A Super Trap

What seemed like a mission of rage suddenly changed within Superman as he tore off the door to Lex Luthor’s secret lair. The mighty Man of Steel hesitated as the madman casually invited him in. Never mind that the hero had to go through a deadly gauntlet that would have killed a normal man. Never mind that the villain threatened to destroy all of Metropolis with a single touch of a button. What started out as a mission to save his city was turning into something else.

What Superman didn’t know is that Lex Luthor knew many secrets of his alien physiology that the hero didn’t even know about himself. As soon as he stepped into the room, he was breathing a Kryptonian aphrodisiac that would cloud his mind. His muscled chest heaved through his skin-tight blue shirt as his nipples hardened against the soft fabric. The bulge in his red trunks expanded slowly as Superman breathed heavily.

Unwilling to abandon his mission, Superman took that first step that marked his fate. Little did he know that he was truly trapped in the web that Lex Luthor had spun for him. A shiver of fear ran across his invulnerable body. He had the power to completely destroy this liar within seconds, but the hero was incapacitated in the worst way.  

Each step made his bulge bigger as the hero’s virgin cock slowly bloomed to a full erection. Trapped in his tights and briefs, his love tool pulsed to his new master. A lust awakened within the naive hero as he stopped right in front of Lex Luthor’s desk.

“Welcome, Superman.” The villain greeted with a small smile. “Thank you for taking the time to come and visit me. Otis, take his cape.”

The slightly overweight henchman hurried to obey his master. Superman turned his head and glared showing that he was not going to give up his cape willingly. To his utter surprise, Otis ignored a stare that would make the most hardened criminal quake in fear. The hero clenched his fists ready to physically stop the man from taking his cape away from him.

Otis smirked as he reached down and flicked the tented trunks of the turned on hero. Superman looked down and gasped just noticing that he was sporting a raging erection. His face paled as he realized that he had walked into some kind of trap. Otis’ hands pulled at his flowing red cape until it came off the hero’s broad shoulders. The warmth of his touch sent waves of pleasure through Superman’s sensitive body. A wet patch started to form in the center of his red trunks.

I need to get out of here, Superman thought in panic. As he turned to flee, Otis brazenly grabbed his tented erection and pulled him back to Luthor’s desk. The pleasure was too much for him to handle as the hero whimpered helplessly. It was the first time anyone ever touched him there and as much as he hated to admit it, it felt wonderful.

“Now, now, Supes.” Luthor chided gently. “It’s bad manners to just rush off like that.”

Superman’s shoulders slumped as he faces a man that he never considered as a threat before. Otis stood behind him as he was powerless to act. Luthor got up from his seat and walked around his desk to stand right in front of the hero. Superman gasped as the villain grabbed his yellow belt and pulled the muscled hero close to him. His body felt like it was slowly being electrocuted as he looked down at the bald man. He fought the urge to kiss him.

“What did you do to me?” Superman gasped with pleasure.

The heat of Lex Luthor’s body pressed against his own making it difficult for him to think. Unbelievably his cock seemed to grow even harder making it the hardest that it had ever been. The front of his trunks was now soaked with his pre-cum making the material of his tights and trunks looked like they were pasted around his monster erection.

“Just a little taste of home that I cooked up just for you, Superman.” Luthor purred as an evil smile crossed his face. “Do you like it?”

Without even thinking Superman whispered, “Yes.” His face took on a look of horror as he realized what he had just admitted. The look of glee on Lex Luthor’s face made him shiver with a combination of pleasure and fear.  

Luthor stepped away and sat on the top of his desk. “You see, I lied when I said there was a bomb. I just needed a reason to bring you here.”

No longer feeling the heat of the villain’s body, Superman felt himself going through withdraw. He needed to feel that sizzling heat. His body swayed as he took a step closer to Luthor trying to relive that wonderful feeling again. He was stopped when Otis grabbed the back of his belt and dragged him a few steps back.

“Watch your manners, Superman!” The portly henchman commanded as he swatted the hero’s muscled ass.

Superman gasped as he felt another jolt of pleasure slam into his groin. His overly excited cock released another stream of precum causing the wet patch on his trunks to expand further down his legs. That one slap to his ass nearly caused him to cum on the spot.

Luthor smiled as he motioned Otis to leave the horny hero alone. “We don’t want our guest to orgasm just yet. We must first discuss the terms of our agreement.”

The Man of Steel wasn’t even paying attention as he started to jerk himself off through his tights and trunks. His goal of cumming was cut short when Otis grabbed his arms and pinned them behind his back. Superman humped the empty air in front of him trying desperately to cum.

“Now, these are the terms,” Luthor started.

“I agree to anything!” Superman interrupted. Tears ran down his face as he continued to hump the empty air. “I’ll do anything just let me cum.”

An evil smile crossed Lex Luthor’s face as he knew that he had won. Superman was now his.


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5 comments on “A Super Trap

  1. T

    Delicious. I love how your villains use the heroes own helpless pleasure to draw them deep into a lusty spiral.
    This is a great story the ending is awesome, Thank You once again.
    I enjoy the many worlds you create.
    Some input/feedback:

    Please re-visit rise of the black fox and strange dealings, all your works have intense sparks but these are electric.

    In the muliverse… the way Mr Arbuckle made him fetch the kryptonite… the possibilities where so exciting. I really liked the idea of red kryptonite causing changes and that perhaps in combination with the pendant the effects could be controlled. Same for green and gold…

    Your ability to set scenes and show the mind draw me fully into these world’s. It’s been a pleasure to find you and buy your books.

    1. Todd

      Thank you so much for the comments. I really appreciate it. I am currently working on the next part of Strange Dealings. I will start posting chapters when I am finished with the part. So that is something to look forward to. I’ll take a look at The Black Fox series and see if I feel inspired to continue that story. Thanks for reading!

  2. Tom P.

    Todd! Dude!

    You must have a volcano, no scratch that, you must have a brilliant Sun fueling your imagination. Why? Because you always supply such hot lust, steamy passion and good ol’ fashion boiling eroticism in all your fictions. I must add that I misspoke sort of about the volcano part, but that ‘cums’ more so on we readers side. Why? Because your fantastic stories have we fans erupting like Mount Vesuvius over n’ over n’ over. *Filthy smirk*!!!

    This latest virgin Superman gets turned bottom cum slut extraordinare story you wrote is another home run hit! You easily tap into superheroes and villains psyches so well and so cunningly that I’m always awed by your talents. The original idea of Lex creating a Kryptonian aphrodisiac that instantly ‘captured’ Superman that leads to Clark’s downfall and becoming Lex’s gay sex slave/slave was amazing.

    With Lex Luthor as his new master, Superman is in for the most debased debauchery ever. What a delicous conundrum Superman has fallen into. Not only having Lex ruling over him forever, but our intrepid man of steel must now submit to the likes of Otis, a bungling dofus who apparently has secondary control over Superman’s future (very limited, I assume *heh*). And Clark is loving every second of his new slave status. Cumming will just be the final figurative link of the chain of desire Lex has created in order to subjugate the once mighty man of steel.

    Speaking of steel, by the time Lex let’s Clark cum, I bet that huge Kryptonian cock of steel near rips a big hole through Superman’s tights and panties *grin*. If you ever got a notion to write a sequel to this, I’d love it. How Lex hammers out the details of Superman’s enslavement terms, then hammers his mouth and ass with his gigantic Luthor dick. Then let’s Otis have a go at Superman’s holes. Lucky Clark will definitely have his mouth, throat and Superman-pussy constantly filled with villain jism… and Superman wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. Todd

      Glad you enjoyed the first 1000 word story. Many more to cum in the future.

  3. Sourav

    A super trap , the story is quite exciting and erotic.Please post the full series of super trap in your library.i can not wait to read the rest of the story

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