knees as the young man closed the cage door leaving him trapped inside. He could have easily destroyed the steel bars with little to no effort, but they might as well have been made of kryptonite since he was forbidden to use his powers.

“Please don’t leave me here!” Superboy begged as his last chance of freedom was quickly vanishing. “I’ll do anything!”

Jack rolled his eyes as he walked to the door. “Go to hell, Superboy!” He snarled as he shut the door behind him.

Superboy groaned with frustration as he was left alone in this cage. He reached for the bars and felt the cool steel in his grip. Just one little tug and they would bend before his might. However, his muscles refused to listen to his silent commands. The hero focused his eyes and tried to summon his heat vision to melt the bars of his cage, but nothing happened. He punched the floor in frustration that normally would have resulted in a small crater, but his powers were locked away just as he was.

With nothing to do, but to sit in his cage, Superboy tried furiously to think of a way to escape. This had all started when he put on this pendant that was still wrapped around his neck. This had to be the source of Mr. Arbuckle’s control over him. He reached up to touch the slightly glowing red stone, but a jolt of pain exploded in his fingers. What kind of stone was this? He thought desperately. If he could just remove this pendant then he would be able to be free from the iron grip control that the pervert had over him.

Superboy tried to touch the magical necklace again and again, but each time brought a searing pain that made him want to scream with anguish. No matter what he tried, the thin chain refused to move. Unable to take the pain anymore, he lay on the thin mattress panting with exhaustion.

The door opened and for a second the boy of steel thought that he might be rescued. His hope flicked out and died when Mr. Arbuckle walked into the room. The producer looked down at the panting hero and raised an eyebrow.

“Trying to take off my gift to you, Superboy?” He said softly. “Only I can take it off and I won’t be doing that for a very long time.”

The hero felt a chill go down his spine as he realized that he was truly trapped in the older man’s web. What was worse was that he felt his cock start to harden once again. He had forgotten that he was ordered to be erect whenever he was in his master’s presence.

Mr. Arbuckle opened the cage door. “Come on out Superboy. I want to get a better look at my prize.”

Superboy had no choice but to obey as he crawled out of his cage and stood at attention before the enormously fat man. His cock tented his tights and briefs making his arousal very clear to see.

“Take off your costume!” His master ordered to the dismay of the helpless hero.

The boy of steel paled as he reached up and removed his cape. No one had seen him naked since he was a toddler. Even at the pool, he always wore a baggy shirt and shorts. The thought of having this pervert ogle at his naked body sent waves of shame through the powerless hero. He had always dreamed of revealing his muscular body to Lana Lang on their wedding night.

Mr. Arbuckle took the hero’s cape from his slave and dropped it to the floor. Superboy wanted to snatch it up and fold it neatly, but his body could only listen to the orders of his master. His boots and belt were taken off by the mortified boy as they were surrendered and added to the growing pile. The symbolism was not lost on the boy of steel as his costume was discarded as if they were of no importance.

Standing in only his briefs, shirt, and tights, Superboy felt his shame increase a thousand fold as he slowly peeled off his precum stained briefs. The outline of his cock was clearly seen now that it was only concealed by his blue tights. Part of the reason that his costume had briefs was to keep his manhood hidden from the rest of the world. The mushroom head pressed tightly against the fabric and was surrounded by a wet spot of precum that was slowly growing.

Once his briefs were taken and then thrown aside, Superboy reaches down and started to peel his shirt off. As the shirt inched its way up to the hero’s neck, his abdominals were revealed for the first time in his life. Where most men dreamed of having a ‘six pack’, Superboy easily surpassed this. Mr. Arbuckle counted and smiled when he saw that the Kryptonian had a ‘12 pack’ of rock hard pure muscles in his midsection.

The shirt inched its way up until it was pulled over the helpless hero’s head and handed over to the gawking pervert. Superboy blushed as his naked upper body was greedily stared at by the fat man. Like his abdominals, his pectorals were twin slabs of pure muscle. Twin quarter sized nipples crowned his smooth muscular chest that was hard from the cool air.

Superboy’s heart raced when he realized that his tights were the only thing left of his modesty. His mind screamed in horror and resistance, but his powerful body ignored the protest and continued to obey its new master. As his tights were slowly peeled off his thick muscular legs, Superboy gasped as his hard cock bounced in the freedom of its spandex cage. There was a forest of thick black hair that framed his manhood but in no way diminished the massive size of his leaking hard cock.

His legs were just as impressive as the rest of his muscular body that was just as smooth. The definition of muscle seemed unreal as an aura of power seemed to radiate from the now naked superhero. His ass was both muscular and round as his cheeks clenched instinctively.

Mr. Arbuckle took the tights and casually tossed it to the pile of the rest of his discarded costume. Superboy blushed as he looked down at the ground in shame. His cock pulsed with excitement as it stood almost 90 degrees, but seemed to tilt slightly to the man who enslaved the once powerful hero.

“Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine such a perfect boy.” The fat man breathed softly as he took in the naked hero.

Superboy gasped as his master softly grasped his engorged cock and tugged on it. He felt his knees start to buckle as the first pleasure of having another hand on his cock was overwhelming. His heart raced and pounded against his chest as he felt a surge in his balls that he never felt before in his life. Unlike most boys, Superboy had never masturbated. His parents were very conservative and strict and had told him that he should save himself for his wedding night.

Now his fragile chastity was shattered as a disgusting pervert tugged on his erect cock. Superboy’s shame had many layers as he was helpless to stop his master from touching him. First was the shame of being naked in front of another man. Second was the shame of having an uncontrollable erection. The greatest shame was the pleasure that he felt with each tug on his massive erection.

A timid knock sounded on the door as Jack poked his head inside. “I’m sorry to bother you master, but the police are at the gate and requests your presence.”

Mr. Arbuckle rolled his eyes as Superboy felt a surge of hope. This was an opportunity to finally escape his nightmare.

“Let them in the gate and have them wait in the sitting room. I’ll be right there.” The producer instructed. He gazed back at his helpless slave wearing nothing but the glowing pendant around his thick neck as he squeezed his erect cock. “Play time is temporarily postponed.”

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